Professor Grover Furr Praises Stalin, Claims He Never Committed ‘One Crime’


A professor at a public university recently denied Soviet Union Leader Joseph Stalin was responsible for the murder of millions, saying he has “yet to find one crime – one crime that Stalin committed.”

“I know they say he killed 20, 30, 40 million people,” continued Grover Furr, a professor in Medieval English at Montclair State University.

“It’s bullshit.”

Grover Furr of Montclair State University said he has yet to find “one crime that Stalin committed.”

Furr made the comments at a campus debate featuring three individuals supposedly representing conservative, liberal, and libertarian political views.

Following the debate, a student pressed Furr on his comments reminding the professor that most historians believe “100 to 150 million people [were] killed by communist regimes.”

The professor, however, doubled down on his original comment.

“What you said is bullshit,” said Furr.  “It’s wrong. It’s a lie.”

“The history of the Soviet Union is the most falsified,” he added.

The consensus among most historians whether liberal or conservative, is that Stalin was responsible for the persecution and execution of millions in the Soviet Union.

A Soviet weekly newspaper put the total dead as a result of Stalin’s repressions at about 40 million people. A recent book authored by Stanford Professor of History Norman Naimark even argues that Stalin committed multiple genocides.

“It’s a horrific case of genocide,” said Naimark. “In some cases, a quota was established for the number to be executed, the number to be arrested.”

Furr, who has authored several books on the topic of Marxism, also insisted that the United States has the lowest standard of living among industrialized developed countries.

Furr, nor a university spokesperson, could be immediately reached for comment by Campus Reform.

Other panelists included libertarian professor Yuri Maltsev and conservative professor David Tubbs. The debate was sponsored by the Young Americans for Liberty.

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  • Alexander Gofen

    The neo-Bolsheviks have taken power in America:

    • Schlomotion

      Maybe if you yell at them in Esperanto, they will go away.

    • aspacia

      They have been trying to for years.

  • jeff

    Always refreshing when the Left comes out as openly Stalinazi

    • Deep_Space

      I think even most lefties would not concur with Professor Furr.

  • Adina Kutnicki, Israel

    Westerners/Americans must understand the deleterious effects of leftist academia on national ethos. In fact, their influence is catastrophic, considering the stranglehold they have over generation’s of students!

    In tandem with the media, their control is nothing short of a march toward the destruction of western civilization, and the citizens will not know what hit them.

    Some of its pernicious effects are outlined here –… -and most importantly, academia’s indoctrination allows for a further cementing of the red/green alliance.

    This is why so many leftists march in lockstep with Islamists, all over the western world. It is not for nothing.

    • enoughalready

      That is why today's election is so important. The Islamists are embedded in every level of our government in the highest positions. This administration has facilitated this type of thinking and influence in every policy and action. We must purge our universities–the question is, "how do we start?" They are even infiltrating the elementary grade levels with their indoctrination. It appears it will take an entire generation to recover if we ever can.

    • jacob

      Adina :

      This sad state of affairs is the people's fault…
      Without going too far, don't you have the same crap at the BGU (Ben Gurion University of the Negev)
      at its political dept. and it isn't until recently that the universities authority decided to put a stop to it ?
      These "Professors" impose their rotten ideas on the students and do not allow any dissent or else
      In my day and age, this kind of "professors" ended up with sweetened motors in their cars but nowadays, this kind of crap is allowed to exist, with the complicity of the university authorities, not to
      mention what goes on with MUSLIMS…..

    • Patein

      Westerners/Americans must understand the deleterious effects of leftist academia on national ethos. In fact, their influence is catastrophic, considering the stranglehold they have over generation's of students!

      In tandem with the media, their control is nothing short of a march toward the destruction of western civilization, and the citizens will not know what hit them.

      That is a pithy summary of the problem.

      It bears repeating.

      I married a grad student from China. I have read much of the infamous history of the left. But I also have my spouse, who can testify to crimes of the left.

    • Alexander Gofen

      Thank you Adina,

      I just wonder why do the decent scientist and professors in the natural sciences agree to stay and breath the same air with the filthy neo-Bolshviks in the "humanities"? Isn't it a high time for secession and establishment of the pure natural science institutions? – Just as a first step. Because ultimately we need to restore the humanities too – but exclusively as the Judeo-Christian school of thought.

  • Mary Sue

    For a minute there I thought a certain blue muppet had gone stark raving mad.

