Ohio State Students Mobilize Against Freedom Center Ad

The Freedom Center’s advertisement is printed in full below this story.

Controversy is brewing at Ohio State University after The Lantern, the campus’s official student-run newspaper, published the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s ad exposing the Muslim Student Association’s extensive links to terrorism. The advertisement, titled “Former Leaders Of The Muslim Student Association (MSA), Where Are They Now?,” lists nine MSA co-founders and former presidents that have documented ties to terrorist groups. These individuals rose to high leadership positions within organizations such as Al Qaeda and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, with some serving prison time for their roles in terrorist operations. The list includes such terrorists of international notoriety as the recently dispatched Anwar al-Awlaki (former MSA president at Colorado State University).

In the face of such shocking information, students at OSU have opted to direct their ire at the messenger, even denying that the ad constitutes free speech. Some students, as reported by Sami Kishawi at the website Sixteen Minutes to Palestine, are alleging that the ad is “discriminatory” and are protesting to The Lantern’s editor, while the OSU’s MSA is “planning courses of action.” Kishwai quotes Jana Al-Akhras, a 2nd year student and member of the university’s MSA, as saying that the ad is “a blatant attempt at reinforcing stereotypes and causing widespread fear of Muslims on campus.” “There’s a fine line between freedom of speech and hate speech,” Al-Akhras said.

The Lantern publishing the ad, which says nothing remotely derogatory or “hateful” about Muslims or Islam, is an act of allowing freedom speech. Far from being discriminatory, the ad simply presents irrefutable and substantiated facts of former MSA leaders having ties terror. The facts show an undeniable trend in the ideological affiliations of the MSA, about which most university students have very little knowledge. The ad ties in directly with the Freedom Center’s campaign to expose the radical agenda, terrorist ties and virulent anti-Semitism promoted by the MSA and its partner organization, Students for Justice in Palestine. A new Freedom Center pamphlet, Muslim Hate Groups on Campus, written by Shillman Journalism Fellow Daniel Greenfield, provides irrefutable documentation of these disturbing realities.

  • Alvaro

    "In the face of such shocking information, students at OSU have opted to direct their ire at the messenger, even denying that the ad constitutes free speech."

    That should not surprise anyone. It is what they do. Always. They portray themselves as victims of "racism" or "hate speech". If that doesn't work, they use the "you do it too" fallacy, or simply lie.

    The goal is to silence critics or divert attention without discussing the real issues.

    Like in organized crime they will try to break the weakest link. In such cases they will try to silence the newspaper and try intimidating others from running the ad.

    You will not win the game by sticking to facts alone. You need to beat them at their own game:

    Portray yourselves as victims. They try to paint the picture of themselves as a weak and persecuted group, while they belong to a group of 1,5 billion people who through history have exterminated 280 million people. Not to mention, MSA leaders have murdered innocent people! If that can make them victims, you can be victims as well. (And leftists love victims, don't they? And if they don't love you, call them racists.)

    And keep it up, expose their hateful ideology, expose the ones who finance them. Behind their mask of victimhood you will find irrational hate and intolerance. You can tell because an argument is never met with reason, just emotions.

    • johnsnare@yahoo.com

      Bravo,Alvaro, on a fine assessment of major concern on our college campus. Like the radicals before them, this anti American group, is on an agenda to silence free speech, and indoctrinate fellow students. We could use a few more Alvaro's.

    • ron

      alot of the STUDENTS at OSU that are shouting about it are just AVERAGE EVERYDAY STUDENTS – no affliliation with the MSA. That disturbs me bc it says this generation isn't "tuned in" when it comes to defending FREE SPEECH! I know alot of campuses allow HITLER YOUTH WEEKS which are affliated with the MSA – now whats up with THAT??!! If our colleges are allowing that sort of EVIL to happen then we shouldn't be surprised so many MSA students are being misled into racist thinking and hatred against others!

      I know its an EXTREMELY UNCOMFORTABLE thing for the MSA to see – but they should take notes and SEE that something is just WHACKED if so many of their ppl wind up as extremist Islamofascist NUT JOBS!

  • DevoutJew

    I cant believe people believe this propaganda website; you do know these guys make Millions spreading Fear; you should really read:


    Oh, wait you [conspiracy theorists] think these people are “Muslim Apologists”,

    • Alvaro

      Yes, I am sure that journalist in the Tennessean works for free…

      Read this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Useful_idiot

      And this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persecution_of_Chris

    • Maher

      Everything in this ad is accurate. From the first to the very last word. So you are lecturing us about what, fake DevoutJew?

