The Beginning of the End of Britain

A frightening glimpse into the future:


  • gamma

    According to Christianity those who don't believe in Jesus will go to hell. Having said that I'd prefer Christianity over Islam any day.

    • Bartimaeus

      Yes, and that is because God has provided the free forgiveness of sins for all those who will simply change there mind and accept His pardon. God is calling on all men everywhere to receive His free pardon paid in full by Christ on the cross. How different is the good news of God’s love and grace compared to the legal and unforgiving God of the Koran.

    • intrcptr2

      I appreciate your preference.
      But there is a world of difference between saying that God condemns sin, and that the unrepentant has sent himself there, and saying that Allah commands me to send you there right now.

    • traeh

      According to whose Christianity? Does Jesus say in the Bible, "if you don't believe in me you will go to hell" ?

      • david Coddington

        Even though not a christian, i do think the New Testament alludes to the fact only people who believe that Jesus was the son of god will enter the kingdom of Heaven. Pity more people cant wake up to the fact that nobody has God's private number except people who hear voices inside their heads (dont we all?).

        Seems we all have to wear some sort of label or belong to some sort of exclusive club where we can feel better than everyone else. i dont think theres much spirituality involved in religion at all. its just politics and ego. i can honestly say I dont think Ive ever met a 100% "good" person in my life..Very sad

  • kafir4life

    Question. Isn't islam that gutter cult false religion that was created by the pedophilic madman mohamat that many of the moon god worshippers love to emulate? Isn't that vile book, the koran, the one that was shat from his anal orfice following sex with an a meal of his favorite pig, or "Mom" as he would call it? Aren't today's muslims the cause of 99.99% of the problems in the world today?
    We won't hire one. We don't shop in their stores. We don't shop in stores that hire them, and we tell management why.

    • Another kafir

      Good decision and I am with you, keep it up

  • KarshiKhanabad

    That is one brave young Englishwoman. Probably the only reason the muzzies didn't assault her in the street as they do in Cairo was that they feared she was a police decoy. Hateful, hateful people!

    • Bert

      This British young lady has more courage than the entire British government. If she is rejected in Britain she should be welcome here in the U.S. We are also not far behind Britain in our decline under Hussein Obama.

      • Touchstone

        I'm impressed by her courage as well. She didn't even flinch when that young thug tried to intimidate her, pointing his finger in her face so close and so aggressively he almost made contact.

        The nerve of that Muslim woman who accused her of walking "naked". Islamic brainwashing is so extreme, it makes women oblivious to their own oppression and actually believe that exposing one's face, neck and arms is obscene. As if feeling the warmth of the sun or a gentle breeze on one's skin could possibly be obscene. What's natural to everyone on the planet is now obscene?

        They're so deranged, they don't realize that it's their beliefs which are truly obscene. Cloaking oneself in a black shroud is obscene. Seeking to overthrowing the laws of the land is obscene. Openly expressing treasonous sentiment is obscene. Claiming to believe in "freedom of speech", all the while seeking to muzzle it where their own agenda is concerned, is obscene.

        Europe's leaders have betrayed their ancestors and their people by letting these barbarians run amok. Is this the Britain Churchill fought to defend? Did the UK fight so hard against Nazi fascists, only to surrender to Islamic ones?

        Europe has been cowed, but its tolerance has limits. Choudhary and his ilk are overstepping and will soon infuriate the Brits beyond measure. Even from my vantage point thousands of miles away, I foresee the streets of Europe running red with blood because of this menace. It will start in one city and spread all over the continent. A "Europe Spring" is just around the corner.

        • intrcptr2

          She's British.
          Lord help the Mohammedans if the British ever wake up. Do recall what Her Majesty's troops did in Egypt and Afghanistan and India in the 1800s, when Anglo-Saxons had balls.

  • Sage on the Stage

    If only the Chief of Police in Luton was as brave as this young woman. There is another video, with an interview
    of the Luton police chief. She wouldn't allow the English Defense League to march down Manchester road, because(as she said), "all Hell would break loose." Perhaps "all Hell" needs to break loose. And where is David Cameron, and the British government, while the Muslims are taking over their country? Playing political correctness games.

