The Last Days of Jews in the Islamicized Europe

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A few days ago, security guards were patrolling the streets near Rome’s Jewish school with metal detectors, searching for possible explosive devices. Rome’s largest synagogue, one of the oldest in the world, today looks like a military outpost, with private guards and policemen at every corner. The Jewish school is also a “sterilized area,” protected by bodyguards and cameras, the windows plumbed with iron grates. I saw the same in the Jewish homes of Hebron and in the schools of Sderot, the Israeli city bombed by Hamas.

The March attack at a Jewish school in Toulouse, which resembled that of Itamar (when an Israeli father, mother and three children were slaughtered in their beds by a Palestinian commando), triggered “an explosion” of anti-Semitic attacks across France. According with the Service de Protection de la Communauté Juive, more than 90 anti-Semitic incidents took place in France only in the 10 days that followed the shooting, which left four people dead. In total, 148 anti-Semitic incidents were recorded in March and April. It’s an anti-Semithic pandemonium totally silenced by the European media.

Anti-Semitism raises again its head in estern Europe. During the Holocaust, Europe dispatched its Jews to the gas chambers. Seventy years later, in the welfarist, multicultural and semi-Islamicized Europe, Jews have again come under attack. Enclaves of ultra-Orthodox Jews will likely survive in the main cities, but Jewish life as such has no future in Europe.

Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, the world’s leading Talmudic scholar, delivered this apocalyptic vision: “The Jewish community in Europe is dying.” All the recent polls say that a third of Europeans show very high levels of anti-Semitism, while over half of Europeans view the State of Israel as “the greatest threat to world peace.”

For as comfortable as life might be in the arrondissements of Paris, the situation for the Jews will only worsen. A few days ago, Jews were nearly lynched in Lyon by an Arab mob armed with hammers and yelling “dirty Jews.” That’s why in the past few years, the number of French Jews immigrating to Israel has doubled. Hundreds of French Jews have bought apartments in Israel. It’s their “pied-a-terre” in case the situation gets darker in Europe. “Jews in France, you are in ranger, your place is in Israel,” read some banners brandished by French-Israelis during a ceremony in Tel Aviv honoring the victims of the pogrom of Toulouse.

A few years ago, the UK paper Daily Telegraph ran a story under the title: “Is this the last generation of British Jews?”. The Jewish population in the United Kingdom, threatened by Melanie Phillips’ “Londonistan,” will decline to 240,000 in 2020, 180,000 in 2050, and 140,000 in 2080.

The President of Austria’s Israelite Community, Ariel Muzicant, warns that the Jewish Community is also dying out: “If a miracle doesn’t happen soon, the Jewish community in Austria will no longer exist in the foreseeable future.” In Sweden, a country described by The Guardian as “the greatest success the world has known,” Jews are leaving big cities such as Malmö due to security reasons, in order to escape anti-Semitic attacks.

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    Dear oh dear.

    Europe once again is being destroyed by invaders.

    1930's/1940's national SOCIALIST FASCISTS.


    Jews should get out of Europe and wait for the dust to settle. I see a big war coming to Europe. It ain't going to be pretty.

    • jerry1800

      if the european kehilas would be dying, then from assimilation and intermarriage and much less from islamic threats.

  • ze-ev ben jehudah

    If all those Jew haters in this world got their change they will kill all the Jews in this world.But I predict
    that it will not mean that there will be a world peace ever lasting. When the last Jew is slaughtered then all
    the lights in the world goes out because and God will then pack up is belongings and leave this world also
    because there is nothing worth watching over.

    • Roy

      Right because only Jews matter. Gentiles are irrelevant to God. Sorry, anti-gentilism is not any better than anti-antisemitism.

      • GeorgeP

        I am pleased to see someone else notices the hypocrisy of the Jews here. Speak to a Jew about Europeans wanting to keep Europe for Europeans and you are slammed as a right winged racist pig for simply wanting your children to keep their culture.
        Speak to the same Jew about Israel (which belonged to the Palestinians for 2000 years) and you get a completely opposite story. I am not antisemitic, I am anti-Zionist.
        Many Jews (the Zionist) think there is one set of rules for them, another set of rules for everyone else. I despise that thinking.
        I think all peoples have a right to exist. To do so means they can not have their countries flooded with foreigners that will overwhelm them. Africans, Native Americans, Arabs, Asians and others…yes even Europeans have a right to maintain their culture.
        Multiculturalism isn't the acceptance of other cultures…. it is the destruction of ALL cultures.

  • Pkorman

    When the Jews are gone, the Jihadists will start attacking Homosexuals and then certain Christian minorities. Soon enough, the Islamists may become the majority. It may take 40-50 years for the process to play out. In sacrificing the Jews, Europeans are allowing their politicians to destroy the culture.

    The one hope is dissolution of the social welfare programs that support these hateful people. Perhaps austerity will discourage more immigration. Either that, or armed expulsion.

    • Knockel

      Right you are. As the moslem saying goes: First Saturday (Jewish), then Sunday (Christian). Homosexuals and communists, multicultural academics and artists etc. will be felled too, sooner or later. They are the smaller fry.