      • intrcptr2

        So then you admit that when a front group raises funds for a shadow parent, or is funded by one, like the arrangment between CAIR, the MSA, and the Muslim Brotherhood, that the ties are proven and the ideological connections are sufficient cause to condemn the front groups, ie the MSAs and CAIR?

    • RonL

      I doubt that you area devout Jew. If you were, you would not be pissing on the Rambam with your support for Islamists.
      It isn't our fault that your true religion is leftism with a smear of lox.

    • winoceros

      Nobody except fat, corrupt Muslim fascists are getting "rich" off the jihad, pal.

      What an amazing thing to see people shoot the messenger on this stuff, claiming they themselves are the agenda-drivers. I mean, who would want to protect themselves from being driven out of their own neighborhoods they way they are in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, not to mention England?

      You don't get it. Don't you read anything? Whistling Dixie past the graveyard….

      • A LilWacked

        They killed John the Baptist and Jesus…. the messenger always gets shot…

  • Cameo Red

    Trying to change the subject are you? You're simply demonstrating Alvaro's point above.

    Can you refute anything in the article?

    • sedoanman

      Those who try to change the subject have lost the debate … and they know it.

  • sononthe_beach

    The liberal mind has evolved to the point where facts that are contrary to liberal ideology will not be considered. Such facts have to be lies, and those who bring these facts to the public's attention are not only liars, but they are also evil because of their different ideology.
    Liberals. They are perpetually menopausal.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Amazing, students operating a tax paid for hate center. I found over the years
    that what the students do is mostly prompted by faculty and defunding would
    be a good start at any University that spreads hate……………………..William

    • winoceros

      Next to my class on Tuesday was a large auditorium-style room. I kept seeing all kinds of long-bearded 20-year-olds going in there. When I went out, there was a sign enjoining people to come to a talk on "Islamophobia" as part of "Islam Awareness Week.".

      Good thing they booked the room. There were about 10 people in the space, all of them Middle-Eastern Muslim fervent types, and the rest were tents, I assume female. Sitting apart, of course.

      Good luck with that. No one cares about your stupid victim class you invented. Go away.

      • WilliamJamesWard

        "Good luck with that. No one cares about your stupid victim class you
        invented. Go away". We are talking about Islamists spewing lies and
        promoting violence against Jews and they are doing it on American
        campuses which our tax dollars support. I am against that and the hate
        that they spew. How do you come into saying I am inventing a victim class.
        I do not understand how you come to that from my comment, can you
        clarify for me………………………………………………………..William

        • winoceros

          What…you mean you couldn't tell that was supposed to be my internal dialogue when I saw that particular "Islamophobia meeting"?

          Totally unclear…I apologize. My campus has been overrun with Islamists. It's like having the enemy right there in class with you…and you think…gosh, what do you need all this organic chemistry and physics for, anyway?

          It was not directed to you. Sorry about that.

          • WilliamJamesWard

            Thank you, now I get it………………….William

  • winoceros

    "“There’s a fine line between freedom of speech and hate speech,” Al-Akhras said."

    Truer words were never spoken. Fight hate speech/hate crime legislation and its insidious tendrils wherever you can.

    • intrcptr2

      paper thin

  • RiverFred

    I am surprised the college placed the ad as most are politically correct. I am quite sure CAIR will get into the picture and file another frivolous lawsuit..

  • Marty

    It's interesting that the two most popular arenas for jihadists to recruit are prisons and college campuses. And, of course, some of the recruits on the campuses end up in prison. Perhaps all this happens because prisons include murderers and rapists who would naturally find islam appealing and because campuses are full of young minds easily impressed with bad ideas. Some state universities and prisons are using tax payer money to create and sustain monsters who want to destroy western civilization.

    • zionista

      that's because both are rife with many ignorant, impressionable and downright stupid people. So often when a homicide bomber is caught, it's a young guy with a low IQ and/or low self-esteem.

    • ALilWacked

      Exactly… they prey on the weak spirited and young minds full of mush..

  • HiHeels

    I did not know this. I dont believe this made the news in Florida.

  • http://ninjapulse.onsugar.com/ Sophie

    Since when is stating A FACT part of "hate speech?"