  • Schlomotion

    Right away this video starts out in Luton with the coat of arms to the left of the speaker (although she is not in that very moment wearing her black British Klan hoodie and red cross face mask). This marks the video automatically as a "United Peoples of Luton" or "English Defence League" video. FPM has thrown its hand in with the British National Party (BNP) and the EDL. Americans will not be familiar with all of this, but it is the Zionists joining up with the Skinheads. Note the Luton insignia. Note the EDL insignia. Note the Anders Breivik insignia. They all fly the same coat of arms. These are fighting organizations. FPM is endorsing the Skinhead fight clubs of Britain, the soccer hooligans, the Nativists. But when these people KILL, FPM disavows any relationship to the killers, though the killers repeatedly quote Robert Spencer.

    • KarshiKhanabad

      "Zionists joining up with skinheads"

      You are one sick puppy, ol' Schloim. Israel is here to stay, BTW.

      • Schlomotion

        "Here" is relative. I live in the United States.

        • Zionista

          you are sick – even in a video that has nothing to do with Jews, you have to inject your seething hatred and/or jealousy.

          • Schlomotion

            I am jealous of UK Skinheads being advertised on a Zionist forum? Hardly. And how does five Jews posting a video about the evil Muslims in England have nothing to do with Jews?

          • Zionista

            UK skinheads?? You're delusional – I guess they let you use the computer in whatever looney bin you're locked up in.

          • Schlomotion

            Hey, if the US can fight Al Qaeda for ten years and flush all our rights down the toilet and then suddenly team up with Al Qaeda in Libya and Syria, I guess Zionists can scare the world about neo-nazi skinheads for twenty years and then join up with them when they put on their Doc Martens to stomp Muslims. It's all about political expediency, right?

        • Western Canadian

          Typical reply from you, in that you try to be smart, and come off extremely stupid.

        • David

          Do you want sharia law to apply to America? Simple question. Yes or no?

          • Schlomotion

            No, and it's not about to.

      • robertpinkerton

        "Israel is here to stay." This Pagan says, May (the) God(s) so grant.


      What propaganda BS…..the UK is going the way of the Dodo Bird and the British Government is to blame. I really feel sorry for those Brits who are trying to stand up for the 'Defence' of their country and are met with hostility by their elected leaders from all sides of the political spectrum.

    • Chiggles

      <<These are fighting organizations. FPM is endorsing the Skinhead fight clubs of Britain, the soccer hooligans, the Nativists.>>

      I hope they are fighting organizations. They need to start fighting. Before it is done they wil need to start killing.

    • Touchstone

      Only a monomaniac obsessively pursuing an agenda would focus on the irrelevant things you've pointed out. The salient features of this video are clear to everyone else: the intolerance and fanatical backwardness of Islam, and what a growing threat it presents to normal Westerners like the girl who confronts them.

      Trying to redirect everyone's attention is an exercise in futility. I'm guessing your parents' attempt to make a responsible adult out of you was no less futile. If you're an American who thinks there's nothing wrong with the attitudes of the Muslim fanatics in the video, you're not only a damn fool but a traitor to your country.

      • Schlomotion

        I am monomaniacal? Jihad Watch is not a monomaniacal exploit? Isn't Captain Spencer chasing across the seas, ignoring the whales and hunting for the Great White Ishmael? Now, they have stooped to reprinting videos from the British Nazis. Are we really supposed to swallow British Defence League as legitimate sources of documentary? I am a traitor to my country? That is very tough talk. That is the language of a field marshal executioner. I can see why you endorse this video. It reeks of Freikorps ideals.

        • Touchstone

          I wholeheartedly endorse making videos like this to reveal what the fanatics are thinking and planning. It's important for people to be aware that evil men like Choudhary live and operate freely amongst them. I hope there's a massive proliferation of such videos, because notifying the public that there is in fact a problem is the first step in tackling it.

          You, on the other hand, seem to believe these thugs should be protected and their odious attitudes concealed and whitewashed. NOT endorsing the making of videos which publicize clear and present dangers to the public is an example of … what? Bravery? Integrity? Righteous thinking?

