Video: Islam’s Takeover of Europe

Visit The Gates of Vienna.

The following is a four-part Israeli documentary by Zvi Yehezkeli and David Deryi about the Islamization of Europe. It has been translated from the Hebrew and subtitled in English.

The filmmaker is an Arabic-speaking Israeli whose appearance and flawless Arabic accent were sufficient to allow him to mingle freely with the Muslims in several “no-go zones” in Britain, Belgium, Sweden, and France, and to get an inside look at the Islamic mindset within the greater European community.

Translation provided by DarLink and subtitles provided by Vlad Tepes.

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

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  • Mary Sue

    This is freaking scary and I've only got to part 1 yet. This should be on CNN, PMS-NBC, BBC, CBC…(but they're all gutless).

    • bonnie loranger

      Hi Mary Sue,

      I saw the 4 movies and I am not at all surprise. I am from belgium and just came back to the USA 3 years ago. The movies only show a small part of the problem. I lived in Brussels and went many times, during the day, to the arabic neighborhood. It is frightening. I had a knife with me at all times because i travelled on the public transportation Now the Islam party in Brussels controls 2 townships and they will impose sharia there. And you are right the media should report this but the media is now totally bias and sold out to our islam friendly government.

    • @BlissDesignz

      There's a few good documentaries about the Islamic takeover of the US on UTube if you haven't seen them I'd recommend watching em when you get the chance.
      They are; "The Third Jihad" & "Islam What The West Needs To Know". The other 2 are done by Glenn Beck & are also on Glenn Beck's website if they can't be found on UT, but should be on UTube without a problem (really detailed & current. Goes into documents recovered). They are called; "Rumors of War 3: Target US" & "The Project".

  • watsa46

    The Dutch, it seems, have learn their lesson and will be imposing very strict rules on the people who do not fulfill their obligation towards the nation. It will be the D way or the highway!
    Many politicians and mass media in the EU must get a lot of petro$ to sell their country to the Muslims.

  • dennis metz

    that is what happen to the United States the democraps and obummers have sold out to the illegals and the racist panthers and wrights, sharptongues, farraconvicts jesse jacksons and such
    the bottom line is some people are gonna be targets here for destruction american is not the united states any longer it is a reflection of the violent cities we have manufactured

  • Kingsley

    My very limited knowledge of Koran, Sunna and Hadith lead me to the conclusion that no "orthodox" Sunni or Shia Muslim can accept the legitimacy of any non-Sharia based laws; or concede that any infidel must be treated as an equal. I fail to understand why our Immigration Department made a serious effort to prevent the entry of Communists but, has ignored the much greater danger presented by a political/religious ideology which has, for 1400 years, been at war with the entire non-Muslim world. I respect the efforts of people like Irshad Manji who are trying to reform the ideology; but, I expect they are risking their lives in a hopeless cause.

    • Mo_

      Your "limited knowledge" is correct, and far more than most people bother to learn!

  • Mo_

    I was only able to stand 15 minutes of this. (For now.)

    Listening to that woman saying she'll burn Sweden if her son is murdered in Iraq made me feel ill. I don't doubt that she means it.

    The laziness and entitlement mentality demonstrated here sickened me as well. (No wonder liberals always side with Islam!)

    Such people have no place in Western countries. They have no desire to assimilate and they use their host countries like parasites use their hosts. Deport them back to whatever Islamic hellholes they came from.

  • Sound&Fury

    At least now the Europeans can't claim ignorance when it comes to the troubles that Israel has faced for decades with these people.

  • Reuben

    This is ridiculous… I hope I'm wrong but I fear that Europe may be lost unless something is done soon. I just hope to God that the U.S, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and whatever other place that can still take preventive measures do so and realize the importance and recognize the looming threat.


      Reuben, we've been trying to sound the alarm for years.
      Of course you are spot on.
      But our pathetic "Mainstream" Media, lockstep has been silent on Jihad.
      And, our "public" believes that if there…they would have heard i really wasa a threat from Jihad or Cultural Jihad, they would have heard of it…from the "Mainstream" Media.
      Ironic how it is the Media who are the only real Islamaphobes.
      There have been many voices, but the Islamists have duped the media-less American public into believing that it is they, the Islamists who are the victims of white racists.
      Stating facts to the Media is like screaming at a wall.
      America is under the siege of a Media Coup as well as anything else.

