The Christian Era in the Middle East Is Over

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Many Palestinian terrorists came from the Christian community. George Habash, who has been dubbed “the godfather of Middle East terrorism”, was a Greek Orthodox Christian who sang in his church choir as a boy back in the town of Lydda. His background was almost identical to that of his best friend, Wadia Haddad, the No. 2 in the PFLP and the operational genius and passionate proponent of the group’s terrorist acts.

For years after Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990, the public face of that nation’s diplomacy was deputy prime minister Tariq Aziz, who was born with the distinctly Christian name of Michael Yuhanna.

British author, William Dalrymple, suggests that by the 1990s, five out of Hafiz al Asad’s seven closest advisors were Christian. Today, the suave symbol of the Palestinian cause in the West is a Christian, Hanan Ashrawi, who signed the letter against Oren.

Coptic Christians were prominent in the pioneering nationalist anti-Israel Wafd Party of Egypt in the 1920s. From the 1930s, Arab Christians were deeply influenced by the fascist and ultra-nationalist models they could see in Europe, and they formed their own parties in this mold.

One of the first was the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, founded by the Christian Antun Saadeh, who preached the establishment of a Great Syrian empire covering not just modern-day Syria but also Judea, Samaria, Lebanon, Cyprus, and other stretches of the Near East.

In 1940, another Christian thinker launched what would be a still more influential variety of pan-Arabism, namely the Movement for Arab Renaissance (Ba’th). The key founder was Michel Aflaq, who had been educated at the Sorbonne.

The most prominent Palestinian intellectual in the world was a Christian, Edward Said (it was in Nazareth, in fact, that Said’s mother was born; his grandfather founded the city’s first Baptist church).

The use of the term “nakba” for the Israeli War of Independence was an innovation of Constantin Zureiq, the intellectual father of Arab nationalism. George

Antonious’ book “The Arab Awakening” is one of the earliest intellectual expressions of Palestinian Arab resentment about Zionism. Antonious was far from alone as a Christian Arab who saw his future with the aspirations of the Muslim majority in the Arab world.

You also have the case of Azmi Bishara, the Arab MK who betrayed the State of Israel, who comes from a middle-class Christian family from Nazareth.

Meanwhile, in Lebanon, the Christian movements of General Michel Aoun and Sleiman Frangieh are allied with Hizbullah.

Christians have also been part of municipal councils headed by Hamas. Now that the Nasserite mixture of socialism and secularism is outclassed by  Islamist fury, Christians are vanishing from their cradle.

Arab Christians are paying the anti-Israel appeasing choice: they feed the Islamic crocodile hoping it will eat them last. Nonetheless, the Islamic tiger is devouring the Christian lamb.

Indeed, the Christian era in the Middle East is coming to an end. After Arab nationalism failed to eliminate Israel, Arab Christianity and the Vatican are now building a Palestinian identity hostile to Israel and the Jews.

The Christian criminalization of Zionism, which Arab Churches made a basic condition for “Muslim-Christian rapprochement”, grants the elimination of the Jewish State priority over defending the rights of their own beleaguered communities.

As was the case of the European Christians in World War II, Arab Christianity is now pursuing a joint cause with evil forces to buy temporary security. They will be responsable for their own destruction. When in 1991, the first Iraqi Scuds hit the Tel Aviv area, Palestinians in Judea and Samaria and Gaza, in defiance of the curfew, mounted rooftops and joyfully chanted: “Saddam, Saddam, ya habib, oodroob oodroob Tel Abib” (“Saddam, Saddam, you darling, hit Tel Aviv over and over again”).

A few rocket attacks later, a paraphrased version of that ditty spread around: “Saddam, Saddam, our boss, go ahead and hit the Cross”.

Arab Christians have been Islamicized. Supported by the Vatican and the Orthodox Churches, they choose the war against the Jews. They will be paid back with their own extinction.

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  • Anamah

    Arabs genocidal intentions are clear as Muslims or Christians. They would be challenged and the truth will prevail. Never sequels were good.