          The groups you malign didn't "make" the video in the sense that they authored the hateful content. Videotaping hateful content and authoring it are two different things entirely. You attack the man who holds up a microphone to the hater, not the hateful man who speaks into it. Only someone with an agenda would distract from the obvious focus here, which is the hate-spewers. But you're only interested in writing about what interests YOU, like a typical monomaniac.

          Ever the obsessive, you can't get over who might have made or distributed the video, rather than what the video shows. For you, content doesn't matter. Threats don't matter. Dangers to the public don't matter. Flouting the laws of the land doesn't matter. Oppressing women doesn't matter. Spewing hatred for non-Muslims doesn't matter. Only superficial things like insignias matter to you. My, what a lucid, sensible head you've got on your shoulders.

          If you're so blind that you can't see the danger, I don't understand how you're even able to cross the street without getting run over. And yes, if you endorse the concealment of a public menace rather than broadcasting it for the greater good, and if you're in favor of a hate-spewing minority flouting the laws of the land in order to live by its own barbaric code, then you're certainly a traitor to American values and traditions. It seems but a small step from there to be a traitor for real. Who would you rather fight in the trenches with, if it came to that — fanatical jihadists, or Westerners who oppose them? Or does your monomania prevent you from seeing the jihadist hatred which exists beyond the scope of the insignias you obsess over?

          • Schlomotion

            What I see is Muslim fanatics in England rabidly foaming at the mouth any time something insults their medieval cultural mores and fragile paternalistic society. I also see soccer hooligans, British Nazis, skinheads, the fragments of British civilization, looking as, for the most part they have always looked throughout the centuries, like extras from Braveheart. These second group, exist miserably in a impoverished and ignorant surveillance state that collapsed in the 1940s and waned in the 1980s before becoming consumed by the EU. The third group I see is shattered Shachtmanite Jews pumping Trotskyist Zionism from the carcass of the New Right. This third group scrapes together bloggers, screenplay writers, blacklisters, fanatics in an attempt to cobble together a front against group one, using group two. Youtube videos, pamphlets, screeds, publicity stunts, anything that rakes in the cash, anything that scores a chit against Muslims, anything that ups Israel and downs everything else. Insignias are important. In 1990, it would have been everything that a plea for tolerance came from David Duke. Now it is nothing that that it comes from The BNP, or their Norwegian branch. It speaks to the desperation of these propagandists that they overlook what a decimated hole England already is by its own hand, and embraces their scrofulous horde in their face masks and hoodies.

          • Sage on the Stage

            As Tommy Robinson said, the EDL has been in existence for two years. They're not skinheads or Nazis, but British citizens who don't want their country to go the way of Lebanon or Sweden; that is, to have Sharia law imposed on them, as the law of England. But you place great value…on what someone LOOKS LIKE(and your lunatic conspiracy theories), not on what they do. The EDL has nothing to do with Nazis, or Zionists, or David Duke.(or Braveheart) You also put great value on…symbols, as did Hitler and his Nazis. Therefore, I wonder if it isn't you…that is the racist.

          • Schlomotion

            If someone is running around in a hoodie with a skinhead and a hockey mask with neo-Crusader emblems emblazoned on it, and one of their chief activities is storming fast food joints frequented by Middle Easterners and kicking in the glass and doing a little skank dance, then, yes, I am going to judge them by what they look like. And I am going to judge people with macrame biscuits pinned to their heads saying how funny people look in burqas.

          • Sage on the Stage

            The last time I checked, I didn't see anyone from the EDL in hoodies. They're simply standing up for preserving the English way of life; against the radical Muslim onslaught. And people in burquas and Muslim skullcaps don't look "funny." They and the murder-in-G-d's-name religion they worship are frightening.

          • Schlomotion

            You didn't check very well, did you?

