Raymond Ibrahim and Robert Spencer: Egypt Behind the Headlines

Raymond Ibrahim, a Shillman Fellow at the Freedom Center, was recently interviewed on Egypt, the Copts, his familial roots and experiences there, and the current climate of Egypt, on Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch TV show.

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  • Charles Martel

    Excellent presentation especially the comments made about liberalism at about the 48 minute mark. Looking forward to the next segment.

  • Murray

    The last part gets to the crux of the matter:

    How is it that they have been so successful in getting politicians and the media on their side, while marginalizing the people that are speaking out against muslim brotherhood influence in government policy? What kind of appeal are they making to the media? For example there was a raid on a hallal meat packing plant. The CAIR organization put out a press release demanding full diclosure of what the government has on this plant. This is what was reported: "Civil Rights Watch Dog Calls for Full Disclosure". Civil rights watchdog? This was a group that was designted as an unindicted co-conspirater in a terrorist funding case. It has numerous links to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. And yet routinely they are characterized in the main stream media, in the way they characterize themselves, as a "civil rights" group. No mention of their Hamas or Muslim Brotherhood links. How are they so successful in pulling this off?

    They did something very smart. that we in the west did not do. They studied and co-opted the western mentality and the western language and western paradigms of right and wrong. By in large the main stream media, the elite, the academics, pundits, talking heads, etc. live in their own world where all they know is their secular paradigm. And they project it on other people. So the Muslim Brotherhood not only has the advantage of the image that has already been projected on it but they use the language that comports with it thereby validating the western belief that these guys are moderate and so on.

    So then you're asking, "What about all these Islamic references that are involved?". In the west there's this trepidation to talk about religion, and especially a foreign religion. You can attack Christianity and Judaism, but if you talk about Islam, this exotic other religion brands you immediately a racist. Although Islam is not a race. So they very much mastered this sort of liberal secular paradigm that predominates in the west. They know how to use it. They know how to use the words so that your average joe who doesn't know anything about Islam listens to them and everything they say makes sense. And to even doubt them is to start feeling like you're a racist. And that's how they're very smart. They use this liberal tendency in many of us.

    We, I mean you and I, do the same thing, in that we study their core texts and their epistomology. Unfortunately the western intellectuals and the left are not doing that. They are just taking them at their word. The Muslim Brotherhood organizations are just giving them the words they want to hear.

    They very cannily played upon the west's great traumas. The biggest blot in the history of United States is racism. The biggest pride of United States is the civil rights movement. Overcoming racism and granting full equality to racial minorities. The Muslim Brotherhood groups in  the U.S. have been very canny in co-opting and adopting this language. Even though Islam is not a race, even though to oppose Jihad and the spread of sharia in the west has nothing to do with race but the defending of rights, the freedom of speech and of conscience for all people, the aspects of our freedom that are denied by sharia.

    But the Muslim Brotherhood groups like CAIR cry racism and the mainstream media falls into line along with all too many government and law enforcement officials as well. So where do we go from here? What does the future hold? What can free people do to try to preserve our freedoms at this point?

    The more I study this situation, the more I start seeing the Islamic problem as a symptom of a greater problem. The western mentality is incapable of transcending its own epistomology, its own knowledge of what reality is. It makes the world fit into its own paradigms and its own categories. It can't accept things at their face value, it can't accept reality. I think this is the problem.

    If you go back to earlier generations, a few hundred years ago, a little child in a European countray would have understood Islam. It was just common sense. They have a religion that took over a huge chunk of the old world through violence, through force. You couldn't go there without a permit from the Caliph as a foreigner without being molested and killed. These things were known then. That's why the so called "orientalists" said these things. But then, of course Edward Saeed and the liberal mentality that started in the 1970s type cast all that as "orientalism" and bigotry, when in fact it was grounded in reality.

    The real problem that needs to be addresed is the intellectual undermining that has predominated in the west. Once that's fixed I believe the Islamic problem will be fixed, inasfar, at least as westerners will understand what they're dealing with. We're at the point now that Boko Haram in Nigeria is constantly bombing churches, demanding that the president leave Christianity and become a Muslim. There is systematic kidnapping and raping people because they're infidel Christians. And Barak Obama and the white house won't even classify them as a terrorist organization.

  • Cordell Wan

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  • Mladen Andrijasevic

    Robert Spencer and Raymond Irahim reveal the essence of the problem, but they are not the US mainstream media. In Israel, in contrast, even the mainstream papers like the left-wing Ha'aretz and the center-right Jerusalem Post two years ago sensed the danger of the Muslim Brotherhood taking over and it was obvious that there existed a clear split between the Israeli and US analysts.

    The Muslim Brotherhood has won. And yet there will be almost no one to take the Western leaders and media to account for their stupidity two years ago. All those rosy predictions about the Arab Spring . The Israelis have yet again been proven right and the US and European media dead wrong. How is it possible that such a glaring example of incompetence and ignorance cannot be exposed? The Israeli media should rub it in.

    Two years on – who was right on the Egyptian crisis? http://www.madisdead.blogspot.co.il/2012/12/two-y