Obama Media Machine: Soaring Gas Prices a Good Thing

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  • BLJ

    Par for the course from these parasites.

  • truebearing

    There is now no low that is too low for the media. They will brazenly contradict themselves in their submission to the Soros/Obama cabal, confident that enough citizens are idiots, not paying close attention, or as morally bankrupt as they are themselves. The Left has watched and waited for the moral tipping point in this nation, and it is now. Democratic republics fail when the majority become immoral and are poorly educated. We are at that juncture, and the Left knows it…they engineered much of the moral turpitude and destroyed the education system.

    • waynamal

      Well said. The tipping point is near on alot of issues.

  • Rifleman

    Where are our resident leftists? I guess there's nothing they can say about this one.

  • fiddler

    I guess it is not that "amusing".