    I'd love to know what this guy uses for proof that Stalin's mass murderings were "lies". I suppose the starvation of millions in the Ukraine when the soldiers came to take everybody's food was just a mirage?

    • Dgiles

      He's a liberal, therefore he doesn't examine evidence for "proof." He just rants and raves like a 9 year old

      • Mary Sue

        I wonder if amused is actually Prof Grover. :p

    • flyingtiget

      It was a mirage. Lack of food does cause mirages!That is how your average lefty would explain it.

  • jacob

    In my mind, I consider STALIN a worse criminal than HITLER….
    Stalin killed, imprisoned and starved his own people…
    Hitler did it to others and by carom, it fell on his own people….
    But to have a university "professor" make such claim, is unheard of….
    And then again, everything is possible in the "Unknown Dimension" of our "learning institutions"….

    • Sunshine gal

      As an Orthodox Christian of Russian/Ukrainian orgin, I tell you that the govt. of the USSR under the dictatiorship of Satlin, murdered millions of Orthodox Christians. The grandmother of the priest at my church was there in Ukraine and remembers her own father ( also a Priest) and her mother being hauled away and were never seen again..she at age 9 and her little sister and brother wandered the woods for days till they got to the home of an elderly relative where they found a home.

      Whole villages of Ukrainians just disappeared and the inhabitants were killed or hauled to gulags/slave labor camps during the 1930s never to return. Stalin WAS A MURDEROUS MONSTER!!

      Even his own daughter said so as well.

  • LibertyMan

    Most Leftist Intellectuals tell lies so well they even convince themselves of their own lies. We are in a Age of the Sociopath which was born in the 30s… nutured in the 60s, came to full bloom in the 90s under Clinton and matured 2008. We gave these sociopaths our children and now we are suprised that Narcisists have taken over many great institutions.

  • Mik

    Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky, Eric Hobsbawm, etc.

    • Mary Sue

      Don't forget Frances Fox Piven!

  • reader

    I'm surprised at Maltsev's self-control. The temptation to wack the commie over his empty head with something heavy and abrasive must have been overwhelming.

    • Vivian

      I have been dying to find out how Yuri Maltsev replied to Dr. Furr's asinine appraisal! Did you attend the debate? If you did, will you please share what you remember of Yuri's reaction to this imbecile?!

  • cjk

    A lack of sanity, decency, and truthfulness all wrapped in one. By allowing these types to teach in any way shape or form also shows the above deficiencies in those that hire and cause them to be compensated in any way for such despicable inanities.
    These liars should be dealt with as people who speak the truth about rampant minority racism or homosexual perversity are currently treated.
    Woe to those who call good evil and evil good.

  • Thomas Wells

    Commie rant.

  • PaulRevereNow

    What about the 1940 Katyn Massacre, in the Ukraine's Katyn forest? This was when Stalin and his stooges wiped out the cream of the Polish officer corps; to insure that the Poles wouldn't offer effective resistance to a post-war Soviet take-over of Poland. There are probably half a dozen monuments to Katyn, in cities around the U.S.; sponsored by local Polish-American clubs. This lunatic "professor" is good at bullying students; but what would he say to members of Polish-American clubs?(That is, if he had the guts to address them) He makes a mockery of his profession.

    • Sunshine gal

      I also have Polish relatives on the other side of my family. We lost my great-aunt and her Doctor husband in the Katyn Forest massacres. She was a nurse and taught nursing too.

      • PaulRevereNow

        Yes, it was terrible; anyone who was an officer in the Polish military, or who the Soviets believed threatened their designs on Poland was executed or taken to a labor camp. They were buried in mass graves, by the thousands. Those graves are still there; and Grover Furr should be fired.

  • oldschooltwentysix

    You can't get much more whacked out than this guy.

  • zalukas

    People like that stood in guard towers of GULAGs.

    BTW where is Office of Special Investigations of DOJ on this.

    We got a Holocaust denier here folks. A communist Holocaust.

  • visitor

    Calling this professor a "liberal" as the debate organizers labeled him (see sign on poidum) is nonsense. For starters, liberals support democracy. Stalinists don't. You can be for or against liberalism, but conflating liberals with Stalinists is fatuous. It's like saying all conservatives are fascists, which is also nonsense.

    • Mary Sue

      well at the very least, he's "Progressive".

