Peace Trains’ Jews Against Israel

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In recent years, the most unremitting criticism of Israel in the Anglosphere has come from Jewish intellectuals. Every day, celebrated Jewish personalities – writers, artists, academics – are depicting Israel as a “racist,” “vicious” and “inhumane” entity that has to be dismantled. Many of them have assumed pivotal roles in the campaign to divest from the Jewish State. Their relentless attacks could well play out in ways that indeed puts an end to Israeli life.

George Steiner, who has been proclaimed “the most important literary critic in the world,” questioned whether Israel should have come into being at all. Eric Hobsbawm, one of the most famous living historians, supported the Second Intifada, endorsing the “the cause of liberation.” Marek Edelman, one of the leaders of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, wrote letters to “Palestinian partisans” during the Intifada. The late historian Tony Judt had been outspoken in his rejection of Israel’s right to exist and offered Israelis the fate of other religious minorities in the Middle East. United Nations envoy Richard Falk is one of the most radical demonizers of the Jewish State. Historian Norman Finkelstein is one of the staunchest Western supporters of Hezbollah. Nobel laureate Harold Pinter and film directors Ken Loach and Mike Leigh have been the most famous anti-Israeli figures in the UK. The initiative for an anti-Israel boycott in London was taken by Stephen and Hilary Rose, two renowned Jewish academics. The linguist Noam Chomsky, “the intellectual godfather” of the US anti-Israel campaign, openly proclaims the abolition of the Jewish State. Jewish philosopher Judith Butler is leading the divestment from Israel. Michael Lerner’s magazine, Tikkun, is the most virulently anti-Israel screed ever published under Jewish auspices.

Along with Jewish speculators like George Soros, the worldwide patron of liberal activism believes that American foreign policy is guided by a “Zionist lobby” and its  money goes to anti-Israel organizations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. You also find most of the influential Jewish intellectuals in the US who abandoned and attacked a modern Jewish hero like Jonathan Pollard, by calling him “a fanatic” (Robert Friedman of The Washington Post), “an aberration” (Rabbi Arthur Hertzberg), and “a viper” (Marty Peretz of the New Republic).

Like Karl Marx, these Jewish personalities gained fame by trashing their own people. They are the self-professed “better Jews” who set themselves apart from the Israeli masses and pusture as the possessors of greater cosmopolitan, liberal, humanistic and really Jewish wisdom. The more they attack other Jews, the more they prove that they are not defined by being Jewish. They are more dangerous than the proud anti-Semites. “Good Jews” who are trying to deliver Israel to what Hillel Weiss, evoking the wagons that carried Jews to Nazi concentration camps, superbly called “the peace trains.”

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  • Martin Steinberg

    Giulio Meotti is one of the most brave public intellectual about Israel. A really unique writer. Thanks for this article

  • Gal

    its Moshe Zimmermann

  • Red Herring

    K. Marx was a German chauvinist; he hated not only Jews, but Czechs, many other Slavic people

    He was a real piece of work!

    • johnnywoods

      He was a "POS".

  • Dave

    self-hating ultraleftist Jews slitting their own throats, doing the lying, radical, extremist antisemites' and the insane islamofacists' work for them!!…how absolutely vile, despicable and pathetic!! Truly unbelievable!

  • oldtimer

    Deuterotomy 32:1-52 especially verses 31-33.
    And Rev. 2:9 & 3:9
    they claim to be our brother Judah but are of the synogogue of satan.

  • Nehama, UK

    Mr. Meotti missed out the psychotic Anglo-Israeli jazz saxophone player, Gilad Atzmon, who promotes every anti-Semitic and anti-Israel blood-libel going. As a jazz musician myself I had the misforture to meet and "debate" with the guy not long after he came to UK some twenty odd years ago. From that single encounter all those years ago I have always been convinced the main purpose of his anti-Semitism has been to endear himself to the Jew-haters and sell more records. But all these Jewish Jew-haters have one thing in common, they all hope the crocodile will eat them last, or in the metaphor of the article, they will be put in the last boxcar of the last train. Their self delusion is that they think the crocodile will be satiated, or the ovens will be coked up, before their turn comes – but history shows us that neither the crocodile nor the mass grave is never full.

  • richard sherman

    You left out Woody Allen and most of the Jews in Hollywood including Alice Walker loving Steven Speilberg.

  • Cynic

    Don’t forget that George Soros’ contribution to society includes helping confiscate Hangarian Jew’s property during the Second World war, which he admitted to in a TV interview and in which he declared that 1944 was one of the happiest years of his life; that if he had not done it sombody else would have come along and done it.

