Video of The Town Hall on Terror in Los Angeles, Part III

Below is the video of Jamie Glazov’s Town Hall on Terror that just transpired at the Sherman Oaks Woman’s Club. (Tuesday, May 1, 2012). The video captures the short speeches delivered by panelists Mark Tapson, Nonie Darwish, Bosch Fawstin and Dwight Schultz. Due to video constraints, the citizens’ participation is not included in the footage. To see a photo album of the Town Hall, click here.

The Town Hall was assisted by Doris Wise Montrose and sponsored by the David Horowitz Freedom Center and Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors. The next Town Hall on Terror will be in Orange County, California in late June, 2012. All those interested in attending or helping to organize it, email Jamie Glazov at

Freedom Center pamphlets now available on Kindle: Click here.  

  • Schlomotion

    Moments in Ain't Gonna Happen History: Dwight Schultz becomes hero of Islamic Hollywood Blacklisting, becomes Governor and then President, Wins the War against Islam.

    Not even with the Nth Degree Holographic Interface installed.

    Kudos to the David Horowitz Freedom Center for bolstering the credibility of its forum panels with people from Star Trek Con 1996.

    Everyone knows this is the real threat to the country:

  • Ghostwriter

    Schlomotion,has anybody ever told you that not only are you an anti-semitic jerk,you're also an obnoxious jerk as well?