  • Amused

    This is nothing less than the ultimate ends of islam . And it's not as if there is no clear evidence of such intentions . It literally pervades everything muslims say and do , the world over . One need not base this conclusion on any assumptions nor unreasonable extrapolation . The evidence is empiricle , exact, and definitive .
    THERE S NO GUESSWORK INVOLVED IN THIS OBJECTIVE REALITY . It is the unquestionable goal of islam to subjugate the world to islam ,and destroy ALL else that is not islam . There is no choosing on the part of the rest of the world or moderation on the part of islam . This in FACT is the unchanging and relentless goal of islam , otherwise known and expresed as "The Goal of the Prophet . This sets apart islam from all other religions and qualifies it as a malignant and destructive CULT . It's members willing to die for it , indeed to a suicidal degree . This CULT is a scourge to humanity . It behooves all muslims to struggle [jihad ] for this "goal " , without exception . Any "alleged moderations " are merely deception at any cost or device [ TAQIYYA ] .

  • Don Braun, NY

    the fact that arab christians find common cause with their oppressors is distressing. , in a psycological sense its an example of " iidentification with the aggressor." and it takes place when oppression is truly horrendous . in a political and cultural sense its a tragedy! they are sadly deluded if they believe they will be spared if they pay homage to their islamic supremacist overlords.

    • Tanstaafl

      In order to survive in Dar-Es-Islam, infidels must agree with their Muslim masters. This is known as Dhimmitude.

    • Amused

      uh…'s called ANTI-SEMITISM , on the part of Christians .

  • Amused

    Islam will inevitibaly , directly or indirecly, lead to the next great world conflagration , the next world war , in which all nations will be involved albeit with varying agenda , but with no doubts .And it will center around Israel since abject hatred of Jews and Israel is an integral part of islam , a religious tenet as it were , part and parcel of islamic dogma . These things are NOT in the near or forseeable future , they are NOW , and the first shots have already been fired .While partisan bickering makes up our headlines and concerns , THIS is the underlying cause of high oil prices which leads to economic instability throughout the globe . To offer "democracy " to such people is analagous to the biblical "casting of pearls before swine " who will only trample them and kill you . The Saudis say " there is no rational reason for the high oil prices " we see today ….AND THEY ARE CORRECT , for it is the IRRATIONAL AND UNABATED HATRED OF JEWS AND ISRAEL that drives the muslim agendas , coupled of course with the unmitigated greed on the part of oil companies and traders who only see in the world an opportunity for profit .

  • Amused

    This creates a shortsightedness which has and will continue to prove DEADLY , which is the primary cause of the blindness on the part of Western Nations , to this REAl and EXISTENTIAL THREAT . And it seems we only have ONE TRUE AND STALWART ALLY – Israel .

  • Anthony

    Most Christians are not Christians at all. Most of those denominations that “celebrate” homosexual “marriages” are not Christian. Most of hose churches that teach Obama’s pastors’ s liberation theology, are not Christian. Those churches that promote feminism and “reproductive rights”, e.g., abortion, are not Christian. Those denominations allowing for the ordination of actively engaged homosexuals as bishops, are not Christian. Finally, those self identified followers of Christ who are “anti-Zionist”, are against as this article mentions, Israel and its people, who are favored by the Allmighty.

    That the Middle East is soon to be pure, Islamic all the way through and through should surprise no one with any sense of history. But it is thee thing of all these heathen people’s as described in the Bible who at some point will surround Israel on all sides in preparation for attack.

    The certainty of Israel’s destiny, that is, it’s role in the end times, cannot be changed. That evil now surrounds God’s holy city is part of His plan, no human intelligence will find a solution to the reality of Judiasm, Christianity, and Israel all converged on the holiest place on Earth.

    As Christ said, “Many will come on my name, but do not believe them”. As this story points out, Christian proclaiming people are largely the reason real Christian believers are being sacrificed. Look at Kosovo. Look at how time and again Moslems are the winners because so called “Christians” rewarded them.

