Is Israel the Last Jewish Ghetto?

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By the end of 2012, all of Israel’s borders, over a thousand kilometers, will be protected by walls, fences and barriers.

You can compare it to Hadrian’s Wall (the monumental border of the Roman Empire in Britain), the Maginot Line (the French fortifications built to protect the borders between the First and Second World War) or the medieval ghetto (the Jewish quarter surrounded by a wall and gates).

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu just instructed the army to work on a barrier at the border with Jordan. The Jewish State is building another fence of 240 km with Egypt, to protect the south of the country from terrorists, illegal immigrants, arms dealers. The fall of the regime of Hosni Mubarak, along with recent terrorist attacks, accelerated the construction. Every day, dozens of bulldozers and caterpillars are working feverishly in fifty yards along the border. The only unprotected area, running through the desert of Arava and reaching the tourist city of Eilat, will soon be encircled.

Israel began to build barriers in 1967, soon after the Six-Day War, when a fence was built in the valley of Beit Shean to prevent infiltrations from the Jordan Valley. In 1994, then-Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin built the barrier with the Gaza Strip. Netanyahu recently ordered the building of a new wall in Metulla, the northern city where the minions of Yasser Arafat killed lots of Jewish students and tourists. Metulla is now a shot from Hezbollah rockets. The army will build a barrier in the Golan, Israel’s strategic defense from Damascus, while the famous security barrier in Judea and Samaria should be completed later this year. This fence literally stopped the flow of Palestinian suicide bombers who killed hundreds of Jews inside the pre-1967 cities.

One of Israel’s founding fathers, Yigal Allon, once said that “no modern country can be surrounded by walls.” It’s true, but only Israel is literally strangled by terrorist groups and rogue states that are planning a new Holocaust. These fences are telling us more than anything else of the existential siege of the Jewish State.

But a tragic question still remains unsolved: is the Jewish State becoming a glorified and foredoomed ghetto, whetting the appetites of Islamic fundamentalists for its ultimate extinction? Is Israel reverting to the ghetto-like existence of 1948-1967, when Arab terrorism reigned and all population centers were within a few kilometers from a threatening border?

Trying to reconcile walls and fences with the idyllic peace the dovish architects of the Oslo agreements envisioned, Israeli leaders are now saying that “we must separate for a generation, until we learn to live together.”

In the mind of the “concessionists,” willing to give up all the land the Israeli army liberated and conquered in 1967, Israel must be turned into a Jewish ghetto in Falastin.

The new Jewish ghetto will be a truncated Israel, without the old Jerusalem, beleaguered by Arab refugees, a dependency of the UN Security Council which exchanges security borders for a paper peace. In the ghetto, land will be traded for tourism opportunities in other people’s countries. In the ghetto, “peace and money” will be the new leitmotif.

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  • Nahum Katz

    So well written! Thank you Mr. Meotti, you lead the Israeli public opinion makers

  • Hanno Phoenicia

    A historically ignorant article. A ghetto isn't defined by walls. I live in a gated community with security which consists of luxury apartments. A walled city in history protects it's prosperity and safety in this manner. A wall is for safety and/or privacy and has nothing to do with the ghetto concept. A ghetto is based on poverty and imposed isolation from others, and doesn't require a wall. The poor neighborhoods that exist in every American city are labeled as Ghettos but have no walls. The original ones sometimes did, irrelevant to modern definitions.
    Israel is simply a larger version of a walled city, nothing else. The author of the article was using a poor metaphor that was in bad taste and inaccurate.

    • Sage on the Stage

      With the help of the murderous Muslim Brotherhood, their Al-Qaeda lackeys, Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah, Obama has expertly choreographed Israel's isolation from Egypt and the rest of the Middle East. Thus Israel has been in some sense, effectively "ghettoized" despite the fact that it's not a poor country. Your example of poor neighborhoods in American cities supports your case, but poor neighborhoods in American cities aren''t threatened by Grad rockets and murderous terrorist jihadi groups.

  • bubbaland1

    Spot on. Israel is a well fortified ghetto.

  • Fred Dawes

    Yes it is and within 20 years or before the monkey muslims will own Israel and about the same time the hispanics will own the so called USA Its is a fact the sad part is we Americans let it happen and so did the jews on a cheerful note I will be dead so the monkeys of south America can't kill me or behead me. But you do understand what the monkeys will do to your kids?

  • Marty

    This "ghetto" is qualitatively different from those that came before. Israelis simply and necessarily enhanced their personal and national security. Any other country would do this if surrounded by genocidal sociopaths whose mission in life is to slaughter innocent men, women, and children (including infants). Protecting oneself with walls is not the Israeli preference (which is to live in genuine peace), but it is preferable tbetter than the alternative – relentless and lethal attacks from cowardly terrorists who are firm believers in the anti-semtic death cult of islam and whose murderous anti-semitism is obvious to all except for the American government and most of the media.


    Israel is as much of a "ghetto" as any other sovereign nation that defends its borders and defeats its attackers.

    Israel is under physical attack and ideological attack.

    Time for a counter offensive – a counter jihad – resistance to islamofascism and socialism.

  • Schlomotion

    I don't think so. Really, the walls to compare it to are the Berlin Wall, the North Korean side of the DMZ, the walls of a gated community, or the walls of an Auschwitz that Israel built to contain themselves. It's really pathetic. This is what you get when you espouse a collectivist utopian political ideology that involves racial purity, economic exclusivity, and a desire to rebuild an ancient fortified kingdom from 800 BC. You get a Jewish Citadel with concentration camp flourishes. As Ayn Rand would say, if your priorities are backward and self-sabotagingly primitive, if left to your own devices, you will succeed in building your failure to exact specifications.

  • franco marta

    La Cinta di protezione che circonda Israele è una difesa valida contro attacchi provenienti da qualsiasi direzione! Shalom

  • Ghostwriter

    And your constant Jew hatred bothers me to no end,Schlomotion. You probably drool at the chance for the Muslim world to kill more Jews,don't you,you inhuman monster.

    • Choi

      Just tell him to FK himself.
      When he posts a FU to us,the answer is a BIGGER FU to him.
      He would rather be identified as an "inhuman Monster",than the POS he is,and HE IS!

  • Matt

    It is all perceptions, some people will say that, it does not really matter what they think or say. We see it more of a Berlin Wall GDR to keep people out not in, more like a castle than a ghetto. Like the Eilat railway people think it a joke. Let them, the PRC do not think it is a joke, the Chinese are good at doing things not writing reports and think tanks, committees. As soon as Mubarak fell an it has gone from that to being built in 5 years an in operation.