          • Knucklehead

            "Actions of groups such as the English Defence League can encourage radicalisation of Muslims, say police" Muslims don't need an excuse to be radical. Frankly, if Muslims try to enforce Sharia in this country (MY country — the USA), it'll be time for some of us to get radical. I have no problem with that. There are some of us who still have the cojones to do whatever is necessary to defend and protect our loved ones and the land we love against the hateful barbarians shown in that video. And you, Schlomoron, will stand by and watch and be horrified because in addition to being a traitor, you're a coward.

          • Schlomotion

            I wish I had a dime for all of you armchair generals who call me a traitor and a coward. I mean, it takes like twelve of you to see one of my points. Half of you complain that the two-syllable words are too big, and most of you act like you have guns on standby ready to go postal. Probably the best part of Breivik's Manifesto for you would be the part on how to get in shape.

          • Touchstone

            "it takes like twelve of you to see one of my points"

            That's pretty galling from a guy too blind to see any views that oppose his own. You're so imprisoned by your own belief system that you blame "Shactmanites" when it's clearly the Muslim fanatics who are the aggressors. Islam itself was a declaration of war on the West 1400 years ago when it was created. The Muslims who march in this video on the pretext that they've been provoked as a community are in fact the provocateurs, as their violently hostile chants, comments, and aggressive behavior reveal. The Muslim communities across Europe and beyond can't use the invasion of Iraq or the Israeli occupation as an excuse for the horrendous attitudes and behaviors depicted in this video and elsewhere. They're the ones provoking non-Muslims, not the other way around.

            To use a specific example, neither Shactmanites nor British skinheads seek to replace British laws with any other legal code. Yet that's what the Muslims in the video brazenly announce they intend to do. These Muslims can't claim they were provoked into adopting such a hostile agenda; their urge to do so arises from their religion. They want to live by sharia law, UK law be damned. They don't want integration with non-Muslims; they want conflict. Can't you see why that might present a problem for everybody else?

            It's ironic that you dwell on the current incarnations of Nazism. Had you been around back then, you would have argued in favor of appeasing the Nazis, and you would have attacked anyone who sought to confront them. That's what you're doing now with respect to Muslim extremists like the kind shown in the video. Perhaps you're too obsessed with the last war to notice that there's a different set of fascists posing a threat.

            All you say in response to all of this is a pathetically feeble "I disagree", as you drop a few names of some organizations you hate, then slink away. There's no there there in SchlomoTown. You're a fraud with a narrow agenda and no concern for the greater good.

          • Schlomotion

            It makes about as much sense to blame the modern Oil War and Jews' race war against the Muslims (Der Muslimfrage) on some posture the Muslim caliphate took in 1400 as it does it does to blame Der Judenfrage on some belligerent posture that Israel took in 70 AD against Rome. In short, that's obnoxious. In the living present, the G8 want to pillage the oil and natural gas of the Middle East while some bloated sultans squat over it. In the living present, Jews are ethically cleansing themselves a slice of real estate on the Mediterranean and griping about the difficulty of it in the Western press.

            And yes, Shachtmanites do seek to replace British laws with some other legal code, even in America. If not, then where the hell is Posse Comitatus, and Habeas Corpus? Why do people get arrested now for going to work or using the highway systems without submitting to internal checkpoints and showing identity papers? Why are all of our local police forces now armed with automatic weapons? Why is a favorable showing before AIPAC now a litmus test for getting elected to office? Why is there no longer such a thing as a Commons? Why does the United States now operate a Siberian Gulag? Why is torture now permitted by the US? Why are Americans now subject to internment? Why is universal wiretapping permitted now through an Israeli base station? Why are people not even allowed to run for office unless they have paid over a million dollars to a committee? Why does the US fight five Congressionally unapproved wars at a time? Why is stamping out Muslims now more important than having a stock market, a fuel system, houses, and a bill of rights? Don't tell me the Shactmanite neoconservative coup d'etat has not changed our legal code. Our country is becoming Bela Kohn's playground.

            No one is slinking away. Listen to you talk about the greater good. To you the Greater Good is a Spartan kibbutz. Some Platonic utopia you are plugging there. You should read Leonard Peikoff, because the previous Shactmanite posture was that Platonism was leftist and bad. Now it's rightist and good?