  • miscellany

    Because our parents belonged to a church and we go there, or because we find 'Christianity' the most appealing religion, does not make one a real Christian. If you do the opposite of what the Lord Jesus commanded, 'love one another; love your enemy (on a personal, not national, level), then you are not a true Christian. So while the author's points are well-taken, it is inaccurate to broad-brush and assume that by simply going through religious rituals one is a follower of Christ. He said 'you are My disciples if you do as I command.' Hatred of Jews was not in His commands; these 'Christians' who support terrorism may be identified by the world as Christian, but they have turned their backs on God.

    • Whatsinaname

      Wait a minute, miscellany – If Jews who vote for Obama, hate Israel and do a host of awful stuff are still Jews and that fact is pointed out by Christians, why do you Christians, when confronted with the awful bahavior of other Christians claim, well, they're not really Christians. Yes they are. The Vatican ignores the plight of Christians in Africa, Pakistan, Iraq and yes, Ramallah and Gaza, etc. The Pope blames Israel for the persecution of Christians and Moslems by other Moslems. Is he not a Christian? Yes, of course he is. So quit pulling this nonsense about how they're not really Christians. They are. Deal with it.

      • fiona

        The pope is not a Christian he is a Catholic. Catholics are not Christians. Catholics follow the teachings of the Pope. who is like a little god to them. What he says supersedes what the bible says. The bible says that if you continue in my Word you are my disciples indeed. So you have to follow what the bible says not what some man says. The pope does not believe what the bible says and if you don't believe what the bible says you are not a Christian. Simple. That apply's to Moslem's if they do not follow the teachings of the Koran then they are not true Moslem's.

      • miscellany

        Whatsinaname, some very observant points, thanks. When we talk about Jews, we can talk about those who are ethnically Jews, then those who are ethnically Jewish but not observant, and those who are both, plus those who live in Israel and aren't Jews by birth but part of the country, and among those are observant and non-observant (and break it down even further, into liberal, etc.). Quite a spectrum of folks!
        Christianity was adopted by the Romans and became a state 'religion.' Christianity is not a religion as defined by God's word–it is a surrendering to Christ and a passion to live for Him, and He in us. Are we still flawed? Sure, He doesn't make us robots, but we grow in Christ and become less and less like what we were. We don't bow down to church leaders or think we can earn our way to Him–it's His gift of His Son. So, unlike most other faith systems, Christianity is not attained by works.
        Now, the Romanized church combined what they thought Christianity was with a lot of rituals like they were used to. Early Catholic popes were kings and conducted wars. People have assumed Christ wants us to be robots to a church that is legalistic (and it's certainly not just Catholicism that is that way).
        I know of a man who claims he's Christian and is a radical. He does nothing as Christ would have us do, nor does he want a personal relationship with the Lord, and there a millions of people like that. None of them are true Christians according to God's word. Yet, God has born-again Christians in Catholicism and other religious movements, but not because their religion is the key–it's God working in our lives to save us on a one-by-one basis.
        So, my friend, I don't deny there are LOTS of people out there who say they're Christian and act horribly. The Lord anticipated this in the parable of the wheat and the tares, Matt. 13:24-30. But the only thing that matters is what God says is a Christian. And as Christ pointed out in Matt. 7:22-23, there will be a lot of people who say, 'We did all these things in Your name!' and He will say, 'Depart from Me, I never knew you.'
        And it may get to the point where real Christians are heavily persecuted in this country. But we're not here to 'beat' other religions or force others to be Christian, or to blow up people, etc.–just to show Christ's love and tell folks about Him and serve others. Until I was born again, the last thing I would want is to love people as Christ does–what a change! I hope you get to know Him, too. All the best!

  • Schlomotion

    Why is a crypto-Jew from Italy loudly lamenting the death of Christianity from a neocon newspaper founded by a member of the Italian Communist Party (il Foglio), and nobody from a purported Right Wing website is laughing? That's a lot of hats to wear at the same time. This is conservatism? It's Conservative Judaism, but is it Conservative Republicanism? Hardly. Now Conservative Jews have taken to Conserving Christianity as well instead of letting it die off? If anything, we should be lamenting the death of Conservatism if it means outsourcing to Italian Communist Zionists.

    • Anthony

      Deciples who complained to Jesus of others trying to heal in his name were told by him ” Let them be, those who are not against you are for you”.

