Islamists Have the Keys to the Arab World

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Qutb’s disgust for the “degenerate” West does not stop with women or jazz music, which he claimed was “created by Negroes to satisfy their love of noise and to whet their sexual desires.” Qutb vilified the Jews as “slayers of the prophets” and as “perfidious,” double-dealing and “evil.” Qutb was hung on August 29, 1966, after the dawn prayer. It was a martyrdom which planted deep roots in the Arab soul.

Qutb had written that the only way to get rid of “corruption” is the imposition of a “just rule” at war with modernity, human rights, promiscuity, materialism and Zionism. Like Adolf Hitler, Qutb was a dark man, humorless, intense and rigid. Like Hitler, Qutb turned his sexual frustration into a fanatic virtue. Like Hitler’s Aryanism, Qutb heralded the notion that Islam is superior. Like Hitler, Qutb saw the existence of the Hebrew people as the measure of the world’s moral bankruptcy.

After six decades of Arab kleptocracy, the Middle East is going to be engineered according to Qutb’s nightmare. Symbols help to understand the mindset. That of the Muslim Brotherhood is a Koran and two sharp swords. In 2005 they published a map of the world. In the center is a green area, the color of Islam. In a lower panel it said:  “One hundred years from now,” with the field completely green.

The Nazis called it “Lebensraum.” The Islamists call it “Caliphate.”

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  • Nahor

    Well written and said, Mr. Meotti. Unfortunately I see the darkness coming also in the West

  • oldtimer

    Islam is the most evil lifestyle that ever exisited. I say lifestyle because it is religious and political and hate is it's main belief. They thrive on hate, of anyone who disagrees, and even some who agree, like their women. Since they think that dying for allah is the greatest thing they can do, why not give them what they want.

  • Infidel

    Eric Allen Bell was just on Fox news explaining his report of the Murfeeborough Tn mosque being built and became a believer of the dangers of islam in this country. Islam is the devils tool and we need to be aware of the danger. This is serious!

  • Goemon

    Common sense should have told the journalists that a secular society doesn't clitorectomize girls. I have to give them some respect because they went to school to get their careers and could not be that dumb. They must just be pathological liars.

  • arishsahani

    99% muslims of the world are converts and have lost their roots. Arabs are great planners and are winning the game of winning land and people without sending any arms and sliders in enemy land.

    No one can win from arabs .Their master plan is working since 1400yrs. Convert poor , uneducated and criminals of any country to islam by their mullahs no cost to them. Use these convert fools to destroy the nation they are born and use them to kill other who are non converts.
    55 nations and one billions converts under their fold now. One book quran to guide them and now whole world will be destroyed just by one call by saudis. “Islam is in danger and Allah o Akbar” call and you will see all street flowing in blood .
    Are we going to let arabs do to us or we will wake up and see the converts are treated differently as they treat us in their land.

  • chrisla07

    The Muslim Brotherhood has a BIG problem now – delivering on their promises and fulfilling the expectations of the voters. There is nothing in the Quran or Sharia Law that is going to revitalize the tourism industry in Egypt. The is nothing there that will encourage foreign investment. For all the sanctimonious promises not to betray Allah, Morsi needs to deliver economic progress. (Muhammad’s contributions to the economy in Medina were by virtue of pillage, slavery, and jiziya – all of which are now illegal by international law.) __Soon after the United States won its independence, a young Frenchman named Alexis de Tocqueville visited our country to try to understand what made “democracy” such a success here. (Readers should find volume 1 of “Democracy in America” and read the entire chapter, “Causes Which Tend to Maintain Democracy.”) While de Tocqueville found Americans deeply religious, they (and particularly the religious clergy) were adamant about the strict separation of church and state. “The church cannot share the temporal power of the state without being the object of a portion of that animosity which the latter excites. . . .(to be continued)

    • Western Spirit

      The Constitution does not require separation of church and state. It simply states that government should not start a church or sustain one. It then states government shall not prohibit the freedom of religion or practice thereof.

      Consequently the country that was started by Christians, inhabited mainly by Christians has been forbidden the latter part of the clause, by the the first half of the clause, to deliberately make Christian influence with its morality to wane.

  • chrisla07

    (Continued from above) " . . .. As long as a religion is sustained by those feelings, propensities, and passions which are found to occur under the same forms at all periods of history, it may defy the efforts of time, or at least it can be destroyed only by another religion. But when religion clings to the interests of the world, it becomes almost as fragile a thing as the [political] powers of earth. . . . In proportion as a nation assumes a democratic condition of society and as communities display democratic propensities, it becomes more and more dangerous to connect religion with political institutions; for the time is coming when authority will be bandied from hand to hand, when political theories will succeed one another, and when men, laws, and constitutions will disappear or be modified from day to day, and this not for a season only, but increasingly. . . The American clergy were the first to perceive this truth and to act in conformity with it. (to be continued)

  • chrisla07

    (Continued from above) " They saw that they must renounce their religious influence if they were to strive for political power [i.e., they didn’t claim a divine right or a religiously superior authority to hold political offices] , and they chose to give up the support of the state rather than to share in its vicissitudes.” (All quoted from "Democracy in America")

    If the Muslim Brotherhood depends on religious authority to sustain their power, their failure to deliver the economic goods will not only discredit them, but also tarnish the notion that “Islam is the solution.”

