Video: Jamie Glazov on Jihad Denial

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In the two-part video interview below, Josh Brewster talks to Frontpage’s editor about his critically-acclaimed United in Hate, his new book High Noon For America: The Coming Showdown, his family’s struggle for freedom, David Horowitz’s work and influence, and much more.

In Part I, the discussion focuses on Jamie Glazov’s parents’ dissident activity in the former Soviet Union and how it molded his battle  against the Left. Part II deals with Jamie’s United in Hate, his new book, High Noon For America: The Coming Showdown, the legacy of Alexander Solzhenitsyn and David Horowitz’s contribution to freedom.

Both parts of the two part series are below:

Part 1:

Part 2:

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  • dave

    Absolutely brilliant. Jamie you are an inspiration. You and David Horowitz have helped me to be able to argue and converse logically with so many people entrenched in this new 'religion' of liberal elitism, with its love affair with Islam and rabid hatred of Israel and the west. I used to be an anarcho-communist type and I am very grateful to you all for helping me remove myself from this movement with all the information and logic you provide which is impossible to find anywhere else. My only suggestion would be if you could make the site relevant to us over here in Europe too (I'm in London) and have European guests on the show and maybe deal with our issues too? Just a thought, as things are much worse for us here in terms of free speech/ Islamisation etc and we have nothing like Frontpage. The news channels we get on national tv are: BBC, Russia Today, Al-Jazeera and Sky News. You would not believe the blatant propaganda we are bombarded with daily.

  • vharlow

    Your message for America, Jamie, is so critical! How I wish others even in my own family would attend and see the light. Keep it up.

    • danica

      HI, I DO TO i wish my family…, they know i was born "THERE"

  • pierce

    High Noon for America starts in just over 4 hours, and High Noon it will be if Barack Obama is reelected. So you think we have got it bad now, you aint seen nothing yet. This great country, the United States of America is going to fall into the deepest abyss, it may never recover. A drowning person it is said, comes up for air three times, then it is all over. We are working on # 2, # 3 is when he is reelected. Dooms Day scenario, maybe, but II think it will be fact. You might think I am a pessimist, but no I am a realist. Wait and see.

  • Chuck

    A super interview! Got a deeper glimpse into Jamie Glazov, and found your take on sacrificing man’s blood as an alternative to Christ’s sacrifice most interesting. Most liberals would say they are against war and fascism, yet avidly support abortion, which kills half of all black American children, and liberals support regimes which count human life as mere fuel for their own power. The justification for such hypocrisy, if I understand correctly, is that these are sacrifices for a cause, for a symbol, like women’s right to choose, or ousting the selfishness of capitalism. Problem is, that behind that cause is pure evil and selfishness; amazingly, the left fails to recognize this delusion, which has snuffed out hundreds of millions of lives, as evil.

    • Mary Sue

      what's even more hypocritically mindboggling is they're against self-defence……unless a mother is defending herself against a helpless embryo or fetus!

  • Schlomotion

    Josh Brewster is a hoot. He said "the left embraces, or even worse ignores the threat of Muslims."


    • atthebeach

      There is 'ignorance' and there is 'willful ignorance'. You decide.

      So much; right here to educate yourself; why not get a 'hint' of a more authentic; 'morally-reasoned' universe; than the one you inhabit. Should you; the first mind saved; may well, be your own.

  • EJL

    The Glazov Gang video is a life changing experience for me. Thank you for your integrity and intestinal fortitude.

  • aspacia

    Glazov is right on many levels, albeit he tends to omit how cowardly and selfish the left is. They do not want their comfortable lifestyle disrupted.

  • Alexander Gofen

    A few additions, if you please, Mr. Glazov.

    1) What the Lefts have done to America during last 100 years is summarized in this brief:

    2) The term "islam" does not need a qualifier "radical": it is redundant. You are fighting a good fight against the Lefts and islamization of America and the West, yet you too pay a homage to "regulators" wishing you to apply certain softeners of the truth.

    3) You say you wish to distance yourself from the totalitarian media by your adhering only to the truth. However the last years policy of the Front Page magazine testifies that your agency was just a controlled outlet suppressing the most crucial truth. Since day one D. Horowitz and you obfuscated or kept taboo on everything related to the ineligibility of Obama/Soetoro/Soberkach. By doing so, you collaborated with huge totalitarian campaign of disinformation of Americans. You were hiding the treason of GOP and their con man McCain in 2008. And more so you were hiding the treason of GOP and their con man Romney in 2012. You deceived America as though defeat of Obama were possible without revealing his major crimes (just to save reputation of Repoobs). Now you got what you deserved: four(ty) years more of the usurper, and Repoobs in the toilet (where they belong: A new party is needed: )

    Your parents would not be proud of you.

  • Anne Wilson

    How can this information be gotten out to more of our population. The Media is certainly not going to.

  • timeklek

    Glazov & Horowitz, both have knowledge of the enemy. I am Very Thankful for these Warriors of Truth.