      Those were His words. I think them fitting considering your objections to the author.

      • Schlomotion

        I think Hugo Chavez is saying that at his Easter Prayer.

        • Western Canadian

          Hugo the clown does not celebrate christian (or pagan tacked onto chrisianity) events, you moron.

          • Schlomotion
          • intrcptr2

            Attending "a mass" with his familly is not celebrating Easter.

            Pity for you some of us here can read, more's the pity you cannot.
            Try again?

          • Schlomotion
          • intrcptr2


            So you claim he's quoting Jesus during his Easter prayers, WC claims he doesn't celebrate christian events, and you respond with his attendance at mass.

            World of difference between attendance and celebration, schlo.
            And your rejoinder, again, says nothing of Easter Mass, now does it?

            Congratulations on the ten-cent word, though; thanks.

  • Long Ben

    Blood will tell I suppose . Sounds to me like base tribalism ( or is it just fear ), has trumped sound doctrine . Don't Arab Christians realize that Jerusalem is the city of the Great King ? Don't they remember Yeshua's commandment , to pray for the peace of Jerusalem ? Seems to me that making common cause with Mohammadans is counter to that command . Long term all their evil strivings will be in vain . Shortly after Zechariah 12 &13 come to pass the Great King shall take his Throne , the throne of his little f father King David and reign over all the nations with a rod of iron , as needed .

  • Bartimaeus

    One is saddened by the state of Arab Christians, I mean true hearted Christians that know the Gospel of Christ and seek to follow the bible. Even in Israel where there is relative freedom from Islamic pressure, the influence of the Islamic narrative still has its impact. The Arab Christians in the West bank and Gaza cannot be really true to the faith of biblical Christianity without coming under severe persecution. Imagine a Christian standing on a corner somewhere in the West Bank or Gaza and proclaiming that there is no Salvation in Islam and Christ is the only true Savoir of the world. How long would such a Christian live?

    • Alex


      Which brings to mind an even more important question: How Christian is Christian West? So far its leadership is going after the Jews with gusto, but does absolutely nothing to protect it's own from extermination.

      Moreover, so called leaders of the West, supported by brain-wasted street mob, are bringing millions upon millions of deadly muslim plague upon their own countrymen with a total disregard for the future of their respective motherlands..

    • wctaqiyya

      How many times will you deny me? Yes, it comes down to corporeal survival or eternal salvation. Choose.

  • Amused

    Conservatives have always been the lunatic fringe of the right . Buckley pointed that out when exposing Welch and the Birchers for what they were -racists and anti-semites . Buckley split Conservatives and made the party respectable ….but only for a time , as the crazies have been slowly taking over the narrative of the republican party . While still maintaining ties to the Birchers , Birthers , Truthers , Teabaggers , Lou Rockwells and other extremists encompassing neo-nazis and white supremacists , who scurry around on the fringes . Christian anti-semitism has been around along time in the US .,and for all the pro-Israel posturing [ or co-opting ] the underlieing currents bubble to the top in the way of condemning jews who do not hold the "neo-conservative views " . I guess everyone would care to forget Baker of the GH Bush Admin's statement of " F—K the Jews , in a reference to Israel . Or Nixon's almost cutting off military aid in the middle of the '71 war .

  • maria

    Nixon eventually help Israel to win in 1973 organizing the arms delivering to IDF. Fact is that Republicans last at least 30 years support much more Israel than Democrats. Leftists/socialists which is real name of Democrats from 1960th on. Israel Destiny is all non-muslims destiny. it is even more applicable to US destiny as Islamic leader openly repeatedly saying that Israel is little Satan and USA is a big Satan. All non-Muslims should wake up and realize that all of us have one enemy: islamists/Muslims. Only united we can win. Anti-semitism is fatal, contagious disease kind of AIDS. if we want to survive…forget about prejudice and bigotry against Jews.
    Stand for Israel.

  • Ghostwriter

    Well,Amused. Not every conservative thinks like you think we do. Most of us like Jews and Israel and want to defend them. Your people side with the Palestinians who want to murder Israelis instead of living in peace with them.

