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Anti-Semitic cartoons are feautured in the mainstream newspapers. In the Norway’s largest newspaper Dagbladet, the former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert appeared as the leader of a Nazi death camp. Recently, another drawing was published by Dagbladet. Cartoonist Finn Graff depicted Palestinian prisoners being released for Gilad Shalit into another “prison” – Gaza, and inserted the Buchenwald insignia: “Jedem das Seine” (to each what he deserves).

How it is possible that a country that calls itself “the peace nation,” the country of Ibsen, Munch, Nobel and Grieg, has become the sanctuary of anti-Israel hatred? Norway, the beautiful landscape and blond-and-white scenario of one of the richest countries in the world per capita, declared war on Zionism. This calm, liberal, peace-loving country of magnificent scenery, welfare state and smorgasbord, is in the top rank of nations in the number of books printed per capita and it is dedicated to encouraging democracy, responding to climate change and protecting human rights. But not the human rights of the Israeli citizens.

In Scandinavia, liberal anti-Semites demonize Jewish nationalists, Jewish settlers and Jewish soldiers in place of Jewish usurers, Jewish capitalists, and Jewish communists. If in the past anti-Semites were uncultured and muscled, in Scandinavia they are flamboyant and ephebic.

Scandinavia’s anti-Semites are denationalized and secularized, wishing mankind to “cast away the yoke of national prejudices” (Rousseau). They cast Zionism as a cause of anti-Semitism, not as a response to it. They see the bombing of a synagogue in Stockholm and Oslo as a reprisal for an incursion into Gaza.

They play the “Hitler card.” They call the Israelis, Nazis. They see the Jewish State as seizing a Lebensraum for itself. They depict the Jews not as avaricious or dishonest like in the past, but as militarists and exclusivists.

Their worldview, which nurtures anti-Israel hatred, is collectivist, internationalist, universalist and third-worldist. They see “Islamophobia” as the worst racism, while Judaism attracts their arrogant censure as savage, fanatical and ferocious. They are atheists, but they are ready to ally with theocrats of all kinds.

Their phony progressive tolerance degenerates in sardonic contempt when it deals with Israel. Their cosmopolitanism cultivates the fantasy of somehow removing Israel and its people. They thrill to conspiracy fantasies, blood libels, and Holocaust perversion. Like Iran’s Ahmadinejad, they would wipe Israel off the map by their inks and papers.

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  • Rothschild

    Thank you for this article…I wold normally want to vacation to a country that would advertise itself, as ultra liberal, especially in case of a crisis in the US…as a liberal pacifist I would be walking into a war zone; not s good place to be.

    Why is this article not on the Huffington Post?

    • Choi

      "Why is this article not on the Huffington Post? "

  • richard sherman

    Norway passed brutal antisemetic laws before the Nazis did. These laws are still on the books. For example Jews cannot prepare Kosher food in Norway. You spell Norway…N..A..Z..i

    • Henning

      There are no laws against kosher food in Norway.

      However, no one is allowed to slaughter an animal if it isn't sedated – to protect the animals form unnesessary suffering. Slaughtering of animals according to both halal and kosher rules, without sedation, is therefore forbidden. Norwegian Moslems accept the sedation of animals, Norwegian Jews choose to import their meat from abroad. All other kosher rules are OK in Norway.

      Regarding your other claim, about "brutal antisemittic laws" before the nazis, still in effect – Please elaborate on this. There are NO "brutal antisemittic laws" in Norway.

  • Jerry

    Let us all pray for the Jewish people, for the hatred of Christians is not far behind.

  • Norman Berdichevsky

    See my new book for a look at Denmark, An Introduction to Danish Culture' (McFarland Publishing Co, 2011.)which contains many chapters of Jewish interest. Although far from ideal, Danish society has not been dragged dowth to the depths of anti-Semitism and political correctness as Sweden and Norway.

    • ★FALCON★

      It is my opinion that any country that relies heavily upon the social welfare system is ripe to be over-taken from within while the citizens grow fat and lazy sucking in the government teat.

      They're stuck in a morphine induced daze caused by the gluttony of socialism / communism. They can't feel their limbs (western society) being chopped from their body (state) – no pun intended.

      • Drakken

        When the tit runs dry and it will, those ole Viking genes will rise to the surface and the muslim invaders will once again know what true fear is.

        • Questions

          I urge all Front Page readers to buy or rent the movie "Thor" or at least see the character Thor as part of the ensemble in Marvel's "Avengers." O mighty, Thor, God of all Gods! Arise! Drive back the jihadist!!