      • aharris

        Right now, the homosexuals, communists, artists and multicultural academics are the useful idiots. Altogether, they comprise a much smaller and less dangerous group than the first two, plus they are helping out. They're the ones who will be left over wondering why there's no one left to protest when the muslims finally come for them.

    • Cynic

      Austerity may only have a fringe effect because the new immigrants are by way of their lousy life in their native states being forced to move, to exist.
      They are easily manipulated and corralled in, for example, the banlieues of Paris where they are easily policed by the extremists.

    • John

      Today I saw a video in youtube of a German woman in Frankfurt who is very brave. It really touched my heart. What a desesparation. She was the only one who protested against the radical guys.

  • Ahmed

    This is a very well-written and emotive article, but unfortunately I feel it skips accuracy in favour of drama. You constantly refer vaguely to notions of Europe´s 'Arabicisation' and 'Islamicisation' (ignoring the fact that these would be two separate things anyway, as most Muslims are not Arab).

    You also seem to willfully ignore the fact that while anti-semitism may be sadly on the rise again, so too is anti-Islamic sentiment in Europe. The bans on wearing the hijab in France and Belgium, for example, don't exactly give evidence of governments being influenced by Muslims. In fact they point to the very opposite. There's also the continuing hostility from governments (in France and Switzerland, for example) towards even allowing public prayer rooms where Muslims can worship.

    The fact is, there is a worrying wave of far-Right activity in Europe at the moment, and this movement is being fed by the economic uncertainties and discontent. This far-Right phenomenon is hostile to Jews, Muslims and all other minorities such as the Roma. To highlight anti-semitism (which is widely, and rightly, considered to be unacceptable) and try and present it as some kind of rampant scourge in this way is at best ignorant, and at worst intentionally misleading. Extremists like Merah in France should be punished for their actions, but please don't make the mistake of painting all Muslims with the same filthy brush.

    Christian Europe has never, in fact, truly welcomed the Jews. The best they ever experienced throughout history was an uneasy tolerance (Venice, Holland) and the worst was flagrant persecution and expulsion (Medieval England, The Spanish Inquisition). The golden age when they were valued as valuable members of a more equal society, ironically, was during the centuries of Islamic civilisation in Southern Spain.

    The horrors they experienced just decades ago in Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy are well-documented, and should never be repeated. This long history of abuses towards Jews in Europe far predates the presence of Muslim communities here, as anyone even vaguely familiar with world history should know. The fact remains that in today's Europe, anti-semitism continues to exist. But by blaming some false idea of Islamicisation, you miss the point completely and ignore the fact that Muslims are also a disadvantaged minority in this continent. If you were to expel all the Muslims from Europe, history teaches us to doubt somehow that all the Jews and Gentiles would thensforth exist in Utopian harmony.

    The kind of divisive, polemic misinformation you've chosen to employ in your article is exactly what helps to inflame hatred and enmity. I'd like to believe that wasn't your intention, but then perhaps I would be naive.

    • reader

      Mussolini did not touch the Jews at all. Only when Hitler sent his troops to Italy the Italian Jews got in trouble. But SS general Al Huseini, the "Jerusalem" Mufti, actively urged and helped Hitler to mass murder the Jews everywhere. Personally recruited by him muslim SS troops hunted and slaughtered the Serbs and the Jews in the Balkans.

      • g_jochnowitz

        When Hitler and Mussolini signed the Axis agreement in 1939, Italy began to enforce anti-Semitic laws.

    • Sage on the Stage

      You seem to be well-meaning, and that is commendable. However, there are a number of holes in your argument, that need to be addressed. "Christian Europe has never, in fact, truly welcomed the Jews." While Europe has had a strong tradition of anti-semitism through the ages(one of the main drivers of Zionism), this statement isn't entirely correct. Napoleon welcomed the Jews, and the French Jewish community did very well by him. The Jews were expelled from England by Edward I in 1290, but in 1655, they were allowed back in by Olver Cromwell, who recognized their value to society. British Jews have done rather well since then

      • Sage on the Stage

        (Continued) however, they have been put on notice that times are much worse, by the horrifying increase in socialist and Muslim-driven anti-semitism in England. However, one of the reasons that Hitler's holocaust was so successful–that so many Jews(and others) were killed–was that so many German and French Jews were so well integrated into their respective societies; so many had the attitude, "Hitler was a nice man,, he will not hurt us." And there is also a great deall of misinformation on the so-called "Golden Age" of Muslim dominated Spain; where Jews were treated like second-class citizens; forced to live in ghettos, and worship behind closed doors, and pay the jizya tax while being humiliated by their Muslim rulers. As they are being killed in Europe by Muslims today.. Do you deny that the English Defense League came into existence because of the ever-increasing use of Sharia Law in England? Do you deny that jihadist influence has neutered the British police?

