Town Hall on Terror in L.A. Photo Album

Below is a photo album of Jamie Glazov’s Town Hall on Terror that just transpired at the Sherman Oaks Woman’s Club. (Tuesday, May 1, 2012). It was assisted by Doris Wise Montrose and sponsored by the David Horowitz Freedom Center and Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors. The next Town Hall on Terror will be in Orange County, California in late June, 2012. All those interested in attending or helping to organize it, email Jamie Glazov at

Special thanks to photographer Glenn Marzano:

Panelists: Mark Tapson, Nonie Darwish, (host Jamie Glazov), Bosch Fawstin, Dwight Schultz

Mark Tapson and Nonie Darwish

Bosch Fawstin and Dwight Schultz

Dwight Schultz

Ben Shapiro, Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center.

Rob Nelson, former Fox News talk show host.

Freedom Center Board Member Adrienne Wienir.

Jamie Glazov

Rabbi Nachum Shifren

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  • Schlomotion

    Where is the outside of this event that proves it was an event? All I see is the various staff of Frontpage Magazine and the crazy guy from the A Team. How is this different from a SPUSA meeting or an ANSWER Coalition reportback? So you all rented a room in a function hall and had it set up 50 Lecture Style. Some people arrived in their best sweatshirts and acid washed jeans and some people wielded Shure microphones and bottled water from Office Depot. How did this stop terrorism?

    And why is Ben dressed as a fake audience member spoonfeeding you questions?

    • Jules

      Scholomotion: you sound like a real schmuck. What is your problem (other than being a consummate asshol*) anyway? These are civil-minded people who care about the security of the people of Los Angeles and So California who got together to discuss ways how to protect fellow citizens, and all you can do is sit at your PC and cast umbrage and screed. What have you done lately beside gloat in your own contempt?
      Your user-name is self-descriptive, you pathetic waste of space-time and oxygen.


      • Schlomotion

        Is that like how people squeezing toothpaste out of tubes were helping to defeat Hitler, or how people putting yellow magnets on their car were stopping Saddam? It is worse to cast umbrage and screed over a laptop than it is to cast it over a cheap P.A. system?


      News Flash Schlockmotion.

      "The A Team" was a TV show. It wasn't a documentary. It wasn't REAL.

      • Schlomotion

        So is the War on Terror.


          So are your FAKE "anti-war" fascists.

    • RonCarnine

      Come on Schlo, your sheet is showing. To forget the Holocaust is to forget tyranny and sets the stage for another slaughter. There are groups that operate with the express purpose of killing more Jews. To fail to recognize this is a tragedy. But your attitude shows why events like these are so important. I hope you were being factitious and poking a bit of fun, I would hate to get the wrong idea about you. Until next time…

      • Schlomotion

        You're wrong there. I haven't "forgotten the Holocaust." However, there are only certain actions that you can do in its memory. Wiping out Muslims is not one of them. Trying to rile up America like during the Red Scare isn't one of them either. I have been to Holocaust memorial events and symposiums. This is not the same thing.


          The Islamofascist Scare is as real as osama bin laden, al qada, 9/11 hijackers (15 of the 19 were Saudis), bombing of Pan Am 103, attempted bombing of planes (FOILED by take no nonsense after 9/11 passengers).

  • Guy DeWhitney

    It was a real event, I was there and was allowed to inject at least .9 cents.

  • gary fouse


    Let me break it down for you. Folks like you don't get told by the media about what is really going on. That is why events like these are necessary. It is called educating the public. If you take the time to study what is going on in the Middle East, Nigeria, Iran, Sudan, and Pakistan etc, the hate and intolerance toward religious minorities, and the true agenda of organizations like CAIR and many others, you might change your mind. I encourage you to start doing the research. It would be an education for you.

    • Schlomotion

      Thanks for breaking it down for me. That was about as useful as rust breaking down my newly waxed car.


        And the rust between your ears.