Nazism Returns to Germany

German police remove Israeli flags posted in defiance to a Palestinian hate rally in Berlin:


  • Dan

    You forgot who is in power in Berlin. There are no Nazis. There is a government who is helping the islamists in Germany (4.5 Mio) to make from germany an islamist country. So, if you are clever enough you will fight against this government not the so called Nazis who have nothing to do with this issue.

    • ziontruth

      "There are no Nazis."

      Strictly speaking. But the Jerusalem Mufti's coreligionists are all too willing to honor his agreement with the departed leader of the Nazis of old.

    • aspacia

      Merkle argues that multiculturism is an epic fail. There is a backlash more against Muslims than Jews from the German culture. Most German Conservative media is similar to FP. Google German Conservative Opinion if interested.

  • Jim

    It's not Nazi take over it's political correctness take over. Also cowardly Germans need to speak up against the political correct left wing racism or the will be accused of complacency as they were when the Nazis took over.

    • Alvaro

      Germans are funny that way. They will go along with whoever are in power.

      [x] Hitler
      [x] Communist occupants
      [x] Leftists

      Ethnic Germans are the least likely people I know to start a riot.

    • pennswoods

      Correct. It's the same dhimmi story in Britain, France, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Italy, etc. European Civilization has been in a self destructive state of mind since the French Revolution. No one ever dreamed what would finally destroy Western Civlization in it's home would be a peaceful invasion in the last decades of the 20th century and the 21st century by tens of millions of Muslims who are given the red carpet welcome mat treatment by the self loathing Europeans themselves. When France and West Germany invited Muslim as guest workers into their countries in the 1950's because of the labor shortages as a result of WW II this was the beginning of the Muslim invasion of modern Europe and warnings about the eventual result of this immigration for the future of Europe if these Muslims did not assimilate or go back home were laughed at back then. A Muslim stronghold in Europe today and a future domination by high birth rates as well as unrestricted immigration are no longer a laughing matter: it is fact.

  • David M

    The old style despicable German Hitler Nazis are counted in hundreds or a few thousands, but the new despicable Nazis who are counted in millions are Muslims and the Left (socialists, communists, greens and ”intellectuals”). Germany is far better than Norway (the most anti-Semitic country in Europe), Britain and many other European countries.

    • Alvaro

      Practically only muslims and leftists are anti-semites, even in Norway. Unfortunately we have a lot of both categories.

      On the other hand it is not uncommon among Christian conservative religious groups to have the Israeli flag on the wall.

      I think Israel is much more loved in Norway than Norway is in Israel.

  • Blair

    islam has made anti-Semitism acceptable. No wonder the progressives and lefties are rejoicing. Islam for them is just what the doctor ordered: an intolerant facsistic ideology with virulant hatered for the Jews! Wow!

  • oldtimer

    The Muslim's were allied with Hitler during WWII… The government in Germany today, may not be Nazi, but they are not neutral if they allow the so called Palestinians to get over on them and allow them to fly their flag and tear down the Israeli flag, this is anti-Semitism and not acceptable. No country should allow any flag to be flown except their's. With the exception of consulates

    • GermansdonotlikeJews

      You are right.

      The Germans like seeing the Israeli flag being torn down. Germans know they can't do it themselves, so they like it when Muslims tear it down for them. Or when Muslims make the German police tear it down.

  • Jakob

    This time when the Gestapo come knocking we'll meet them at the door with a gun……..Shema Israel

    • kafir

      Be careful…..It may be the kapo senator from NY Cheesy Chuck at the door. He's indicated that he wants his buddy soros old job. He and his protege, the weiner have already taken the shahada to satisfy huma of the ummah, hillary's lover.

  • Klaus

    Well this is what happens when liberal do-gooder Jews want to flood Christian Europe with Muslims in order to "dilute" the "evil" European/Christian populations and their "anti-semitism".

    These liberal Jews only outsmart themselves when they bring in a new populations into Europe because most of them are already filled with anti-semitism. These people you can't condition to feel sorry for Jews with Holocaust movies.

    You can condition Europeans to feel sorry for Jews with Holocaust movies but you can't do it with Arab/Muslims.

    But then again, you can't blame the German people too much if deep down they take delight in seeing other groups of people going after the Jews. Germans will always see the Jews as a pain in the neck.

    • David Schwartz

      Germans always have been deranged and always will be deranged. This is why they love anti-semitism done by themselves or by others.

      Is it no surprise a deranged GERMan was caught the other day for setting fires all over Hollywood?

      Something is very strange about these Germans.

    • stern

      So even this blatant hatred of Jews is the fault of the Jews? All you're missing from your post is the Seig Heil.