        • Ahmed

          As for Sharia Law, my understanding is that Muslims in some parts of the country may take recourse to Muslim courts to settle decisions, an option also open to British Jews who can have decisions settle according to Jewish courts. I don't think anyone is seriously suggesting that the Metropolitan Police start to cut off the hands of shoplifters, and if they are suggesting that, then no-one is seriously listening.

          And yes, Moorish Spain was no utopia for Jews, and I didn't suggest that it was. However, once Ferdinand and Isabel finished their Reconquest and launched the Inquisition, it was convert, leave or die for both Muslims and Jews. The point is that anti-Semitism is not an Islamic invention and it would be stupid to believe such a fallacy.

          Just go to Eastern Europe or Greece, where the Far Right is rising again. These are countries with negligible Muslim populations and a history of hostility towards Muslims. They certainly aren't turning to Muslims for inspiration when it comes to their policies! Anti-semitism in Europe predates Muslims, and if this expulsion of Muslims that some are calling for happens, it will outlive them as well.

          • Galveston

            the far right is rising in response to unassimilated muslims making trouble all over europe

          • Dirk

            If by far right you mean citizens who deem it unacceptable that their countries are being flooded with seditious criminal parasites, then yes, the far right is on the rise.

          • Ahmed

            If you're not sure what the Far Right is, Dirk, just check on Wikipedia or a political textbook. I was using the standard definition.

          • Dirk

            I'm well aware you're referring to something that hardly exists anymore within the indigenous european populations, except as some isolated fringe phenomenon. Where it does exist, on the other hand, and on a much larger scale, is in the muslim population, where the supremacist system of belief and ideology imprints its deluded followers with a totally unwarranted conviction of superiority.

          • GeorgeP

            The problem with Wikipedia and other leftist media and text is that "far right" is often stamped on what was (and to some extent still is) the middle.
            Blacks that think Southern Africa should be ruled by black majority are the middle. Israelis who think Israel has a right to exist are "the middle". Europeans who think that Europe should be ruled by a European majority and that Europeans have a right to exist are considered "Extreme right".

          • Drakken

            Those Eastern Europeans have a very long memory of your fellow muslim conquests of those regions and they are not going to let it happpen again, that is why you saw the Serbs get downright midevil on the muslims, because they remember.

      • Ahmed

        Thank you, I am well-meaning. However, I don't think the author of this piece is, which is why I wanted to respond. You're right to point out that some stages of European history have been more welcoming to Jews than others. And I'm aware that the British Jewish community continues to be successful, as you mentioned.

        Perhaps you could reassure the author that they're not, in fact, fleeing before some dramatic Muslim-inspired onslaught as he seems to believe…

        • Sage on the Stage

          Excuse me, the author of this article is very well-meaning; those that report truth today generally are well-meaning, as opposed to the mainstream socialist press. Nevertheless, the perps of the 148 attacks against Jews in France, since Merah went on his rampage, are not. And I believe the great majority of these 148 attacks have been committed by Muslims, not by right wing individuals. You surprise me.

    • stern

      Please enumerate, as the author of this article has done, the number of vicious, murderous attacks by anyone, against Muslims. Compare that to the number of vicious, murderous attacks by Muslims against Jews. And then rewrite your post to reflect reality.

      • Ahmed

        I suppose when you talk about attacks, military ones don't count?

        • Josh

          Not in this case, no. He's asking you about attacks on the Arab/Muslim populations living in Europe. I'm going to guess that it's a pretty short list. Shouldn't take you long.

          • Ahmed

            Why not in this case? Or any other, for that matter? And even if I say what I'm sure you'd love to hear and reply that there have never been any attacks on any Muslims in Europe ever (yeah, right!), then what is the outcome or point proven exactly?

          • Raymond in DC

            Perhaps to demonstrate that claims of "Islamophobia" are a crock. FBI reports confirm that the number of hate crimes based on race/religion against Jews in the US are some six times those against Muslims. A similar pattern (more hate crimes against Jews than against Muslims) is evident in Europe, despite Muslims out-numbering Jews there by over 20 to 1. Maybe that's why Muslims in Europe are so aggressive toward Jews – they have both strength in numbers and the cover of politically correct national leaders who protect them from being "named and shamed".

          • Ahmed

            When you quote these figures, you answer Stern and Josh's question as to whether there are any attacks on Muslims in Europe: Yes, but those on Jews outnumber them.

            I love how you talk about 'Muslims in Europe' being 'aggressive towards Jews' under the cover of 'national leaders.' This really is a laughable statement. Have you ever even BEEN to Europe? Where are you getting this stuff, honestly?? You clearly have no idea what's going on.

          • Drakken

            I see you aggressive muslims on a daily basis over here, funny that you muslims never attack one on one but always in packs. The Turks are the worst in that regard.

        • Galveston

          Everything i need to learn about muslims and islam I learned on 9-11 – get back to us when islam has its reformation

    • RoguePatriot6

      "You also seem to willfully ignore the fact that while anti-semitism may be sadly on the rise again, so too is anti-Islamic sentiment in Europe."