        • wb

          perhaps the recidivism will expunge the principles of Christianity grafted on to the Viking derivatives. I was told that Norwegians still resent that neutral Sweden allowed the Nazi Wehmacht safe passage across Sweden to invade and occupy Norway, then sold iron ore and other war materiel to the Nazi war machine.

    • Choi

      NEVER FORGET that the Danish People/Danish Resistance SMUGGLED its ENTIRE Jewish Population OUT the night before the ROUND-UP.,mainly in small boats to "Neutral" Sweden
      Today's Sweden would have turned them over,"Neutral " or Not.

  • ★FALCON★

    Sweden, long famed as a shelter for U.S. draft resisters, Chilean dissidents and other exiles, has become one of the most anti-Semithic countries in the world. **By the way – there is a typo in that sentence**

    Soon Sweden will become one of the most anti-Swedish places on the Earth.

    I find it curious that citizens of other countries can not go and live in the Muslim countries and then start complaining about everything under the sun. Then attempt to start a movement to demand social changes and welfare money. Try that and see what happens.

    People need to wake up and understand that Islam is on a crusade. A crusade not to spread the message of their religion – but to wipe out all other religions.

    • Jim

      The real danger in Sweden is the social democrats. They rule the country. If the Jihad Muslims engage in crimes based on religion and race it is the Social Democrats that allow it to continue . But it is not just Jews that are victimized. Swedish women are victims of Islamic motivated rapes. Some actually dye their their hair black in hopes of avoiding rape. Not only do the Social Democrats ignore the crimes but when Swedish people join together to fight the rapist the police must call these defenders racists. A man in Finland identified a rapist as an African appearing man. He was fired from his job and no one else would hire him. 1984 and worse.

      • Ron Lewenberg

        The Moderata Party is little better. It is almost as PC and is handmaiden to the left on these issues, conspiring with them to change the Swedish constitution to mandate political correctness when the Swedish Democrats got into parliament.

  • wsk

    What the eff is wrong with these people? Why have they developed such a self-loathing society?

    • expat

      As a norwegian expat, I agree 100 % with this article. The self-loathing is a result of leftwing brainwash for the last two generations. The spoiled Baby boomers and their even more spoiled children are now running the country. There is no hope. The way that left wing norwegians are constantly patting themselves on the back, while calling everyone who opposes them 'racist' or 'fascist' is truly disgusting.
      There are some decent norwegians, but a large majority of them are vicious leftist anti-semites.

      Swedes are in fact even worse than norwegians. Sweden is the ultimate la-la land, that is for sure. I feel sorry for all conservative Norwegian and Swedes who is looking on helplessly as their countries are falling apart, and the future of their children going to waste. There is nothing they can do. Even the leaders of the police force is infested with these leftwing vermin.

      Thank you FPM for exposing these hypocrites


        expat, How representative are you of the average Norwegian?

        It seems to me that you are an exception. That norway is lost. That the majority of norwegians side with Islamofascists as they did in WW2 Quisling Norway.

        Anyhow expat, Best of Luck!

  • MattA

    Good article.

    I have been following this for years. The truth is that Judaism is the source of Good. The G-d of Israel is the conscience of the world and teaches all people the differences between Right and Wrong and Good and Evil. These pagan, Scandinavian countries that reject the moral concepts of Judaism are thus abettors of evil which is why they demonize Jews and appease those who would murder and rape their own society. These countries won't exist in 100 years.

    • Silverfinger

      We all agree with you re: Judaism is the source of God but I just refuse to lump the Dames with the Swedes and the Norwegians.

      Norwegians are being brainwashed by their media while the muslims are slowly taking over. They will be squealing like pigs soon to their muslim overlords.

      They are also not so wealthy. Their govt is a major investor in their largest public companies. Very very high taxes and weak demographics. Their opinion is more and more irrelevant as is their continent and worthless as is their currency. Gross external debt: $548.1 billion (30 June 2009).

      • Choi

        Danes should NEVER be lumped with Quisling's Norwegian DESCENDENTS and their Swedish Fellow Traveling JEW-HATERS.

        • MattA

          I agree. Denmark (and Finland for that matter) are much, much better than Norway and Sweden. I should have been more specific.

      • Cosmo

        "Norwegians are being brainwashed by their media while the muslims are slowly taking over. They will be squealing like pigs soon to their muslim overlords. "

        Yeah, 3% of the population are taking over. In a country where you are only accepted and get a job when you *exactly* talk, behave and look like a Norwegian. Dream on. Ever been to Europe?