      • vlondo

        Powerful libtard socialist Jews should be held to account for the harm they have done to Western countries. l support decent conservative Jews and will stand with them against the followers of the moon god. Those libtard socialist Jews who control Hollywood and force feed us an endless diet of commie porn mixed in with anti Christian/anti White propoganda should be fed to the moon god. Whites are the real victims in all of this – it is the Whites who are becoming minorities in their own countries, not the Jews or the moosis.

        • RoguePatriot6

          "Whites are the real victims in all of this – it is the Whites who are becoming minorities in their own countries, not the Jews or the moosis."

          Wrong!!! This nation of everybody will become victims. The whole socialist agenda involves separating the masses, segregating, creating dissent and pointing the finger at each other. This administration want us to fight each other. I mean, come on, it's obvious. Al Sharpton and all the other race baiters are making blatantly hostile comments towards the white middle class and the Obama Administration are coming up with policies intentionally to spark racial unrest. Now, when it blows up, of course they will blame conservatives for all of the hatred and resentment. All of it will be amplified and broadcasted by our left leaning lame stream media. We as a whole nation will suffer, believe me, or better yet believe history when you read about how socialist dictators lied and deceived their way into power.

          • vlondo

            Dont get too excited – amongst other untalked about things is the undeclared Black on White race war – check out the statistics for Black men raping White women and then tell me theres no race war going on. The same huge statistical imbalance shows up in the assault and murder statistics – the statistics we are supposed to ignore. Couple these (bad choice of word) with the mass influx of non Whites into the previously White majority countries and youve got the perfect formula for White extinction – oh and then there are the libtard/socialist political elites (many led by Jews) egging the whole dismal thing on to its ultimate terrifying (for Whites) conclusion. Lets stop drinking the estrogen and start calling spades spades.

      • winoceros

        I think what he's saying is that the leaning of Jews to the left with their ridiculous "coexist" ideas is a suicide pact. They, like any leftist, have a typical soft bigotry regarding non-native, non-Western populations, as if their cultures would be better than anything the West has to offer. It's not because they're Jewish, it's because they're leftists, and fools.

        The two are not mutually exclusive.

        • alan g

          Wino, you are absolutely correct.

    • ziontruth

      "Well this is what happens when liberal do-gooder Jews want to flood Christian Europe with Muslims…"

      Yet another of those guys who lays the blame on a particular group that has been duped by Marxism, instead of the true perpetrator, Marxism itself.

      There have been Jews, blacks, Catholics, Episcopalians, Buddhists and many other groups displaying an inordinate attraction to Marxist politics—against their interests, that cannot be stressed enough. Are those groups the problem? Or does the blame lie with the culprit, with the active agent that did the ensnaring?

      Far too many people have this tendency to refer to the skimpy clothing of the girl and to the fact that she went out alone at night, instead of calling for the rapist to be imprisoned. Criminalize Marxism and stop blaming members of such groups as have chosen unwisely to listen to its siren song.

      • joy52


      • German European


        Using your analogy that the guy raping a girl because she "had skimpy clothing" should be punished and not the girl for wearing skimpy clothing…….this is why Jews who stupidly followed Marxism and Liberalism should be punished.

        Jews being duped by stupid Marxism and liberalism should be punished similarly to the stupid rapist being duped by his stupid urges for raping a girl because she had skimpy clothing.

    • Aurelius

      You are still blaming the Jews for creating Eurabia?
      Who invited masses and masses of Turkish immigrants to Europe? Of course, Germany – a country Christian on the outside but barbarian on the inside.

      Eurabia is nothing but the highest point of the secret love affair of Europeans, in particular Germans, with Islam.

      Good luck!

    • Aurelius

      The Germans and their Eastern European allies killed 6 million creative and dynamic Jews and replaced them with more than 10 million parasitic Muslims in Europe.

      What was the history of the Germans before they came into contact with the Roman Empire and Christianity? Barbarism, mayhem and mass murder.

      What was the history of the Germans after the claimed to have converted to Christianity? Barbarism, mayhem and mass murder.

      Could this be a genetic propensity to be evil?

      There is a deep similarity between the German Psyche and the Muslim way of thinking. Germanic Native religions of Wotan, Thor etc. are as blood thirsty as the religion of the Meccan moon god Allah.

      • aspacia

        Aurelius, Pagan Germans were barberous too.

      • guest

        i wish both jews and muslims would both dissappear
        creative and dynamic they were not
        this is rubbish put out by people llike you to sell the jew
        they were a parasitic people

  • Rami

    Didn't this actually take place a couple of years ago?

