Why Obama Gambled With American Lives — on The Glazov Gang

On this week’s Glazov Gang, Nonie Darwish, Dwight Schultz and Diane Zinn discussed Why Obama Gambled With American Lives. The discussion occurred in Part I and dealt with the secrets and lies of Benghazi-Gate. Part II dealt with Whoopi Goldberg’s Assault on Ann Romney and Mormonism, focusing on whether Whoopi would condescendingly interrogate a Muslim cleric about Qur’anic verses.  Both parts of the two part series can be seen below:

Part I:

Part II:

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  • gray man

    you forgot to mention investments in the caiman islands. mitt was saying that all pensions are vested in the caimans. if an american has an IRA, or 401, or 401K it is invested in china and the caimans etc

    • kafir4life

      What's a 401, moron?

      • EamonnDublin

        It's a 501, but it's shrunk. It will soon be a 301. Unless Romney wins, of course – then we are back to 501s.

      • tagalog

        Don't confuse him with those pesky little details, he's on a roll here.

    • http://www.constitutionallibertarian.co.cc/ ConstLiberty

      Nice Marionette Strawman you got there, here is a match.

    • RoguePatriot6

      Really???__Let's get down to the meat of the issue. People's issue isn't the argument that Mitt might have done something unethical, it's the same BS class warfare that's being waged to divide and conquer. "Wahhhh, you rich, me not", I guess it would require far too much intelligence or personal initiative to figure out how the rich become rich and do the same as they do to aquire wealth. Like puppets, people like you swallow it hook line and sinker. ____

      Name me one person who wouldn't do what he could within the bounds of the law to keep from paying the IRS one red cent more than what they had to pay them.

    • http://www.themadjewess.wordpress.com MAD JEWESS

      You are forgetting to mention Obama has big money interests in China. Obama also has 2 water-gate style (only worse) cover-ups than Nixon ever had.
      Fast n furious and Benghazi.

      Lets keep our eyes on the CURRENT disaster.

  • http://twitter.com/undefined @undefined

    The Benghazi fallout information that is being discovered is more horrific than the media is letting on, but the information is out there, and if one is vigilant, they can find it .

    The complete foreign policy failures by this administration go far beyond just the denial of security detail for the ambassador.

    There is Lybian-Syrian gun running element here with large amounts of American weaponry used to overthrow the Libyan government. Now the Syrians have our weapons in their hands because rebels turned Al Queada have taken control, and are using them to topple the Syrian people.

    Hillary and Obama were trying to get back these weapons from the Libyan rebels after the overthrow of Libya. Except Al queda got involved, and did not want to give them back. Al Qaeda have also been funneling more than 400 tons of weapons from ghadaffi's Libyan stores, to Syria. Remember all those bunkers of RPGs and guns that went missing. The state department knew where they were all along.

    The state department was trying to stop it the flow of weapons, and Hillary knew she HAD to stop it before the American people found out that innocent civilians were being brutally murdered by our own American weapons.

    It is coming out now that Ambassador Christopher Stevens was the middleman that Hillary hand-picked to send to Libya just months ago. Stevens was to negotiate the deal to get our weapons back because supposedly the rebels trusted him, but it is looking more like he will be the fall guy that gets the blame.

    He was promised security forces from our military, that would not let him come to harm if the deal went bad. We all know now that promise was broken. The less people that knew about the gun-running, the better.

    The state department lost control of a very volatile situation, where Al Quead refused to give up the weapons, retaliated, and killed the Ambassador with three other Americans.

    She and obama failed America. They thought they could play with fire and win. They were wrong.

    This information is getting deeply disturbing, and we should all be paying attention to Benghazi's investigation by our members of Congress including Issa. Do not let Obama pass this off as 'still under investigation.' He is deflecting, and hoping Americans wont notice. But we should take a long hard look at all the evidence coming to light. It should be a deciding factor of who we elect in 16 days.

    • Spider

      This is going to be Fast and Furious II – Only this time O' and Hill have their fingerprints all over it.
      Thanks for your excellent post.

    • tagalog

      Speaking of Benghazi (and a host of other places), how come it is, in a nation that is said to be very authoritarian, downright pre-revolutionary even, we have these "spontaneous" demonstrations, where people arrive on the street with the family RPG in hand? Where the heck is all that Hitlerian/Stalinian gun control we hear about? Or is there some kind of involvement of the authorities with these "spontaneous" moments of disruption?

      Here in gun crazy America, If anybody somehow miraculously managed to get his hands on an RPG, the last thing he'd want to do is carry it openly; he'd be in jail in minutes facing a federal firearms rap with the RPG heading for a meltdown at the nearest foundry.

    • SAM000

      Thank you for sharing these important details, but, that is not all, if you add what you will read below to your details, you will get a very dangerous MAFIA ORGANIZATION which will put the security of the world under question.

      I know a part of this puzzle, maybe what I write is not the whole story, may be our writings will stimulate the others to write down the reminder, I hope so.

