Jamie Glazov on CBN’s “Stakelbeck on Terror”

On this week’s edition of CBN’s “Stakelbeck on Terror” show, Erick Stakelbeck sat down with Frontpagemag.com editor Jamie Glazov, author of High Noon for America: The Coming Showdown and William “Kirk” Kilpatrick, author of Christianity, Islam and Atheism.

The show focused on the unholy alliance between radical Islamists and the radical Left and what can be done to preserve Judeo-Christian, Western civilization:

To watch this Stakelbeck on Terror episode, click here.

  • Karrah

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  • Earl Schultz

    What a great show! We have been watching “Stakelbeck on Terror” for at least a year, and love the clear teaching on Israel, Islam and terrorism. The show with Jamie was awesome – Jamie was right on! I loved his desire to see this country turn around. My mother came from Italy, so I can understand his passion for this country. But sorry to say, I think it is too late to turn this sinking ship from going down, I hope I am wrong, but as Jamie pointed out, we will become the enemy in this country, and wind up in jail or "re-education" camps. But the church will be purified even in this persecution. May we join together and stand strong in the Lord.

    • Jamie Glazov

      Thanks so much Earl!

  • PCGOPExaminer

    I will report on this interview. I have reported such stories from Brigitte Gabriel and Frank Gafney. We need to keep getting this out there, even by us 3rd party writers/citizen reporters because the mainstream media is not doing its job.