Ecologists against the Jews

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Elsewhere, Architects and Planners for Justice in Palestine,” led by the British Richard Rogers, has called for a boycott of architects, planners and companies involved in building the security fence, which stopped the suicide bombers. Eyal Weizman, an Israeli architect living in London, calls it a “war crime.”

Elements within the Green movement have adopted Nazi-style rhetoric to blast Israeli businesses. Literature distributed by the boycotters outrageously describes Judea and Samaria citizens as “parasites.” Products from the Golan Heights, such as wines, mineral water and milk are targeted. Flowers are targeted by the BDS movement, because since Israel entered the flower export market in the 1970s this business has been blooming.

The Ahava cosmetics company is also targeted by Green activists. In the last three years, thousands of Western women in bikinis, belonging to the feminist association Code Pink, protested outside Ahava shops in the US and in European capitals. They are usually streaked with mud, some featuring the words “Ahava is a dirty business.” The slogan of the campaign is fashionable and catchy: “Stolen Beauty.”

Dutch government promoted an investigation to determine whether Ahava should enjoy tax privileges granted to foreign goods. Elsewhere, Sex and the City actress Kristin Davis was suspended by humanitarian group Oxfam International after joining an Ahava advertisement campaign.

In the final analysis, environmentalists have launched a primitive diatribe against Israel that smacks of classic, medieval-style anti-Semitic blood libels. It demonizes the Jews for “dispossessing” and “polluting” a fabricated, “archetypical Palestine.” Yet this campaign has proven, again, that anti-Semitism is the most dangerous pollutant.

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  • UCSPanther

    Goes to show that antisemites have a common thread: They don't have anything truthful to say and they cannot back up any of their claims, so they have to resort to throwing dung at the wall and hope something sticks.

    As usual, they are desperate.

    • oldtimer

      and they are despicable.

  • Lillith

    Israel named world's 2nd-best cleantech innovator…so much for the propaganda.,7340,L-4196969

  • David

    The word is "jealousy".
    The Jew-haters have to finally get it in their heads that God Almighty blesses His people the Jews. They are a beacon to all the world and those who admire the light are also blessed by God, while the jealous will again eat dust like the wild asses under the curse of the same God.
    Those who despise the Jewish people and devise ways to thwart their presence in the world, are digging their own graves ever so deeper.
    We must again recall the words of God when promising His blessings on His people:
    "I will bless those who bless you, and him who dishonors you I will curse, and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed." (Genisis 12:3)

    • dave

      Yeah but the holocaust still happened

      • stern

        And no doubt, there were reasons for it. But those of us who know, also know that some things are beyond human understanding.

      • intrcptr2

        Yeah, and what happened to the perpetrators?

  • Amused

    Ecology is a legitimate science .Ecologists are legitimate scientist . Presently ecology or any science for that matters systematicall "de-legitmized by the repocons and their sycophants. The Green Party are the radicals of ecology .Everyone knows that .Yet the author has found another of many "STRAWMEN" by titling this DECEPTIVE article "Ecologists Against the Jews " . Funny , I thought ecology was a science not an ideological or politically biased entity.
    So FPM finds another bottom feeder , to misinform and smear a whole science ,and insight the ignorant , by attempting to "create " a link between ANTI-SEMITISIM and ECOLOGY .
    Just more "redmeat " tossed out , for the sycophants of a highly biased ideollogy ,to have a feeding frenzy over .
    Man you people are pathetic !

    • rob

      that was funny! amusing, you might say. Just like climate scientists are real scientists! Just because they spin their findings to propogate socialistic policies, which everyone knows are GOOD for the environment (sarcasm there).