  • Rostislav

    I see (both from this excellent film and from my own business-trips to EU) that the Muslims are always extremely busy in Europe with hating, protesting, praying, killing, demonstrating, boycotting – but I have never seen them WORKING (except selling vegetables, but I do not think it’s a manly job worthy of entering another country). And, on the contrary: I never see among the protesting crowds any Chinese, Polish, Korean, Thai or, say, Russian immigrants. But then, I often see a lot of them WORKING – in factories, municipalities, ports, sawmills, farms, auto repair shops etc. I think, it would be pretty interesting to make some documentary about this point of the Muslims’ life – just how do they earn their well-fed living in Europe? What’s the statistical price (price of crime including) of this jihad “culture” for the generous taxpayers in Britain, France, Sweden etc? Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

    • Mary Sue

      they don't work so that they can give the illusion that they are being discriminated against.

  • Cryptic guise

    Europe is finished. The only way to deal with islamofascists is to kill them. This is ultimately the way they will be dealt with in the United States.

  • Sonia

    Parasites cannot be appeased into dropping off of their hosts, they must be extinguished, killed or purposefully isolated, or the host will be killed.

  • H.j.Dcruz

    The west is paying the price . Too much appeasement

  • guest

    The more you criticise ISLAM the more ISLAM is growing and if ISLAM was this bad to women then why in America more women are converting to ISLAM the reason is they learn the truth and not listen to people like the filmmaker of the movie who is a jew and everyone knows the jews are against ISLAM so i am not suprised by this film one bit because it is totally rubbish and only the people that are bad have been reported in this film you get good and bad in every religion so i urge you people to study ISLAM for yourselves and the decide what is the truth the Quran is readily available in English and other languages.

    • Kingsley

      Dear Guest, you know that Islamic ideology is based on Koran, Sunna and Sharia. You also know that Koranic verses were edited by one of Mo's successors; after all existing versions were collected and those the clerk did no like were burned. The official Koran could be deemed to reflect the world view, and interests, of a political leader of a group of 7th century barbarians. I admit to being a kuffar; but, I have read Islamic history and some Sharia. Including the early Meccan verses which Islamic theology, but not logic, says have been abrogated and replaced by the rather nasty Medina verses: but, remain eternally valid. The logic and validty of the ideology escapes me. Perhaps you could tell us the reasoning behind your admiration and belief. I would also like to hear you opinion of Irshad Manji, the really "radical" Muslim, attempting to reform the ideology.

  • guest

    Mr Kingsley idont know where you got that information about the burning of the verses it is nonsense mate the Quran is complete even a full stop is not out of place. The Bible however has been changed soi think you have got the two mixed up because the original Bible is in the Quran and if you read the old Testament JESUS says that there will be a person named AHMED who will come after me and you should follow him and our Prophet Muhammads(pbuh) name was AHMED before it was changed to Muhammed(pbuh). The christians nowadays has been took over by the new testament which is not the word of God. If youy want to incerease your knowledge about ISLAM then watch peace tv on sky it is in English and you will be able to see converts from other religions on there speaking about their journey to Islam and also there is a misconception that ISLAM gets forced down peoples throat whereas the Quran says that your duty is to tell other people about your religion and leave it for them to decide may ALLAH guide you to the right path keep struggling to find out about the religion and one day GOD willing you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  • guest

    Mr Kingsley Irshad Manji Is not a Muslim by faith she is a muslim by name and has no idea about the religion people like that are the ones that are spoiling it for the majority as i have said before you get good and bad people in every religion so stop concentrating on these few idividuals and concentrate on the majority just watch peace tv and you will get to now the real truth i have no time for people like Irshad Manji and all the others like her so i would advise you to stop wasting your time listening to people like that and listen to the truth on peace tv.

  • Kingsley

    Thank you Guest. I have noted your interesting comments.

    • joe

      i am from ausrtalia. i only wish to to return to the the motherland to protect our culture but i am aware this this impossible today. i am sorry for you all in europe. my wishes for success are with you.

  • Parritaman

    Liberal leader Justin Trudeau is now reporting to a mosque every week to pray, and even bringing his family with him. It is amazing what politicians will do to get votes for their party. Trudeau is worshiping an idioligy that demands the death of Jews, Gays, and Infidels. I would never vote for a politician that would stoop so low.