      Anti-Islamic sentiment? Wow!!!!!! One can only wonder why. Let me take a wild stab at it….hmmmm…could it be:

      The quelling of free speech and making it a crime to say anything negative about Islam
      Death threats by Islamist thugs towards people who publish pictures portraying Muhammad in any way
      The establishment of Muslim only no-go zones. We also have one in Dearborn, Michigan. You know I have to ask; What would the reaction be to "white-only" bathrooms or neighborhoods?

      The rise of gang-raping youngwomen
      Honor killings, overlooked by the authorities in the name of "tolerance" or "multiculturalism".
      Years ago when the Sweeds held a moment of silence for the 9-11 victims, it was quashed as to not offend Muslims
      Firebombing of a magazine store in France that published a magazine that spoke negatively of Muhammad. I guess if it had been an article blaspheming Jesus it would have been okay.

      I could give you much more but I think this website has a limit.

      • Ahmed

        Muslims are doing bad things. Thanks for the update – I hadn't heard of this terrorism phenomenon….

        Is your point that anti-Islamic sentiment is justified because of extremist terrorism? I am a Muslim living and working in Europe. I have no sympathy whatsoever with anti-semitism and even less with terrorist acts. I pay taxes, I have a family, I have a degree. And contrary to what the writers and readers of this site seem to want to believe, I'm completely normal.

        Most of the millions of Muslims in Europe are simply getting on with their lives, not engaging in some dastardly plot to topple European authority or annihilate the Jews. Do people want to think otherwise just to make life more interesting? Sorry to disappoint you, but the 'gang-raping, honour-killing and fire-bombing' is always going to make the news. Not because it's the norm, but BECAUSE IT'S OUT OF THE ORDINARY.

        • RoguePatriot6

          No, my point or points are the reasons why "anti-Islamic" sentiment is on the rise and I understand your position but you have to understand if those in power continue to show favor to these thugs that are doing these things then you are going to see more of it. Instead of attacking me, why don't you attack and show as much passion to those in Europe that are doing these things and making it harder for Muslims like you?

          I bet I know why, because the system was allowed to be warped into what you see now. If you did, you would probably be facing a trial for speaking out against it. THAT was precisely one of the points that I was trying to make. Things are bound to get alot uglier in light of the direction Europe is swinging now.

          Gang-raping, honor killings and fire bombings don't seem to make the news here unless it's on too grand a scale to ignore. That's no surprise since alot of our media as well as those we elect are in favor of selling us out to Islamic Fundamentalists. They would rather we be blind to it all.

          • Ahmed

            Oh PLEASE! Which American media outlets or elected officials are in favour of Islamic Fundamentalists? I assume you're not referring to Fox News, for example!

            As to your earlier point, yes I would love to take on an Islamic extremist or terrorist, and argue with them as well. The thing is, as I said, they're not a very common breed, and they tend to keep themselves to themselves! It's not like there's some Al-Qaida forum where I can log on and say 'Hey guys, I don't like what you're doing!' But if there was and I did, then no I wouldn't be 'put on trial'

            I presume you're writing from outside of Europe and I have to say that your view of the situation seems pretty warped. 'The direction Europe is swinging now' is anything BUT a pro-Islamic one. Believe me when I say that as a Muslim living in Europe. Nor do people live in some terrible fear of saying what they think. On the contrary, the anti-Islamic noises are ever louder.

            In fact, the form of criticism that is actually incredibly frowned upon and hushed is anything to do with Israel or Jewish people. Because that would be anti-Semitic.

          • RoguePatriot6

            "Oh PLEASE! Which American media outlets or elected officials are in favour of Islamic Fundamentalists? I assume you're not referring to Fox News, for example! "

            Since you adamantly pointed out that I don't live in Europe, your point is taken. Let me school you on a few things about Amercan media and Fox News. Fox News is one of the few and I do mean FEW conservative news stations on TV in the U.S. and liberal progressives in this country pretty much own the rest and have the ones who would speak out against our enemies by the gonads. Well, all except for Fox News and few others and believe me when I tell you, they are just waiting for someone to say something that could in anyway be construed as criminal so they can sue or legally ban them from the airwaves. Liberal/progressives hate our country and want everyone else to hate it too. They also harrass and verbally attack anyone who shows any loyalty or patriotism to America. The man who occupies the oval office harbors this same regard for all that we have ever stood for and in a way never really hid the fact.

          • Ahmed

            I guess you have to be somewhere to really understand the situation, and even then the media distortion makes it difficult to get a perfect grasp.

            From Europe the impression we get is that there is a huge Rightist backlash against the liberals, hostility towards minority (including Gay and Lesbian) rights, and a number of news platforms (Fox News among them) that loudly decry things like increased spending on social welfare or health (the antagonism towards this totally boggles most Europeans, by the way).

            I really don't believe Obama is pro-Islamic terrorism, somehow. He's just not quite as trigger-happy as some of his predecessors. I don't see him closing down the shameful Guantanamo Bay, at any rate, so he can't be as 'progressive' as you fear!

          • RoguePatriot6


            He seems to be a little "trigger happy" when it comes to demonizing those that see him for what he is.

