Rush Limbaugh, Name-Calling and Double Standards — on The Glazov Gang

On this week’s Glazov Gang, a heated exchange transpired over Rush Limbaugh, Name-Calling and Double Standards. Our three guests were: Jim Tooey, actor and producer, Evan Sayet, America’s #1 conservative comedian, and Sonja Schmidt, playwright and conservative political pundit. Part II of this three-part series is below. To see Part I, click here. To see Part III, click here.

  • Bamaguje

    What is America turning into when sexually loose women shamelessly demand in public that others pay for their immoral lifestyle?

  • Mikidiki

    This shambles gives a whole new meaning to 'Ho Ho Ho'

  • denis

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    • mrbean

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  • tagalog

    Nice decolletage, Sonja!

  • DionPuckett

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