    • Radegunda

      It's probably not fair to say the Scandinavians have rejected all "the moral concepts of Judaism." I recall, e.g., an experiment in which people left wallets stuffed with money lying around in major cities of various countries, to see what people would do upon finding them. The Norwegians had the highest rate (nearly 100%) of turning the wallets over to the police with all the money inside. (That would not happen in today's immigrant-heavy Oslo, of course.)

      Scandinavian immigrant communities in the U.S. were long known for decency, integrity, industriousness, etc.

      Rather than rejecting "moral concepts of Judaism," the Scandinavian countries have probably overemphasized some (being nice and peaceful and generous and caring, etc.) in a way that results in self-righteousness and self-parody. The unsustainable welfare state is one consequence; another is the suicidal "compassion" for uncivilized Muslim immigrants.

      As for the pathological hatred of Jews, that's a mystery to me — the more so when it's accompanied by a tender solicitude for hateful, violent Muslims.

      • cosmo

        "As for the pathological hatred of Jews, that's a mystery to me — the more so when it's accompanied by a tender solicitude for hateful, violent Muslims."

        That's very easy to understand.1. The Scandinavians as true Chrstians see themselves as better Jews but as Jews anyway. 2. And as they cannot decide weather they are nations of one people or open western societies for all immigrants they don't communicate clear rules to the Moslem groups and project their national identity problems on Israel.

    • Cosmo

      Scandinavia is not pagan at all. It's conservative Lutheran. Plus other protestant churches. The churches who influenced the founding of the US and helped create western society form Jewish ideas. Have you ever been in Norway? This is a very Christian and conservative country. They belive in the God of the bible and follow moral of law. People who left the church belive in God anyway. Even alcohol is forbidden. You should travel more.

  • karl

    In germany police storm a flat because the owner had an Israel flag at the window.Police said the flag makes the muslim demonstration angry.

    • Raymond in DC

      Something similar happened at an Al Quds celebration in (I think) York, Canada. A fellow carrying an Israeli flag nearby was accosted by the Muslims, a scuffle ensued, and the only person taken in by police was … the guy carrying the Israeli flag.

      • Rothschild

        A few months ago, around a hundred militant Occupy Wall Streeters, were literally running around where I lived when I walked out my apartment building in NYC, to get a cup of coffee… half seemed like they were militant crazed Muslims, with many Arab flags (around 20).

        They seemed to be well organized, and to be marching in a subtle manner.



        Muslims have NO, ZERO right to not be offended.

        When Muslims offend, non-Muslims should have the right, the Freedom of Speech to offend Muslims.

        Equal application of the Law.

  • Bert

    These European countries should also be looked at from a prophetic perspective. It is now time for completing the in- gathering of the Jews back to Israel. Most Jews get too comfortable wherever they are and forget their biblical mission. The only way to bring them back is to persecute them to leave their current locations and leave them few alternatives. This process began in the late 1800's and will take a few more decades to complete. It will be both interesting and amusing to watch how U.S. Jewish liberals will react when their turn comes to be targeted for persecution and expulsion. Most Americans are not anti Jewish but under Obama the extreme left will be encouraged to go after the Jews.

    • Jossi

      You are saying a few more decades to complete the in gathering of the Jews to Israel? I'm afraid to tell you, I firmly believe there will be very soon a new world war, this time a very destructive one, and this from a prophetic perspective. If Jewish liberals will come to Israel in larger quantities, (I'm living in Israel) I would start a petition to house them in Judea and Samaria, (the occupied territories by the arab-mohammedans!) in order to settle even more the ancient and new land. That will be for them the best correction. (and instead of the NYT, a copy of the Torah)

  • Marty

    Even after the Jewish communities in norway and sweden are gone (safely removed to Israel or the United States, one hopes), anti-semitism will still be very much in evidence. It is an incurable infection. The tipping point in most of europe has already been reached. Jews are fleeing France, the third or fourth largest Jewish population in the world, and with good reason. Those who remain will wish they hadn't. muslims now account for one in eight french citizens and, in some cities, are close to two in five. It's scary because, once muslims enter the government, they will be very close to transforming france into an islamic nuclear power.

    • stevefraser

      Homosexuals in Europe are also targeted and on the run.

    • Choi

      Marty is correct.
      There are still Anti-Semites in the European countries whose Jews were murdered by the Nazis.
      Japan is very Anti-Semitic with NO Jews and what's strange is they've gone the WRONG WAY after WWII.
      Although the Nazis Axis Ally,Japan saved some Jews who FLED East and didn't bother those who wound up in Shanghai and Hong Kong.
      AFTER the War,came Anti-Semitism to Japan.