      • Amused

        Very , TOTALLY brainwashed opinion rob .What do you know of climate science , other than the rhetoric you parrot ? It's quite simple to see where the repocon agenda on this subject originates .The christian fundies say we were given "dominion " therefore we do what we wish to the environment , big oil [like the Koch Bros. who pay "good money " for legislation to get around or defeat obvious environmental abuses , after all "profit and its pursuit is not just the American way , it's their right . Ergo the sycophant Republican party follows lockstep , for the sake of their financial benefactors and pandering to the christian fundamentalist voting base . As for consequences of abusing the environment [ beyongtommorrow ] ? LOL….what consequences ? Delegitimize science to the degree at which the repocons have , and consequences become irrelevant . The game is easy to understand .

    • ziontruth

      Ah, Amused displaying his ignorance of the Marxist "Long March Through The Institutions" again.

      • kentatwater

        Its "my red herring is bigger than your 'straw man'" argument is a brief amusement, though :)

      • Amused

        Oh yea , the "march " ….get a bloddy grip ziontruth .I suggest you take 10 deep breaths and read the title of this strawman article "Ecologists against Jews " , now do something you're not used to ……think on your own .

    • truckwork

      If the Green Party is a legitimate scientific group why isn't it providing scientific evidence allowing the reader to make up their own minds rather than spouting anti-semitic comments.

    • reader

      "Funny , I thought ecology was a science not an ideological or politically biased entity."

      Funny, but you seem to take yourself way too seriously for an "amused."

    • EVABeliever

      There is nothing amusing about "Amused". He is an oxymoron: an idiot with a brain! Fact: Israel is the number one country in the region! Surrounded by 22 arab countries it outperforms in every field. Idiots like Amused can't stand the FACT that JEWS are smarter than him. It bothers him that people he hates are more successful than him. When Jews were weak people like Amused hated them for being weak and now that Israelis are so successful people like Amused hate them for being so successful. For the Green party and ecologists to buy into lies is proof of their anti-Semitic tendencies. For Amused not to see this is proof of his blind hatred. Go take a hike Amused into the cesspool you were born in.

      • Amused

        I see I'm being attacked by SCHMUCKS INCORPORATED , with low reading comprehension skills . //Kentawater you're just to STUPID to respond to ,// truckwork, the Greenparty does not incorporate any part of science , it is an ideological entityand not representative at all of the science of Ecology , but hey I'll not accuse you of having a brain. //.Musser , you display the same STUPID QUALITY as kentawater , that's E-C-O-L-O-G-Y assswipe not Environmentalism .Sorry// reader , no reply to juveniles .
        And EVA BELIEVER , you're a total MORON , I am a Jew , {Mother born in Tel Aviv].Ive never looked at Jews as weak , niether then or now . Blind hatred ? You ASSSSHOLE .Just becasuse you're to bloody stupid to know when you're being played like a fish on the line , dont take your animus out on me .It's IDIOTS like your bunch that mutually blow smoke up each others asss in your ignorance and bias.I always knew repocons were stupid , but you imbeciles take that definition to new heights .But I guess they need a spokesman like you huh Eva .

        • Amused

          BTW , I was born in Brooklyn , quite removed from the cesspool you and your little freinds wallow in . And that's a perfect explanation for the "shiit in /shiit out " mentality of you and your ilk EVA BEVA

        • kentatwater

          Kentawater you're just to STUPID to respond to

          And yet, you just did. Who's the idiot, really?

          Amused, you are all the stereotypes of a typical troll made flesh. Reading your posts is like watching a minstrel show.

          • Amused

            Who's the idiot ? Why you are of course …..look at your reply ….oh did I forget ? GFY moron .

          • kentatwater

            I quote:

            Kentawater you're just to STUPID to respond to[.]

            And yet, you do it again again!

          • Zionista

            you're not just a self-hating creep, but a vulgar lowlife as well – SHAME ON YOU

          • kentatwater


            It is clearly incapable of such.

        • johnnywoods

          Very intelligent outburst there Mr. Amused.

          • Bartimaeus

            You will find that Amused is very proud of his intellect. In order to make himself look superior, He likes to step on people verbally. That is just the way he is.

