Romney’s Crucial VP Choice — on The Glazov Gang

On this week’s Glazov Gang, leftist activist Brandelynn Turner joined Dwight Schultz and Rob Nelson to discuss Romney vs. Obama — and mayhem broke out.  All three parts of the three part series are below:

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

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  • Grob Hahn

    Romney could lock this whole mess down by putting a Hispanic VP (other than Rubio) on the stage beside him. It would make the left's heads explode, but we already know Romney has no problem with efforts to drive down the cost of labor. We all know the ripple effects of that. Not only would it usurp the left, it would leave black democrats high and dry. This would likely lead to veiled calls for riots, which are alredy underway but would intensify. Of course, we'll get riots if Romney wins anyway. His first 2 years in will be bumpy unless he has a REAL plan for putting all these protestors and felons to work FAST. Otherwise Romney is no more shovel-ready than Obama has proven to be and his only value for winning will be massive increases in racial violence all over America.

  • BS77

    Mitt Romney, who seems to be a very gracious, intelligent and sincere man, is already getting the "Sarah Palin Treatment" by the Liberal Core Media….he is belittled, criticized harshly; I read an article today that inferred he was not "well liked". Where does this kind of stuff come from? It's no longer journalism….it's propaganda.

  • Bob

    Anyone but condolezzzzzzzzzzzzzza rice,
    Rino repubs are horny over her
    Libs think that it’s Romney best choice
    That speaks enough

    If condi is on Romneys vp I’m will not be voting.

    If romney wants a black vp he can take Alan west Cain Keyes there are enough capable black conservatives to fill that position, but not condolezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzza