The People vs. The Democratic Party — on The Brewster Gang

On this week’s Brewster Gang, Eric Allen Bell, Michael Walsh and Evan Sayet gathered to discuss Michael Walsh’s new Encounter broadside, The People v. The Democratic Party. In the latest in a series of 48-page broadsides from Encounter Books, Walsh puts the Democratic Party on trial and presents the case for abolishing what is nothing more than “a criminal organization masquerading as a political party.” To order the booklet, click here. Below is Part I of a three part series. We will run Part II in tomorrow’s edition.

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  • Roger

    What scares me isn't the people vs the democrat party. I expect the party of marxists to be against the normal folks. What scares me is when the republican establishment works agains the people. At least one party needs to be for the people they should be working for.

  • miscellany

    That's because you expect human beings to act as unselfishly as our founders did. The idea that we are basically good is the basis for a lot of self-justification, lying and disappointment. The founders were mostly Christians who trusted in God, not human beings. We have gotten away from that, and put our trust in selfish humans. Not that most Republicans have sold out to crime and fascism like the Democrats have, but still only to be trusted by holding to higher standards than, 'Our side is right!'