Video: To Kill a Jew — Allah Willing

Don’t tune out; know HAMAS:

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  • Mary Sue

    All the NDP idiots that side with the Palestinians over Israel should hear those freaks in the video that call for the killing of Jews. I bet it's something they never even imagined.

    • PhillipGaley

      No, . . . you'd lose your wager; for, you're mistaken, . . . essentially, they don't care; to this kind of presentation they actually say: "Israel needs to stop the bombing someone else's land; Israel needs to be first to stop the violence.", . . . and variations thereof, . . .

      Leftism is a disease of the mind, in fantasy, confusion, and denial which they attempt to make pervasive through changing phrases. They lie, and to themselves, also, . . . and on many occasions to be seen in the food which they eat or, which they will not eat, in the things which they buy or, will not buy, in the so-called educators and men of the cloth and politicians whom they eulogize and commend, and so forth, . . . and, it tends toward physical diseases in the kinds of conduct of life for which they espouse tolerance and set-asides in governmental money, . . .

      No surprise then, that, the typical Leftist doesn't have so many children, doesn't get as much money in life, doesn't smile as often or as broadly, and doesn't live so long, . . .

      • Mary Sue

        True, though there may be some Leftists that have no idea what the Palestinians say behind closed doors and on Arabic TV and *might* wake up. You never know. But if they hear it and then don't wake up, that just shows what kind of people they are.

        Leftism in general is a societally destructive ideology.

  • kafir4life

    If each muslim in the world kills just one muslim each day, in about a month…..problem solved.

    allahu snackbar!

  • The fact is,

    deep down, the Jewish Left feels Hamas' murderous rage toward Jews is justified.

  • RiverFred

    What else do you expect from followers of Mo who have a defective gene from years of inbreeding. Their goal is to go to paradise, Israel should grant them their wish.

  • Ghostwriter

    I have only one world for this,scary.