          • Drakken

            Since I live in both Europe and the US I would love to bring to to parts of Europe that a white Euro is not welcome by your fellow muslims. Funny thing is most of the rapes in Europe are commited by your fellow co-religionists and they look upon us kaffirs as people who need to be put in their place. I got news for you, those days are comming to an end.

          • Ahmed

            Most rapes in Europe are committed by Muslims? Please paste the link to where you found this statistic, thank you.

            Personally I've never raped anyone nor do I plan to, so at least you can't accuse me of that. Such places as you mention probably do exist, which is a shame, but I'm not sure how it furthers your argument really. I think you're well off the point now and just having a rant against Muslims in general.

          • Drakken

            Look for the Intelligence stats the the police hide but the Intellegence services put out, and they keep warning the the govts of but refuse to do anything about in fear of being called a racist. I see what your fellow muslims do here so it is not a rant against muslims it is facts. You can only play the race card for only so long untill it becomes meaningless.

          • Ahmed

            Oh I see, the stats exist but they're secret. How convenient.

          • RoguePatriot6

            Barrack Obama-"I'm going to FUNDAMENTALLY change America"…..I guess we should have seriously questioned his meaning of "….fundamental change".

            Liberal progressives in our country hate Christianity that's why they love these goons because they also hate Christianity and Jews, not to mention our country. It's mutual interests and what they don't seem to realize is that they themselves are being used like useful idiots because they don't seem to realize that true Fundamentailists violently hate alot of what they stand and push for in our country, homosexuality, gay rights, pornography, women's lib and rights to education…etc. The list is endless and in the end they will exterminate them after they have accomplished their goals.

            You think I'm exaggerating about Europe? Well, tell me what were Geert Wilders and Elizabeth Wolf arrested and tried for? What were their crimes, Ahmed?

          • Ahmed

            See my answer above for the stuff about American politics. As for the two people you mentioned, feel free to explain more about them, please?

          • Sage on the Stage

            Never heard of Geert Wilders or Elizabeth Wolf?….next you'll be telling us the sun comes up in the West.

          • Ahmed

            I could have Googled them and pretended to know who they were. But I asked you to tell me instead… Go ahead – I honestly haven't heard of them.

          • Ricky Michael

            Ahmed, you seem like a nice, reasonable person. Let me ask you; is it not one of the 5 pillars of Islam to make Jihad against unbelievers? They must convert or subjugate themselves to Islamic rule. This is inherent for true believers to push the Islamic faith upon others. The way I read the Koran, the truest to the faith are actually the members of Al Qaeda, who live the words of the book exactly as written. May I please have your thoughts?

          • Ahmed

            No, Ricky that's not one of the 5 pillars. A simple Google search could have told you that! And as for al-Qaida being the truest to the faith: suicide is forbidden just like in the other Abrahamic faiths. So is killing innocent people and also violence.

            You might as well ask if the conquerors of the New World who robbed and pillaged the Native Americans in the name of bringing them into the true faith (Roman Catholicism) were the truest to that faith. The fact is, people have always used religion to justify their selfish aims. It doesn't make them right, it makes them deluded.

          • Ricky Michael

            My mistake there. Jihad, "struggle," is one of the 10 practices of the faith however. I read that a minority among the Sunni scholars sometimes refer to this duty as the sixth pillar of Islam. The word is referenced more than 40 times in the book. That many times and is not to be kept? What is your take on it's meaning then?

            I have a lot of problems what the catholics have done over the centuries. Most of which are apostate behavior. The worst of the lot is Hilter who was Roman Catholic.

          • Emily

            Clearly both the 'free syrian Army' and the regime disagree with that statement…

      • GeorgeP

        The first to kill free speech in Europe were NOT the Muslims, it was the Jews. When Bishop Williamson made the simple statement that cyanide gas chambers would not have been practical in Auschwitz he was heavily fined (approximately $27,000). He even stated that gas chambers may have been there, but not cyanide gas chambers.
        He was simply making a statement. Whether you agree with him or not isn't the point….Why? Why should anyone be fined for a simple discussion of what happened in WW II???? Unless, of course… the Jews want THEIR view of WW II to be the ONLY view that can exist!!! We are constantly bombarded in Hollywood and the media about the atrocities of Hitler, yet the same media treats Lenin as if he were a kindly, fatherly person. Note Please: Lenin mass murdered more people than Hitler! So did Trotsky (his Jewish right hand mass murderer).
        We are told of the evil German Hitler – over and over and over again….YET, how often are we told about the mass murders of the evil Jew Trotsky???

    • robert


    • Jojo

      Bravery is what you badly lack, it requires balls and manhood to denounce the practices of radical Islam, you better than ANYONE know that the first victims are Muslims themselves, but you know you are just another traitor to your own and to life, not denouncing clearly is agreeing . Jihad is a reality you cannot deny , there is NO SUCH A THING as anti islam in Europe, Muslims are given much more than they could ever hope for in their homeland and you know that right ?
      Stop beating around the bush !!!