  • Spider

    I have a solution: 1. Legally re-define Is-lam as a subversive ter-rorist organization disguised as a religion so it can be banned like Naz-ziism was after WWII. 2. Make all death cult adherants convert to Christanity or some other religion or be immediately deported. 3. Convert all terror planning and staging facillities (aka mosks) into pork rendering plants or pubs with upstairs brothels (why let a good building go to waste!) 4. Shred all Qurans and make them into press-to-logs to power the pork rendering plants and keep the beer cold in the pubs. 5. Offer female death cult members employment in the new brothels.

  • fightwarnotwars

    Do any of you recall when Islamism wasn't some kind of pressing issue to any of you? Before that you were obsessed with "communism" and "the russians", a few years before that it was the "krauts" and the "japs", and clearly for some of you it's always been the "blacks" and although you don't like to admit it, at one point it was "the jews" (especially for you former Birchers out there).

    Remember before 9/11… or when Reagan and the U.S. Congress enthusiastically pumped millions of dollars worth in weapons to the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan? Where was the outrage about sharia law and "islamo fascism" then?

    Fact is that Muslims make up less than 2% of the U.S. population and before 9/11 "historically, Muslim Americans tended to support the Republican Party. In the 2000 Presidential election, nearly eighty percent of Muslim Americans supported Republican candidate George W. Bush over Democratic candidate Al Gore. However, post 9-11 support for the Republican Party among American Muslims has declined sharply." You lost a huge voting block that agreed with you on economic issues and also with your "conservative values" (pro life/anti gay/anti equal pay), all because you're so obsessed with identifying a boogey man to blame so you don't have to look at yourselves and our government's foreign policy mistakes. The reason you are fat/unemployed/insecure/scared all the time is your responsibility, not a demographic that you don't like.

    Yes, there are some crazy religious fanatics out there, and they should be stopped, but let's not forget that a lot of them were also christian, jewish, buddhist, etc..

    I know you want to believe that Muslims are some sort of monolithic threat to our existence…fine, but you you know who the last group of people to think that way about a specific religious group were right? How did that end?

    Happy 4th of July people. Even though I think you are mostly batsh*t crazy, I respect your right to be. Long live America (I won't say "God Bless" because God only exists in your imagination)

    • Drakken

      Sticking your little liberal kumbaya singing, can't we all get along wishful thing progressive stupidity in the sand, does not make the problem go away. You will not escape the coming troubles with the muslims, you either side with them? Or you side with the West, there will be no middle or neutral ground. Choose wisely.

      • fightwarnotwars

        ok man… then you should maybe retreat to your nuclear fall out shelter now and spare us your paranoia. If you're right you win, if you're wrong you've got nothing to lose.

  • Fred Dawes

    The sad fact is within 40 years the muslim population will take over all of europe and the third world will take the USA And Israel will become a muslim state the reason why is kids! Islam within 60 years will take the third world, I thank God i will be dead the really funny thing is hitler in the end game wins. How to stop this evil? act of God, maybe that will happen but i don't think so.

  • fightwarnotwars

    You're wrong, Latinos are the fastest growing demographic in the USA. It's easy to speculate and make paranoid predictions about the future, but what matters to me is how we live now.

    If you oppress and discriminate against one sector of the population based on prejudice, you create the same kind of conditions that push people into criminality/civil disobedience/violence. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what created islamic terrorism for the 20th Centruy in the first place: it was called "colonialism" and the Europeans practiced it in countries where they occupied land and oppressed followers of Islam. See: Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Morocco, Tunisia, etc.. Jihadist hate the West because they see the West as a conquering oppressor, and who can blame 'em?

    • anon

      Do you realize all the North African countries you listed (Morrocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt) you can add Libya, Turkey, most of Spain and Portugal were at one point conquered by the Arabs in the name of Islam. Was that colonialism?

      • fightwarnotwars

        Yes… but maybe you should re-read what I posted… "It doesn't take a genius to figure out what created islamic terrorism for the 20TH CENTURY in the first place…"

  • The Infidel Alliance

    The unification of the ummah is Barack Hussein Obama's fait accompli and the crown jewel in his treasonous crown.

    This would never have happened unless aided, abetted, financed and facilitated by Obama and his Islamist minions.

    We are witnessing the rebirth of the greatest, most dangerous totalitarian super-regime since Hitlers NAZI regime of the 1930's….the unified ummah, the Islamic caliphate. Obama might have let our SEALS dispatch bin Laden, but he delivered bin Laden his dream, a unified Islamic superstate, on a silver platter.


    ~ The Infidel Alliance

  • Ronald Johnston

    Send all muslims to Siberia and put a Great Wall around it!!!! Russia will agree if their muslims are sent there also!!!!