Exposé: Qatar’s Takeover of Europe

Originally published at Arutz Sheva

Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal maintains a residence in Qatar, while the Taliban opened their first representation in a foreign country in its capital, Doha.

A hateful wind emanating from the small Islamic emirate is now blowing toward Europe, a wind accompanied by an ocean of poisonous, oily, bloody money – all coming from the peninsula in the Persian Gulf which today is the world’s richest country.

Slowly, Qatar is buying Europe’s assets.

Qatar, not exactly or even the slightest bit French-speaking, has just joined the “International Organisation of la Francphonie” as an associate member. Qatar’s goal is clear: to change and manipulate French culture. For example, the Voltaire School in Doha banned a religious book that discussed Christianity in the Middle Ages.

Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, who has cultivated the image of a pro-Western reformist, vowed to “spare no effort” to spread the teachings of Wahhabi Islam across “the whole world”. Last December Qatari Emir inaugurated the “Imam Imam Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab” Mosque in Doha, dedicated to the founder of the most virulent, anti-Jewish and totalitarian Islamic school of religion.

Qatar’s octopus is working on three fronts: overthrowing despotic Arab regimes and replace these with sharia-based countries; destroying Israel by financing the terror groups (the emir just visited Gaza) – and Islamizing the European continent through mosques and investments.

In Germany, Qatar’s sovereign fund, the Qatar Investment Authority, owns 17 percent of Volkswagen, 10 percent of Porsche and 9 percent of construction giant Hochtief.

In Italy, to mention just one well known firm, Qatar just bought Valentino’s fashion style company, while AC-Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi is also ready to sell the powerhouse to the ruling Emir of the State of Qatar.

In the UK, the Qatar Muslims own swathes of the Canary Wharf financial district in London. Qatar also owns 20 per cent of the London Stock Exchange.

Qatar invested in the Paris St. Germain soccer club and it is an investor in the French Total Oil group, as well as British Shell.

Qatar financed the 95% of the Shard tower in London, the highest skyscraper in Europe.

In Cannes, the emir bought an hotel famous for hosting celebrities during the film festival, but it’s also looking to buy a Jewish symbol like the Les Trois Rois hotel in Basel, Switzerland, scene of the iconic portrait of Theodor Herzl.

Qatar has also purchased, for 300 million euros, the building which hosts part of the US Embassy in Paris.

Qatar announced last February, when Nicolas Sarkozy was still the President of France, that it was willing to spend $65 million in the French banlieues, the suburbs home to the vast majority of the six million Muslims in France. Then Qatar doubled the sum to €100 million, which the extreme leftist French newspaper Libération describes as a “Qatari take over of the banlieues.”

Another newspaper, Le Figaro, seeing the handwriting on the wall (writing a check?, published an article recently, titled: “Will France become an Islamic Republique?”.

Gas-rich Qatar may invest up to 10 billion euros in big French firms, the ambassador of the Gulf state in France, Mohamed Jaham Al-Kuwari, announced this week.

In Switzerland, where Qatar is economically very important, famous firms such as Swatch, Tissot and Victorinox, have removed the cross of the Swiss flag from many advertisements, especially in Arab and Asian countries. In many cases the cross on the red background, a sign of identity of the Swiss cantons, has been replaced by the words “Swiss Made”. The Victorinox, the famous manufacturer of knives, replaced the cross with the letter “V”. The Swatch justified the removal by saying that “Muslim countries are not allowed to show the cross in public.”

Qatar in Spain funnels its donations through the Islamic League for Dialogue and Coexistence , a group linked to the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria and which controls the Catalan Islamic Cultural Center. Qatar just paid $450,000 to renovate that center based in Barcelona.

In Italy, the Qatari emir is financing the construction of many mega mosques, while in Ireland Qatar recently donated €800,000 to build a mega-mosque in Cork.

Donations helped also to secure Qatar a seat in the Unesco’s World Heritage Committee, used by the Palestinians to advance their Jüdenrein agenda in Judea and Samaria.

Qatar also has an ambitious project to build a mega mosque and Islamic institute in Munich, Germany, which they say would “build a bridge between Islam and Europe”. Munich – where Pope Joseph Ratzinger was archbishop from 1977 to 1981 – is the city in which the Muslim Brotherhood has gained control of most of the mosques and of active Islam in Germany and in Europe.

The European Council for Fatwa and Research is headed by imam Yusuf al Qaradawi, based in Doha, Qatar.

