A Year Without Osama — on The Glazov Gang

Fireworks break out between Tommi Trudeau, Rob Nelson and Nonie Darwish on Frontpage’s weekly television show. Below is Part II of a three-part-series. To see Part I, click here. We will run Part II in tomorrow’s issue:

To watch the dynamics between Tommi Trudeau, Nonie Darwish and Evan Sayet on last week’s show, click here.

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  • zipory

    Hmmmm, this should have been an important and interesting segment but with Tommi glorifying B Hussein and Rob trying his best to straddle the fence it didn't have the impact it should have. Once again the only members of the gang that made sense were Nonie and Jamie.

    Jamie implied this is the last series Tommi will take part in (thank G-d) and the idiot again threatened to disclose some terrrrrible info about Jamie. I guess the last segment will give us all a good chuckle for the last time with Mr. Snugglebuns and his pathetic owner. Hope you didn't lose any sleep Jamie.

  • zipory

    The topic really wasn't discussed as it should have been. B Hussein was forced into approving the raid and was an unwilling participant. If it was up to him it never would have happened.

    It did allow him to convey that with Bin Laden's assassination the war on terror is over cos in his simple mind Bin Laden was the only threat and the only terrorist organization that needed to be dealt with. The problem is that there are many out there that are buying into B Hussein's propaganda. That's why this site and others out there are so important to keep on educating and reminding the people the war against terror is far from over and the jihad is alive and well in al its forms.

  • http://www.okcteaparty.org DMW

    Screw it. Let's let Tommi stay and get two sub-teen children to round out the panel. No, three. Let's let Jamie take a break and call the panel "The Little Rascals" (or "Our Gang").

  • Mary

    Why was Trudeau on the panel in the first place? Comic relief?

  • aspacia


    Please prevent your guests from the rude interruptions!!

  • Francois

    Man, Tommy better stop teasing us with his "exposition" of "Glazov"…. can't wait to see the silliness sure to ensue.Or maybe it's just a bluff….

    As far as BHO taking credit for Osama is concerned; of the all the criticism that could be launched in BHO's direction one of the most obvious one that any person should be able to discern is as such. Even if BHO did truly deserve some kind of credit for Osama's assasination, not that i think he does, then he still would be in no position to either explicitly or implicitly claim or suggest that Romney wouldn't have made the same call to bag Osama.