          • Amused

            Well that's hard to avoid , with so many mental midgets running around here , it's kinda easy for them to getr underfoot …oh well . Atleast you know your place .

          • Anonymous

            .קפץ לי, שמאָק

          • intrcptr2

            Considering how well amuse-ing spells English, do you think he knows what a schmuck is?

          • kentatwater

            Well, self-actualization is usually a character trait lacking in such idiots, so no.

  • Proud_Kafir7908

    I've seen such islamophilic fascists protesting against Ahava here in France as well. Too bad my French still isn't good enough to try to debate them until they either start screaming "racist" (for lack of arguments to support their views), or I'm forced to run away, because they've figured that their best shot at shutting me up might be going after me like those cowardly packs of "Asians" (Brit PC/MC for "muslims") attacking lone male infidels in the UK.

  • ziontruth

    Speaking of ecology… Muslim families with at least ten children each are a boon to the planet's limited resources, right?

    Quote from the article:

    "According to this racist belief, 'native species' originate in a certain place and that is where they 'belong.' Hence, Israel’s 'colonization' threatens the 'original' Arab environment."

    Funny, they never seem to apply that logic to the "native species" of Europe vis-a-vis multiculturalist encroachment. There it's a change of tune to "Diversity is strength, monocultures are undesirable!"

    Anything that suits. There are not ecologists, feminists and anti-racists in the world today (except for a few remnants from old times, maybe), but Marxist agents of sedition who use ecology, feminism and anti-racism as their banners.

    • kentatwater

      I fear you will get no traction with leftists, with this argument. They ally themselves freely with islamists, even though Sharia is the leftists' social nightmare come true, because islamists and leftists have in a common enemy the US, Israel, and the western concept of the natural rights of man.

  • BS77

    Most of the "green" ecologists, Luddites, anarchists, leftists and misanthropic Marxists are a bunch of idiots…they have never really been scientific ….all the supposed research about "global warming" and climate change is a pile of steaming garbage….Most of the agenda is really about instituting socialist controls on society…more bureaucracy, more rules and regulations, more hypocrisy and lies. It's Orwell on steroids.

  • Mark Musser

    Ecological anti-Semitism has its roots in German existentialist philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer's (1788-1860)environmental ethics (Schopenhauer replaced Kant's categorical imperative with an early form of environmental existential ethics). Schopenahauer blamed the Jews for animal cruelty and for disdaining nature. Schopenhauer based his diatribe against the Jews on Genesis because the opening chapters taught the man was above nature since he was created in the image of God. In Schopenhauer's natural existential mind, this led to the destruction of nature. Neither is it a coincidence that Hitler's favorite philosopher was Schopenhauer, and that one of the first pieces of legislation the Nazis passed was an Animal Rights law in 1933. Hitler won the Eichelbarger Humane Award in 1934 from a Seattle based animal rights group.

    • intrcptr2

      Well, sure, he was a vegetarian… and he didn't smoke or drink.

      Great guy, really, if you just get over the murderous rage.
      Man of the Year in 1938, according to Time.

    • maturin20

      Humanity has its roots in cave people and ape-men. Therefore Mother Theresa is a chimpanzee.

  • tagalog

    The Levantine area was one of the first places settled as sub-Saharan Africans migrated out of West Central Africa into the rest of the world. So anybody who lives there who's not black ought to get out. Right?

    • NorthStar

      Especially Sudan.

  • maria

    "Amused" shield himself by saying he is Jew. Soros was born in Jewish family and was Nazis colobrazionis who sold out Jewish people to acquire their property. Noam Homsky, Norm Finkelstein are Jews and the same time anti-semits. So it to be a Jew does not mean that you are not anti-semite, anti-Israel bigot useful idiot, traitor of your own folk.

    • maturin20

      Did you just say Volk?

      • intrcptr2

        Yes, he did. Aren't you a native English speaker?

    • intrcptr2

      Weren't the great bulk of concentration camp Kapos, themselves Jews?