    • Amused

      "my people " are first and foremost , entitled to think for themselves , not what conservatives think they should be thinking ,or saying ,or doing .And they do not need to be called commie or leftist ,or marxist ,should they disagree with anything in the conservative mindset . There are jews in Israel who in the course of everyday life , actuaklly get along with palestinians ….these people for the most part believe rightly or wrongly that a peace can be reached . They kniow far better than you or anyone else from afar , just what the violence is ,and feels . And beleve it or not , THEY much more so than YOU ,wish to see Israel continue . I've been there several times starting back in 66 as a young man , I have freinds there and not all agree on what conservatives here agree on , and they for that reason do not need to be accused of being traitors , commies or marxists from afar . And if FPM is any indicator , I see articles gettingg more and more vicious regarding jews who do not march lock-step with your ideology .

  • Mark J. Koenig

    Please clarify something for me: The author asserts that the Vatican is complicit in this war against the Jews. What exactly does he mean? I am not aware that the Pope has condemned Israel or ever said it has no right to exist. Am I wrong?

  • Francis Urquhart

    What is this bovine excrement about the Vatican embracing Islamism?! Not one shred of evidence is presented in this article. Furthermore, Pope Benedict has been a lonely voice out there standing up for the rights of ALL Christians in Arab lands, condemning the increasing attacks and persecutions they suffer, and he's taken a lot of heat for it too from Islamists and the Left.

  • wctaqiyya

    Interesting article. I was getting flack for pointing out that the Syrian Christians are not so innocent in their support of Bashar Assad. For them to be roughly asked to leave Syria by the rebels should be expected and is not entirely undeserved. You reap what you sow. If the other Christian enclaves in the ME also have blood on their hands, they weren't being good Christians, were they? I realize that survival in such barbaric areas is very difficult. But I also realize that Christians are held to a higher standard and are supposed to behave in a civilized manner. Supporting bloody dictators is never the Christian thing to do. So, If they placed their faith in an earthly ruler instead of God, they will get what's coming. Sorry, you can't blame the Muslims for abandoning your faith.

    • Carbondioxide

      "…Christians are held to a higher standard…" Who are the "rebels"? What is your standard for a rebel, and how high do you think their standards are? Not very high since you actually condone the expulsion of Christians. So far my understanding is the rebels are a mob. Given recent history patterns, the "rebels" are working to bring about Western support/military aid to perform the dirty work of taking down a government for the "peaceful" and "democratic" Mus_lim thugs waiting in the wings in order to impose their comprehensive system of lawlessness. Perhaps Syrian Christians well understand their fate at the hands of a mob with no government that will segue to a government with no law.
      Do we really want to be in a proxy war with Russia?

      • wctaqiyya

        Yes, the composition and relative goodness or badness of the rebels is a different topic. I was addressing the topic of the Christian persecution in Syria. As for my standards for the rebels, I don't have any. The rebels are all Muslims and Muslims operate from no moral system I recognize. They are barbarians trapped in a caveman culture. They respect slavery, oppression, murder, deceit, rape and complete intolerance. That is the reason majority Muslim countries can't get past the strong man/dictator phase of government development. Self rule for Muslims is a totally alien concept. Get the picture? I'm not going to do all of your homework for you but the rebels form at least three distinct groups. And yes, the rebels would like to see massive aid from the west. It doesn't mean we should give them any. Turkey and S. Arabia are helping enough methinks. What you call government in Syria was and is guilty of mass murder. It's mutual support of the Syrian Christians does nothing to excuse either party. You see, Syrian Christians are either responsible for their actions or they are irresponsible idiots and infants. These facts are unpleasant, but you have no reason to think I condone the persecution of anyone. And yes, another dictatorship will replace Bashar. Law, as we understand it in the west, has no function in Syria. It's a dictatorship. Your question about a proxy war with Russia has no context and is way off point. But, if it helps, Russian and Iranian aid to Syria will only delay Bashar's demise.