    • TexasVetgal

      Quote: Christian Europe has never, in fact, truly welcomed the Jews. The best they ever experienced throughout history was an uneasy tolerance (Venice, Holland) and the worst was flagrant persecution and expulsion (Medieval England, The Spanish Inquisition). Unquote

      Its been because of Socialism and the Multi-cultural Ideology of the leftist belief that to mix cultures is good, i beg to differ, just as Mirkel, Sarkozy, and Cameron have all stated" Multi-culturalism is a failure", Now would be a good time to step back from that precipice, while they still have some of their Nation and Heritage left to save, for left unchecked, It will surely rob (if not already) many European Countries of their Historic Cultures, as they are swept up into chaos and the downward spiral of racial and religious angst that will be come their legacys.

  • Alex

    What a pile of demagoguery c..p. "Golden Age" in Spain – yes, if you are preaching to illiterates. Antisemitism did and does exists in Europe, but it never been ( since Hitler died) so aggressive until muslims arrived.You are being hated by Europeans for what you bring to their countries. As through the history of "muslim" conquest, you will destroy the host country and go to the next one to survive.

    • Ahmed

      Are you a Golden Age-denier, Alex? The fact is, although it may sound twee and it may be more convenient to forget it, it still happened! Are you suggesting that anyone who believes that Jews, Muslims and Christians lived together in Moorish Spain is an illiterate?

      I really don't like your phrase, 'You are being hated by Europeans for what you bring to their countries.' You're making it sound like all Europeans are racist and anti-Muslim. In fact, I believe it's still only a minority.

      As for what 'we've' brought (since you insist on lumping all of Europe's 53 million Muslims together in one faceless blob), my father brought his skills as a doctor – I can't vouch for anyone else as people are individuals. I can't talk about what I 'bring' because Europe is where the story starts for me. I can tell you I don't bring any extremist views though, which I wish I could say of you.

      And furthermore, 'demagoguery' is playing to the crowd – I don't think this audience is particularly in favour of my point and so actually, I'm not being a demagogue at all.

      • Alvaro

        "Are you suggesting that anyone who believes that Jews, Muslims and Christians lived together in Moorish Spain is an illiterate?"

        Jews and Christians lived together with Muslims in Spain under complete and utter Muslim domination. Everyone knows that. Moorish Spain also gave us the first major pogrom on European soil (in 1066).

        It was *never* a society where Jews, Christians and Muslims lived equal under the law or happily together. The relation between Muslims, Christians and Jews was much the same as in Islamic countries today.

        Equality under the law between all religions is something you will only find in the modern Western world.

        • Ahmed

          I've already acknowledged all that, Alvaro. If you read the other comments before jumping to respond you'd realise I wasn't naive enough to say that it was an equal society. Nor is the modern Western world – I think you're the naive one now.

          • Alvaro

            Funny then, that you conveniently forgot to mention the first major pogrom on European soil was perpetrated by Muslims in this "golden age" of yours.

            As for the modern western world, Jews, Muslims and Christians are equal under the law. All Muslims in the Western world have exactly the same rights and duties as the rest of us. It is something else (and better) than Moorish Spain, isn't it?

            Now if you really are concerned about discrimination of minorities, why don't you try to get Christianity and Judaism *legal* in Saudi-Arabia and work against discrimination of minorities in the Muslim world. I would also like to build a few churches in Mecca and Medina, and gather I have your support.

  • Mik

    Ahmed – any way you can communicate your irenic attitude to the rest of you Islamic brethern? However the biggest problem with your comments are that you are stuck in the past. While 15th century Cordoba might be a counter example, I am much more concerned with what is going on today and tomorrow. What is happening today is unprecedented. No sane country ever cedes it sovereignty of its own free will. That is what is happening in Europe today. Even the horror of the Holocausts was a in house battle. There is a word for the process of letting people into your country whose stated goal is the destruction of your own way of life…suicide.

    • Ahmed

      Mik, I refuse to accept that European countries are 'ceding sovereignty.' Maybe you should be more specific. Which laws or policies do you think point to this idea that Muslims are somehow dictating or influencing European governments? This kind of scaremongering is all very well when touted by Right Wing papers and populist propaganda, but actually it simply isn't the case. As I pointed out, it's the opposite, with many laws being passed which actually limit freedoms of Muslims, e.g. the anti-hijab law in France as one example.

      And while I do use historical examples, I think they are valid ones. I also refer to the current situation when I mention European laws being passed now, and the rise of far-Right parties during this economic crisis. As I unfortunately lack the power to draw on any future examples, the past and the present will have to do.

      And why do you think it would be of benefit to "communicate your irenic [sic] attitude to the rest of you Islamic brethern [sic]"? Maybe a scathing retort, but again, missing the point completely.

      • Drakken

        Reality says the opposite of what you say. In the end you will side with your islamic brethren over us Europeans.

        • Ahmed

          As a European Muslim, that could be rather confusing for me, Drakken. You obviously refuse to accept that a Muslim would act out of rational thought or conscience rather than out of blind affiliation.

          You stereotype me even though everything I'm trying to say is the opposite of what you seem to think I am. Maybe the problem is just that – people like you won't listen because they've already made up their minds to hate.

