‘Europe Will Collapse as the Soviet Union Did’

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“It’s inevitable that the European project should reach a crisis – as it was inevitable that Lenin’s project in 1917 should do the same.”

Roger Scruton has no doubt: the European Union will collapse as it happened with the Soviet Union. Hailed as “Britain’s foremost conservative philosopher” by the The Wall Street Journal, Professor at Oxford and St. Andrews, Scruton is author of twenty books, including, “The Meaning of Conservatism” and the latest “The Face of God.” He is one of the very few intellectuals who predicted the implosion of the European project.

“The European crisis has come about, in my view, for two reasons,” Scruton tells me. “First, there was the original project, to create a united states of Europe. This project was conceived without any Plan B. It seemed imperative to achieve it, and no provisions were made for failure, or for a change of direction. The machine lumbers forward without feedback, and can make no adjustments to a changing reality. Second, the project was entrusted to a bureaucracy, with extraordinary legislative and administrative powers. Those responsible for pushing things forward are neither elected by the people nor answerable to the people in any election. They proceed at uniform speed in a straight line until reaching the inevitable immovable obstacle. When that happens, it will all be over. But the damage will be enormous.”

Given those two features of the European project it is inevitable that it should reach a big crisis. “The failure also has two important causes. First, as everybody knows, there is a growing deficit of legitimacy in the European institutions. Once or twice the institutions have appealed through their political spokesmen to the people. But whenever given the chance to vote the people of Europe say ‘no’ to the project. The project continues as before, unaffected by this ‘no’. But the people draw their conclusions, and gradually withdraw their trust.”

The other cause has been the complete failure of the European political elite to consider the culture of Europe. “The culture of Europe is founded in the Judeo-Christian revelation, and our laws, institutions and educational traditions are unintelligible without reference to the lessons taught in the Bible. But the culture of Europe is also a secular culture, as I explain in my book ‘The West and the Rest’, based in territorial loyalty of a national kind. Both the religious and the national sources of our culture are repudiated by the European elites, who believe that culture is of no significance, and will change in obedience to the political and economic imperatives. Hence those who invented the Euro and imposed it unthinkingly on the people of Europe failed to see that the attitude of people to debt is profoundly affected by culture, and that the culture of Greece (for example) is totally different, in this respect, from the culture of Germany, and that of Italy of course different to both of them.”

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  • Stephan

    If the Soviet Union collapsed, where can I find the freed political prisoners and the closed concentration camps / gulags?

  • Peter

    A very interesting article, maybe too true for some to accept.
    I believe we are entering an age when individualism will progress within a clustered envrionment while institutions (political, religious, financial, corporations) across all areas of life will crumble, or maybe I'm missing something.
    I live in Ireland and I can see, over the last three years, how community spirit is being rekindled, known or unknown to people. The fabric of society is being rebuilt from the bottom up (thankfully), Ireland is naturally an island of communities not an institutionalised island.
    Growth and developement will progress from the spirit of the people not the sum of the spreadsheets.

    • Stephen

      this is an excellent point. And, unless I understood that wrongly, it also counters some of Scruton's pessimism. The issue is that the European project must continue in order to change some aspects of the national cultures, bringing them in line with individualism, meritocracy, accountability… The young people of Southern Europe want nothing else. And they are willing to throw off their grandparents 'culture' of entitlements, corruption, nepotism, etc.

      This will also strengthen them in maintaining the rule of law over too much religious influence.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002830936475 Frank Jones

    There will be a civil war in Europe: Europeans vs. muslims

    • JeremyBeadleshand

      You are wrong, it will not be a Civil War, for they were never part of our civilization. It will be a war of survival against vicious and backwards colonists who our treasonous governments invited in.

      • Yusuf

        There will be a civil war in Europe: ……….between Europeans brainwashed by zionists vs. europeans who have embraced the islamist outlook


          Yusuffer, You can have Europe. Europe deserves islamofascists. I exclude the great Czech Republic.

          But you will NEVER have the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.

          And if you really misbehave, Mecca will disappear, forever.

  • Reno

    Just for info, Brussels is the capital of BELGIUM, located indeed in the Flanders region but MASSIVELY populated by Francophone Belgians, not Flemish people! The people of Brussels has NO desire to be part of an independent Flanders ruled by the xenophobic flemish political "elites"! And when I mean xenophobic, it's not only that they despise muslims, they despise their francophone compatriots, and any foreigners wishing to stay more than a 3 months long tourist visit! Europeans and Americans included!


      Screw belgium too.

  • Art

    Meotti as usual. Scruton's warning for Europe is correct and timely. But has little to do with Meotti's hateful obsession with Muslims. Maybe Meotti doesn't understand Scruton's points or he has a serious psychological problem:

    • Stephen Rosen – WA

      Ah, so Meotti is obsessed with Muslims? You are obsessed with your own liberal hateful paranoia

      • Art

        ??? Come again…

    • Schlomotion

      Please write more.

    • PaulRevereNow

      Tell me…was 9/11 an example of America's "hateful obssession with Muslims?"