  • Drakken

    This is for all you folks who think that Europe is doomed, it isn't. The rise of nationalism is coming and it is scarring the daylights out of the leftist, more and more native folk are saying no more to muslim encroachment and the day is coming soon where you will see a Balkans on steroids. The muslims are going to rue the day they pushed us too far. The muslims will continue to push because in the face of agression the govts give in to any and all demands, they will push too far and then the backlash will begin.

    • Kufar Dawg

      It may come too late. The few who fight the muslo-fascists (who may control key aspect of government) may all be slaughtered, while the rest of Europe/Eurabia looks on.

  • Jim

    The real danger in Sweden is the social democrats. They rule the country. If the Jihad Muslims engage in crimes based on religion and race it is the Social Democrats that allow it to continue . But it is not just Jews that are victimized. Swedish women are victims of Islamic motivated rapes. Some actually dye their their hair black in hopes of avoiding rape. Not only do the Social Democrats ignore the crimes but when Swedish people join together to fight the rapist the police must call these defenders racists. A man in Finland identified a rapist as an African appearing man. He was fired from his job and no one else would hire him. 1984 and worse

  • stevefraser

    Years ago Sweden played Israel in tennis Davis Cup in an empty stadium in Olso out of fear of violence from Muslim immigrants….What more do you need to know?

  • Jim

    Most people in America, Sweden Norway France and so on are dominated by people with the same mentality. as the social democrats
    Anyone who criticizes the immigration policies of the rulers are labeled as racists. People in the media who point out what the real problem is are usually fired. That it is not racism that motivates the protesters against illegal or excessive immigration policies is not even mentioned in the" moderate" media. Instead the media will pull from their files a sad story which points out that the Illegal Immigrant came here to seek a better life.
    The media fails to mention that Blacks in the South have been displaced from their traditional agricultural jobs by illegal aliens. Black workers have showed up at their usual field only to find illegal aliens now are doing their jobs.
    American tech workers are discriminated against in the tech industries; The media has the story that Americans just arn't smart enough. Funny less than 20 years ago the Americans were smart enough to get the industry off the ground and make it a power house. How did we get so stupid so fast.
    America is just as guilty as Sweden in suppressing it's own people and favoring aliens.


    How can a couple of million Muslims kowtow native Euro communities?

    Eurotrash Estrogen poisoning?


      One day, Muslims will cross the line. Then the psycho Euros will react. Overreact?

      national SOCIALST scum are the enemy of Humanity.

      You wouldn't want to trade Isalmofascism for Eurofascsism.

      A POX on both their houses.

  • Ghostwriter

    How long will it be before Scandinavian Jews find their way to America?

  • Kufar Dawg

    May they enjoy the islamofascist pigs they will soon be ruled by.

  • Ron Lewenberg

    The Swedish left wants to destroy Israel and aside from oikophobia, shows its supersiority by kissing up to Muslims and hating Israel.

    PS. Banning Adorno was not a bad thing. He was a commie.

  • Norman Berdichevsky

    see Apr 11, 2012 – Frontpage Interview's of Norman Berdichevsky on new book about Denmark;
    -read interview with me by Jamie Glazov on my book An Introdcution to Danish Culture. A dozen chapters deal with issues of specific Jewish interest and tell a story of amiable relations and Jewish contributions to Danish life and society – Jewish role in the development of the Danish West Indies (today's U.S. Virgin Islands), the careful care of the provincial Jewish cemeteries (no vandalism),4 outstanding Danes who were outspoken critics of the nazis and fled during the German occupation – Victor Borge, designer Arne Jacobsen (both Jewish), Nobel prize winning physicist Niels Bohr (half Jewish), engineer and poet Piet Hein; (Jewish wife) ; Grundtvig's debate with Kierkegaard and why Danish Lutheranism was NOT anti-semitic, Rejection of anti-Semitism by Danish Unity Party, Karen Blixen and her help to Jews on the way to Sweden, the yellow Star Legend and how thousands of Danes from every walk of life (not just the king) enabled Jews to escape to Seden; how the Danish ethnic minority in Nazi Germany 1933-38 aided the local Jewish community'; Danish-Jews help establish the Rebild celebration honoring Danish-Americans,

  • david

    Thanks Norman.
    As a Dane it hurts me to see Jews in Sweden and Noway being hanged out on the dryer, and I can assure you it
    will not happen in Denmark. The irony is that the Jewish refugees in the 40´ escaped to Sweden, and now 70 years
    after the traffic is going the other way. :-)

  • Rothschild

    If there is a crisis in the US; I may go to Denmark; then apply to move to Israel… because, I'm a half Jew and considered a non-Jew; though on paper I would qualify as a citizen of Israel, because my grandfather is Jewish; I was advised by other half Jews…. one…. for example, that left Russia believed that the applications to be Israelis are denied to half Jews.

