Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood Romance – on The Glazov Gang

Mark Tapson, Susanne Reyto and Eric Allen Bell recently joined Frontpage’s television program to shed light on the Obama administration’s romance with the Muslim Brotherhood. Below is Part II of a three part series. To see Part I, click here. To see Part III, click here.

  • Larry

    First step to dealing with the MB is to kill their leadership and spokesmen. Every time one of them pokes his head above the parapet he should be tracked down and terminated with extreme prejudice. And I mean extreme, if you have access to the body apply pork products, etc. Let there be no safe places for them, make them live their lives in fear, and send them to their virgins as soon as possible.

  • hahajid

    Mohammad himself acted blasphemy on Allah by claiming himself as the last prophet and limiting Allah's power to send other prophets after his death. Basically the leaders of different Islam branches can be treated as prophets as well, therefore all Muslims should denounce Mohammad and his books.