    • Howard

      The video was made in the winter of 2009 by Kontraste 1 Berlin. You can find a copy of the original at It is titled " anti-Semitic scenes in Germany 2009.x flv" The demonstration is a reaction to Operation Cast Lead in Gaza which started on December 27, 2008.

      This is not today's news!

    • 58TROJAN

      I thought so too

    • aspacia


  • Geneww

    Satan hates everything God loves and died for (Judeo-Christians and all mankind that should be saved). Satan wrote his own bible that hates everything in the Bible authored by God (see proof ).
    It is evil versus righteousness and that evil is trying to eliminate Israel and the USA constitution that God established.
    Mention Jesus, our creator God, or 'peace for Israel' and the evil folk rage with hatred and anger.

    • vlondo

      The Judeo Christian beat up is just that – a beat up. Western civilisation owes more to Christianity and Rome – and Greece than it owes to the Jewish religion. We Christians are Romans first and foremost. No one defends our Roman inheritance – all have forgotten Romes brilliance – or rather we've been duped into forgetting.

      • Indioviejo

        Carthage's destruction, Roman enslavement of conquered people, Roman blood spectacle in the Arena,Roman mass murder whenever desired, there is plenty of tyranny and despotism in Roman history, so don't try to sell your POV to the educated masses. Even the leftist in Hollywood got this one right, but apparently you missed those movies.

  • Robert Laity

    The Police must act sensitively leszt they be construed as a modern Gestapo. Germany's Islamo-Nazi connection CANNOT BE allowed to re-occur. The Jews have a right to fly their flag in response to the Islamic degenerate rantings. Germany is morally bound to protect Jews. There are anti-Nazi laws in Germany.

    • winoceros

      Sorry, I am Israel's first fan, and this was wrong what the police did.

      But it is Germany's flag that should be present to counter these supremacist bigots. If Germany stood for freedom and equality of all its citizens, the German flag should stand for something. But you notice that no protesters stand up with the German flag to fight these Muslims, like you'd see in America, for example, since seeing an American flag inspires thoughts of freedom. But it seems the German flag doesn't inspire any resistance to these Muslim supremacists.

      • guest

        germany owes jews nothing
        jews are trouble makers and cause there own mess
        tearing down israel flag was right
        israel is nothing on its own needs american tax payer to make it function

  • WilliamJamesWard

    This group really looks like they are assimilating quite well but I did not see the
    lederhosen nor any blond wigs or big dogs and of course gun towers, barbed
    wire and goose stepping nitwits. Well I love a parade but this was a dud, I did
    notice the absence of yelling and screaming, could be it was all staged,
    Abdulah Hatchetman Hackem must be on vacation, funny no Jews blowing
    themselves up, imagine that…………………………………………………William

  • mrbean

    Obama shamed and humiliated the Jewish Prime Minister of Israel, while demanding we respect sharia and Islam and condemed Jewish self-defense against virulent, genocidal Islamic anti-Semitism. As the leader of the free world he has no shame. Now here we are Jews may then have tried to avoid Obama’s anti-Semitism, but they cannot now avoid the consequences of avoiding Obama’s anti-Semitism. He has unleashed an evil in this world the extent of which we are only now beginning to see. He has made the world safe for haters and killers. He must not have a single Jews vote in 2012.

  • Questions

    How would Ron Paul react to all this?

    • Stephen_Brady

      He'd probably want to make friends with them …

    • Arius

      From what Ron Paul has said he would be as bad as Obama.

  • Fred Dawes

    Nazism has always been in germany! but this is what happens when you allow monkeys to move into your country it will happen here inside the former USA, JUST WAIT 20 years.

    You can stop it from happening but that would mean you had some real balls, and whites have no balls.

    • joy52

      Yes, they do. But they look on in silence for awhile first. Then, they give warnings and they mean the warnings sincerely. They expect the warnings to be heeded. They don't understand when, for different cultural reasons, the warnings go ignored. Then they give some more warnings. Then they take a slap, which, for cultural reasons, others interpret as weakness. Then, they turn the other cheek and give another warning and take another slap, which for cultural reasons, are interpreted as weakness. Then, at some point they jump on with both feet, get buddies, and pummel, just as they said they would in the first
      warning. And, instead of whining and crying for cultural reasons, others would do well to heed the warnings.

      Or, if a white person is in his neighborhood, he may go directly to the fight. Which is why I will still bet on the US.

    • Regina

      Whites have no balls? Geeze..what's that suppose to mean ya fat head?

  • Howard

    This is old news. The video was made in the winter of 2009 by Kontraste 1 Berlin. You can find a copy of the original at It is titled " anti-Semitic scenes in Germany 2009.x flv" The demonstration is a reaction to Operation Cast Lead in Gaza which started on December 27, 2008.

