How Europe Funds Israel’s Destruction

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While the U.S. is home to many Christian supporters of Israel, the Christian groups more closely linked to global public opinion, bureaucracy, media and legal forums are all violently anti-Israel and anti-Jewish. This month, for example, the Church of England voted to support the boycott movement against Israel.

A special report by the Israeli watchdog NGO Monitor, revealed the huge flux of money that is being provided by European governments for the Church-based efforts to destroy Israel. This development is paving the way for a new Jewish bloodbath through the vehicle of excluding Israel’s Jews from the family of nations.

The Dutch government, for example, grants millions of euros to organizations such as Kerk in Aktie and the Interchurch Organization for Development Cooperation, which support a “general boycott” of Israeli products as per the policy of the Protestant Church of the Netherlands. The Interchurch Organization also received money from the European Union (€5.3 million).

Diakonia, Sweden’s largest humanitarian NGO founded by five Swedish churches (the Alliance Mission, the Baptist Union, InterAct, the Methodist Church and Mission Covenant Church), financed programs “to commemorate the Nakba,” the Palestinian term for “catastrophe” which indicates Israel’s foundation in 1948.

The UK’s Christian Aid and Finland’s FinnChurchAid received millions from the EU to propagate the worst anti-Israel blood libels, including starving, torture, dispossession and siege. The World Council of Churches, which plays a pivotal role in mobilizing churches in the boycott against Israel, gets annually millions from European taxpayers.

European taxes are used in several ways to fund anti-Semitism of an intensity unseen since Nazi Germany.

Brussels is putting cash into the pockets also of Islamic terrorists.

The Palestinian Authority has reported that the EU (41.4 million euros), France (19 million euros) Ireland (5 million euros), Norway (53 million dollars) and the World Bank (40 million dollars) have all given funds to the Palestinian budget, used to pay the families of the “martyrs” (read: suicide bombers) and the 5.500 Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails.

Europe is financing Israel’s destruction also by channeling millions of euros to secular and leftist NGOs. These are just some: Addameer (207.000 $ from Sweden), Al Haq (426.000 $ from Holland, 88.000 $ from bailout-needing Ireland and 156.000 $ from Norway), Al Mezan (105.000 $ from Sweden), Applied Research Institute (374.000 $ from the European Union and 98.000$ from bankrupt Spain), Coalition of Women for Peace (247.000 $ from the European Union) and Troicare (2.000.000 $ from Brussels and 640.000 $ from UK).

There is a fourth way Europe funds Palestinian terrorism and anti-Semitism: books, school textbooks, documentaries, tv channels. This is a kind of “software” of the holy war against the Jews.

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  • Guy Wilkinson

    It is quite simply completely untrue that the Church of England "this month voted to support the boycott movement against Israel". It did not do any such thing and even back in 2005 did not do so. It is a shame that your reporter makes such claims when a simply reading of the Church of England's website which has the verbatim of the Synod debate will make this quite clear. The Archbishop of Canterbury has for some years now met annually with the Chief Rabbinate of Israel in London and Jerusalem. Is it likely that this would be the case if there were a boycott of Israel?

    • David R

      Is it possible that the Anglican Church does something while doing the opposite behind the scene? Of course not…how preposterous to even think it! Hmmm…

  • Bamaguje

    The sad irony of this idiocy is that Europe is itself threatened by Muslims… rapes, threats to free speech, Sharia agitation, no-go Muslim ghettos in several European cities etc.

    Her deluded politically correct ruling elite lives in leftist denial and refuses to acknowledge the growing Muslim threat to her cultural heritage which made Western civilization supreme.

    I hope it doesn't come too late before mainstream Europeans realise that Israel's Muslim enemies today will also turn out to be Europe's enemies in the not too distant future.

    • Felek

      As an European, I agree with You a 100%.Well,not all Europeans are that stupid.In Poland f.e,when there was a pro-Palestine demonstration, not even 15 people turned up, muslim Immigration is seen as a threat in Poland, not as en enrichment,plus, Jews are safe in Poland (in France,they are not.interestingly France is not decried as being anti-Semitic).

