Can America Survive Four More Years of Obama? — on The Glazov Gang

To watch the trailer and order the DVD of “Baseball, Dennis and the French,” click here.

On this week’s Glazov Gang, our guests were Paul Croshaw, the director and producer of the new film, “Baseball, Dennis & the French,” starring Dennis Prager, Mike Finch, Chief Operating Officer at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, and Dwight Schultz, a Hollywood actor ( who played “Murdock” on NBC’s “The A-Team.”

The Gang Members discussed Can America Survive Four More Years of Obama? The discussion occurred in Part II and focused on what the President will turn America into — and how, and if, we’ll survive it. Part I focused on The Power of Prager, dealing with Croshaw’s film, “Baseball, Dennis & the French,” starring Dennis Prager. Watch both parts of the two-part series below:

Part I:

Part II:

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  • pamdale

    I unabashedly declare my love for Dennis Prager.

  • jeanne

    Today, once again, I can watch your great program..".Tommi" is no longer there….Phew!

    • Mo_

      (Reading comments before watching this. Don't ask me why.)

      Did they announce Tommi is gone for good? That would be great news for me as well! I love Jamie's program, but I could not take watching that guy. I still don't know if he was for real, or just a parody.

      • Mary Sue

        I'm pretty sure he was being a parody.

    • fiddler

      I liked "Kiss the Chairman" but that is yesterday's news.

  • Connister

    Exciting and such significant comments! I thank you all. Jamie, have you read "The Marketing of Evil" by David Kupelian? This book would make a great subject to discuss!

  • doubleblack

    Jamie, have you ever considered gathering a panel of conservative psychiatrists to understand and explain the left wings pathological thinkiing and the ways to counteract it. Without this understanding of their psychosis and its causes, defeating them will be very difficult, if not impossible.

    • Jamie Glazov

      Great idea doubleblack, it truly is a mental illness. I will try to do something like that in the future. My book, United in Hate, has this analysis and diagnosis of the Leftist in the chapter "The Believer"….i think it will interest you. I did something like this on the genocide girl by the way that I think will also interest you:

      • Mary Sue

        man I wish I'd been paying attention when that went down! I wondered what had happened to that crazy hajib wearing gal.

  • Johnconrad

    It's actually easy to understand them – and it's ironic.

    They despise people of faith for their belief systems.

    Yet, their own belief system is big government liberalism.

    And, their belief system has destroyed far more lives than traditional organized religion ever could.

  • steve chavez

    THE LEFT SAYS: "We survived Bush so we'll survive with Obama." No matter how you feel about Bush, we didn't have suspicions on his total loyalty to the United States. WITH OBAMA, THE SUSPICIONS ARE ENDLESS!


    Who is "THEY?" "They" are our Communists/Closet Communists/Progressives who were the most bitter with the fall of the Soviet Union, a country, and system, they loved more than their own.

    IN THE 80'S, there was a massive propaganda and recruiting campaign by the CPUSA and funded by the SOVIET KGB. During that time, Central America was the target and university students were their army. Many CPUSA fronts were set up at universities AND ONE WAS COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY WHERE THEY RECRUITED BARACK OBAMA! Google: Obama Sundial 1983— which is an article by Obama on these very Soviet apologist groups.

    SO TODAY, these very dupes and fellow travelers ARE THE LEADERS OF THE U.S. and that includes Obama's "Circle of Communists" that lead every department on top of all his CZARS.

    THEIR GOAL? THE DOWNFALL OF THE UNITED $TATE$ and just like the fall of the Wall, Iron Curtain, and Soviet Union, without a shot fired. OBAMA IS CREATING THE CONDITION$ FOR THE ECONOMIC COLLAPSE and now he wants the debt ceiling ended so he can spend more on his COMMUNIST AGENDA! Now the University of New Mexico is going to require that all students take a "DIVERSITY COURSE" adding to the already COMMUNIST AGENDA. NEXT WILL BE "SUSTAINABILITY!" Maybe "Global Warming?" More money for THE LEFT! MORE BRAINWASHING!

  • Fritz

    I'm not looking at things with rose coloured glasses but I do believe that the U.S could survive four more years of Obama, it will not come through it unscathed, and perhaps even be broken up between North and South, but the U.S of A has survived worse. One thing that is frequently overlooked is that if Obama's intention is to engineer the collapse of the U.S, which I don't think it is, to what end, because he was recruited by the now defunct Soviet Union? I think his intention is what statists and socialists of all types desire, to rework society into some form of utopia, but in the case of Obama and his fellow travelers his utopian visions are not very well though out.
    The problem with Obama and the modern day left's utopia is it primarily encompasses the unaccomplished urban elites that either have a government job or work for some sort of NGO, or crony capitalists in phoney industries like "Green Energy". But these are not producers, these are takers and not makers, more or less high brow welfare bums dependent on government largess. Even in the old Soviet Union there was never this delusion that an economy or a society could survive without producing or accomplishing something, yet this is the view of Obama and his inner circle of an ideal society. Without state funding these people could not survive on their own, they know nothing of any practical value, they can't even change a tire on a car. As my grandfather used to say "If you can work with your hands you will never starve, when the U.S government finally does go over the real "Fiscal Cliff" this elite will go over the cliff with it just like the Soviet commissars.
    One of the ultimate irony's is that Obama is probably the most beholden to militant trade unionists, particularly public service unions. But one by one the rust belt states like Indiana, Wisconsin, and now Michigan, are reforming their labor laws to end union monopolies over the work place. It's possible that there may be a reverse wave after the next election cycle but after the jobs start coming back, and as people see how useless most of these unions are, then it becomes much more unlikely . It also places the Democrat party candidates at a handicap since they rely on donations skimmed by union bosses from their membership to fund their campaigns.