  • sar shalom

    are the greens in germany left-over or warmed-over nazis?

    • Mark Musser

      To some extent yes. The Nazis had a fairly green record in the 1930's. In his book entitled, "Spandau" Albert Speer said that the Nazi interest in green issues was actually "very marked" and that it was not a cover for false motives as many have since alleged. Green Nazi Werner Haverbeck started out his political career in the Hitler Youth and later played an important role in the development of the Green Party in Germany in the late 70's. His wife Ursuala was convicted of being a holocaust denier in 2010. Also pleaes check out this particular link –….

  • Amused

    Maria , I have no need to shield myself ….,truth fends off all the stupid notions espoused by morons like yourself . If you actually used your brain for rational thought , you'd get a headache . You're al suckers for big buisiness ..Why …because big buisiness fills the pockets of your phony politicians ,big buisiness through their legal bribers , the lobbyists ,has republicans in their pocket and anything that stands in the way of the "Holy Capitalists " is bad /marxist /socialist /nazi-like and now with nowhere else to go with your ignorant argument …"ecology is anti-semitic " ….man what a bunch of pathetic fools

  • Sage on the Stage

    Pavoli Krushevan, anti-semitic editor of Bessarabets, started the blood libel found in
    "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion," that sparked the Kishinev pogrom. Part of the Protocols, including the blood libel, are in the Hamas charter, dated 1988.

  • Amused

    Sanity , truth , and rational thoughts" shield" me Maria ….effortlessly .I doubt you are acquainted with any of the three . An under developed mind is a terrible thing Maria , it leads to really stupid assumptions like the one you just posted , and your verbal flailing just leads to you making a fool of yourself .
    People like you DO make good PARROTS though .You dont have to think ….just repeat what you hear .

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Communists have take over the ecological movement and typically Israel and Jews are their target,
    nothing new, just newer twists on the insane claims by loonier individuals who are not just slightly
    but entirely out of their minds but intentionally so…………………………….William

  • Amused

    go find maria and get a room Ward . you can share your prozac .

    • Zionista

      and you little amused can look forward to another long night alone – just you – and your hand!!!

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Thank you Oh Dark Lord, your attentions are moving and profound and anytime you desire to
      pounce on me, well great I must be doing something right. Sorry Maria I am married and sorry
      Amused I do not do drugs but as Psychiatrist to the World I think you would do well in group
      therapy. I will look around for you and find the finest compatible group of Warlocks, Nephilim
      and Sorcerers with the proper mean streak and sense of impropriety. Hey I was born in
      Brooklyn so not everything bad comes from there…………….Sincerely, Ur bud………William

      • intrcptr2

        Honestly I think he would benefit more from another visit to kindergarten. Fairly obvious he missed quite a bit the first go round.

        • Snorbk

          Thats funny :-)

  • Amused

    Ahhh Zionista ," out of the mouth comes the abundance of the heart "…that what you think about all day ? I guess that rules the content of any reply huh ?
    intrcptr2 , I truly visit and REVISIT kindergarten , for I find more logic and common sense there amongst the young-uns than than anything found here amongst the denizens of FPM< . I fnd that truly telling .You oughta tyry it , may do you some good .You may infact someday develop critical thinking , of which most here are totally devoid of . And Ward , you come from Brooklyn eh ? Well my paisano , it seems your experience there did not leave you unscathed …..oh well it happens . How much time did you spend in Bellevue ?

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Where were you on Dec. 2rd 1949 at 10:10am? If I am correct you are the kid that pushed
      me out of the swing at Cherry Park in Greenpoint damaging my ego, fiend, some people never
      change………….where there is life there is hope, do not give up on yourself…..paisanano…..
      even if all 6,000,000,000 people do…….gleefully laughing……………………….William

  • Amused

    btw Ward , try an keep that Brooklyn origin stuff to yourself …ya know ….gives the place a bad name .

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Amused and Abused all in one line, you got talent kid, way to roll………………….William

  • Marget

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