  • Dana

    Mr. Wilkinson
    Read here, you are completely wrong

    • Ron

      Wilkinson is right. By endorsing the EAPPI, the Anglican Church has endorsed a Christian (in the true sense of the word) program aimed to bring relief to the poor and sick. This is not an endorsement of the BDS movement, but a real Christian calling; Christians will always stand with those less fortunate, and indeed Christians saved many Jewish Children during the Holocaust by hiding them. Making Christians' true calling and charity cheaply into a political issue, as Meotti does, is, frankly, very disgusting.

  • Arye Leib

    Time for Israel to start funding separatist groups within EU countries, starting with the Corsicans, the Scottish separatists, the Flemish, the Basques, the Bretons, etc etc etc

    • Mark

      Sure, if Israel wants to send money to these groups, it is very welcome to do so. It will be used to for humanitarian causes, as well as for strengthening their cultural and ethnic identity. Europe has dealt very successfully with separatist groups (including terrorists) by strengthening the rule of law, acknowledging separate ethnic identities (cf. Corsicans, Flemish), concerns, and history (compare this to the ILLEGALITY to acknowledge the Nakba in Israel) devolving powers to local governments (cf. Scotland, Ulster) and through this moving people away from extremists positions and making them citizens of equal rights and duties of a state. Consider this, Mr. Leib, before shooting yourself in the foot again.


        The “Nakba”? The failure of islamofascists to murder Jews in 1948, to finish socialist Hitlers “job”?

        The “Nakba” is a much of a “catastrophe” as national Socialist Germany surrendering, unconditionally to the US, UK and Soviets.

        Happy Eternal Nakba Mark!

    • Jossi

      Time for Israel to start funding more of our own troops, particularly in border areas and Judea & Samaria. Israel would be a fool if they would fund separatist groups in Europe. Fortunately the Govt of Israel is still rational and not a fool like you Arye.

      • Jossi

        Correction of text: Jossi = I'm writing from Israel, so when I write to fund our own troops, I mean the Israeli soldiers. (My line in the reply could have been interpreted differently and resulting misleading)

  • dave

    The bottom line is that there are many different ethnic groups in the middle east with different cultures, languages, customs and faiths. In Europe, we are conditioned to think that it is basically all arab muslim. This is like thinking that Europe is all slavic or all latin. Why there is such ignorance regarding this simple fact never fails to amaze me. For example, most people don't even know that Iran was once called Persia and had a thriving non islamic culture until the muslim arabs invaded. We have to get the message over to normal western people the truth about muslim arab imperialism in the middle east. The idea that muslim arabs are the worlds victims has permeated so deeply that even the church believes it and supports it. It is our duty to educate people.

    • Phil

      Interesting point; but for some reason people mistakenly equate any religion with ethics, or morality…so…if Islam has lost its marbles it should not be allowed to function in a modern civilized world.

      How anyone can think that God would tolerate Palestinian terrorism in the name of religion, is mind-boggling. God is bigger the Islam.

  • Katharina

    Obama now is trying to ensure Muslim Brotherhood (MB)-controlled Jihadist Turkey into the EU – through Germany. Unfortunately, due to the treacherous Islam-loving Left in Germany, especially in the highly jihadist-infiltrated Green, SPD& Socialist parties, it’s becoming a reality –silently. The German population are increasingly forced to accept Turkish-Islamic culture. language and nationalism (especially their flag) while other minority diverse culture, especially non-Islamic/non-Turkish are discriminated. This include in the labour force where there seems to be a hidden quota to prefer hiring labour with Turkish or Islamic background. Islam is also being promoted even in Kindergartens and schools, whilst Judaism/Jews remain invisible except in Berlin, despite of the savage history of the Jewish Holocaust. So, Obama is not only ensuring his MB brothers are dominating and Arabicizing-Islamicizing, Saudi-style, the whole OIL-RICH Mid-East and non-Arabic Islamic ruled countries/regions but also to open the road towards such conquest of Europe through Turkey – already happening in la-la land hard-Socialist Scandinavian countries especially Sweden & Norway!

  • Larry

    Schlocky will be along shortly with more anti-semitism, so I have a pre-emptive message for him.