        9/11 was an example of the barbarity of Muslims.

        The 20,000 dead in Syria is an example of the barbarity of Muslims.

    • mlcblog

      Hateful? factual in my opinion.

  • Walter Kuhn

    "will repossess themselves of their national identities and the cultural inheritance that goes with the national idea"

    Wrong, not in Southern Europe. The cultural inheritance there is corruption, lack of meritocratic systems, personal connections, lack of proper educational institutions, lack of capitalism. The young people of these countries are leaving in the thousands exactly because they won't have anything to do with that 'culture'. And the only hope that these cultural aberrations are finally gotten rid of is…Europe (e.g. reform of pension systems).

    All this has nothing to do with Muslims. They are viewed with suspicion exactly because their culture is seen as backward, corrupt, authoritarian, etc.

    A usual cheap shot from Meotti.

    • Alex

      As someone of Souther European background, I think you tend to be a bit too caricatural! Things are not that bad!
      You get a lot of excellent universities there, especially in France and Italy, and very large and very competitive industrial groups and companies, that are even global. Not as much as it could be indeed, but it's not that grim!

  • Schlomotion

    I wonder if the stay-behind organizations, such as Mr. Meotti's publication are flipping out because of Islam or because they will have diminished role as there become fewer nationalist religious blocs to defend. Is this a job security issue?

  • Marco Sinigaglia

    no, it's not a job security issue. Meotti is paid by Opus Dei, a very wealthy fundamentalist Catholic organization. They are engaged in a religion-based confrontation with European secularists and with Muslims, and support Israel in order to convert the Jews: http://jewishisrael.ning.com/profiles/blogs/journ

    But, back to the article, Meotti and his ilk are obviously keen on the collapse of the current European super-state because it is largely liberal, and has a Charter and Court for Human Rights that consistently rules against Opus Dei's values, such as excommunication/jailing of divorcees, and homosexual activities, etc.

    This article makes it clearer than ever Meotti's target, namely secular Europeans and Islam. Roger Scruton, whose analysis is excellent, is used here only as a pawn to say that "Brussels is the devil".

    • Schlomotion

      That's interesting. It makes Mr. Meotti sound like a proponent of Catholic Sharia. When he writes about America, it has all the patronizing blunder of a carpetbagger. When he writes about Israel it seems the same way.

    • Ghostwriter

      And you,Schlockmotion sound like an idiot every time you make one of your comments.

  • Marty

    It's too late for most of europe. The muslim immigrants continue to arrive, become welfare check recipients, and spend their time hating non-muslims, beating up Jews, and breeding with their cousins. Those europeans seriously interested in preserving their culture and western civilization will have to create their own non-muslim enclaves, defend them, and resist the creeping sharia policy of their central governments. And that is essentially what we will have to begin doing here as well.

    • Dwee

      Reality is clear, math doesn't lie — the population of Muslims growing exponentially and will destroy European culture. The Muslims will burn all European art and artifacts, erase all evidence of it and rewrite its history. Tis a pity.


        Europe, now Eurabia can only blame itself.

    • Drakken

      It is not too late and when that sleeping Dragon of nationalism comes awake the muslims will rue the day they took us all as chumps, the Balkans was only an opening act, it is about to get extremely brutal.

    • ElFel

      As a Pole, my feelings are ambigous-on the one hand, its kind of sad to loose f.e Britain to the Muslim hordes.Or France,Germany,Holland,Sweden for that matter.On the other, i cant forget how Poland,and all other Central and Eastern European nations were basically SOLD by the "glorious" and self-righteous West to the Empire of Darkness, s.th we STILL are suffering for-gosh, the West is treatening us like white Africans,as ignorant people that should just shut up an listen to them.Therefore I am wondering if this is not,by any chance, a kind of ironic justice.I mean, we will NOT become targets of immigration, our welfare systems are not so generous,so they are avoided by muslim immigration

  • scutum

    The United States will also collapse, this election gives us a choice between a communist (Obama) and an incompetent. (Romney)

    • EthanP

      Romney isn't incompetant. The problem is he's a closet liberal. Thats why he's so popular with the GOP establishment.

      • Mburu Chege

        both the "communist" (Obama) and the "incompetent " (Romney) are SLAVES to the zionist power structure …….their policies are radically different in all issues except israel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Western Spirit

          Oh just shut up Mbutu. We've heard all that before from the Nazi's making the Jews so powerful it's unbelievable unless your bigoted and want to believe it.

        • Silverio Facundo

          Yes. Also Stalin was a slave of the zionists, as was Mubarak, Kadafi, Arafat and Hussein. The players of the Manchester United are also slaves of the zionists, and so are the players of the Barcelona. Don't forget the shopkeepers in Istanbul, the bungee jumpers in Sumatra and the cattle owners in Argentina. The KKK is a zionist organization created to divert attention from the Jewish agenda, al Qaeda is run by an Israeli of dubious origin and the FBI is full of Israeli moles. Hitler (may his name and memory forever be wiped) was a stooge of the German Jews, who commanded him to start WW2 in order to make money and finally, Mburu Chege is an undercover internet Jewish spy.