          • Touchstone

            You always miss the point. You seize on something an opponent says, then twist it to conform to your worldview. Muhammad's adherents conquered in the name of Islam, and their triumphalism continues to this day, threatening non-Muslims. That can be clearly seen in Europe now, as this video shows. I'm not harping on the distant past; I'm drawing a direct line between yesterday and today. We can predict the future based on the past. Islamic history has nothing to do with the "belligerent posture that Israel took in 70 AD against Rome". There's no equivalency, despite your feeble and self-serving attempt to suggest one. In fact, it's the ancient Romans who are analogous to Muslims, because both were imperialists. "Islam will rule" is a chant that continues to this day.

            As for the litany of changes you cite, they're hardly comparable to replacing an entire constitution with the barbaric legal code known as sharia law. If extremist Muslims get their way, there won't even be a trace of the Magna Carta left in the UK. That represents a societal change just a tad more profound than arming the local police with automatic weapons. Also, many of the changes you list have been provoked by the specter of Islamist terrorism, so you're actually advancing the arguments of your opponents. In any case, it's idiotic to expect there to be ZERO changes in a society over time, and extremely tedious to keep blaming them all on your little Shachtmanite bete noire. Case in point: Has AIPAC prevented the elections of Ron Paul and Rand Paul? Nope, but I'm sure they'd appreciate your vicious propaganda.

            "Why is stamping out Muslims now more important than having a stock market, a fuel system, houses, and a bill of rights?"

            That's a wildly hysterical exaggeration not worthy of a serious reply. Those four things haven't ceased to matter, just because efforts are underway to combat the threats from radical Muslims. Get a grip.

            "To you the Greater Good is a Spartan kibbutz"

            Wow, you don't know me at all. Nothing I've written would suggest that. You truly are laboring under some pretty profound delusions. Stop trying to read into what people tell you, and take it at face value: it's the Muslims, stupid. I don't want a "Spartan kibbutz" (a ludicrous accusation). I want Western society to confront, not appease, the growing intolerance from thugs in Muslim communities who seek to overthrow the West and replace it with something as ugly and horrific as their attitudes reveal. The matter is more urgent in Europe than anywhere else.

          • Schlomotion

            Converting America to Sharia Law is a fictitious paranoia. Converting America into an Israelist police state because the specter of Muslims exists is an actuality. The real changes to America outweigh the fictitious changes to speculative future America. England already collapsed to voyeurism and cyberfascism. Who cares if Muslims also romp all over the place? England already gave up on common law and commonwealth. Here in America, though, these real changes from FEMA, the Patriot Act, the TSA, and the Neocon Coup are disgustingly, presently, viciously against our traditions of limited government and individual freedom in the very moment. They are, quite frankly the same kind of repressive foolishness we could expect if we were ruled by imams.

            It's not "the Muslims, stupid." It's the collectivists who socia.lize debt and privatize profit, who knock over countries but raise the prices of our fuel. It is the protectionist racket against Muslims that is the pretext for paramilitarization of our country. It is the confusion of Europe with the United States and the confusion of Israel with the United States. It is the obsession of an oligarchical media with the British Royal Family. It is all of this garbage that red-blooded Americans succeeded in beating out of our national fabric in 1776, and again in 1812. Muslims aren't even a squirt in the bucket of a problem for the United States except where they connect with Israel, and where the Israeli Diaspora connects with every element of our press and electoral process.

          • Touchstone

            Thanks for identifying the objects of your obsession with such specificity. It helps a great deal in categorizing your various delusions. Let's explore where you've gone so wrong.

            The Muslim fanatics aren't just a small minority foaming at the mouth. All across Europe, they're growing both in numbers and hostility. They're getting more brazen and hateful as their numbers grow; they surely sense their growing power and the damage they can do. Voices like yours only help to increase the threat they pose, because you seek to silence and condemn the few who oppose them.

