War Breaks Out Over Scott Walker — on The Glazov Gang

On this week’s Glazov Gang, leftist activist Brandelynn Turner joined Dwight Schultz and Rob Nelson to discuss Romney vs. Obama, but a few comments about Wisconsin’s Republican Gov. Scott Walker set off a chain reaction that led to a verbal war about June’s recall election.  Below is Part I of a three part series. We will run Part II in tomorrow’s edition.

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  • Peter Fogel

    Try as I might I have a serious problem listening to these left wing progressive liberal activists. I try to be open minded and listen to their arguments but they never make any sense. Their talking points are all regurgitated garbage and senseless from the first word they utter to the very last. The chutzpah they have claiming that people came from all over the country when it is a well known fact that the unions bussed people in from neighboring states and even farther away.

    They have no logical arguments and in a way it's good that they agree to take part and show the world how fluking stupid they really are. And those that aren't outright stupid obfuscate issues and never answer questions or relate to the issues without reverting back to talking points which in most cases are lies to begin with.

    This should be an interesting series and the first segment was very good aside from the blond bimbo. :)

    • aspacia

      Yes, and the blond boob had to take a sedative because she could not debate. Funny, how badly she lost every single point, and kept using red herrings.

    • mlcblog

      Thank you. It was interesting to see her ask to be allowed to speak without being interrupted, this before and after she continually interrupted others at will!!

    • sam

      Irrigating your sinuses is anyway a very good idea as it helps to take away mucous and harmful germs and bacteria from your nose. Please do not stop doing it because of neti pot death rumors. You can’t deny that it’s considerably cheaper than purchasing and taking nasal steroids.

  • aspacia

    What concerns me is how everyone plays the blame game. Unions have overstepped, but are needed when there are rogue administrators who force teachers to pass all students through the system. I just left a high school, and may leave the district because our new superintendent, and principal are elementary school background who strongly believe in social promotion. Geez, I just shake my head and read student scores and how 3/4 of military applicants fail the basic idiot test. Additionally, principals tend to target teachers whose degrees are in their discipline, not in worthless pedagogy. I know, I am one of them, and so is an retired engineer with an MA in her discipline.

    I will be happy to have my pay frozen, but what irks is being forced to not have standards because most, including most on this board blame the teachers!

    Guess what, my 11th grade regular students, were performing at the same level, doing the exact same assignments as the 11th grade honor students. That is, they were formatting their essay, citing in text and on a Works Cited Page, every one of them completed abstracts. These essays were university junior level. They are not stupid and can do the work.

  • Lisa_H

    Re: Brandelynn Turner
    Is it all an act? I fell for it the first time with Tommi Trudeau who is actually a satirist. Even though a parody, the exaggeration is so close to how many leftist actually speak and think, it's hard to know. Brandelynn in the 3rd of this video series (on YouTube) says she knows Tommi. So … ?

  • happybrenda

    Brandelynn is speaking only for herself and not for all of us lefties out there. She is clearly not a seasoned debater. She may have played a role in a political play, but she really doesn't seem to know much about the issues beyond that. Please don't use her as an example of what you feel is wrong with liberal politics. The Glazov Gang is using her for comic relief and to poke fun at liberals. If they want a real debate, they should get someone who can clearly communicate their opinions.

    • http://Frontpagemag.com Shane Williams

      What are you talking about? I think she makes a lot of sense, especially about Walker and ObamaCare. They need to bring her back on.

  • guest

    the Hotel California schtick at the start of every show has to go. It's clear even the return guests are tired of it. And it's just lame.

    • mlcblog

      Oh, stop. We get to have some fun now and then. Sorry if you don't like it.

  • Big Ed Brady

    The 2men took full advantage of the obvious..the blonde is well spoken;and even more so compared to them..clearly she is "dumbing herself down," so she doesn't go crazy on them with the valid viewpoints she is saving

  • Jalin Copus

    She's probly some feminist