Europe’s Witch Hunt

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Princeton University’s Bernard Lewis once told the German daily Die Welt that “Europe will be Islamic by the end of the century.” We are already living through the self-extinction of the European civilization that shaped the age we live in. The inquisition against Europe’s “racist” and “Islamophobic” writers and journalists sheds a unique light on this demographic and religious revolution. Cartoonists, novelists, intellectuals, reporters, these are “les nouveaux réactionnaires,, the new reactionaries as in the pamphlet of the leftist intellectual Daniel Lindenberg. Western intellectuals “guilty” of fighting the stereotypes of the Western elites: multiculturalism, the “droits de l’hommisme”(the human rights turned into a spoiled child), Islam and anti-Semitism. These new witches are demonized in the name of anti-racism, which the French philosopher Alain Finkielkraut called “the communism of XXI century.”

The latest victim of the leftist bien-pensants allied with the Islamic fanatics is Eric Zemmour, Jewish journalist and author of the bestseller “Mélancolie Française.” A few days ago, Zemmour has been dismissed from his radio show for having criticized the new French Minister of Justice, Christiane Taubira, “gentle and compassionate as a mother with her children, the poor children of the suburbs who steal, peddle, torture, rape, and sometimes kill.”

The late Italian writer Oriana Fallaci went to trial (she was then acquitted) in France and Italy, where anti-racist leftist associations compared her to Osama bin Laden. The Nobel Prize Laureate for Literature, Wole Soyinka, known as the “Nigerian Joyce,” has been demonized as a “racist” for having called the UK “a cesspit” for Islamists. Finkielkraut himself has been tried, after he dared to comment on the French suburbs that “if the thugs were white everyone would have evoked fascism, when a school is burned down by an Arab then it’s ‘rebellion’.”.

If the writer Michel Houellebecq was on trial for his best-selling novel “Platform” and interviews where he called Islam “the most stupid of all religions”, VS Naipaul, another Nobel Prize Laureate, has been demonized as “racist” and “reactionary” by the liberal press.

In many cases, the journalists became refugees in their own countries. “My house is protected as a bunker with cameras,” told me Kurt Westergaard, the Danish artist who created the cartoon of the Prophet wearing a bomb in his turban for the Jyllands Posten newspaper. Visiting his paper’s office is like entering a US embassy in an Arab country. The journal had erected a 2.5-metre high, one-kilometer long barbed-wire barrier, complete with electronic surveillance, around its headquarters in Visby. Mail is scanned and newspaper staff members need ID cards to enter the buildings. When Flemming Rose, the cultural editor who took the initiative of publishing the cartoons, attended a conference in Oxford, the British police had to set up “the same protection as for Michael Jackson.”

In the Netherlands, where filmmaker Theo van Gogh was killed by a Muslim for his criticism of Islam and the biggest mosques of Europe frame the luxuriant, wooded, watery countryside, cartoonist Gregorious Nekshot uses even a pseudonym to protect his own identity. At the University of Leiden, Rembrandt’s city, the office of Law Professor Afshin Ellian, who escaped the Iranian religious dictatorship, is protected by bulletproof walls and policemen. “In Holland Rousseau, Locke, Sade and Spinoza were able to publish their books,” Ellian said during our meeting in Leiden. “Holland was the hope of Europe. But it’s no more. Now there is an atmosphere of fear.”

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  • Eleanor

    Last days of Europe is an understatement. In fact, these could be the last days of freedom on Earth, or even of the human race if messianic Muslim fanatics attempt to usher in the Mahdi.
    Europe is a cautionary tale for freedom-loving people everywhere. Stand up to tyrants now or face the dreary, unhappy future with jackbooted Islam on your neck.

    • litesp33d

      This is ridiculous. You will not have the jackboot of islam on your neck because if you oppose the regime you won't have a neck.

  • H&R_ Barack

    RE: "Europe’s Witch Hunt….."

    SPEAKING of (W) – ITCHES………

    Michelle Obama's Last Grand European tour was,…….just, ….weeks ago………..

  • No Dhimmi traitor

    Who are these demented leftist nutjobs behind this Inquisition? We need names! We need to expose them on websites by name and return the favor of smearing them. The terms "facists" and "Inquisitors" come immediately to mind. "Nazis" is always a good standby, although that's overplayed, especially by the Left. So too is "fascist," obviously.

    How about "anti-infidel?" "Infidelophobe?"

    In any event, the venom that these deranged and depraved lunatics spew should probably be returned to them in like kind. Unfortunately, they seem to have the police and court systems all locked up in their favor – years of Muslim money, apparently.

    Europe will sell its soul to whoever will pay the bills – I think we've figured that one out already.


  • wctaqiyya

    Interesting that you should call it a witch hunt. I guess it's appropriate, since so many in the west have come to believe they can control the weather. Many also worship nature and believe it is superior to man. Carbon footprints, biodiversity, etc. Surely, this is magic and witchcraft.

    True also that the Muslim hordes have de facto conquered the weaker, degraded west. Evidence for that abounds in your article. Winners don't need to hide behind walls and cameras, do they?