            Which brings up your ridiculous characterization of the very people who do oppose them, the ones you malign as "Shachtmanite Jews". Here you reveal your obsession, and how that obsession has buried your head in a blinding fog. For one thing, it's not just Jews who oppose the Muslims fanatics (think of Pat Condell and similar Brits, of Christian evangelists, of Hindus, of so many ordinary non-Muslims who perceive the threat). For another, the Jews who do oppose the fanatics are hardly all "Shachtmanites"! You have an obsession with the small slice of "Jihad Watchers" you label with this term, and forget about all the other Jews who don't fit the description. You have an obsession with bashing those among your fellow Jews who disagree with you politically. You want your personal bete noire to be everyone's bete noire, so you distract attention from the obvious focus of the video: the Muslim fanatics who seek the overthrow of Western countries where they reside.

            Another delusion you have is that the "third group" (which exists as an identifiable group only in your own monomaniacal mind) is manipulating the other two "groups". It never occurs to you that people might just be acting of their own volition, and perceiving a threat all by themselves without assistance from anyone else. Most notably, you fail to discern the all-important elephant-in-the-room fact: it's not fanatical Jews or fanatical fascist Brits who are the aggressors in this conflict. The aggression emanates from one group: the Muslim fanatics. It's not Jews or British fascist skinheads who seek to overthrow the Queen, to replace the laws of the land with a barbaric legal code, or to conceal their women in burkas.

            You're so deluded you can't distinguish cause and effect. The "Jihad Watch" effort isn't deranged monomania, and it's not unprovoked aggression; it's a logical response to an aggressive cult of fundamentalists who want to change the very DNA of Western society to suit themselves. It's Newtonian physics: every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The Muslims in the video PROVOKE an angry response because they believe Islam commands them to impose their system on others; the hyper-aggressive Choudhary is the perfect example.

            In your deluded state, you misguidedly attack not the actual cause of conflict, but the very agents that seek to neutralize it before it grows out of control.

          • Schlomotion

            I disagree. If these institutions were destroyed, the world would be a better place:

            Bradley Foundation
            Ethics and Public Policy Center
            Foundation for Defense of Democracies
            Henry Jackson Society
            Hudson Institute
            Manhattan Institute
            Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs
            Project for the New American Century
            American Enterprise Institute
            Hoover Institution
            Center for Security Policy

            Quite simply, if they were deleted from existence, we could forget about this whole Oil/Israel, Surveillance, Paranoia state and get on back to being a Democratic Republic.

    • Western Canadian

      You really are the lowest piece of crap on the internet, now aren’t you? **Right away this video starts out in Luton with the coat of arms to the left of the speaker **

      Yeah, you sickeningly stupid moron, she was born in luton, and has returned there. You never even viewed the video, being such a such and worthless piece of crap, as you are.

      **(although she is not in that very moment wearing her black British Klan hoodie and red cross face mask). **

      When you have no argument, attack!! Typical dirty shyster and hard left loon mode of thought and operation.

      **This marks the video automatically as a “United Peoples of Luton” or “English Defence League” video.**

      Not even close, but then you never viewed the video.

      **FPM has thrown its hand in with the British National Party (BNP) and the EDL. Americans will not be familiar with all of this,**

      You are hoping they are not. The louts you hang out with could swallow the swill you offer, but most will not. How sad for you.

      **Note the Luton insignia. Note the EDL insignia. Note the Anders Breivik insignia. They all fly the same coat of arms.**

      Guilt by association. Another low grade shyster effort on your low grade shyster part.

      **But when these people KILL, FPM disavows any relationship to the killers, though the killers repeatedly quote Robert Spencer.**

      Supply a list of the killings, you lying ass. Except for breivik, you have none, and he was sick long before spencer began to post his valuable work on the internet. B. also quoted hundreds of other people, and was willing to join forces with the jihadis. He was also not a christian, by his own admission. You are really disgusting.

      • Schlomotion

        Of course I viewed the video. How hard do you think it is to watch a video? Are you seriously claiming that I have to make an S5n Aristotelian compliant logical proposition, or P-complete statements in order to say that the Ku Klux Klan is bad? An EDL she-wolf is running around Luton in a ponytail getting up in the faces of a bunch of Muslims and exploiting their stupid reactions, then posting it to YouTube as if it is a act of triumph over persecution. Her gang insignias are prominently placed. Don't tell me you wouldn't be flipping out if the marchers where Chasidim and the video started out with a swastika.