      Well, I start from the end,
      You have heard that Pickering is charged to investigate the Benghazi attack.
      You would read the FPM article <&lt ;http://frontpagemag.com/2012/matthew-vadum/obamas-benghazi-investigator-an-iran-sympathizer/>&gt; about Pickering before reading my post.

      This article should be read, this is very important.
      The Benghazi attack was an Islamist attack (everybody believes ), But Pickering, the well known Iranian Mullahs LOBBY and Islamist apologist is charged to investigate, WHY!

      In fact, Pickering is charged to destroy and deviate all the signs and proves and details.
      MONSIEUR PROPER appears always after the crime to cleans up and remove the crime proves which were left in the operation field.

      The American weapons in the hands of Al-Qaeda is important, but comparing the Strategical weapons (20,000 very sophisticated Anti-air defense missiles) that were stolen from Qaddafi's depots during the Libyan war is not so important.

      These 20,000 American Missiles were stolen and transported by the Iranian Qods Forces to Iran last year, the Iranian Qods Forces had infiltrated the Anti Qaddafi forces under the label of Islamist and Al-Qaeda FORCES, but they were never fought Qaddafi army, they were there to steal those American Missiles, those missiles were very important, they are designed to defend Qaddafi against any Israeli air Strike.
      USA accepted to arm Qaddafi with those kind of strategical weapons in exchange of Qaddafi's nuclear program.
      Qaddafi was claiming that his Nuclear program is a defense program against the Israel attack, USA of G.W. BUSH provided the air defense materials for Qaddafi against Israel air strike.

      With those anti Air missiles in the mullahs hand, an Israeli air strike can not take place and the Mullahs Nuclear program will be protected.

      The only power who would strike Iranian Nuclear sites is Israel, Israel will never allow his security be under annihilation threat, USA will never oppose militarily the mullahs of IRAN, even the neo-CON of GWB opposed Israel to attack the nuclear sites of Iran.

      Benghazi strike and Pickering Cleaning mission is to break the chain that leads to those stock-piles.

      With 300 U$D you can buy the best RPG7 made in RUSSIA.
      with 100 U$D you can buy the Chinese one.

      If you buy 1,000 the price will be more attractive, beyond 1,000 pieces, you can deal with Vladimir DIRECTLY.
      BUT, you can not buy those American missiles in a free market.

  • kafir4life

    I've always thought that President Stinky (BO) was more than prepared to sacrifice an American city for his idiology.
    It's time to get the Stink out of the White House.

    • patriot

      Remember Ray LaHood's son? Hostage, we paid ransom. More jizya after the Egyptian take over by Morsi and the bros. Lots of money from us to prop up them. The Blind Shiek was number one on Morsi's to do list. How about a prisoner swap? Chris Stevens for Rachman? The ransom would be paid from our foreign aid and placed in Obama's campaign coffers and our ambassador released. Problem is, too much blood lust in BenGahzi, the plan was a bust. Ask Valerie Jarret.

  • http://www.facebook.com/christine.diianni Christine DiIanni

    And then this corrupt administration tried to blame the stupid video that practically no one saw until the two idiots oh make that three kept mentioning it. Which would play in to restricting the internet otherwise known as the First Amendment just like Fast & Furious was concocted to restrict the Second Amendment (why else allow weapons into Mexico?) in this country. Communism, fascism, marxism and socialism must restrict freedoms to its citizens. When President Romney is sworn in, hopefully Congress will charge all those involved in the corruption especially the three mentioned and Holder.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Just another reason the zero regime can't afford to be unelected — they might be subject to criminal investigation.

  • Asher

    Bret Baier had on a special Terror and Death in Benghazi. Americans should be outraged that the Special forces team was removed. Lt. Col Andrew Wood regrets this decision made by Charlene Lamb. "Special forces should have been there he said." This is one of the worst political decisions made to forgo extra security and then try to cover up the fact that it was indeed terrorism. Kind of puts a damper on the Getting Bin Laden theme That Terrorism is not a big concern anymore.

  • Asher

    Taqiyya, is in fact deceit, which is grounded in Islam, and is often depicted as being equal, sometimes superior to other universal military virtues, such as courage, fortitude, or self-sacrifice. Taqiyya is of fundamental importance in Islam. Practically every Islamic sect agree to it and practices it. According to Sharia, the body of legal rulings that defines how a Muslim should behave in all circumstances, deception is not only permitted in certain situations but may be deemed obligatory in others. Some politicians, and media outlets need to wake up to this fact and quit trying to be politically correct on this issue.

    • oldtimer

      John 8:44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murder from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because the truth is not in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar and the father of it.

      • oldtimer

        Good post Asher, islam is evil.

  • jose

    To level the field you must eliminate everything that is higher or lower than the average. Thats allot of people. That is what socialism/marxism is all about my friends. Equal tyranny for all.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Except for the oligarchy that holds power, after all, someone has to play the part of the tyrant.

  • SHmuel HaLevi

    OK. Up until now no one of the comments mentions the name of the Whoopi Goldberg lass. I just did.