    Happy eternal nakba, dirtbag.

  • EthanP

    The anti-semetic leftist elites who control European politics believe (wrongly, IMHO) that once Israel is gone the Arab world will come to the utopian ideal that Nasser claimed he sought. What they forget (again IMHO) is that Islam and its Sharia are incompatible with the modern Western Democratic state.

  • Bert

    Those Christians and anti-Semitic Jews who join efforts to destroy Israel are making a supreme bet. They are betting everything that Genesis 12:3 is wrong – namely warning that those who curse Israel will, in turn be cursed. As the forces against Israel are increasing so are the signs of retribution against many nations. Just follow the news from the Muslim world, Europe and even the U.S. under Obama. The bible also warns that Israel's enemies will be punished for G-d's sake and not for the sake of the Jews who often disobey their creator.

  • Jerry

    The whole world including many of the churches seem to be siding with the Muslim people. God is quite clear on the subject of Israel and the Jewish people, of which true Christians are their brothers. As for Islam please read, John Daniels new book, 'THE COMING: A TRUE STORY OF HORROR' @ It will blow you away!

  • Phil

    Hate attracts hate; that's why I think the Israel should evict all the Palestinian terrorists…and make Israel one state…. by evicting all the Palestinian terrorists from the West Bank and Gaza….because if it's one state, they will not see violence, and thus be able to support it because it will not exist.

  • Jossi

    Bravo Giulio. Of course Europe is financing all these organizations you mentioned, and many more. You could write another book on European politics (sometimes hidden from the public) and oftentimes overt decisions in support of Israel's enemies. All this isn't new. European (and the US too) politics are sometimes very pernicious, and not only in respect to Israel but toward their own population. See today's financial & economic blunder. (Western made!). Countries have interests not friends! We are approaching the endgame, political, economic, financial, social and all other aspects included. Many people in the West are still living in denial of today's dire situation, unfortunately to their complete disadvantage. The US population is only now waking up slowly from their cocoon, and are starting to realize that the thinking up to next quarter isn't enough. (Short term benefit long term damage). Europe's intent is indeed as suggested by Meotti to expel the descendants of the Holocaust (and following generations, of whom I'm part) from Israel. At the end, Israel will be alone, as always, and as it should be. Europe and the US will double cross Israel, and probably it'll work to Israel's advantage through events and history to be still written. Yes, the international peace & love politics has weakened Israel much, (by design) but has also shown what a farce it is. The next big chapter of the Middle East will be written with blood, (current events are only the beginning) and the rest of the world powers will clip their wings mutually…..

  • Larry

    No, evict all of the arabs in arab occupied Judea, Samaria, and Gaza, and take the Sinai back at the same time. Shoving them over the border right now would be an excellent idea.

    • Phil

      I agree…. I'm not a Israeli… but if that is a better idea, I would agree 100% …or do both.

  • Phil

    No, I meant to evict all Palestinians, or anyone else that in any way supports, or may support terrorism.

    If the Israelis wish to let some stay; they will live in the State of Israel.

    If Israelis wish to have less Palestinians to retain power… I agree. 100%.

  • Terry

    European govts as well as our own are afraid of islam because of their oil. They can wreck our economies by shutting off the oil like in 1973. Plus iran has pulled off a coup with their "arab spring" political blitzkrieg in the ME. Like dominos these countries have falled prey to the political Wermacht of the ME, iran. Of course it is unknown whose side O is on, other than his own?

    • Kufar Dawg

      Western economies are already wrecked. OPEC is a monopoly that has been allowed to continue extorting money out of the world for decades now. Brazil was smart, the rest of the West dumb or corrupt.