  • Emanuel

    The war against Christianity started first in Russia by the Zionists posing as communists. The biggest setback the Zionist state had in its ignominious history were:
    1. The Islamic revolution in Iran which turned its embassy to an embassy of Palestine, and the second,
    2. The re-emergence of Christianity in Eastern Europe with a vengeance after the collapse of communism.
    Don't write off Christianity at its birthplace yet. It will re-emerge with a vengeance as it did in Eastern Europe when the world wakes up from its induced slumber.

  • Amused

    What a croc of B.S. The only people persecuting and MURDERING Christians in the world today are unquestionably MUSLIMS ,backed by the religious dogma of the Q'uran . As for Russia ? The Czars and the "church's complicity representing the oppression of SERFS in a fuedal system , was the cause of the revolution and subsequent persecution of christianity in Russia .
    Where do you get your ideas from ? The Protocols ?

  • randy

    What about the perecution of the natives as christians were stealing north america? Why did god not protect the countless kids that were sexually abused by priests?

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Name just one Indian that was killed in the name of God. Moreover, point to just one Priest that molested kids in the name of God? Indeed, you are an unhinged and extremely deluded Leftists.

  • American Thinker

    The nazis and communist Russia failed to rid Europe of Jews, religion and "the other" but Islam is doing a a bang up job of ethnic cleansing and they are advancing steadily on the west while the pc crowd roll out the RED carpet. And Obama acts like conservatives are his enemy. The world is upside down, I fear for the next generations.

  • cynthia curran

    Well, the orthodox churches tend to have more of an anti-western bend which goes back to grieves against western christianity since the crusades and this explains some of the support forPalesantines. The west supports Isreali hence they opposed isreali. However, their were orthodox that did help the Jews during World War II in Greece.

    • yetem1

      The period between A.D. 300 – A.D. 500 (the era of Nicaea) is a pivotal moment that chronologically divides Christianity into pre-trinitarian Christianity and post; disclosing the marked differences –both visible and spiritual–between Oneness Christianity and the view of God as a plurality. This era serves as a divider by which the two types of Christianity can be compared. This divider openly exposes the consequent persecution of the strict oneness view of God on the pre-Trinitarian side of the chronological scale. By contrast, on the other side of the Niacin era we see the acquisition of earthly power – inherent in the pluralistic view of God– which is used to enforce the pluralistic view of God, i.e. burning of ‘heretics’, the crusades, etc.

  • Yetem1

    It is interesting that early, pre-Trinitarian Christianity is the persecuted Christianity, while Trinitarian Christianity becomes the antagonist. The first Christians were Jews who did not espouse the view of God as a plurality (Tri-une). Only after Nicaea and the implementation of the doctrine of the trinity do we see the enforcement of heresy laws, crusades, Spanish inquisition etc. A pluralistic society that fashions after itself a pluralistic God will always antagonize the Jew even though it will always lead to its own destruction.

  • cynthia curran

    Well, there were some legal limits on Jews and Pagans in the late Roman Empire. Some christians burn synogoues and there were even a few times were Jews attack Chrstians in that time period. Probably, the Orthodox are influence by the take over of the Kingdom of Yeman by Jews were a few christians suffered. Also, the bad foreign and religous policy of the emperor Justinian and Justin the second which caused about three revolts by the Samartians which lead to the death and enslavment of thousands and also Jews who joined the rebellion. Jews supported the Perisan takeover of Palestine in the early 7th century and when Palestine was takeover byHeraclius Jews were foreced to convert to Christianity. Now, Orthodox claim that during the medieval period Jews were not subject to violence as much as in the West, i would need more info on Medieval Byzantium to check if this is true. But the orthodox going back to the early years did have an anti-Jewish stance as well as Pagan and it led to some mob attacks, laws that limited the rights of Jews and Pagans, so its rooted in the past whey some Orthodox prefer Islam to Judisam.

  • Chris C.

