Shillman Journalism Fellow Raymond Ibrahim Speaks at JIMENA

Shillman Journalism Fellow Raymond Ibrahim recently participated in a panel discussion hosted by Jews Indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa (JIMENA) where he discussed religious persecution in the Middle East. Video of the talk, which took place in San Francisco and was moderated by Joel Brinkley, can be seen below.

Part I

Part II

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  • Crossbow87

    So, if this is the history, content and goal of Islam, didn't the Serbs have the right idea?

    • kafirman

      If Bill Warner were President, we would not need a tenth of our military. Islam would be defeated ideologically. Actually Warner is not the best imaginable man. He is a functional atheist and therefore is unable to connect Americans to our "unalienable rights." But Warner knows Islam. Spencer would make a better president than Warner. But atlas, I am dreaming. Barry Soetorro has occupied for 3 1/2 years with his "the US is not, and will never be, at war with Islam" treason. Mitt is a functional multiculturalist.

  • kafirman

    Great point about the media disparity: the media would pounce on the pope if he said something equivalent to the mandated church destruction on the Arabian peninsula, yet the media is silent and insouciant when Mohammadians are the perpetrators.

    Hopefully a gentle criticism. What is the point in asserting (as Mr. Ibrahim does) that Islamic doctrine and history reveal a strong theme of human rights abuse and then call these abusers "Islamists"? The term "Islamist" pretends a different religion than Islam. Islamist is multicultural-speak to exculpate Islam from moral examination. It is better to use the term "Mohammadian" to describe the real terrorists. They are like their father: Mohammad/Satan.

    Secondly, Ibrahim uses the terms "secular" and "sectarian," both of which are incoherent as they pretend there to be a religiously neutral ground. But there is no such ground. Mixing humanism with Islam introduces incoherency. Do not call incoherency "secularism." Secularism does not exists. Atheism and agnosticism do. If you will, everyone is a religious fundamentalist.