The Video Palestinians Want Removed

Why Palestinians desecrate the Temple Mount and Jerusalem:

  • objectivefactsmatter

    I love this video. I saw this for the first time a few years ago. It reveals a lot, unless you are completely, utterly deluded beyond all hope about "victims." Yes of course. It's colonialism that got us here, but it is Islamic colonialism.

  • YerushalaimShelanu!

    see video of former US Ambassador to the UN Bolton saying Obama could have prevented Palestinian UN vote if he had wanted to _

    _…. _ _

    also__Obama trying to fund UNESCO _….

  • R.C.

    To hell with what the murdering Arabs want!

  • kafir4life

    Are these so-called palestinians the ones that worship that made up moon god allah-haha that was invented by mohamat the dog faced pig? If so, then they're doing what's expected of them as per the terror guide, the koran, shat from the anal orfice of the previously mentioned pig, mohamat.

  • jacob

    I would appreciate for anybody in possession of the historical truth to correct me but when DAYAN,
    who should have know better Arabs mentality and not allow the euphoria of triumph to obfuscate
    him, REFUSED to take from the terrified WAQF the keys to the Temple Mount, he did not realize
    what his foolish action meant in the years to come….
    For bizarre things it is not necessary to watch California….
    Israel has one hell of a lot of them, such as funding the PA's kleptocracy out of the payroll tax
    Israel charges employers of Arab workforce and the Temple Mount issue is just the tip of the iceberg….
    Stupid, spineless Israeli "leaderships" allowed a "de facto" situation of extraterritoriality of the Temple
    Mount, in which Arabs are allowed to even play football but Jews access is restricted and what's worse
    prohibited from even praying silently in what constitutes the holiest place for Judaism, lest it offends
    Arab sensibilities ?????????
    If there is any any logic explanation for such an asinine conduct , I for one, would most certainly like to
    know about …!!!!

  • jacob

    If OBAMA cares for rhe Unigted states internationally, I have the best candidate for Secretary of State :
    JOHN BOLTON…!!!!!

    Needless to say, neither one is a a saint of the devotion of any of them …! ! !

    But to even think of Horseface for Secretary of State , is just asinine !!!!!!

    • jacob

      I forgot to add :

      If OBAMA truly has in mind KERRY for Secretary of State and doesn't mind having Mrs. HEINZ as
      the true one, he may as well postulate his mentor BILL AYRES for the position….
      At least people will know what to expect from such a Secretary of State…..

  • jacob

    Looking at the second Temple Mount picture, little wonder tat when KAISER WILHELM II visited the
    Holy Land and saw the condition Arabs kept the Jerusalem gates, said they should have been

  • RiverFred

    "The Nights Journey," according to the Koran, is where Mo was suppose to have gone to the furthest northern city (Jerusalem, which is never mentioned in the Koran) and ascend to heaven on a winged beast to receive Gods commands. This is the reason why Jerusalem is considered to be the third holiest city for Muslims. Even they don't believe this crap, why else would they play soccer their and let the Dome of the Rock fall in disrepair.

  • Raymond in DC

    The land of Judea, without much of a Jewish presence after the Bar Kochba rebellion against Rome in the early 2nd century, became a backwater. The Byzantines did little with it beyond claim a few spots as "Christian holy sites". The same with the Arabian Muslims who invaded in the 7th century, and the Turks who gained control centuries later. Travelogues from the Middle Ages to as late as the 19th century described a land with little to recommend it. The Jews returning to Safed built a small textile industry in the 16th century, but there was otherwise little in the way of agriculture or industry. No towns of any significance, no centers of culture or learning. Pictures of those "holy" Islamic sites on the Temple Mount from the 19th century show signs of gross neglect and indifference.

    That all began to change in the late 19th century when the Jews started coming back.

    • Lyone

      Actually, there has always been a Jewish presence in the city of Tsfat, as well as 2-3 others. This is something many get wrong. There has been a CONTINUOUS Jewish presence in Israel for 3000 years!

  • elvisbarry

    I would like to see toilet paper with the koran printed on it….any investors?

  • NoIslam

    I hope Israel kicks every single muslim out and destroys the mosque which is build upon the temple mount.

  • spartacus !!!!!!!

    @ no islam ! , biblical prophesy says yes with the "muslim" people wiped out completely ! give it time "GOD"S" word is 100% perfect and 100% right ! ( see obadiah 1:18 )

  • Ghostwriter

    Why am I not surprised?

  • Karrah

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