      People would call him "liberal" because he no doubt supports such things as abortion, gay marriage, tax the rich…

    • Reese

      I disagree with you "visitor". Here's why: AGENDA: Grinding America Down
      (Using our tax dollars to grind America down….Fundamentally changing America.)

      This documentary covers the strategies from Karl Marx that have been used for 60+ years in America to take down America from the inside using our culture and institutions, and install Communism, government controlling every aspect of our lives. It covers Karl Marx, Bill Ayers, Obama, Dewey, Cloward & Piven strategy to destroy America’s power, the destruction of the family, changing our values via manipulating our children via the school systems, political correctness in school dumbing down of our kids using the media, the arts, Hollywood, Berkeley, Environmentalism, Obama’s campaign and cabinet, Congress, ACLU, SEIU, ACORN, TIDES,, CAIR, etc. They are seeking to re-engineer society until they reach a “utopian society”. They are intent on overthrowing this country and imposing a socialist system that will mean extreme hardship for the majority of this country. Our children and grandchildren will pay the price if we do nothing. (continued…)

      • Reese

        “It won’t be just your children and grandchildren who pay the horrific price of living in the society they’re trying to create. It will be far worse. Every time a civilization or nation goes down militarily or economically, somebody else fills the gap. If you look around the world now, we have China massively arming. We have Russia.becoming increasingly belligerent working with the radical Islamists and China; a richly “red” (Communist) Latin America. We have a neutral socialist Europe. So America doesn’t have many friends left in the world. Who will stand up to the Russians and China? That’s not just going to affect America. That’s going to affect every nation in the free world. Who is going to stand up to the Russians and the Chinese? Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada? Not a chance. This is the part Americans need to understand. If America goes down economically, it will go down militarily, if America goes down militarily, we all go down. The free world is finished, and it will be finished for a very long time.”
        Get your school teachers and principals kids and friends to watch this movie and we can save America:

  • nightspore

    Peter Gleick was saying the same thing about global warming sceptics – just before he went off the deep end and committed fraud to try to discredit the Heartland Institute. Same strong words; same 'false consciousness'. It's essentially a last-ditch defense against the obvious.

  • Robert Conner

    I feel kinda sorry for the man. He needs to see a mental health professional. Badly. He's delusional. I have a neighbor who was born and lived in Leningrad until he emigrated in 1957. I asked him and what he said, I can't say here. Suffice it to say that he strongly disagrees with Professor Furr. Most strongly.
    It's sad, and a bit worrisome to know that someone that unbalanced is teaching at any level, even at a university.

    • Mary Sue

      Lemme guess, the guy's eyes suddenly got bigger than dinnerplates and his language included more than a few WTFs. For which I do not blame him at all.

  • Judenlieber

    "Grover Furr"? Does this guy have blue fur and talk like Yoda? Give the guy a break. If your parents had named you "Grover Furr", what kind of crap do you think you would be coming up with?

    • PaulRevereNow

      If he didn't intimidate his students, he might be deserving of a break. In that case, he could fairly be said to be presenting another point of view; but from his lousy demeanor and language, he is clearly over the top.

  • aspacia

    1984 is knocking at our door. Another mendacious professor.

  • Zombee

    And ignorant American parents willingly pay the tuition fees to commie complicit universities that harbor vermin pinkos's like Furr. Many universities have given radicals pinko's like Furr unfettered access to your children to brain wash them with marxist lies and propaganda ( can you spell Bill Ayers?)…. all the while concealing their true ideology from you and your child. Parents need to start asking questions and learn who these universities have on their faculty. They are a threat to our youth, our republic and the founding principles of our nation .

  • Stuart Parsons

    Well, Well, Well ! That is a surprise. It appears dear old Joe was al-insan al-kamil and uswa hasana like that Arabian guy. What was his name, Mo. something ?

  • Fritz

    Looks like there is more then one sort of Holocaust denier, if Stalin's' massacres and genocidal behavior are a fabrication then why are they supported by records in the Russian archives? They have every single order, edict, memorandum, and scrap of paper that the tyrant wrote on. We also have corroborating evidence from eye witnesses, and we also have accounts written by members of his inner circle and everyone down the chain of command. There is a large property which used to be used as a training ground for the Soviet Olympic team, on the property is a forest with several mass graves inside of it such that human remains still work their way to the surface, and this is by no means the only place like this.

