Sarah Palin Frozen Out Of Republican Convention? — on The Glazov Gang

On this week’s Glazov Gang, leftist activist Brandelynn Turner joined Dwight Schultz and Rob Nelson to discuss Sarah Palin Frozen Out Of Republican Convention? — and mayhem broke out. Below is Part III of a three part series. To see Part I, click here. To see Part II, click here.

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  • zipory

    Poor Tommi!!!!! :) It's amazing how far a person will allow himself to be ridiculed ……. especially when it's self ridicule. Granted he's supposed to be a satirist but unfortunately even his satire is pathetic. Just my opinion.

    This would have been a great segment if the blond bimbo wasn't there. She knows nothing and her inane remarks about Sara Palin are ludicrous. Did she forget that Palin was an excellent governor and mayor? Her credentials far surpass those of the community organizer who the bimbo seems to idolize.

    Rob and Dwight are great even though Dwight is one of my favorite Glazov Gang members. Want to see much more of him on the show.

  • mlcblog

    OK. Maybe I (a devout SP fan, give the woman her due!) …..maybe I'll watch, but not sure I can endure one more blonde bimbo, even worse raving leftist activist. I am going to trust the site that it will be worth it. I get that we need to be aware of opposing views and hone our debating skills, etc.

  • Jon_Babtist

    It was a pleasure hearing Dwight discuss Sarah. I've always felt that Sarah Palin has been the only person
    who had Obama's number from the beginning. When she gave her speech at the convention and talked about
    a mayor being like a community organizer with responsibilities and the fake styrofoam columns she was
    revealing the fraud that would be president. The establishment would not let her state openly, repeatedly,
    articulately and intelligently that the emperor has no cloths. This is the same establishment that ignores
    a president that has a counterfeit birth certificate, a forged Selective Service Registration card, and a
    fraudulent Connecticut SS#. Instead of looking at the ineligible criminal who is president they have made it their mission to belittle Sarah Palin.