    So much for ethics and humanity is his patronage.

    This is not a Jew but an animal.

    • RonL

      "Nylas" Soros Gyorgy is not a Jew. He is a second generation apostate. Calling this member of the Arrow Cross a Jew is an insult to the actual Jews murdered by the Arrow Cross.

  • Steve Chavez

    BEWARE OF THE FAKE JEWS AMONG YOU! They are like the FAKE CHRISTIANS Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Jackson, and Rev. Wright. Listen to their words closely and mostly, who they associate with and the groups that they support!

    REAL JEWS WHO STAND BY ISRAEL NO MATTER WHAT, just like the Blacks who stand by Obama no matter what, NEED TO STAND UP AND SPEAK UP FOR ISRAEL AND TO STOP FUNDING DEMOCRATS who have been infiltrated with Communists/Marxists/Socialists/Progressives/Anti-Semites and will say and do anything to aid in the DESTRUCTION OF ISRAEL and at the same time aid in FLOTILLAS for Hamas and supporting Hezbollah, Iran, Syria, and now the Muslim Brotherhood, ALL OBAMA'S FRIENDS!

  • Steve Chavez


  • geula

    I read the article more than once, and it still seems that the new bully on the block was left out. Peter Beinart ( "The Crisis of Zionism" ), the most recent highly publicized defamer of Israel , has just now spoken , by invitation, of course, at the Peres President Conference in Israel. I also didn't see Judge Goldstone mentioned, perhaps because he ultimately acknowledged his biased report.

  • Ghostwriter

    These particular people hope that Jew haters like Schlomotion will actually care about them if they indulge their favorite anti-semitic stereotypes. Sadly,it won't work. They still hate Jews and don't really care what happens to them,just so long as they die. That's what the anti-semites want. Dead Jews.

  • rulieg

    you had me until you mentioned Jonathan Pollard. as much as I love Israel, I love my own country more, and he spied on it. so he's not a hero to me.

    but let's leave that aside. the rest of this article made me so sad. what's wrong with these people? we used to joke about "self-hating Jews," but these guys have really taken it to another level. I know of no other group of people with such a low opinion of themselves–if that's what it is. I really don't get it, and I was raised Jewish.

  • Anamah

    They feel safer hating what they fail to be. They are perverted sick obsessive compulsive people, taking distance from what they are afraid of and fail to achieve in their imagination. Bag of garbage… as we can call that..

  • Schlomotion

    Did Marx "make antisemitic assertions" as The Plagiarist asks, or did Marx express the personal sense of disgust for Jewishness that he fostered firsthand in a Jewish family and community? I think the biggest gorilla in the room is that all of this anti-Marxism spewing from the fangs of the Likudnik right on Frontpage originates in the schism within the Jewish community in the first place. All of this "leftism" and "Marxism" is something that Eastern European Jews brought into the US in the 1880s and wafted around using Yiddish newspapers. FPM is simply tarring anybody against Israel with the broad brush of hatred that they use for their own more impoverished political immigrant fanatics. The anti-Jewish racial slurs (like the K-word) used against them were even coined by their more conservative, more assimilationist forebears who could sign their names with more than a circle. Given his origins and the origins of his political media history, Meotti should probably not take on the issue of Marx.


    The Democrat, anti-Semitic,self-hating Jews can relocate the palistinian/gazans to Montana so they can rewrite that history. When Americans refuse to accept the palie/gazan false claims to land & rights, the palies can send missiles to the surrounding states, or strap bombs to their women & children to blow up innocent Americans. There are currently 56 countries with a muslim majority; the palies can live in any one of them & practice their worship of the pedophile, wife-beating, polygamist mohamad. BTW, there are 5000 convicted muslim terrorists in Israeli prisons, at a cost of $250,000 p/terrorist/year; I say free them all, put them on a boat in the sea, set them on a course toward America & let their brethren rescue them, or not; Israel doesn't need them. They can move to the U.S. next to Obama!

  • Phil

    What a load of old rubbish this is. It is merely a pamphlet for Zio-Nazis. Israel is at best an apartheid state that should not even exist. The whole idea of a Jewish State is entirely a racist concept. The problems of the Middle East should be solved the same as the problems of South Africa. Land should be returned to its legal owners and then there should be a vote for every adult. Jews, Muslims and Christians can then live as equals just like the population of South Africa.
    The alternative is to continue with the present Zio-Tyranny which is a product of colonialism and 20th century fascism.