Pamela Geller Censored About Hamas-CAIR on CNN’s @ErinBurnett

On Thursday, September 20, 2012, Pamela Geller was interviewed by Erin Burnett on CNN. Taken to task by Burnett for her ads that stand up for Israel and against Jihad, Pamela powerfully exposed the hypocrisy and double standards of those who slander, oppose and defame counter-jihad activists while remaining completely silent about and indifferent to the savagery of Islamic jihad. The video of the interview suddenly cuts at the end of Pamela’s description of the ADL, and does not play her description of Hamas-CAIR. However, the full audio is available because Pamela secretly recorded it. Do not miss this performance by Pamela Geller and what CNN attempted to censor.

The interview that CNN let you see is below. Underneath the video, click on the link to go to Pamela’s site to see what CNN censored.

To hear and read what CNN didn’t want you to see, click here.

  • Mike

    I salute you Pam for standing up to Erin, CNN and all the other anti-american pro islam nuts in view of this interview. We have a problem in our country that is islam ,cair, msa, nama, and nuts like Erin who refuse to realise the truth concerning shria being shoved down our throats. With the help of CNN, MSNBC and people like Erin who needs enemies? We are losing our country for the likes of these people. A good reason to switch news channels and to listen to the truth which we are NOT getting from the LEFT or the W.H.

    • zionit

      Thanks to FPM for posting this – an important interview. Savagery is most definitely the appropriate word – or else why is considered dangerous for an American to be in Pakistan right now? Violent, murderous hatred – that's what I call savagery. These are the St as for Nigeria alone:

      430 churches destroyed since the elections of April 16 2011
      14 000 victims
      250 000 people deplaced
      1400 killed by Boko Haram since 2010

      12 States of 36 already apply the Sharia (Koranic law)

      This is what Ms Gellar is fighting against not just for future generations but for all civilised people who can co-exist with neighbours who are 'other', now.

      • zionit

        PS. For those who don't know Book Haram literally means 'western education is sinful.' They are Jihadists – savagery anyone?

    • Sunbeam

      The main media are the traitors of the country. Wait until this oppressive rule are shoved into our throat, it will be too late for them to realized then. For now Americans have to concentrate in building support to secure the nation from the enemies. The first step to do is to deport those who refuse to assimilate into the American society, and those who wanted their sharia law enacted there. They can go back anytime, who needs them. When they came, they are not suppose to bring along their own cultures and laws into the country they adopted. They are to respect the rule of the land there. What's wrong with them? Time to stop giving in to their demands, Americans have to take care of themselves now.

  • Silver ScumbAG

    Erin Burnett is the Bark Obama of the media world.

    In college she studied politicial science, economics and lacrosse and field hockey.

    Then she lands a position with Goldman Sachs. Either this does not compute or she is an above educated for an American.

    I should not be arrogant. In Canada, we have the world's most stupid and ignorant journalists. They empower and encourage Muslims to sodomize and kill people by ignoring it or blaming an incoherent soft porn video made in a studio in LA.

    GO PAMELA GO GEERT – sorry that Europe's tallest people are pygmies when it comes to Islam.

    • Charles Martel

      You are right about the pygmies of Europe but only because half the population are dhimmies, the other half would love to have "Pamela clones" to defend our freedoms. Unfortunately, we suffer from the same disease as the US – knowed as "the left" aka "democrats" aka "liberals". As long as these people are in power, things will get worse.

  • pierce

    Censorship, I am not surprised, every so often I get censored by some one from FPM who reads my comments. It does not stop me, but be consistent, and it appears not to be that way. Amen

  • Herbster

    Poor Erin…..fighting above her weight class again. CNBC must have been overjoyed when this lightweight left to join the losewrs at CNN. CNN wonders why their ratings are in the toilet? No! No! Please don't flush! Little Erin debates like a high school teenager. She is really quite laughable in her immaturity. Pam Geller was the only adult apearing here. Burnett tried desperately to create various straw men and then present them as facts. Obviously, she never learned critical thinking in school. Another drone added to the crew at CNN.

