Occupy Wall Street: The Communist Movement Reborn

Editor’s note: May 1st, May Day, marks the onset of the re-branded Communist Left’s “spring offensive” against civil society. Hijacked by the radical Left and its militant Occupy Wall Street outgrowth, May Day serves, not to celebrate workers, but to advance the destructive leftist agenda against American values and the free enterprise system.

To arm concerned Americans with the facts about this agenda, the Freedom Center has created an essential pamphlet, written by David Horowitz and John Perazzo, detailing the Occupy movement, its radical origins and its goal to produce massive social upheaval.

View “Occupy Wall Street: The Communist Movement Reborn” below or order it here.

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  • Ken

    Communism never dies. It was rebranded!!

    • Guest420Visionary

      I think its funny how people think that Occupy is a Communist movement just because a few of the supporters are. NOT everyone in the Occupy Movement is a Communist, way to paint a label across hundreds of thousands of people around your country without taking the time to understand whats happening.


      What Occupy is Really About:

      • Atlas_Collins

        Occutards are all vermin and should be spat upon by decent persons.

        • Guest420Visionary

          Prove to me once more, your ignorance. Please?
          Oh wait, i just have to click on your NAME and see your previous posts… Ahahahaha.

          'Multiculturalism' is leftist code for the extermination of white people. – Atlas_Collins
          When the riots start — and there will be riots — would it be racist to accompany the videos of mobs of blacks committing mayhem and violence with jungle drum music? – Atlas_Collins

          Go bury yourself at the dump okay – that's where your kind of racist, ignorant garbage belongs.
          To think, this racist dumbass is calling people Occutards when really, he's just too stupid and ignorant to understand what's really going on. Sorry that the truth hurts, but you need to hear it.

          Sorry if you don't understand that your media paints the word COMMUNIST on a movement, in order to bring ignorant Americans to their defense (those who don't understand the movement, jump to their feet when they say "Oh the communists are coming" – and fight the movement rather than try to understand it). Its called Divide and Conquer politics, and you sir, have been conquered – by the propaganda machine called the media. Let me guess, your favorite TV show is Fox News? LoL

          • Atlas_Collins

            Ouch! I guess our little commie "visionary" is sensitive like a little girl who tore her ruffled panties.

            What happened to your little "movement" as soon as it got cold last fall, Guest420Visionary? That's right, all the little spoiled pvssies like you went home to wage your leftist/progressive cyberbattles from the comfort of your mom's basement, surrounded by your iPhones and iPads and X-boxes that someone else paid for and trying to keep the Hot Pocket™ cheese from congealing on your keyboards.

            ESAD, punk. Your "movement" is nothing more than street theater orchestrated by your betters.

          • RoguePatriot6

            So, enlighten us ignorant people, Guest. Why is the system corrupt? Why is capitalism or the free market, "evil"? Please, explain to us, IN YOUR OWN WORDS, why capitalism is so "EVIL" or "UNJUST". Please, explain why we shouldn't be so critical of people who have mudered cops, raped women, threatened buisiness owners, corrupted minors, caused taxpayers billions in public and private property damage and threatened the U.S. Government with violence to include inflicting mass casualities upon innocent people because their demands have not been fulfilled? (whatever those demands might be). Before you deny how dangerous this crowd really is, 5 of them were recently arrested in Ohio for attempting to blow up a bridge. Oh, and if you REALLY think that the majority of the press is controlled by those who are opposed to their agenda, you REALLY need to open your eyes.

      • Swatty Jim

        Guest420 visionary – Come on guy, Visionary? Please spare me ok? Smarten up already. Oh, nevermind – that would bring you away from the OCCUDOPES. Stay where you are. Society is much better without your input, you brainwashed slovenly crumb. Stay in your tent forever.

      • PhillipGaley

        The thing of understanding which our dear "Guest420Visionary" fails to apprehend is that, the context in which re-branded Communism is studied, has not nearly so much to do with self-accorded labels as any actuality of the thing: To be a human being, not at all does so labeling yourself, contribute, "I am a human being."—okay, now what, . . .

        And in a similar use of logic and taxonomy, with necessary extensions thereto, you are a Communist by form and function and potential and actuality—in a word, what is the appearance of the Occupiers, what do they do, what have they done, what do they preach, what is their potential, and what are the actual limitations which attach to them?

        To this last, of course, taken as a whole—and probably, to a man—they are to the greatest extent, unskilled to dominate the earth, to subdue it, to make use of it in order to increase, making the earth a more ordered and beautiful habitation for mankind. Relatively unskilled in working in wood, metal, stone, or any of the abstract sciences, they are suited only for menial tasks—carrying wood or water or maybe, garbage, though not of such stamina as would allow such a one to sweep streets, . . .

        In the nature of all things Communist vis-a-vis things all things which are decidedly not Communistic, of course, all of this very many of the Occupiers are in agreement with; for, as any "Earth! First" person will tell you, they wish to remove the footprint of Man from the earth, . . . and which is consistent with forces of confusion, everywhere, . . .

        And with this—and, recognizing the foregoing as coming from The First Book of Moses, Genesis—a confused rabble, blinking the facts and necessary consequences of depravity within themselves, all the while preaching what might be called "The Gospel According To Spartacus", daily or hourly, the Occupiers suppose to each other, "If we all stick together, we shall overcome.", and of course, the largest part of that thought to be won in merely tattooing into their own foreheads or their hands the obligatory affirmation: "Yes, we can.", . . . not unlike "THE TOMMY-KNOCKERS", . . .