    But you seem to be complaining because the Muslims don't adopt the loser's foolish notions about equality, fairness, tolerance and diversity. Why should they, sir? Those notions are what helped create the conditions for the west's failure and yet you lament their absence in this new world? Isn't that kinda like hoping your magical powers will convert the conquerers into milksops? I think western magic will be as effective against Islam as the carbon conjurers have been in predicting a flooded earth, scorching temperatures and mass extinctions. That is, not so much.

    • Ted G

      This appears to be a perfect argument for treating islam and its true barbaric followers the same as islam treats non-muslims.

      • wctaqiyya

        Well, it's rather late in the day for Europe I would say. I think they are toast, as this article illustrates. But, if by treating muslims the same you mean engaging in self defense, sure. For Americans, maybe self defense could work. But it's getting late fast, real fast. And, as I indicated above, most Americans are still under the spell of new age baloney. Healing crystals, tolerance of the intolerable and other brain dead, zombie doctrines. We shall see.

        • João Portugal

          Haven't you learned anything from History??..or you simply don't know any History at all?
          Just do some research on "Al-Andalus" and "Reconquista" to have a glance on how resilient the European Christian Civilization can be. Like our Saviour, we are bound to resurrect sooner or later!

          • curmudgeon

            a nice sentiment, but it just doesnt apply in the age of political correctness. surrender is so much easier.

          • wctaqiyya

            Sure. History tells me that corrupt, weak, soft, morally bankrupt societies fall to more energetic barbarians. This time, the west is helping those barbarians in significant ways. As for what comes after the dark age to come? That's anyone's guess, but it's not guaranteed to be an improvement as you seem to be suggesting. Society is not like Jesus. In fact, this society is more like Nineveh, headed for doom.

          • Ted G

            IMO Only partially correct, and only because of weak and cowardly "so called leaders".

            There is a tipping point and woe upon those that ignore "we the peoples" righteous anger!

            And this will not be Brainless sycophants that are slaves of their own ignorance and fear.
            This will be a rising up of really pissed off people of intellect and education that will have a deliberate and purposeful goal of righting the ship I call liberty!

          • nina

            Also, the historical barbarians were more energetic. But the present day barbarians were living in squalor for hundreds of years, repeated their religious teachings like parrots without understanding anything, and rotted under the boot of the Otoman empire itself a big mess of corruption. And still those barbarians were stronger than the West? Because the West aided in its destruction.

          • wctaqiyya

            Sure nina, even if the present day version of barbarian is less energetic, and that's debatable, western countries invited in millions and millions of fast breeding enemies. There are some Roman parallels here since the Romans were using many barbarian tribesmen as soldiers and guards towards the end and they had their families with them. Really, the main thing enabling this conquest is the western policies themselves. After all, they can't use magic carpets to get in, can they?

  • Omar Kahlid

    BHO is muzlim. He is the ultimate muzlim. America will very soon come under the muzlim boot when BHO cedes control over to the UN.

  • Hank Rearden

    Where is Charles Martel when we need him?

  • Ronald Johnston

    Anybody who does not recognize that islam is not a religion, it is an evil ideology, is not worthy of freedom!!! They should all be deported to muslim countries and let them see for themselves!!!!

  • Mach1Duck

    Is it not sad that the West allows the Religion of Predation to continue within its bounds. There was no Christian Holy War until long after the Mulims invaded Euprope. There was no religious Inquisition, tourtur of barbarity in Christiandom until after the Muslim invasion of Europe. Charles Martel won the battle of Tours not by attacking the Muslim invaders; but by attacking their baggage train full of spoils. Muslims beware.

  • joe

    Watching thousands of years of European history sink into oblivion is heartbreaking .

    After all they have been through to establish successful ,individual countries ,one would assume they cared enough about their history and future that they would at least defend it.

    Instead we see them appeasing ,justifying and accepting their own invasion and destruction .
    They are simply curling up in a ball and giving up with barely a wimper.

  • curmudgeon

    the craven surrender of europe to evil is disgusting. we will see if the rest of the world is any better. i dont see much to indicate that it is. our only hope is that the intentional suicide of europe is so bloody and so shocking that other nations will wake up and expel their muslim invaders. not likely. each nation will say, no, the religion of peace will not treat us with the same ruthless barbarity it has treated every people it has conquered for 14 centuries. keep on whistling, cowardly fools. it is a very large graveyard.

  • Guest

    When the Nazis overrun Europe, it was all over, end game for freedom. Guess what? Europeans will be pushed and pushed until one day they will snap. The signs are already there, the pot is simmering. Join your local resistance group now.

    • wctaqiyya

      Hate to pop your bubble about all that European resistance but Russia was the main reason Germany was defeated. Russia was ruled by that great depot Stalin at the time. The other main reason Germany was defeated was the US. Non-Europeans won that war dude. And if you happen to live in England, you may believe Churchill won the war all by himself. Sorry, that's not true.

      When you say the signs are already there for your simmering pot of resistance, what do you mean? Have the European Muslims stopped burning cars, killing Jews, wearing rag tops or something?