    • Jim

      You're right. She is an incredible lightweight. Geller destroyed her with her arguments.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Defending islamofascism practically requires the suspension of all logic.

  • Jerry

    Censorship is the new norm, at least those telling the truth are censored.

    • Kufar Dawg

      THe MSM is trying to normalize it so that the current regime can formalize it.

  • Marty

    Pamela Geller is a courageous hero. erin burnett is a stooge for sharia and bigotry and not a particularly bright one at that. It is no wonder cnn has lost viewership. The cnn network is full of "soft" anti-semitism and Israel bashing. It's unlikely that Ms. Geller will be invited to return for another interview. cnn is actually itself a dhimmi organ. burnett should know that 7 percent of muslims are willing to commit terrorist acts (100 million people or 4 afghanistans). Another 38 percent, according to PEW, like the idea of terrorism against non-muslims. That brings us up to around 750 million people who want us dead. jihad does mean violence and genocide.

    • Kufar Dawg

      The actions of muslimes over the last 1400 years have made it pretty clear that the definition of jihad isn't an "inner struggle". The history of islam, up to and including the present, is awash in blood.

    • Sunbeam

      We need more people like Pamela Geller. You have our support, Pamela. We stand by you.

  • al Kidya

    Erin Burnett needs a History lesson.
    There is no changing the mind of a Liberal. Even if the Islamists were burning down her house, torturing her husband and raping her children she would defend Islamism.

    • Kufar Dawg

      It would never come to that, as an amoral, apathetic, coward her and her family would convert to islamofascism long before that ever happened.

  • Diann

    Pamela Geller is an incredibly brave woman. We need to support all those who are fighting for our freedom, including Front Page Magazine, Pamela and others. and.. just another reason to not watch CNN. Makes me wonder if there's Islamic money behind the main stream media.

    • Sunbeam

      If there is, they must be brought to justice. The fall of a nation is because of such people. They are the running dogs for the enemies. They should be taught a lesson.

  • Schlomotion

    It's a conspiracy!!! Pamela Geller only got 9 minutes on CNN instead of 14! She didn't get to insult everybody. There were still some children and some ice-cream vendors in Saskatchewan she wanted to expose for being in the Muslim Brotherhood!

    • Kufar Dawg

      No Farid Bacha Bazi, it's what they censored, not how much.

      But you know what? I don't give a good g-damn what a muzzie does for a living, because, fact is, they
      still subscribe to a fascist, totalitarian, antisemitic ideology of hate.

    • Advocatus

      Well, one should care, should one not, seeing as you'd have us believe that the Jews and neocons run the media so how come their supporters can't even get enough air time on CNN? A massive puzzle there.

    • FPF

      Yes, it's a conspiracy from the left with dhimmitude. If CNN has enough courage, every dhimmi would be insulted by the truth and fact regarding Islam. Apparently many ice-cream vendors are illegal people smuggled from Islam countries. Your are absolute correct!

  • Mike

    CNN—-cair news network! It's time to flush MSNBC and CNN along with the other liberal trash networks.

    • Luca Morhead


  • waltjr

    G-d Bless Pamela Geller, she has for years worked tirelessly to bring the true nature of Jihadist bent on murdering to advance the Theocratic idea's under the Qur'anic Shari'a Law.

  • Tomyluc

    The Israeli Govt. has used terrorism since the inception of the Govt. Pamela gellar is just another Right Extremist !
    Land grabbing Jewish settlers in the 1940's drew the line first. If you think that Israel has the right to grab land and take it from others, Manifest Destiny, then ask yourself this question. How would you feel if the Native Indians came to your home and said, "We were here for thousands of years and this is our land, You must leave"? And how would you feel if the U.S. Govt. Supported this idea Pamela? You would be out on the street!
    Research leads to knowledge not faith! Big difference.