    • Ann

      sorry — even if the video is from 2009 as you say — the call to murder is never old—and evil is evil, no matter what the date!!! they come after them and then they come after you!!!

  • Ann

    what makes any one think they are not going to come after us??? evil begets evil!!!

    • Arius

      Islam is coming for us. In the US it's at the stealth jihad stage. In Europe it's moving into the next stage. Europe is done for; it's the walking dead. The big question is will the US follow into submission?

  • KKKK

    anti-Semitism is evil and ought to be condemd as such. however, this "new Nazism" is a little overdone. the true new "Nazis" are the leftists, Muslims, etc; the old, hated Nazis are only a few in number.

  • LindaRivera

    It is unacceptable and immoral that Muslim immigrants to the West bring with them their murderous, genocidal hate. And their filthy shouts to break God's eternal LAW: You shall not murder.

    In Florida, a Muslim woman at a demonstration was caught on youtube video demanding, "Jews to the ovens." In America, we are ALL brothers and sisters, but Muslim supremacists don't think so.

    Power hungry Muslims lust after the conquest of Israel, the eternal nation which gave us civilization. The despicable German policeman took down the symbol of civilization, the Israeli flag. He is one of many non-Muslim enablers who help global jihad. The traitor enablers help to bring about Islamic conquest of their own countries.

    • guest

      israel did not give civilisation
      civilisation is not a jewish construct, but as usual jew claim to create everything and try to present themselves as the noblest of all, but they are a troublesome race. The jews can't even run israel without american money, they cause more trouble than they are worth.

      • Linda Rivera

        Wishing you the truth. You will know the truth and the truth will make you free! May you come to know God!

        God gave His eternal, unchangeable Laws to His Hebrew servant, Moses, as:

        Bible, Exodus 20
        You shall not bear false witness (lie)

        Bible, Exodus 21:16 He who kidnaps a man, whether he sells him or he is found in his possession, shall surely be put to death.

        God's requirement for ALL humanity is KINDNESS:

        Bible, Micah 6:8 And what does the Lord require of you, but to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God.

        Jesus said in the Bible, Matthew 7:12 Treat people the same way you want them to treat you, for this is the Law and the prophets.

        Jesus was a Jew. Jesus disciples were all Jews. Western civilization is actually based on KINDNESS and the GOLDEN RULE in the Bible to treat people how you want to be treated.

  • Flipside

    Had three Palestinians showed up a Jewish rally here, he would have accused the US of being Nazi.

    • Foreigner

      Lol another Puppet of Islam and Servant of muslims. What you failed to realise is the more people are threatened by muslim minorities in their countries the more people are becoming pro-israeli; this is why former anti-israeli right wing parties in Europe are pro-israeli now.
      The more you import muslims in your country, the more the non-muslims, including jews, stick together.
      Btw i'm neither american, nor israeli or jewish.

      • Flipside

        I am American and neither Muslim nor Jewish. If I ever met a belligerent Muslim, I would tell him where he can stick his religion and his sharia, so don’t go calling me a puppet of Islam, you moron. To most of us, Muslims and Jews can go hang if they don’t get along with each other. All we ask is they keep their stupid war to themselves. Nobody cares if they herd and huddle together in their bed sheets and wool hats or what the reason is.

        • aspacia

          That is correct, NOBODY, FLIPPER, cares.

      • aspacia

        Yes, Muslims view themselves as umma, and all others as infidel targets.

    • aspacia

      Had 3 Jews showed at this Palestinian rally, THEY WOULD BE TORN LIMB FROM LIMB, WHICH OFTEN HAPPENS IN THE ME.

  • gary fouse

    There were 2 protests pictured here, one in Berlin and the one in Duisburg, where the Israeli flags were removed. This all occurred in january 2009 during the Gaza fighting. It is still timely, however. It shows how cowardly the Europeans are when they allow their Muslim immigrants to shout anti-Semitic slogans openly. Julius Streicher would be proud.

  • Nakba1948

    My word, talk about the pots calling the kettle black! Gaza is no better (and in some ways far worse) than the Warsaw Ghetto. What a cruel irony that those who were persecuted so cruelly are among those doing the persecuting. Free Palestine!

    • ziontruth

      "Gaza is no better (and in some ways far worse) than the Warsaw Ghetto."

      Of course. Because we all know the conditions in the Warsaw Ghetto were just like in Gaza today. /sarc

      "What a cruel irony that those who were persecuted so cruelly are among those doing the persecuting."