  • Attila The Hun

    It has been 67 years since WWII. Europe never lived without a war for so long. Sooner or latter this artificial European peace will breakdown. When it does it will be bloodier than WWI and WWII combined.

    • Drakken

      You are completely correct, I will just say that when those Euros wake from their brain dead socialist stupor their anger will make the muslims tremble and flee.

    • Silverio Facundo

      Yes, you're right. Europe has been without wars for over 50 years. Of course, the wars between the former Yugoslavia nations don't even amount to real wars, as only a copule of tens of thousands were killed. The wars inside the former Sovet Union countries don't count either, as no one heard about them and no one can even number the killed, the raped and the relocated. The Soviet suppression of the Rumanian and Czech revolts in '56 and '68 didn't leave too many dead bodies, so it can be considered peaceful.

      But of course, we are all waiting to the bloody confrontation between native European and muslim invaders. Unless the servants of islam manage to flood the continent with enough hashish and assorted drugs to keep the unsuspecting remaining caucasians stoned to to the extent of welcoming their executioners and not even knowing what hit them.

  • Silverfinger

    Eurabia will be practically Judenrein by 2020, if not before.

    In the first five months of 2012, there were 268 attacks against Jews. France today is an extremely antisemitic country. The socialist Government under the leadership of Hollande does nothing to protect the Jews – on the contrary.

    The Muslims are a very important part of the elected officials. On July 5, 2012, a 17 years-old Jewish youngster was nearly beaten to death near Toulouse by two Muslims of North-African descent because he was wearing a chain with the Star of David.

    Dutch politicians from the ranks of the Socialists even marched together with Muslims, who called publicly for the gassing of Jews.

    German journalists portray Muslims as upstanding people who have nothing in common with right-wing extremists. German journalists by their complacency are aiding and abbetting the expulsion of Jews from Europe.

    They are in denial about the Islamic wave sweeping Europe.

    Compassion for Europe?? Look in the dictionary. Between AIDS and syphilis

    • Drakken

      When their economies crash, and it will you, will see a huge resurgance of nationlism all around Europe and you can see it starting to wake up the populace. The Govts of those countries are scared to death of what is going to happen to them for allowing the muslims to come there. They can no longer push back the tide that is coming.

  • Drakken

    The human rights industry is against Western values as it puts 3rd and 4 th world values ahead of ours, our western culture is vastly superior to anything the 3rd and 4 th world ever brought forth and it will be fought for soon enough, so take your so called human rights and bloody shove them where the sun don't shine.

    • Marco Sinigaglia

      I see. So you would jail and excommunicate divorcees and gays. Good for you that you came out of the closet.

      • Drakken

        I am talking of Western Values over 3rd and 4th world ones, nice try at changing the subject.

  • EthanP

    I concur with his view. My concern is that the Euro colapse will likely take us down as well. We're not far from it now.

  • mburu

    "Those responsible for pushing things forward are neither elected by the people nor answerable to the people in any election."

    being ELECTED or not is immaterial. what matters is that the job should be entrusted to visionary and energetic folks. why are zionists always obsessed with elections …..they are a farce!

    the EUROPEAN PROJECT can only succeed if the continent is freed from the zionist financial, political and cultural yoke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yusuf

    “The culture of Europe is founded in the Judeo-Christian revelation,"

    the term "JUDEO-CHRISTIAN" is an OXYMORON of the highest order! ….

    Judaism does NOT recognize the central figure of Christianity (Jesus Christ) as a messiah!

    in fact it sees him as an "evil man"….

    how then can Judaism and Christianity be reconciled!

    impossible in my view!

  • mlcblog

    I have never even heard of this great man. It is a thrill to say I agree with him in my hope that Europe will come to its senses and return to the lovely nations that it was.

  • reflecting 1a

    14 trillion dollars spent by the middle east oil owners aince the 1970's is buying and colonizing a lot of European countries. We contribute to our demise every time we buy gas no matter what country it comes from. The interdependence of the global economy means some part of your gas dollar ends up in a Muslim entity. Follow the money, see how its spent, shut up, get out your prayer mat and start praying five times a day. Europe rebelling?
    Any other fantasies?

  • epiminondas

    "Those responsible for pushing things forward are neither elected by the people nor answerable to the people in any election. They proceed at uniform speed in a straight line until reaching the inevitable immovable obstacle. When that happens, it will all be over. But the damage will be enormous.”

    Heck, you could say that about the US.

  • Paul

    Everything will be Fine and there will be Love and Peace, there will be no Borders, no militaristic alliances, (no NATO and no Al Qaeda) there will be no Lines across Eurasia or other continents, there will be no euros only Great British Pounds Sterling issued by the democratic Peoples' Bank of the World. Her Majesty will be Queen of all the United Kingdom of the World. Everyone will be FREE and equal under Almighty God and our beloved Queen.