    Not let me address serious subjects.
    I live for many years near several Muslim villages in Northern Israel. I understand Arabic and this is what the very fast Muslim network is piping at the SHUK, the open air markets, generally operated by Hamulas.
    The attacks in Egypt and Benghazi were effected to counter claims by Mr. Obama and had nothing to do with stupid video.
    The attackers and the plans were known to both Libyan and US top level government people, including the Langley folk, Mr. Obama and the US military as well as SD NSA people.
    During and after the assault the cell phones communications at the Consular site and related locations were monitored by the US. (The beast dragging Mr. Stevens has his phone on hand and holds it on his mouth.)

    The cover up is so terrible that includes attempts to make us believe that the Arabs in the open air market knew more than Mr. Obama, Clinton, Miss Rice… the Military… all.
    Watergate was child's play compared to that.

    • Cerise Rowan

      Thank you, and good fortune to you.

  • pierce

    I used to think Whoopi Goldberg was something special. Well not any more. Let us hope our next 1st lady is Ann Romney.

    • BS77

      Whoopi used to be a comedian…she was pretty good in Ghost but on the view she is an , angry
      huffing and puffing bag lady…..she's out of shape, mean spirited and nasty. Not funny anymore.

  • Atikva

    As an actress, Ms. Goldberg can be quite good. As a liberal activist, she stinks.

    The Hollywood set would do better to concentrate on making movies worthy of "the Seventh Art" instead of turning themselves into bad politicians.

  • Penny Haulman

    Whoopie killed her own pre-born child! Who cares What she says? Not I. Stop printing the leftest diatribe and no one will remember at all.

    • Lan Astaslem

      amazing anyone could impregnate such a homely troll – whoopi must have had a bag over her huge but brainless head and fugly face

  • kimsegar

    Despite all of this….who ever wins the WH.. , America can choose to wear the garb of Islam with Sharia Law nation wide or be a freedom loving Nation. which is it America…And don't tell me there is moderate Islam, the top leader in Iran says there is no such thing. maybe all should go to the Islamic webs and check out how they say they will rule the world under sharia law and death to America and to Israel.

  • RoguePatriot6

    Nonie Darwish started out saying "Obama said he was going to educate America on how to get along with Islamists"

    Now, that's funny. I'll tell you what, I'll start getting along when they stop calling me "infidel", "apostate", "dog" when they stop plotting to kill me and my fellow citizens, when they stop killing our soldiers, when they stop waging war against the U.S. and Western Civilization or when they stop targetting Christians and Jews in countries that they have managed to hijack by playing the oppressed victims. I'm so tired of one way tolerance masked by the PC agenda of tagging everyone who sees through this wall of BS with the label "bigot, Islamophobe" or "racist". When an Israeli, Christian or anyother is allowed to go to Mecca and build a temple or church building, wear the Star of David or teach their faith then we can talk about getting along, until then, they all know what they can do.

    I have a better idea. Why don't he go to the Middle East and educate them? I'm sure the true concept of 2 way tolerance would be welcomed warmly. LOL!!! NOT!!!!!

  • RoguePatriot6

    This video is dead on target. I'm glad someone FINALLY pointed out the the message that was sent when we detained that private citizen who made the movie. It's the message that Islamists and Obama have been trying to hammer into our skulls, 'ISLAM UNTOUCHABLE".

    Who did they detain after the cross dipped in urine was put on display? Maybe if Christians or Jews throw a big enough tantrum they will stop mocking and disrespecting their faiths? Ooopps….silly me….I forgot, different set of rules for them. Islam is just sooooooooooooooooo special.

  • Questions

    Whoopi Goldberg is a world-class schmuck. She's okay as an actress, but as a politico she's strident and humorless. I sincerely hope she explores the possibilities of serving as a celebrity greeter at an Atlantic City or Las Vegas casino.

    • Mary Sue

      and she's a rape apologist!

  • george

    whoopi is just a washed up has been racist and a pathetic human being !!! go out and play in traffic !!!!!

  • Cerise Rowan

    I stopped listening to whoopi when she described roman polasnki's rape of a drugged thirteen year old girl as "not a rape rape".
    She is either lacking in human sensitives, decency and common sense or so busy sucking up to " the industry" (I understand, if one does not appease them they will destroy you, look at the hatchet job they did on GW for 8 years) that she cannot show her innate human sensitives, decency and common sense. Probably it is the first.
    Actually, the first paragraph is not true… she did well as a comedian but I never expected her to be an authority on human nature, politics, values… politics…. I mean, what besides being know qualifies her? Might as well ask the kardashians…. they are as famous… maybe more. The pity is, the mistake media attention for something like worthiness of media attention, not at all the same thing.

    • Mary Sue

      if someone like Ann Coulter or Michelle Malkin had said any of the crazy things Whoopie said, they'd be raked over the coals forever. Whoopie gets a pass cuz she's a brainwashed dem.

  • Mary Sue

    Excellent episode!
    BTW did I mention how much I looooove Dwight Schultz? <3

  • tony

    whoopee goldberg is a washed up has been.bet she wouldnt like wearing a burkha even though she would look better in one.whoopee you stink