  • Tanner

    This professor's statement reminds me of Holocaust deniers. It's the same kind of denying language, but with the Soviet Union. I've heard one student say in my class that Lenin or Stalin were not true Communists because they established a Communist dictatorship. In other words, I think he was saying that instead of a "dictatorship of the proletariat" (which he probably thought it wasn't suppose to be a dictatorship since the theory is that a country will be ruled by the people), Lenin and Stalin created a vanguard party which gave Communism a bad name; therefore, they weren't true Communists. That is the same classic statement made by people that say that Osama bin Laden "hijacked" Islam. These statements are trying to delegitimize the atrocities of poisonous ideologies like Communism in order to justify that such ideologies should be in effect in the U.S. Neo-Marxism is already in our institutions, though not all of them. It is still something we need to take seriously.

  • Ghostwriter

    Professor Furr must HAVE fur between his ears if he believes the nonsense he spouts.

  • Hugh Murray

    The professor declared that Stalin was guilty of no crime and had killed no one legally. That may be true of Hitler also. When a dictator runs the show, AND MAKES THE LAWS, nothing he does may be illegal. He may simply be making a sophists argument.

    • Mary Sue

      I guess it depends on what his definition of "is" is? ;)

  • Anthony V

    My aunt, who suffered under Ceacescu's communism and whose family lost 3 Russian relatives to Stalin's terrors, would kick this moron's ass and slash his tires if she were present at this atrocious debate.

  • Anthony V

    Imagine you're on your property and a group of police surround it. They tell you you can't leave, all you can do is eat the food you have or grow new crops, despite the fact that you have crappy soil. And the only water you can drink is what falls on your property or what you can pump out of the ground.

    Then they tell you, we're taking 9/10 of whatever you grow, you have to live on the rest. And by the way, don't try to leave or grow anything in secret, or we'll shoot you. Multiply that by 10 million,and you have the Ukrainian famine.

    Grover Furr, F YOU F YOU F YOU and may the souls of the dead PISS on you!!!

    Anthony Ventarola
    White Plains, NY

  • Justice 4 millions

    Please contact Dr Emily Isaacs at . She is the chairman of the dept where Prof Glover Furr works and ask for him to be removed from his position as a denier of communist atrocities. His position is the same as saying that Hitler did no crime and he never killed anyone, and that would not be acceptable

  • olimpiada shishkina

    Was it Stalin that destroyed whole cities with their populations during the WWII? Was it Stalin that nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Is America innocent of genocide? You'd better think about your own crimes, silly zombies, before prating about things you don't know. Grover Furr is a courageous man because he says what he thinks despite all the harassment and hate and bigotry of people with small brains who think they are clever because they have no opinion of their own.

  • mike b

    Typical brainwash liberal professor, never worked in the private sector, spent his whole life babied and sheltered in academia. I can't believe he's teaching at a university practically every single socialist/ communist praises marx, lenin but all denounce Stalin and acknowledge the fact that he was a power hungry mass-murderer. Where does Furr get his facts from? From Soviet records from Stalin's times? This is a joke!

  • Anthony Ventarola

    Of course not. Dictators don’t commit crimes. When a leader defines-down all the atrocities his henchman and his nation executes as “legal”, then nothing is a crime. Same for Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro. All positive progress in world history has been made by the “criminals”. I say that sarcastically, they are men we call heroes today, but who, in their current time and context, were simply violating the edicts of the Masters.

  • tat

    As a resident of Montclair I can say without hesitation that I am not the least bit suprised.

  • Brad

    It is shameful, not that Montclair State University tolerates a professor with such radical views but that it permits a pathological liar to teach there. Furr KNOWS that what he says isn’t true.
    I am a trial lawyer. Would that I had Professor Furr under oath on the witness stand. Unless he perjured himself, there is no way he could support the statements he makes in the video….or in the many publications he boasts of on his website.

  • pudintain

    Yes, Charley Manson didn’t do it either, you F-ing MORON!!! By the way Prof. where’s Marianne?

  • 3rdInfantryGrunt

    This guy should be locked up in a padded room. And idiots like this are filling our children’s heads with this nonsense.

  • Harold Mei

    100 % with him, Stalin & Mao saved millions from death.
    White Capitaislm killed over 250 million.
    My Uni Professor in Perth (Carmen Lawrence) proved the figures.
    You are lyin borgeios pigs.