    • Drakken

      I am sure you would be much more at home in the sandbox instead of here in the US, useful idiots of the left like you are in for a very rude awaking.

      • Tomyluc

        Nice comments Drakken, demeaning and angry just like I would expect from a supporter of a right wing extremist who supports Pamela Gellar! Thank you for proving my point. Off to collect my winnings!

        • Jimbo

          Gotcher winnings right here, Tomy baby.

        • Kufar Dawg

          LOL. What do you call islamofascism? A left wing liberal ideology of tolerance?

  • Tomyluc

    The Israeli Govt. has used terrorism since the inception of the Govt. Pamela gellar is just another Right Extremist !
    The Israeli Govt. wants and wants from U.S. and yet they give nothing! we provide them with materials, $$$$$$$$, and security. And all they do is snub U.S. on the issues of settlements and construction. Israel is one of the worst and most BRUTAL Govts. On the planet. Having been to all but Antarctica and Australia I have seen brutality. The Yahu who controls their country is very close to being considered a WAR CRIMINAL! The Jewish population in this country, U.S.A., needs to decide which country their loyalty lies with. I respect it if it is with Israel, GO HOME! If it is here in the U.S. Then stand behind U.S.!!!
    Research leads to knowledge not faith! Big difference..

    • MotherGoose

      Then I guess you'd better get on with it…the research, that is.

  • ivan

    Geller was/is a birther just another kook who hates obama and erin was not out of her league she was just reasonable and measured and wanted the discussion to have civility and not call people savages but civility is too much to ask for geller and all the other kooks out there

    • Drakken

      Whats wrong with calling the muslims savages? If the name and shoe fits eh?

  • Jack

    So, as Pro-Americans what can we do. Putting a sign on a subway isn't enought. I firmy believe that not all Muslims are radicals, or warmongers, but the have not spoken out against the radicals. What do we do, clearly there is no real forum for this. What we need is a movement a movement that forces our political leaders to listen. But it must be complete and totally truthful, no exaggerations, no mis-leading information, which leaves Fox Editorial out. I'm open to suggestions.

    • Tomyluc

      Hello Jack. Yes most of the Govts. in the Middle East do speak out against the radicals! Our media may not publish this information but believe that it does happen. Understand that all information is diseminated by perspective. If the media took the perspective that Isreali aggression was terrorism then what a truth it would be. Yet because we are their allies and our country pays for them to be free, billions of $ per anum, we have the perspective that they are only protecting themselves. Let us not forget that in the 1940's jewish immigrants illegally ,Same problem we have here with our southern neighbors, went to palestine and began the terrorist activities. Committing violent acts against the legal residents of a country is terrorism!
      Research leads to knowledge not faith! Big difference.

      • Ghostwriter

        Do you hear the Israelis screaming for the blood of Americans? No! The Muslims do that on a regular basis.

  • RUI

    The reporter should now be looking up the dictionary definition of "hoysted by your own petard".

  • RJR

    Pamela Geller was calm, reasoned and articulate. Erin Burnette was outmatched from the get go. I can understand why Pamela was cut off. It wouldn’t do to have an honest discussion of the savagery that seems to be inherent in Islam. And I really loved Erin trying to marginalize her by basically calling Pamela a birther in the middle of a discussion on her anti jihad ads. Also, I love how people on the left call people who tell the truth “controversial.”

  • skip gainer

    Is Erin really as dumb as she projects or is she just another democratic tool, that does not believe in our Constitution or support our laws. With the blatant censorship of this interview nothing has to be said about the stance taken by Erin and her CNN bosses. Pamela you can not have an intelligent conversation with a bias entity!

  • James H. Packard

    God bless Pamela Geller for her courage and wisdom in speaking the truth.

  • zionist israeli

    well done pamela.
    erin burnett, was running around like a hampster in a wheel
    out classed ,out gunned, out thought,and put out by pam.