      Israel maintains an occupation because of the weakness of its leadership, who are as yet too fearful to do the duty of booting all the Arab imperialists from the Land of Israel, the one and only territory in the world rightfully belonging to the Jewish nation. But when a truly Jewish leadership arises some day (hopefully soon), the checkpoints and other manifestations of occupation will disappear, having been made unnecessary by the expulsion of all the people who made them necessary in the first place by their terrorism.

      "Free Palestine!"

      Free Palestine from Arab colonists! Palestine to the one and only true Palestinian nation, the Jewish nation!

      • Nakba1948

        Oh, I see, you want to complete eliminate we Palestinians from our ancestral homeland? Well, you're going to have to do it by killing us, men, women and children alike, because we will not be expelled willingly ("booted," as you say). C'mon, go ahead, channel your heroes, Ariel Sharon, Menachem Begin, Baruch Goldstein. We all know you want to. Why is it that Arab life is so cheap to Zionazis like yourself? Sick, sick, sick. But sadly unsurprising.

        • Indioviejo

          Perhaps because you make it cheap. If you aren't blowing yourselves up in terrorist endeavours, you are murdering each other, as you have shown the world recently in the "Arab Spring", but this is a civilizational thing. Less we forget the Muslim conquest of North Africa and the Middle East, or their colonisation of Spain for seven hundred years. If you persist in being Muslim, then you should read your own history and honestly recognize why you are backward and savage.

        • aspacia

          Sounds like a good plan. Frankly, even most Muslim Majority lands do not want you because your brethren often attempt coups as in Lebanon and previously in Jordan. Now, how many did the Jordanian King massacre. My not protest him, and his son, instead of tiny Israel who only responds to your violence.

          Oh, nearly forgot, you must attack the infidels, especially Jews, and not Muslims.

        • aspacia

          Muslim life is cheap to your leaders too. In contrast, Jewish, and generally Western life is dear to us.

          Nakba, is it time to strap on your homicide belt, or do you prefer using your children to murder innocents. It is you and your DEATH CULT that is sick, not us.

          You cannot win like men in battle, so you resort to cowardly terrorism targeting mostly women and children. Yes, you know, school buses, day care centers, schools, homes. At least Israelis are courageous enough to wear uniforms and fight openly.

          What a piece of filth you are.

    • M_Aurelius

      Gaza is as it is by voluntary Arab choice. If Gaza is as it is, so be it. You cannot force people to behave in a civilised way if they do not want to. However, if they come to kill you, kill them first.

      The 'Palestinians' are an invented people. Their homeland is either in Egypt or Syria. If you go even further, these Arabs who call themselves 'Palestinians' should go back to their true ancestorial land in present day Saudi Arabia.

    • aspacia

      Catatrophe 1948, what a fitting moniker.

      You have no idea of what you say! Any damage the IDF inflicts on Gaza, is provoked by Gazans. Israel provides humanitarian aid to Gaza. How much aid do Muslim-Majority lands provide to Muslims? Little to none.

      Frankly, I would mercilessly massacre and expel every Arab/Gazan from Gaza.

      God, how I hate Muslim liars. Oh, nearly forgot, it is Taquiyya, condoned to lie in Islam.

  • MalyFelek

    Hi there,
    You know what is really ironic? That Polands getting bashed by Isreal (in contrast to Germany) while, at the same time, German support and covet anti-semitism (in the form of anti-Isreal sentiments) is rampant in Germany,but NOT in Poland.In Poland,we dont want to have too may Muslims, when there was a Pro-Palestine rally in Warsaw only a tiny hand full of people showed up.I hope Isrealis will realize where her true allies are (NOT in Western Europe but us in eastern middle Europe (Poles,Czechs…), the south (Greece,Serbia ect) and the east (Ukraine ect)

  • Dan

    down with the nanny states of Europe, we all know our past we know what we were and what will could become, its time to take the future into our own hands!!! DOWN THE WITH NANNY STATES!!! NO MORE PC BULL$HIT!!!!

  • Alvaro

    Meh.. I prefer Taake over this:

    Vi taler flammer gull og krutt
    Vi flyr ikke på tepper men motvind
    Hedenskapet toner sitt flagg
    Ingen skal flå mitt gamle land
    Bonden skal atter få bryne sin øks
    Riket skinner gjennom
    Uår skam og kristen tid
    Skjebnesvanger indre strid
    Til Helvete med Muhammed og Muhammedanerne
    Utilgivelige skikker
    For det ulmer i efterkrigstid
    Vintersolen går opp i vest
    For de som brenner flagget vårt
    Feltherrenes vitnesbyrd
    Hardt mot hardt nu våkner snart