Tell On Me: The Ballad of US Agents

Below is a song to the Leaker-in-Chief from America’s friends, based on the immortal song of Ben E. King, “Stand by Me.” It is produced by Latma, Israel’s premiere satire group:

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  • Schlomotion

    Well… add this to the pile. Dwight Schultz, Madison Rising… and now Latma. The FPM Roadshow is gathering steam. Collecting steam? Catching steam? Giving off steam? Something.

    • reader

      Exactly. Much better than nothing, which is what you are and why you troll here in the first place.

    • Larry

      Happy nakba, nazi

    • Vermont Yid

      You are, if nothing else, consistant. We can always count on you to write something ignorant/stupid.

      Now, go back under your rock.

  • Looking4Sanity

    Yeah…the world REALLY respects US! </sarc>

    Who can blame them? Obama is a bad joke.

  • Linda Rivera

    By now everyone has got the message: If you help America, Obama and his George Soros administration will punish you.