    The author cites 1949 as a baseline regarding the number of Christians within Israel. The number was likely higher before the 1948 war. Palestinian Christians as well as Muslims were expelled or relocated by force by the Israelis during that war. The numbers of Christians may be growing, due to demographics, but not due to any specific policies of the Israeli government concerning settlement, or the taking in of refugees fleeing from other Arab states in the Middle East. Those policies disadvantage Christians and Muslims alike in owning, selling, or transferring real estate. Discrimination in Israel against both Christians and Muslims is undeniable. Whether Christians have it better in Israel than elsewhere is hardly the point. How much better would they have it there, and elsewhere,if all nations, Israel included, respected the civil and political rights of minorities within their borders.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Given their common status as minorities within an overwhelmingly Islamic region, you might expect Christian Arabs to find common cause with Jews and Israel. But the traditional hatred of Eastern Christianity for Judaism, combined with the futile hopes for assimilation within the Arab world, have closed off that option.

    Apparently, the harsh and degrading institution of dhimmitude in the Islamic world that all Christians and other non-Muslim unbelievers are victims of doesn't have anything to do with their reactions. Indeed, it would be suicide for any Christian living in the Islamic world as a violently oppressed and systematically persecuted dhimmi to find common cause with Jews and Israel.

    By the way, its not because that region of the world happens to be Arab that is the problem. It's because it happens to be Islamic. In fact, it is the cradle of Islamic civilization. The reactions of Arab Christians is primarily due to the fact that they are harshly oppressed and degraded dhimmis forced to live under repressive Islamic totalitarian rule.

    Many Palestinian terrorists came from the Christian community. George Habash, who has been dubbed “the godfather of Middle East terrorism”, was a Greek Orthodox Christian who sang in his church choir as a boy back in the town of Lydda. His background was almost identical to that of his best friend, Wadia Haddad, the No. 2 in the PFLP and the operational genius and passionate proponent of the group’s terrorist acts.

    Does the writer actually believe that terrorists who may have been raised as Christians were actually still Christians after they embraced Marxism, which is an atheist credo, and turned to terrorism? Indeed, those former Christians that turned delusional Leftists like so many other delusional Leftists throughout the world, not only turned their back on Christianity, but also morphed into delusional useful idiots. Indeed, what is so unusual about that?

    Furthermore, Habash and his ilk were violent terrorists, as their cause was Marxism and Nationalism, and both un-Islamic. Meanwhile, the Muslims they sympathized with and aligned with were jihadists, as jihad is holy fighting in the cause of Allah against non-Muslim unbelievers to make Islam supreme and in which constitutes total warfare employing both violent and non-violent means of jihad as opposed to terrorism, which only employs violence.

    With respect to the long list of other notable anti-Israel Arab Christians the writer list, they all have one thing in common in that they were also all delusional Leftists. Indeed, Leftism is a mental disease.

    Arab Christians are paying the anti-Israel appeasing choice: they feed the Islamic crocodile hoping it will eat them last. Nonetheless, the Islamic tiger is devouring the Christian lamb.

    Whenever are delusional Leftists not appeasers?

    Indeed, the Christian era in the Middle East is coming to an end. After Arab nationalism failed to eliminate Israel, Arab Christianity and the Vatican are now building a Palestinian identity hostile to Israel and the Jews.

    In the deluded minds of leftwing Arab Christians there may be Arab nationalism. However, in the Islamic world nationalism is un-Islamic and blasphemy, because it is an un-Islamic Western manifestation, as Sharia calls for a a world Caliphate only.

    The Christian criminalization of Zionism, which Arab Churches made a basic condition for “Muslim-Christian rapprochement”, grants the elimination of the Jewish State priority over defending the rights of their own beleaguered communities.

    Again, the writer needs to step in the shoes of those highly oppressed Christian dhimmis.

    Arab Christians have been Islamicized. Supported by the Vatican and the Orthodox Churches, they choose the war against the Jews. They will be paid back with their own extinction.

    Ooh…that's exceedingly harsh indeed. Has the writer ever heard of the Stockholm syndrome?

  • Ghostwriter

    I got a question for Amused. Since when have the Palestinians ever cared about the lives of Americans or Israelis? Because I never really see them do that. They scream for the death of America and Israel at least every five minutes. The Israelis care about America. The Palestinians don't. In fact,the Palestinians have often sided with the enemies of this country.

  • kiko

    Your article is grossly one sided. You ‘just’ forget to mentioned the dived and rule policy of Israel who led to the minority cleansing in the Middle East and caused the Christians to flee.