The Electronic Armageddon

The Congressionally chartered Task Force on National & Homeland Security (FNHS) will be holding a nationwide webcast on The Electronic Armageddon: EMP.  The webcast is a combined effort of the  TFNHS, The United West and the New English Review.  There is a distinguished panel of experts, new videos and a discussion of solutions for addressing both man-made and natural threats.

To watch the livestream of the event, click here.


  • Schlomotion

    This article is an advertisement for a consortium of false-flag and disinformation specialists carrying on destabilization campaigns in Russia and the United States, i.e. Gladios. There is a fundraising arrangement where Christian extremist Tom Trento kicks back money to the Israel Defense Project. The United West has a roster of guest speakers like William Forstchen who writes William Pierce Turner Diaries fantasy about EMP attacks, and Fritz Ermarth, liason to Russian mafia weapons dealers, another Gingrich Mesmerist magnet huckster, Reza Khalili, Continuity of Government specialists like William Graham, SDI Directors, former spooks, paramilitaries, and Iran Contra washouts.

    It's really scraping the barrel. The most obvious common thread though is that extra-governmental thugs have turned to selling podium time to expound on improbable theories that Israel's current enemy Iran is going to attack the US with magnets and erase all our hard drives unless the forces of Christendom unite with the forces of Zionism and give lots of money. It's political evangelism.

  • tv installation

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