The People vs. The Democratic Party — on The Brewster Gang

On this week’s The Brewster Gang, Eric Allen Bell, Michael Walsh and Evan Sayet gathered to discuss The People v. The Democratic Party. Below are all three parts of the three part series.

Part I

Part II

Part III

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  • Asher

    The whole country is fed up with this Presidency, that is for sure! Its best not to speculate so that it turns out to be a Big Surprise!

  • Silverfinger

    Most of my family, is part of the Democrat Cult!. I call it a cult because of the passion of shrieks and denials that arise when I confront or even discuss why I detest the Democrat party. They completely ignore what I say and are in denial about their true intentions with regard to all that Obama and Co. have done.

    One example is Obamacare. This 2,000 page monster than nobody I know has read yet they insist that His true intentions is only health insurance.

    Another example was Bill Clinton's womanizing. They refuse to see what the big deal was yet point out the womanizing of Newt. When I call them out as hypocritical, they shriek and scream.

    This is a cult. I wish that the Democrat party would be banned and this gang go to jail for life.

  • mlcblog

    Just so. This is exactly what goes on in my family, too.

    We also have the very superior attitude that if anyone disagrees then they are just so….fill in the blank, well, you know, not as good as us.

    No wonder I don't talk to them about meaningful things any more. Let them be surprised in November. It won't change them.

    Only God can do that, and I pray every day their hearts will take a new turn.,