Will China Crush Islam? — on The Glazov Gang

Leftist film producer Tommi Trudeau joins Nonie Darwish and Evan Sayet on the gang — and voices a curious prediction. Below is Part II of a three-part-series. For Part I, click here. To watch Part III, click here.

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  • Ralph

    Tommi, you've got some serious emotional problems! Get help.

  • Mind Doc

    Actually Tommi is an arrested pre pubertal adolescent child in an
    adults body. He has a high degree of intelligence and he has the
    coping ability of a 5 year old.
    As much as I like the Glasov gang, I am going to make a sage
    suggestion based on 45 years as a psychologist. You have a
    emotionally challenged person on your show. This does not
    look good for you and is painful to everyone who watches this.
    If he were well I would disagree with most of what he had to say
    anyway, but in the shape of mind he is operating from, he is a
    wrecked train of a human. He is not good material for this show.

    Give us guests who are almost together or those that are not
    obviously mentally ill. Tommi would be sad if he were not an emotional
    cripple. He is not well enough to be considered an expert yet…he
    is on par with most Islamic speakers you have on your show. Otherwise
    I like everything you are doing.

    • Ralph

      You know, Dr., from this and other appearances of Trudeau on Glazov I noticed that when he is calmer he does have the ability to put together a reasoned argument, albeit from faulty premises. I noticed he got uncomfortable when Glazov pressed him on whether he'd be ostracized by his friends if he changed opinions. In the previous Glazov, with Dwight Schultz, he backed off his original concessions to reason by stating that he 'almost fell' (paraphrase) until his friends sat him down and they got high together and they explained to him where he went wrong. Of course he could not see what was wrong with that at all.

      This seems typical of liberals and leftists and, after I get over the anger I have over the way they have forced disastrous decisions on the rest of us, find it truly sad. Tommi has evinced a sense of decency and I don't believe he's anywhere near as deranged as some others, who have shown themselves to be psychotic even and who no doubt would actually kill and torture their opponents were they to find themselves with the power to do so (Che Guevara comes to mind).

      You are right that his inclusion does not make for good debate. But good luck finding a real leftist that can debate without losing it. The smart ones know they are sophists and generally stay away from venues where their arguments would be exposed, which leaves us with the unhinged.

      • Mind Doc

        Well put Ralph. My concern: Tommi was actually threatening Jamie with an envelope
        he was waving in the manner to expose some hidden information. He has chosen to
        attack the host over others. The fact that he is threatening that he is going to, "All
        in due time" expose some big baddie, is enough to bump him immediately. Sane
        people do not threaten others on national shows. Self absorbed people who are
        wrapped up in the world of themself, need reminding, there are rules of courtesy to
        the host. Kick him off….this is how he can learn threats are not accepted here.

        • fan of Tommi Trudeau

          Hey mind Doc… I know that you are HIGHLY EDUCATED and everything… And soooooo MUCH smarter than the rest of us….. But, making this rash diagnoses before you actually have the all facts is not very prudent and just might cause your colleagues TO HAVE A GOOD LAUGH AT YOUR EXPENSE!!!! DID YOU EVEN BOTHER TO GOOGLE HIM BEFORE YOU MADE THIS BRILLIANT DIAGNOSIS????? (Sorry to out you, Tom / Tommi… But, I've seen all of your movies..)
          Now, Doc… in Tommi Trudeau's ACTUAL PROFESSION… Now list closely Sigmund…. Are you ready Doctor Freud???? In Tommi Trudeau's ACTUAL PROFESSION…. what you just said is in reality, THE HIGHEST COMPLIMENT that you could ever give him and I'll bet anything that he is going to copy and paste this to all of his colleagues bragging to them about review he got from an ACTUAL PSYCHOLOGIST who bought his performance, HOOK, LINE, AND SINKER!! HA!!!!!!!

  • esperantominoria

    Check out these articles:

    "Saladin(1138-1193) in Western Literature,Part 2"

    "In the Koran Allah changes some Jews into Apes for Not Respecting the Sabbath"

  • dave

    Really good. Made me realize the Lefts hatred for the Right. Evan Sayet makes a good point about education and the unfair assertion that the left has portrayed for years, which says that everyone must go to University and expect a great job in life. This is unrealistic and we need to be more honest. The fact is that you will always have the haves and the have nots. I wish the Leftist ideal existed, but the reality is different. I think we can improve society and make it fairer but we have to accept that Humanity is not as nice as we think, after all that is whst the evidence suggests.

  • ygalg

    Tommy is harmless to the show, with the cute bunny, its like the villain in James bond movies. although Tommy is not a villain. he is a good human being, in the wrong side of the fence. he exposes to us the dark side of the left, which is intimidating & anti freedom of expression.

  • Mr. Snugglebun

    OK… Quick lesson for you folks.. Never underestimate the power of the FOOL! The FOOL is a theme invented by William Shakespeare and used in theatre down through the ages. It was even used by Akira Kurosawa in his brilliant epic, "RAN" The FOOL has the freedom to say outrageous things and sometimes, may even utter a profound truth now and then. Yet, despite all of his shenanigans and name calling… no one ever gets offended. Why? BECAUSE HE'S A FOOL and not culpable for what he says. Get IT?