  • Reese

    Erin Burnett is the problem. All the so-called liberal "journalists are the problem. The blood of all killed in the name of "Shariah Law", Islam, and the Qu'aran are on their hands. Erin saying Obama is a passionate Christian is ridiculous. Obama has made fun of Judeo-Christians, made fun of Bible scripture, ignored Christian day of prayer, promotes anti-Biblical issues like abortion and homosexual marriage, wages a war against Catholics…all the while issuing proclamations extolling the wonderous beauty of Islamic holidays. He said the most beautiful sound he has ever heard is the Muslim call to prayer. His father and step-father were Islamic and his mother was a known Communist raised by known Communists.

    • Reese

      …All of Obama's mentors were Communist, Marxist, or Islamist. He is not a Christian. If he was, he would not be helping the lineage of "the Assyrian" the Bible talks about that Gideon fought against at God's order and Gideon won with God's help and Gideon removed the "crescents" from "the Assyrian's" camel. Islam stems from Baal worship, which was moon worship. Islam is moon worship. Mecca is where the black moon stone is that they all go worship. It's the same pagan, false religion that God hated in the Old Testament. Jesus talked about and gave credence to the Old Testament. Jesus never stopped being a Jew and loving Israel even after His resurrection. Jesus was not and is not a proponent of Islam that seeks to torture and murder all Jews and Judeo-Christians. Obama is a black liberation theologist…that is NOT the same as Biblical Judeo-Christianity. Black liberation theology is made up by man. It is not in the Bible. STOP SAYING HE IS A CHRISTIAN ERIN!

  • Luca Morhead

    Oy! Stop deleting my comments. Talk about censorship.

  • Jhone

    ignorance is very bad

  • libbelle

    Pamella Geller is a paid shill for AIPAC, and Israel…and the biggest peddler of fearmongering I've ever seen. she needs to be flushed down the toilet for her racist islamophobic inflamatory remarks

  • bigben

    Machiavelli, Ledeen and the neocons like Geller recognize a need to generate a religious zeal for promoting the state. This, he claims, is especially necessary when force is used to promote an agenda. It's been true throughout history and remains true today, each side of major conflicts invokes God's approval. Our side refers to a “crusade”; theirs to a “holy Jihad.” Too often wars boil down to their god against our God. It seems this principle is more a cynical effort to gain approval from the masses, especially those most likely to be killed for the sake of the war promoters on both sides who have power, prestige and wealth at stake.

  • Mister E.

    I feel so bad for Erin B. for the only reason that she and my GF look like clones of each other, except for that my GF is younger, more beautiful and not as much of a snotty liar like Erin B. is. I watched a clip of her show today regarding Conan O'Brien's love shrine for Erin B. and Erin actually said that she "Had a fiance too". Isn't Erin married already? or maybe she never got married in the first place, or maybe her marriage is over already? Best quote that describes Erin: “WHEN A WELL-PACKAGED WEB OF LIES HAS BEEN SOLD GRADUALLY TO THE MASSES OVER GENERATIONS, THE TRUTH WILL SEEM UTTERLY PREPOSTEROUS AND ITS SPEAKER A RAVING LUNATIC.” – DRESDEN JAMES

  • axiom

    The Sheep love being lied into wars : ww1 (lusitania) , ww2 (pearl harbour – prior knowledge) , vietnam ( the fake tonkin incident) , iraq (wmds) , afghanistan ( 9/11 ?!? ) , libya , syria ( both attacked covertly with nato backed “rebels” , more lies .
    So now the herd of mind controlled uninformed programmed sheep salivate over the lie of the iran threat .
    Why are sheep so dangerously mal-informed ? Ans: The dangerously grossly mal-informing MSM .
    Why does the MSM grossly mislead us ? Ans: Because thats how our owners ( the same ones who own MSM ) want it . Why do they want it like this ? Ans: So military piracy and murder can go unhindered !