Qatar is a bastion of anti-Semitism, which goes around the world along with the investments. A Qatari television show, based on a book by late Palestinian author Ghassan Kanafani, shows a Holocaust survivor who resorts to prostitution and claims the Nazis did no wrong. “I didn’t see any gas chambers”, she is seen saying. An actor depicting former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin calls on Jews to murder Arab civilians.

Qatar is also hosting many conferences which demonize the Jews.

Speaking at the International Conference for Defense of Jerusalem in Doha, Palestine Authority head Mahmoud Abbas recently said that “the Israeli occupation authorities are using the ugliest and most dangerous means to implement plans to erase and remove the Arab-Islamic and the Christian character of east Jerusalem”. The conference’s purpose, under the auspices of the Palestinian Islamic-Christian Committee, is to combat the “Judaization of Jerusalem”.

In Doha’s Friday sermons, Jews are called “parasites”. Back to the Nazis.

With an imperial flux of money and ideology, the former British protectorate of Qatar is discouraging Muslim integration in Europe in order to better dominate it, fomenting anti-Semitism and cultural separation, actively encouraging jihad against the State of Israel.

Qatar’s course of action is very practical: convincing Europe that the real name of Jerusalem is Al Quds, that the Koran replaced the Bible and that the Jewish Temple Mount is just a conspiracy.

Aiming for the destruction of Israel allows Europe, the new mercenary of Qatar, to free itself from its own identity and the memories of their complicity in the Holocaust that come with it.

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  • Mary Sue

    Gives whole new meaning to "Blood for Oil" now, doesn't it?

  • Infovoyeur

    –I guess add "economic investment control takeover" to the dozen or so types of full Warfare beyond "infantry boots on the ground behind tanks rolling in" which is the limited image of what War is.
    –…Oh, I guess Economic Warfare was on the list already, along with like Lawfare, demographic, psyops, "exploit the enemy's weaknesses against them" (Sun Tzu), and what have I omitted…
    –But where are billboards (so to speak) broadcasting this full list? We need a complete concise roster of the 7/8 of the War iceberg submerged from awareness…disseminated like carpet-bombing with seeds…
    –Might even accompany with a point-by-point comparison-contrast roster in re elements of civilization and how such elements fare in non-civilization, i.e. savage-barbaric systems (of whatever sort).
    –Of course, as things are going, such information-digests, distilled and potent, will only be of passing poignant interest for Titanic passangers to glimpse at as they descend into darkness…..

  • LindaRivera

    In Doha’s Friday sermons, Jews are called “parasites". JESUS is the most FAMOUS Jew.
    If Jesus had been born in our time, Jesus and his family would be targeted for murder by devout Islamics for being Jews living in their JEWISH homeland of Israel.

    America has lots of oil but our government REFUSES to allow its development. An act of TREASON against America and the entire Free World. Dirty Muslim Middle East OIL money is DESTROYING the free world and financing global jihad!

  • mark

    Qatar also has high shareholding in Barclays bank, (which is also buying ING in the UK), sainsburies retail chain and likely in many other companies in the uk.

    So if like me you save with ING, we are now looking for a savings method that does not help finance our own downfall and murder. ditto barclays

    • Sashland

      What, Qatar makes money on INTEREST payments? Off with the Princes' heads…

  • Loyal Achates

    so you're REALLY saying the problem is capitalism?

    • Mary Sue

      no, we're saying the problem is islamists buying things for the purposes of spreading their radical wahhabist influences.

      • Loyal Achates

        That’s capitalism, baby! Marketplace of ideas!

  • Pam

    The Swiss have removed the Cross because they are afraid of what the Cross stands for: FREEDOM. There is absolutely no freedom except through Jesus Christ.

    • Loyal Achates

      So there’s no freedom in Israel or Japan or India?

  • H.j.Dcruz

    A time will come when the western Monarchs and western leaders and citizens will give their daughter in marriage to the Arabs.which is another way to takeover the west.The Arabs will purchase all the Universities and church property. They may even give Zakat to the whites as they are now bankrupt selling their lands and institutions. Arabs will also be big stakeholders in the IMF, World Bank and other international institutions.

  • Chris

    Actually, the cross is still in Qatar. Tissot has an outlet here and the cross is displayed. Here is the Victorinox Middle East watch instructions, in Arabic, with the cross on every page:

    I live is doha, and agree they are taking over the world and forcing their beliefs on unsuspecting people. But at least report the story accurately or you become as guilty as they are for imposing lies to incite anger and hatred!