    • G. Williams

      The coat of arms shown at the beginning of this video is based on the corporate arms of Luton's Local Authority and was undoubtedly erected by that Local Authority to demarcate its area of responsibility.

      This video was part of a programme commissioned by and shown on B.B.C 2. and as such has no connection whatsoever with the BNP or EDL

      • Schlomotion

        I did more research on the woman in the video. This video is cut short to make Stacey Dooley look like she is making a pro-EDL video. Due to the manner in which Frontpagemag cut and presented this video, which is part of "My Hometown Fanatics," it is made to look like there are only Muslim fanatics, and she is part of the opposition. The opposition is EDL and they use the Luton and the Breivik insignias. If Frontpage had been fair-minded, they wouldn't have posted this recut video making it look like EDL propaganda by a member. I would like to know now if Dooley and BBC are being paid for this use of their video that makes Dooley look like an EDL member and makes it look like My Hometown Fanatics is a one-sided video, or if it has been plagiarized.

  • Red Baker

    Islam reveals itself wherever it exists. You just have to watch in order to learn the awful truth.

  • BS77

    For a proper education one should read Melanie Phillip's Londonistan….England has betrayed its own history and culture, its people and traditions by admitting this scourge. Read Brigitte Gabrielle's excellent books. Read Hirsi Ali. Get the truth from people who have actually lived in the midst of the horrific violence, misogyny, tyranny and obsessive mandated conformism. Many people still do not realize what they are dealing with and have a rather naive liberal outlook…one of tolerance and shrugging acceptance. Europe is already beginning to show the cracks in the earth…people are beginning to awaken to the danger posed.

  • cjk

    Typical dopey leftist who doesn't know squat about Mohammedanism. Her inane questions and statements concerning Mohammedanism reveal a gross ignorance. This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who gives two sh*ts about the truth enough to actually investigate the truth. Seeing as she can't bring herself to actually look into the truth, hopefully a few more visits to her hometown will further snap her out of that mental fog she resides in.
    I don't live in Luton, have never been to Luton, but I can guarantee that I've got a better understanding of whats going on in Luton that she does.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    I see the assimilation and integration project of Muslim covert and deceptive non-violent jihadists in the UK is going smoothly and about as smoothly as it is in France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, etc., etc., etc. ad nauseum. I guess if Europe jumps in the Islamic cesspool, not to be outdone the USA must jump in it too.

    We are being sold out by our politicians on both sides of the political aisle. As politicians deliberately avoid this issue like the plague.

  • PDK

    Unfortunately, we here in America are allowing Islam to do the same conquest to us.
    Liberalism and Islam are the two most dangerous forces in the world today.
    Time has come to outlaw Islam.
    Woe will be humanity, when all are enslaved to Islamic insanity. Thank you.

  • Jeff Wong

    Get rid of the muslims from Europe

  • stevefraser

    In America the Left is using the Mexicans to destroy our Republic. Check out California for the future, just as this woman is showing the future of Britain.

  • Jerry

    This brave lady's weakness stems from being opposed to what she sees, hears, and ultimately feels about the Muslims. She must craft a message that is better than "Tsk, Tsk."

    She might start with the principle of reciprocity. In arms-distance relationships, I don't owe you any more than you owe me. If you claim claim more privileges than you offer, then you are evil.

  • traeh

    A beautiful lady. She doesn't seem to know very much about Islam's core texts, though.

    Quoting Islam

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  • Scottie

    I'm scared about this. My gut instinct is telling me something is not right. Some of my friends think I'm racist for even questioning the increasing presence of Islam in my city. We are only a small place and are always the last to get these things. But I have really noticed a change only in the last 5 years. I don't feel very good about this.

  • BS77

    Europe has turned its collective back on the Bible, the Church and Jesus Christ…….once Europeans did that, they could rationalize allowing a barbaric, fanatic cult into their lands in the name of secular PC multiculturism….and now they will reap the result.