WBNS 10TV Reports on Ohio State Students Mobilizing Against Freedom Center Ad

The Freedom Center’s advertisement is printed in full below this story.

Ohio State University is currently in an uproar over an ad run by the David Horowitz Freedom Center in the student newspaper, The Lantern. The ad, titled “Former Leaders of the Muslim Student Association (MSA), Where Are They now?,” lists nine MSA co-founders and former presidents that have documented ties to terrorist groups. The story has now caught the attention of WBNS 10TV, which has reported on the denunciations by some students of the ad as “hate speech” and their complaints that The Lantern should have rejected it. It relays the Muslim Student Association’s statement that The Lantern “has a legal right to print such an advertisement, but has an ethical responsibility to reject hate speech.” WBNS 10TV’s report also includes an interview with David Horowitz for his defense of the ad.

Far from any kind of “hate speech,” the ad simply lists nine terrorists and jihad operatives — including one of the world’s most wanted men, Anwar al-Awlaki (killed in 2011 by the US government) — who were formerly presidents and co-founders of the MSA before their transition into terrorism. It states the irrefutable facts about these individuals and exposes a sinister trend in the ideological affiliation of the organization.

In light of this disturbing information being brought to the fore, it is no surprise that the MSA and others at OSU have acted swiftly to demonize the messenger in an effort to eclipse the content of the ad and to prevent future publication. But the Freedom Center ad says nothing remotely derogatory or hateful of Muslims or Islam, and that is why The Lantern found nothing wrong with publishing the ad in the first place.

More information on the radical origins and agenda, terrorist associations and anti-Semitism spread by the MSA and its partner organization, Students for Justice in Palestine, can be found in the Freedom Center’s new pamphlet, Muslim Hate Groups on Campus, a new Freedom Center pamphlet written by Shillman Journalism Fellow, Daniel Greenfield.

Watch WBNS 10TV’s video report on this story here.

  • Ron Carnine

    It amazes me that in our society and especially on American campuses telling the truth is now labeled as hate speech. If the ads said, here are the guys who started the Muslim Brotherhood and its movements and missions, please find them and kill them. Now to my way of thinking, that would be a lot closer to hate speech. But telling the truth about them is not hate speech. At some time in their lives they decided the direction they wanted to go. It was their decision. They could have worked for peace. But they didn't. Reporting that isn't hate speech at all, its history.

  • hammar

    The islam faith is the faith of death….nothing else can come from it. So attaching everyone and everything is the purpose of its thinking…esp. attaching Our Lord and God Jesus Christ who is the Truth. mohammed was nothing more than a villain, taking advantage of women and children for his own pleasure. You read of nothing constructive coming out of the Middle East but war and murder of people of Jewish Faith or Christians…so whether they are attaching in voice or in physical violence is there only way.

  • sarah
    • rubiconcrest

      Off topic.

      • stern

        Actually, I found this very interesting. On the home page there's an article telling Muslims not to call themselves "Islamists". In other words, this site argues that all Muslims are the same – simply Muslims. To me, this appears to further support those who say that there is no such thing as "Radical Islam" – that, in fact, all Islam has the same goals: the subjugation of the entire world in a caliphate, and dhimmitude for everyone who doesn't submit.

        This fuss at OSU is just one more symptom of this. We, the infidels, are not allowed to point out what Islam is up to. Even identifying facts – without any editorializing about them, simply stating them as they are – is called hate speech in an attempt to censor it. They know they can count on the sponge-brained leftists to support them without thinking it through and in this way, they hope to silence all opposition.

    • Mickey Oberman

      I asked to do a search: "I would like to see one iota of truth"

      Their answer:
      Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn't here.

      Try it.


    • Ghostwriter

      I doubt Islamic Solutions will do a piece on why Americans have such a negative opinion of Islam. It's mostly because of stuff like what's going on in the above article.

  • Crossbow87

    What a non-sensical response by the MSA…rather than address the implication of the list, they call it hate speech. Well, I hope the conservative students at OSU don't let them get away with it. Keep hammering the facts…..

  • maria

    No surprise that MSA instead refute those fact just called it "hate speech". They can not refute it as it Freedom center posted truth and only truth. Muslims/Jihadists use the same tactic "taquuyya" and use just lebel to shut up any freedom of speech. Only one way to win them is to stop Islamization of our country. Let demand it to our House Representative and Senators. Islamists is in open war with our country and our WH support them to conquer our country. People we should act!

  • Maher

    “Moderate” Muslims call Islamists “unislamic”. Hundreds of imams issue hundreds of fatwa a day against anything “unislamic”. Have you ever seen a fatwa against these “unislamic” animals? Against Ben Laden (like the one against the “unislamic” Salman Rushdie)? Anybody? Hypocrites!

  • ASG

    I take exception to this statement in this editorial;

    "who were formerly presidents and co-founders of the MSA before their transition into terrorism."

    Before? Joing the MSA was their transition into terrorism.


    When confronted with irrefutable truth, your best defense is to label it "hate speech". This Tactic is recommended by Saul Alinsky and used regularly by the left from the NAACP to CAIR.

    • http://ninja1100.zoomshare.com/4.shtml Sophie

      Agreed… hate speech = anything anybody says that offends me. At least, that seems to be how some people think.

  • steven L

    Lots of petro$ are spend by the Saudis to brainwash US students who need money to pay their tuition.
    Liberal universities take Arab petro$ under the pretext of multiculturalism are willing participants in the destruction of western values. For $ the left will do anything.

  • topperj

    The Muslims are smart. Starting with Obama, they have allies working around the clock to stifle any comment about Islam and Muslims. We have a government changing words to placate terrorist groups. I include the MSA and their ilk in this group. Ignoring the issue and pretending it doesn't exist only hastens our demise. If you deny there's a foot of water in your basement, it still doesn't change the fact you're going to get mold.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Every deceptive and propagandist trick in the book of falsehood is employed by
    Islam to bring down their enemies and that is all who are not already under their
    yoke or are dead. Islam, Muslim all the same, the end of their efforts is the end
    of personal freedom, no choices and a living death. Anything with Muslim in it
    is a subversive and dangerous group and anathema to America and the free
    World. So when dealing with them, do not be fooled by their antics, they are
    false through and through and evil to the core of their dead lives and lost souls.