The Christians Who Protect Israel

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In Beit El they learned engineering to develop the filtration system, and released the initial versions in 1980. No official standards then existed in Israel for civilian protection from non-conventional warfare, only for military facilities.

Beit El Industries became a great success when the Israeli government enacted rules in 1995 requiring all new hospitals, kindergartens and nursing homes to be fitted with air filtering systems. The system is designed to protect people sitting in a shelter from nuclear, biological or chemical attack.

After gas masks, the Beit El’s system has become the most widely used protection device by Israeli civilians. In 1991, during Iraqi missile attacks in the Gulf War, the Christian group ushered Israeli residents into their factory shelters. Their invention will be used again in case of war against Iran.

It’s astonishing and sad that very few Israelis know about those strangers who ensure their survival.

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  • Ron Kirsh

    How is it that this Meotti person is allowed to write for FrontPage Magazine, after he has been kicked out of every other publication, such as Ynet, Tablet and Commentary for PLAGIARISM? FrontPage Magazine will have to sever its ties as well, if it is to remain a serious publication. Having Meotti on the author's list may well be the reason why serious writers and analysts such as Caroline Glick shun FrontPage. We need to get rid of him.

    • C.R.

      And what about this article did you find untrue?

      • Samuel Frantz

        which part of 'plagiarism' don't you understand? Authors with questionable work ethics are not needed at FrontPage.

    • Rifleman

      What's this "we" stuff, I've never seen you post here before. Are you Meotti's assigned internet stalker?

    • Bert

      If my memory is correct I seem to recall a recent announcement that Caroline Glick will now be associated with David Horowitz and Front Page Magazine.

      • Kufar Dawg

        I think she's already written at least one article for FPM!

    • Kufar Dawg

      How about some proof of his plagiarism?

  • Daniel Segun – NY

    Mr. Kirsh,
    stop slander writers you don't like. meotti was reinstated at Ynet and he continues to publish in many magazines. Like it or not, he was attacked and demonized for what he writes on Israel

    • Ron Kirsh

      I actually like the writers Mr. Meotti plagiarizes from.

  • Lady_Dr

    Could it be that Mr. Kirsh is some radical Jew who doesn't want anyone except Jews to have any credit for anything. I know Israel and I know Jews, and I've never met anyone like him – fortunately Mr. Kirsh is a real rarity

    As to the article I hope that Mr. Meotti will provide us with a website – it would be great to at least honor these folks with an email of gratitude.

    • Art

      it's funny you should mention 'credit' when talking about a serial plagiarizer.

  • Tom Eldredge

    What I suspect that many Jews do not understand is that politically, the only reason why Israel has the strong support it does in the US Congress is that evangelical Christians all over this country constantly give input to their representatives and senators that reminds them that support for Israel is essential. It is not the Jews in America that provide the bulk of this influence, although it is true that there are influential Jews as well. However, the bulk of support that keeps Israeli support sustained in those legislative bodies comes from Christians.

    • Stern

      Thank you for pointing this out. As a Jew, I am amazed, ashamed and astounded by the lack of support from my co-religionists – and I am forever grateful to non-Jews who see the reality of the Middle East and who are prepared to stand up for the truth.

  • Boxer

    "I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you" Gen 12:3

  • marios

    Liberals have no ethnicity or nationality, neither religion. Their religion is Liberalism whish is in modern Western world is socialism. Jewish liberals are alike all other liberals. Liberalism is mental disorder as the most of them live in illusion and delusion (gullible people) but their elite know what they are doing as socialism is dictatorship and power forever. History any and all socialistic countries starting from Russia/USSR is a proof.
    Evangelical Christians are true friends of Israel. G-d bless them. Our country was founded on Judeo-Christian values. Israel is only true ally of US in ME. All Muslim countries are our enemies as by Koran they are in Jihad with all infidels/non-Muslims. Israel is on the first line in battle with Islamic expansion and conquest Western world. Israel defend all Western world from barbarian invasion and first of all our great country. So it is in our country interest to support Israel as well. Great respect to pastor John Hagee and all Evangelists for their Israel support.

  • Steve Chavez

    How can American Christians defend Israel more vigorously than American Jews and their Jewish homeland?

    How BAD does it have to get for Israel for American Jews to give their unwavering support for her like American Christians do?

    Can't AMERICAN JEWS see the obvious damage OBAMA, and the Democrats, have done to Israel by their unquestioned support for those who seek to destroy Israel?

    A GREATER PERCENTAGE OF AMERICAN JEWS are seeing the light but up to 75% still support Obama and the Democrats. THIS ELECTION CYCLE, THEY MUST SEE THE TRUTH, AND CHANGE THEIR VOTE TO PROTECT THEIR JEWISH HOMELAND while at the same time, staying in the Democrat Party.