          • Drakken

            You muslims have made us that way, we have given and given into your demands upon us out of fear of riots and bombings and we are sick to the backteeth of it. You and your fellow muslims had better get your house in order or we will.

          • Ahmed

            Thanks, I'll look into it :|

          • John

            Ahmed, in the first place I think you are a very intelligent gentleman. You respond with facts. I know that muslims are also good people and the radical ones are not all muslims.
            I come from Central Europe, our european history – is a mixture of racism from its very beginning. Now for example the guilty ones are Greeks and Spanish because they ignited the crisis in euro-zone. I am tired of those cheap and dirty explanations. The fact is that the stock markets have a strong down trend in European Union and now in US, Japan and China too – and they always have to find some explanation like for mentally retarded.

            As for the muslims, or the people from Eastern Europe who invade the West. Even the eastern germans are feeling being subjected to racism from west germany. There always has been antagonism in Europe. Russians vs Germans, Germans vs French, French vs British and so on. Recently one French told me that the Brits consider themselves as an island out of Europe. So It`s a really long story.

            I like history and geography. For me the term muslim is really a general word because muslim countries are really different. It`s not the same Morroco, Pakistan, Syria or United Emirates. People act different, eat different, behave different and have different accents. Some of those countries are not always friendly with their neighbors. Some of muslim governments are more or less OK but some are very hostile. For example the people from Iran are much friendlier than people from Algeria, but their governments are the opposite. But the government is not the same as the nation.

            Last summer one friend showed me pictures from vacations in Pakistan, she is very independent – not into religion at all and she looked very happy there. Well she had a good time. So I don`t think that all the muslim countries are that bad. Some relatives for example had a very tough time in France because some people are very rude there, so we cannot be so general thinking that the christian is better than the muslim.

            For example ex-soviet government was a really bad government but not all the Russians were so. So the same applies for people in islamic countries – they may have bad government but it doesn`t mean they everyone is bad there.

            I think that radical islam is a temporary effect which in future might be not that important as now.
            The spiritual evolution of every nation is different.

            In my personal case I always had something against muslims but I was looking for that cause in hypnosis and accessed to my past life in Turkey aprox. 500 years ago. I was a Turkish man who had an idea to establish a burdel in some city and I did a good business with that but I was put in jail, thanks to the spiritual healing technique I erased that part of me which troubled me for many years.

            So now I feel free of religious issues.

            So, good luck and be patient.

          • Drakken

            Islam is islam is islam, soon John your rose colored glasses will soon take on the darkened version.

          • John


            I know what`s happening in Europe and I am completely aware of that. I unfortunatelly know that this staff will very probably turn into World War 3. Recently I read something about Edgar Cayce a famous american prophet (google him) – hi said in 1940`s that when the civil unrests would start in Egypt, Libya, Syria and Iran – Worl War 3 will begin. Remember that middle East is a gun powder land. Once you turn it on, it`s really hard to turn it off. That man was very certain in many things, he predicted fall of comunism and all that staff. I don´t think he would be that confused.

            Many countries have foreseen this and are really getting ready for that . The wars are always in times of economic crisis and depression. Many countries worldwide are spending a lot of money on weapons, military and all that staff, I don`t think that they do it only for fun or to only store it. They will likely use it. And I honestly don´t think that we have seen light yet in the dark tunnel of the Great Recession (nicer term than Depression). So there will be a beginning of the search of a drastic cure for that because all of them have failed so far.

            When I replied to Ahmed and supported him it`s because I know that there are always good people in every religion or country as well as the bad ones. But I am also aware that many of them live in the context of the fourteen century of their calendar and remember what was happening in Europe in those times. Have you seen the movie Stoning of Soraya? It was about stoning of a woman in Iran. When I was talking about good guys – Soraya and her aunt were really good ones but the rest of the village wasn`t.

          • Ahmed

            Thank you so much =) Finally another person with a grain of sense! All the best, John!

          • Roy

            @John (June 13, 2012) as for Pakistan, it was carved out of India in a very painful way. Partition of India because Indian Muslims wanted their own state, was a horrific event for many Indians. Also the non-Muslim Indians who remained in the ancestral lands that went to create Pakistan were highly discriminated against. The population of non-Muslims in Pakistan soon after partition was around 25%, now it is in the single digits. No non-Muslim is allowed to be PM in Pakistan only a Muslim. Hindu and Christian girls are kidnapped and married off to Muslims.
            “…”In Pakistan there is justice only for Muslims, justice is denied Hindus. Kill me here, now, in court. But do not send me back to the Darul-Aman [Koranic school] … kill me”. This is the desperate, heartbreaking outburst of Rinkel Kumari, a Hindu girl aged 19, who has entrusted her heartfelt appeal to the judges of the Supreme Court in Islamabad. Her story is similar to that of many other young women and girls belonging to religious minorities – Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Ahmadis – kidnapped by extremist groups or individuals, most of the time lords or local mafia, which convert them by force and then marry them . And that is what the girl said on 26 March, before the judges of the capital’s court.

