No Moment of Silence for Slain Israeli Olympians

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The same happened during the first Intifada, when violent Palestinians attacked Israeli civilians and security forces with stones, iron bars, iron projectiles, knives, axes and petrol bombs, but the terrorists were described in the international media as “demonstrators” – even “peaceful protesters.”

Each of Israeli athletes’ stories calls up weeping and prayer. Every one of them was a member of the great body of Israel.

Like Yosef Romano, who the day before he was killed had said, “This is my last competition; I don’t have enough time for my children.”

Like David Berger, an idealist and pacifist Jew from Cleveland, who was supposed to get married after returning from the Olympics.

Like Mark Slavin, who kissed the Jewish soil upon his arrival in Israel from Minsk, where he had fought against the Communists who imprisoned thousands of Jews who, like him, wanted to reach Jerusalem.

Like Ze’ev Friedman, who spoke a wonderful mixture of Yiddish and Russian and was the last male of his family, incinerated in the gas chambers.

Like Kehat Schorr, who had fought against the Nazi troops in the Carpathian Mountains.

Like Yakov Springer, who was one of the few survivors of the armed revolt in the Warsaw ghetto.

Like Eliezer Halfin, who had lost all his relatives in the Holocaust.

Like Yosef Gutfreund, who spent months in prison in communist Romania under the accusation of “Zionist propaganda.”

The Olympic refusal to commemorate the Israelis shows again that we live in a time when death of Jews is celebrated and romanticized and terrorism is stronger than appeasement.

My fellow journalists based in Israel prefer not seeing the dormitories, the schools, the streets, the sports arenas and the events named by the Palestinian Authority after Munich’s killers, like Abou Daoud. And when legions of “martyrs” started blowing themselves up in the streets of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Afula, and then in London, Madrid, Bali and New York, how many Western intellectuals and journalists expressed a lame empathy for the terrorist rage?

The next distribution of Olympic medals will be stained in disgrace. When the Olympic Games will open in London, someone should go to 31 Connollystrasse in Munich. And leave a flower for all of us. We can’t forget Jim McKay, voice breaking, crying, as he told America, ”they’re all gone.”

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  • Nahum Katz

    Thank you Mr. Meotti, for reminding all of us this ongoing tragedy

  • sedoanman

    I don't watch the Olympics nor do I buy anything with their symbol on it. I'm wondering why anyone would seek honor from the disgraceful? Give it up.

  • Ronald Simon

    for me I will boycott the london olympics, and i hope my fellow conservatives would do the same.

  • Marty

    The integrity of the olympics was long ago compromised. After all, the mere suggestion that Israelis could be victims of islamic and arab terrorism is considered insensitive and offensive to muslims and their dhimmi apologists. It's still somehow amazing that most of the world considers muslims, all 1.3 billion of them, to be the innocent targets of 13 million Jews. But, of course, logic has never prevailed in this issue. Those who defend this despicable and cowardly decision should at least own up to the naked and genocidal anti-semitism that is responsbile for it.

  • flyingtiger

    Continuing the 1972 games was a good idea. The message was that terrorist cannot stop us. What is shameful is that these people are not honored with a moment of silence in any Olympics since. Instead, they have knuckled under to the terrorist. What do we get by this. A chance to see someone in a Burka finishing last in a race.

  • Messianice Kitty

    Would have really hurt Londong JUST to give the Israels ONE min of silence??!! Even today there are still living family of the murdered athletes!! Israel is the Promise Land and they will have to answer to Almighty Yahweh one day.

  • elvisbarry


  • elvisbarry


  • Schlomotion

    The Olympics exist to commemorate and celebrate human excellence in athletics, not to commemorate and celebrate Israel. I think John Frankenheimer and Steven Spielberg have already immortalized the weekend that Mr. Meotti is obsessed with. I am sure he can find the six movies about it in the video store.

    • Vermont Yid

      Go back under your rock you malignant pustule.

