The Coming Sharia State of Egypt — on The Jamie Glazov Show

Join The Jamie Glazov Show that aired on Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2012 at 8-9 pm Pacific (11-12 pm EST) on Blog Talk Radio. Our topic was: The Coming Sharia State of Egypt. We were joined by:

Theodore Shoebat, a scholar who is the author of For God or For Tyranny. He is the son of Walid Shoebat, the former PLO member and Muslim Brotherhood activist who turned to love and converted to Christianity. Visit his site at

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  • JacksonPearson

    I visualize years of civil unrest and fighting. With the election of the Muslim Brotherhood, Egyptians got way more than they bargained for!

  • Asher

    The people of Egypt did not vote for Sharia, they voted for Democracy, and the military as well do not want Sharia…More deception to gain control!