The Fate of a Chinese Dissident — on The Glazov Gang

Fireworks break out between Tommi Trudeau, Rob Nelson and Nonie Darwish on Frontpage’s weekly television show. Below is Part I of a three-part-series. We will run Part II in tomorrow’s issue:

To watch the dynamics between Tommi Trudeau, Nonie Darwish and Evan Sayet on last week’s show, click here.

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  • jules

    You do realize that Tommi's hat is a "Workers of the World Unite" cap worn by the Russian revolutionary Bolsheviks, don't you? Except Tommi's proletariat cap is a fuzzy fabric, poly? but i know for sure "Made in China" is on its insert.

    Hey where's Mr. Snugglebun's revolutionary cap? or "Occupy Wall Street" T-shirt? We need more propaganda slogan garb ……and less "misogynists!!" ;)

  • ygalg

    Nonie Darwish said it right USA administration turned into pro oppressor

  • zipory

    In the past series Tommi was amusing but it's way past that now. He's a total idiot and hasn't got a mind of his own. His friends took him and "reeducated" him. They're checking his every word and nuance and if he strays one iota from their communistic dogma then he's taken for additional brainwashing.

    He's a pathetic person and for the sake of your excellent show please get rid of this despicable piece of quivering jelly and bring a person from the left if you think you need one that has some spine and original thoughts of his own. One that is capable of thinking and not regurgitating his "communities" speak.

    Personally I feel that having a person of his ilk and caliber on the show is disrespectful to your viewers and I for one no longer find him amusing.

    • southwood

      Tommi tries to brand ALL Christian evangelicals as being like Westboro Baptist Church who are a TINY lunatic fringe of a lunatic fringe among evangelicals. He can't think for himself. Sad.

      And what about that absurd bunny ?

    • Jules

      "Zipory" posts >> "bring a person from the left …….that has some spine and original thoughts of his own. One that is capable of thinking and not regurgitating his "communities" speak. <<

      You can be sure Jaime looked hard for a "liberal" who had these traits but there are none. Tommi is perfect as the foil to the Right and exposing the Left's views. Lighten up! Mr Snugglebun is a cute relief for the show, while Nonie is the pretty guest.

  • zipory

    The United States acted in a despicable manner with this Chinese dissident. The B Hussein regime has become an expert at throwing friends under the bus and embracing America's enemies. This action with the blind Chinese dissident is just another example of this behavior. In a way it's even worse cause it shows that this administration is in submission to the Chinese and it's another form of bowing down to enemies. B Hussein is an expert at that.

  • DMW

    As the Lefties try to bring down the U.S. with the intent of having greater equality among the nations and people and, thus, reduce or eliminate war between nations, they inevitably bring us toward the ultimate and age old war: the individual vs. the state and the psychology of the state dominated masses (of which Mr. Bunnyhugger seems a proponent). America is supposed to be about equality before the state (i.e. law) and about individuals who can strive for inequality in their circumstances. In such a freedom context, who's up and who's down changes or moves over time unless acted upon by artificial forces. As in physics, big government acts to retard and brake movement of what should be a dynamic and moving object.

  • nando
  • Francois

    I'm starting to think that this "Tommy Trudeau" is acting. After watching him on the show the past few weeks I can't bring myself to believe that it's not a put-on and that he is actually like this. Then again, I don't see why Jamie would suddenly feel the need to have an actor portraying a parody leftist for more than one week in a row… so I guess maybe Tommy is for real?…i don't know, it's hard to tell.

    Or maybe Tommy, for whatever reason, is playing somewhat of a "role" intentionally but that he hasn't told Jamie and Jamie thinks it's real….then again, I'm sure Jamie has spoken to him off camera and would have figured that out…

    Ah, whatever…. I guess i'm just afraid to conclude that there are actual people out there who think like and believe the things Tommy says….

    • jules

      François made a good observation: "To mmi" or not "To mmi?" Is he real? I say yes, François. There ARE Lefties "out there" who think and believe what Tommi expresses on the panel, but they do it in unpleasant, aggressive way – often in bottle-throwing, urinating anarchist-fests.

      At least, Tommi has a twinkle in his eye, an affection for Jaime and the other guests, whereas the liberal media-mongrels come off as belittling, degrading, and rude to us on the Right, e.g., Tea Party, Sarah Palin, and (my idol) Rep. Allen West have all been ruthlessly victimized by self-righteous, mean Lefties.
      i'll take Tommi Trudeau any day over a reprehensible Debbie Wasserman Shultz henchMAN.

  • Mark J. Koenig

    The most important point made in this entire discussion is by Glazov himself, who says that we need to defend to the death the right of the individual. Equivocation is not acceptable. Nonie is on-target. I find Rob Nelson only slightly less annoying than Tommi in his equivocation between Bush and Obama.

  • dave

    Tommi is right though about China. They are in the ascendent position globally and the US is in their pocket. They do what they want vis a vis human rights and if the US cared that much they shouldn't have sold them all the bad debt. The same way if we really cared about the rise of Islam, we would not buy Arab oil. I know it isn't that simple but still worth pointing out. The way China abuses animals upsets me just as much, the tiger killed for it's testes, rhinos killed for their horn, they are nearly extinct because of archaic Chinese medicine, and no one cares. Or the cats and dogs farmed for their meat and fur. Honestly, as an animal lover, China makes my blood boil. However, the fact that they will not tolerate Islam is extremely positive and maybe we need to form a united front with them against it.

    • jules

      "A country or civilization can be judged by the way it treats its animals." – Mahatma Ghandi.

  • RUI

    Maybe Tommi Trudeau is the best that the left can muster (in the "decency" departement and even that is quite a stretch). I mean, who else would Jamie bring in? Noam Chomsky? The only consistent thing about the left is that is has no principles, no standards, no honesty or intellectual integrity.
    No wonder it silences dissent: if it cannot deal with the truth, it might as well ignore it.