    • Rothschild

      I think there are around three million half Jews in the US, and most, would probably have to move somewhere other then Israel.

    • Drakken

      What exactly are you going to do to defend yourself? Or are you just going to go willingly to the slaughter? You can only run so far before your back is against the wall.

      • Rothschild

        Buy a country, or some land; then apply to the UN for status as half Jews under the universal declaration of human rights, to create a democratic country.

  • Peter

    But if Denmark is a pro-jews country who, in general, don't mind fighting the jihadis, why don't the jews just move over there? Their capital Copenhagen is right next to Malmoe and a much larger city.

  • Norman Berdichevsky

    For those interested in the largely positive experience of Jews in Denmark and the philo-Semitic tradition of the Danish Lutheran Church (influence of Grundtvig), see my new book An Introduction to Danish Culture (McFarland, 2011) and the following chapters….6 – How The Danish West Indies became the U.S. Virgin Islannds, 8- Jewish Provincial Cemeteries: A Cultural Landmark to Tolerance 11 – The Rebild celebrations, Danish-Americans and Danish-American relations; 14- Piet Hein: The Renaissance Man 15- Victor Borge: The Clown Prince 16- N.F.S. Grundtvig: Spiritual Father of the Nation 17 Hans Christian Andersen 18 Soren Kirkegaard 19- Arne Sorensen and the nationalist Danish Unity (Dansk Samling) Party 20- Arne Jacobsen, Father of Danish Design 22= Niels Bohr and the Copenhagen Mysery 23 -Karen Blixen: From Rungsted to Kenya and Back 28- The Yellow Star Legend of King Christian X 29- The "Jewish Question" and the Danish ethnic minority in Nazi Germany, 1933-38.

  • Cosmo

    Well first of all: Norway and Denmark are not so peace loving. They are fighting members of the NATO in Iraq and Libya for the course of the free western civilization. These countries are very Christian though a lot of the people dont belong to a church anymore. Second: Denmark and the Danish people are among the righteous of the nations, as well as Swedes who gave the Danish Jews shelter, plus Wallenberg among others. Third: as all European countries – in contrast to the US – they are national states which came out of national romanticism (19th century) and western civilizations which came out of the Enlightement (18th century) at the same time. Beeing both is almost impossible to resolve hence they project their own national problems – being a nation for only one people and being a open western society at the same time – to an other European state: Israel. Help the Scandinavians to understand that fact instead of demonizing them. Thanks.

  • Svengelska

    "God has no religion!" by Mahatma Gandhi. A truism! Therefore why is on religion better than another? It is religious zealots of every religion who foist upon their congregations the idea that their way (religion) is the true and only way because these zealots want to retain their power over their "faithful" Why don't we all wake up to this fact? I suspect because we're all brainwashed.

  • Samir S. Halabi

    There are so many different nationalities who visit Sweden, wouldn't it be a good idea for 1,000 ex-special services Israelis to travel sepately to Sweden then all meet up when they arrive in Malmo. they should then explore Malmo in numbers and when they see any trouble caused by those Jew-hating Muslims wade in and smash their heads in, this and this only is how you deal with those Jew-hating scumbags..

  • Samir S. Halabi

    I have written to the Swedish Embassy in London UK on several occasions, I have emailed them countless times, however to date they have never replied to me, just goes to show what a wonderful country Sweden is. I have asked them in all my correspondence to them as to why Sweden has turned so anti-Jewish, why are Muslims allowed to attack Jews at will, why is it that Swedish Muslims can show their support for Arab causes such as the Palestinian-Arabs, however when
    the Swedish Jewish community want to show support for Israel they are condemned, especially by that good for nothing Ilmar Reepalu the anti-Israel Mayor of Malmo, who stated that if the Jewish community didn't want to be attacked by Muslims they should totally distance themselves from Israel. What wonderful advice he has given. May that Jew-hating bastard go to hell together with all his Muslim Jew-hating scum.

  • guest

    Not surprised a bit. I always knew the Swedes were trying to redirect attention away from their own hate when they whine about the rights of others but are ALWAYS stone cold silent on the issue of Jews being attacked and beaten or even murdered. Sweden, you are a filthy LIE.