  • http://fgm Western Spirit

    What does plagiarism have to do with anything? Either he is speaking the truth or he isn’t. As an evangelical Christian I believe he is.

  • Righteous Gentile

    Hey Guido,

    It's nice to hear you say something positive about Christians. Your other article about the Catholic Church and the Palestinians was a total hit job. Based on the comments sections for that article, it's obvious you've now decided to kiss ass and write something nice (typical of some columnists for this site). But, you just can't bring yourself to say anything nice about Catholics (typical also) hence the Evangelical angle. Fine with me, they do great work all over the world and are some of my closest friends.

    FYI, the worst threat to Israel are not Muslims or Christians but liberal Jews. They've reaked more havoc on Israel than anyone else but it's rare to hear or see it in print . Even in books written by Jewish historians some of the more unfavorables of Jewish history (Stalin, Freud, Spinoza) are usuaally glossed over. And every historical claim of Christians regarding Jews and Israel is always brushed off as having no factuality. And i thought Jews were self-crticial.

    • bkopicz

      Stalin – Jewish???
      What Nazi website do you get your information from?

      • righteous gentile

        Not Stalin, but Karl Marxx…type-o…….

        • HighPressure

          Well technically you are right… he was ethnically a Jew – but that is it. His father was a converted Lutheran and Karl Marx (not related to Groucho) was raised a nominal Christian (In name only). His family sent him to a progressive liberal humanist (Secular Religionist) school. This is where Karl Marx was taught his ideology. Which is exactly what the American school system has become, an arm of the Humanist (Athiest / Secular Religion) Movement . This is a good lesson for parents today on what happens to a nation when you allow your children to be brain washed by sending your kids to Government Humanist Religion Schools.

    • Stern

      NOrmally, I don't care what people call themselves, but appropriating the moniker "righteous gentile" is incredibly hubristic.

      How many Jewish lives have you saved to earn that title?

    • Gil Yashar

      His name is Giulio, or did you know that and just try to sneak in a subtle but slimy anti-Italian slur?

  • MarkS- Jupiter, FL

    Well, your average David or Ariel on the street may not know this but the Israeli leadership certainly does. In Oct. of 2001, weeks after 9/11, Benjamin Netanyahu came to the US to offer condolences and show solidarity with our country. He stopped first in S. Florida but not at B'nai B'rith, Abe Foxman's bunch at the ADL or any of the usual places but at Calvary Chapel, Ft. Lauderdale- a non-denominational, bible-banging, "fundamentalist", evangelical church of some 15,000 souls. The church is a staunch supporter of Israel, Jews for Jesus and all things Judeo-Christian including missions to Israel for the expressed purpose of knowing and supporting her to be closer to God.

    It's true that they think "unsaved" Jews are destined for Hell like other heathens but see them as the root of our faith who simply missed the boat and need to be coaxed along with love. They take the biblical admonitions against harming "God's chosen" very, very seriously. And yes, plenty of Jews take offense of this view as my wife of 26 years did a long time ago but enlightened Jews understand two things: 1) They are true friends in deed and word and though perhaps a little arrogant and annoying, they mean only good for the Jewish people. Sure, they annoy with their proselytizing but they're not going to cut off heads of blow up buses if told to take a powder. Oy! If only Israels neighbors were so unflappable. 2) If a man is secure in his own convictions, what matter is it that another calls him wrong? Especially when he demonstrably means well in all other respects? Is the accused not equally convinced that his accuser errs? Thus, in my experience, devout Jews are no shrinking violets and have no trouble giving as good as they get in the theological department.

    Just ask Bibi.

  • Jossi

    Thank you Giulio for posting this article. I'm probably one of the few Israelis (apart from those living nearby the Bet-El air filtration system in Zichron Yaakov and the many hospitals, schools ect. managers who bought these filter systems) to know about these Christian-Zionist nice people and unique community. I met one of their members in the airplane during one of my fairly regular trips to Europe. The nice person was sitting next to me and we had a wonderful 3 hours talk. We exchanged business cards, we are now writing to each other regularly, and I'm looking forward to visit him and his family; 1 hour drive north from Tel Aviv. Further they also have a home bakery and selling good bread and home made jam. Meantime I'm happy to have people alike in my country, producing ultra necessary items, making a honest living and being entrepreneurs. They are our friends. (their website:

  • Willy Rho

    Many thinking and understanding Christians, not all, think that G-d provides his people with a path to Salvation and not all unsaved Jews are destined to Hell. We do not know the how and way of it, but we have faith that G-D is Righteous and Just. We Love Israel, we love the Jews, we love our savior, a Jew, Jesus Christ.