        And so that, be there any sense in use of any true source of definition, why then, yes, they are Communists; and like the Communists of days past, eventually, to be executed by the Socialists / Fascists, when they are finished using them, . . .

      • tedder

        How many communists are in the TEA Party? Answer: 0

        These people feel comfortable in your mists. You welcome their company. You break bread with them.

        Because this is a great country, you have the right to bring forward a case for change. Because this is a great country,we have the right to judge you as we find.

      • Maxie

        The communists have always relied on ignorant dupes and 'useful idiots' to spread their totalitarian poision. So are you the 'real thing' or one of the other two?

    • Gordon Gekko

      "A tiger may change its stripes but it is still a tiger."
      -J. Edgar Hoover

  • StephenD

    Ken said Communism never dies. Communism has never worked either. Proclaiming to usher in and support the dignity of all it instead ushers in death and destruction and the ultimate humiliation of all via subjugation. Talk about a 1%. What do these folks think Communism is? A few elites dictate the lives of everyone else. I don't get why so many people want to be lorded over. They want a "Dear Leader" or more accurately they want a KING. All I can say is be careful what you wish for….

  • Steve Chavez

    In the 60's, the CPUSA ran the peace protests to aid their Soviet comrades. "U.S. Out of Vietnam!"

    In the 80's, the CPUSA teamed up with the Soviet KGB to takeover Central America. "El Salvador is Spanish for Vietnam!" Massive recruitment of university students was their main goal. Students called "Sandalistas" quit school to join Construction Brigades to Nicaragua. They were now "active" which is a Communist code word for "successfully recruited" or a better word "BRAINWASHED." Many returned to school with a new mission: ACTIVISM. CIRCLE COMPLETE!


    "THEY" are the world's bitter communists but none were more bitter than OURS!


    Barack Obama was one of those 80's dupes and surely one of the bitter Communists since he surrounded himself with Communists all his life and which continues today. HE WAS BITTER TOO!

    The children of 60's hippies and 80's dupes are the next generation of ANTI-AMERICAN PROTESTERS!

    OBAMA IS NOW CREATING THE CONDITION$$$ FOR THE DOWNFALL OF THE UNITED STATES! Our past enemies are now Obama's friends. Our past allies are Obama's enemies. From Capitalism to Communism.


  • BS77

    Life under the Czar was bad…but when the Bolsheviks took over…things became much worse. The Communist elites took over as the new Czars….millions starved …millions were uprooted and forced to work on collective mines and farms….and died in the vast gulags and misery of the new Animal Farm. IN China, under the Maoists, tens of millions died from freezing or starvation and non existent medical care.
    Occupy idiots are the same morons from years ago….collectivists, anarchists and bolsheviks…but mostly, IDIOTS without a clue. See the OCCUPY idiot with his sign, breaking a window, throwing garbage at the bank or the police car. This is an IDIOT ….no question about it.

  • Vince V. Viggins

    The mere fact that it costs millions of dollars in tax payer funds to pay for POLICE and Sanitation over-time for each day these fools are out demonstrating, is absolutely remarkable. If these dolts were working and paying taxes like the rest of us, they might be singing a different tune. But then again, they have been brainwashed by modern liberal techniques in college, and are truly a lost cause. The OWS types would probably do society a REAL SERVICE if they sat at the beach and stared out at the water for the rest of their lives. I think this year we may even see a NEW MIKE BLOOMBERG. Last year he put up with them, just because he was trying to accommodate them. Then he was criticized for inaction to their circus antics. Thankfully, the cold weather helped dispersed the OWS crowds. I believe that if they try to organize another OWS @ Zuccotti Park, or a similar venue elsewhere, the Mayor will/should kick their weasel ahrses out into the street.

  • mrbean

    The "Social Justice" revolution, they claim to be ushering in, has already stealthed into our public school system, our government and even into the American culture. The tea party was a small COUNTER-revolution to the pro-Marxist movement which has been seeping into every aspect of our lives. This Occupy Wall Street protest and this present acting up isn’t the start of a revolution. It’s a pathetic attempt, by the left, to retain control at a time when people are starting to wake up and realize what’s been going on for too many years. Useful idiots in a mob are more dangerous than hard core ideologues.

  • maria

    I believe that BS77 is originally from Russia/former USSR as I am from that "paradise" too. Occupiers don't understand that use are used as useful idiots. They don't appreciate what wonderful country they were lucky to be born. We are recent immigrant overcoming so much trouble here for at least 3-5 years ready kiss each day this country. Those occupiers should be immigrate to any communists countries (Cube, Venezuela, for instance) at least for year to appreciate what they have here. At least read Jamie Glazov, son of Soviet dissidents "United in hate" to learn something what really socialism is. Some of occupiers are just mob which don't want to work hard and some elite which consider that they will have the same privileges but feel good if some lazy or even unlucky (it happen in nature) people will have it too. So sad that this administration use the worst in people (envious, jealous, greediness, laziness…) to manipulate and take power for ever. Socialism is totalitarian system which failed everywhere. Learn history. Great idealistic ideas for fools or gullible ones but reality to horrible.

  • BS77

    Occupy: Home of the LOSER.

    • Occupy123

      Lol, clever!