  • jacob

    There is nothig to wonder about…
    Europen Judeophobia has always been there, fired mostly by the different Christian churches.
    In Poland it was always the Catholic church and in England, this guy from Canterbury has been always
    something "special" which would prompt me to ask him whether he is just something or something else
    Even ISRAEL of all places…! ! !
    Because when a legislation was proposed to tax the monies received by those NGO's and "civil rights"
    organizations (caring only for Arabs rights but not Jewish), the proposal was watered down by the own
    ISRAELI government…! ! !
    And as to the American people, seems it hasn't sink deep enough the notion of how ruinous has this
    "experiment" been for the whole country and hw there is still a chorus of seals applauding every babbling
    of this false "MESSIAH" and his demagogic "CHANGE" promises….
    I hope and pray Israel wouldn't be as sensitive to biased world public opinion

  • WilliamJamesWard

    I hope for and Israeli vacation, been to Europe and do not want to go back and will not
    support places that are in any way antisemetic, anti-Israel as I equate it with evil.
    I hope our next President will make amends to Israel and draw America closer to
    our only friend in the Middle East, that is if we have any friends left, I wonder if our
    government has not estranged America completely in a World sinking in moral decay.
    Support Magan David Adom……………………………….William

  • Israel-Lives

    Regardless of what country or middle eastern regions Muslims come from, that fact is the vast majority of them are for the destruction of the state of Israel. Poor naive europeans, very soon most of their countries will have a muslim majority and then it will be too late.

  • Linda Rivera

    Vile European hypocrites PRETEND to be sorry for the Holocaust, whilst plotting and FINANCING the planned Second Holocaust. European elites' guilt before God is very great.

    The most evil people have infiltrated churches. Once they become leaders, they are thus enabled to do far more harm from their position inside the church, than they could ever do outside the church.

    Rabid God-haters work day and night against Jews. But God will give great victory to Israel and to ALL of the world's decent people. NO power on earth will be able to destroy Israel! Thousands of years ago, God in the Bible, spoke of a future time yet to come:

    Bible, Zechariah 12:9 I will set about to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.

    Thank you, Glorious, Awesome, Wonderful God! You keep ALL your promises!

    • Mark

      poor Linda. She doesn't see that the Christians have been coming out against Jerusalem since ever, but Christianity or any Christian nation has never been destroyed. The nations that were destroyed were the godless Nazis and Communist ones.

  • watsa46

    Israel needs to annex J & S and if Gaza continues their bombing it should be wiped out of any fanatics.

  • watsa46

    In the mean time the democrat Jews from Chicago and West End NYC with the assistance of who we know back-stab and undermine Jews all over the world and Israel.

  • Ghostwriter

    I wouldn't be surprised if Schlockmotion came out of his pit to spew more anti-semitic filth here. He is a disgusting Jew hater and he deserves all the condemnation he gets.

  • UCSPanther

    Let Europe wallow in their new Judenfrei hellhole. They deserve it.

    • Linda Rivera

      Hi UCSPanther,

      The Freedom parties in Europe support Israel one hundred percent. The EDL (English Defence League) hold both British and Israeli flags in their street protests. The EDL is deeply hated by UK leaders and Muslims. The EDL is viciously persecuted, especially the EDL leader, who is forced to wear a bullet proof vest and is constantly physically attacked by Muslims.

      One attack was caught on video, but the police REFUSED to prosecute the Muslims. The top two EDL leaders are now leaders in the British Freedom Party. British Freedom are strong supporters of Israel.

  • Terry

    G-d is casting judgement on Europe right now. Very soon, Europe will run out of money. But its muslim mates will still be there. No money, lots of muslims – couldn't happen to a nicer continent!

  • Linda Rivera

    The Freedom parties in Europe support Israel one hundred percent. The EDL (English Defence League) hold both British and Israeli flags in their street protests. The EDL is deeply hated by UK leaders and Muslims. The EDL is viciously persecuted by British authorities/police, especially the EDL leader, who is forced to wear a bullet proof vest and is constantly physically attacked by Muslims.

    One attack was caught on video, but the police REFUSED to prosecute the Muslims. The top two EDL leaders are now leaders in the British Freedom Party. British Freedom are strong supporters of Israel.


    Eurabia is on the brink of financial collapse, and the "progressives" still fund Islamofascism.

    Dhimmitude is in their blood – thanks to socialism and Jew hatred.

  • Jillian Becker

    This excellent article is quoted here:

    Giulio Meotti may find the exchange in the comments section there between a defender of the Church of England and the editors of The Atheist Conservative highly interesting.

  • Schlomotion

    I hate all dem joos because I have such a tiny pecker.