    • Touchstone

      "The Olympics exist to commemorate and celebrate human excellence in athletics, not to commemorate and celebrate Israel."

      They wouldn't be "celebrating Israel", you word-twisting liar. They would be nobly acknowledging the tragic loss of eleven exemplars of the very "excellence" you refer to. The Olympics can spend 99.999999% of their time celebrating athletic excellence while also briefly acknowledging a significant tragedy that struck down precisely the very people it was designed to celebrate.

      What despicable shallowness to point out that there have been movies made. How is that even relevant? Random film-makers don't automatically substitute for the Olympics committee. What would be MEANINGFUL is if the Olympics itself made a warm gesture. It would actually MEAN SOMETHING coming from the Olympic committee. Just as you nonsensically compared nature and history, now you vapidly equate yet another pair of disparate, unrelated things: a movie and a gesture by the Olympics committee. You're blurting pure drivel.

      Your anti-Jewish, anti-Israel callousness and your unquenchable need to provoke others with it make you odious, as well as a "lying ass" (to use your own phrase) for claiming to be a Zionist.

      If in your hateful heart you truly feel that "a moment of silence or a short mention in the Committee president’s opening remarks" was too much to ask of the same Games that proceeded merrily even after ELEVEN athletes were murdered in cold blood, I say you're a rank antisemite who feigns non-bigotry. If the eleven athletes had been from any other country, you wouldn't object to what has been asked, which is the BRIEFEST of acknowledgements, just barely enough to make the Israelis feel like their athletes matter to the Olympic community and they're not just roaches that can be exterminated unceremoniously.

      If such a TINY thing is asking too much, it's bloody hard not to draw the conclusion that hate is alive and well in the hearts of the refuseniks and those like yourself who take the trouble to come here and spit your bile in Jewish eyes. Such an evil response to such an innocuous request. My oh my, what a world.

    • Touchstone

      The moment Israelis ask for the slightest shred of humanity that would be shown to any other nation (and a brief mention in a speech certainly counts as a tiny little "shred"), the haughty Jew-humbling crusader in you angrily grumbles about how obnoxious Jews are.

      Let me guess: Now you'll change the subject and claim Israel is the one who denies everyone else their shred of humanity.

  • Ghostwriter

    If those like Schlockmotion and Nakba1948 had any sense of decency,they would do pray for the eleven Israeli athletes that were murdered by their beloved Palestinians. They would have done the same thing to the Americans if they had the chance. But they have no decency or shame. They are anti-Jewish vermin who can't get enough of their hate.

  • Valery

    Israeli athlets! When you care you flag – stop for a moment and keep a scielence.Let those who is afraid of Islam know that you are not afraid. People will support you. And who dont – do not have soul.

  • UCSPanther

    At least Mossad got the scum who committed the murders. Too bad they didn't waste the mastermind when they had the chance.


    The only "sport" paleswine could win a gold medal in are:

    – suicide bombing
    – assassinations
    – honor killing
    – beheading
    – plane hijacking
    – female genital mutilation
    – hanging homosexuals
    – poison gassing

    Happy Eternal Nakba "Pal-e-SWINE"!

  • Matt

    They are all crawlers, we know this. It is fine. They don't care about us, they care about themselves.

  • Martha

    I'm neither Jewish, nor Muslim. I know no Palestinians or Israelis. I do not condone violence of any type. I do not condone degradation. We are all Humans. The death of the Israeli Olympians is a tragedy. Reading the comments here sours the reflection on the lives of those who died. These comments are so hateful.. I struggle to understand why a group that was so persecuted by Hitler would turn around and persecute another group in a similar manner. Why does the Israeli government issue animal transport papers as passports to the Palestinians? Why are Jews allowed to kill Palestinans in Isreal…and walk free, while the minor mischevious acts of Palestinian teens land them in prison for several years? The world is watching. We want to continue to be sympathetic to Israel's need for it's own land. But, frankly, my tax dollars have better things to do than to support terrorism of ANY kind…and that includes Israeli terrorism of Palestinians.