            The drama of Rinkel Kumari, a student of Mirpur Mathelo, a small village in the province of Sindh, began the evening of February 24: A handful of men seized her and delivered her a few hours later into the hands of a wealthy Muslim scholar, the man then called her parents, warning them that their daughter “wants to convert to Islam.”…”

            Life for non-Muslims in Muslim dominated places like Pakistan are a hell hole.

  • Sage on the Stage

    (continued) but have been put on notice, by the horrifying rise in the implementation of Sharia law, with the resultant anti-semitism, also fueled by socialist encouragement; in the past 25 years or so. However, one reason the Holocaust killed so many Jews(and Christians and Gypsies) was that so many German Jews were so well integrated into German society, they thought of themselves as Germans first, not Jews In addition, there has been so much misinformation on the so-called "Golden Age" in Spain, where Jews were treated as second-class citizens by their Muslim rulers, forced to live in ghettos, forced to worship behind closed doors, and forced to ;pay the humilitating Jizya tax. Continuing to the present, do you deny that the English defense League's reason-for-being is the unacceptable increase in the use of Sharia Law in English courts; and the increase in physical danger posed by roving bands of Muslim jihadists? You say that Merah was an "extremist," but such extremists have increased in number, to where they can be fairly described as one-third of British Muslims.

    • Ahmed

      One-third? Really? Kindly supply the link where you found this statistic.

      There are about 3 million Muslims in the UK, so you're saying that 1 million of them were watching the TV and cheering for Merah after he shot those Jewish children? Or maybe they didn't watch because they were too busy planning similar attacks of their own…! You astound me.

      As for Sharia Law, my understanding is that Muslims in some parts of the country may take recourse to Muslim courts to settle decisions, an option also open to British Jews who can have decisions settle according to Jewish courts. I don't think anyone is seriously suggesting that the Metropolitan Police start to cut off the hands of shoplifters, and if they are suggesting that, then no-one is seriously listening.

      And yes, Moorish Spain was no utopia for Jews, and I didn't suggest that it was. However, once Ferdinand and Isabel finished their Reconquest and launched the Inquisition, it was convert, leave or die for both Muslims and Jews. The point is that anti-Semitism is not an Islamic invention and it would be stupid to believe such a fallacy.

      Just go to Eastern Europe or Greece, where the Far Right is rising again. These are countries with negligible Muslim populations and a history of hostility towards Muslims. They certainly aren't turning to Muslims for inspiration when it comes to their policies! Anti-semitism in Europe predates Muslims, and if this expulsion of Muslims that some are calling for happens, it will outlive them as

      • Sage on the Stage

        "Jewish courts" is a favorite reprise of anti-semites–that there are Jewish courts here in America, where Jews can go to settle their legal difficulties. As a long-time attendee of synagogue events, I've never heard of any. However, even bringing up the issue of Jewish courts is bogus, which you well know; because assuming they exist, Jewish law is subservient to the law of the land in which it is used; Islamic law is not. And your sentence is "I don't think anyone is seriously suggesting that the Metropolitan Police start to cut off hands of shoplifters…" is entirely out of line; as you know,, I never suggested that they did. And you did say, above, that Jews were "valued members of a more equal society," in Islamic southern Spain. Perhaps, a few court advisors who were Jewish were more valued, than by the likes of Ferdinand and Isabella, but the majority were not. Yes,,European anti-semitism predates Muslims, but the recent rise in the number of no-go zones in France has nothing to do with right-wing organizations.

        • Ahmed

          Sorry – I was referring to the UK, not the USA. And the British government isn't going to allow UK law to become subservient to national law. But we do have a long history of Jewish courts here and a few Sharia ones as well.

          And why on earth does it make me an anti-Semite to even refer to Jewish Courts?? Because it was against your argument? This word is thrown around far too often if you ask me – it's going to lose its force one of these days…

        • Ahmed

          I notice you don't care to back up your ridiculous assertion that 1 out of 3 UK Muslims is an extremist on a par with the murderer Mohamed Merah.

          That figure would have to include quite a few children and babies, if it were actually accurate. What monsters!

          • Sage on the Stage

            There have been 148 attacks against Jews in France since the March 19th murders of Rabbi Sandler, his 2 children and Miriam Monsonego. Most of these, if not all, were committed by Muslims. And to your ridiculous assertion that I said "1 out of 3 Muslims is an extremist on a par with the murderer Mohamed Merah," look at all the Muslims that celebrated in response to the destruction of the WTC on 9/11; look at all the Muslims in the West Bank that HONORED the murderers of the Fogels; look at all the Muslims that celebrate every time a Jew or Christian is killed by a Muslim. How many Muslims have been killed by Jews? Or by Christians? And look at all the Muslims rioting in the streets of England, telling the British police to "Go to Hell." For every Muslim in the street in england,, throwing stones at the police, there are many more that sympathize with them. Get a life, why don't you?

          • Ahmed


            If by 'get a life' you mean 'stop arguing and agree with you,' then sorry I'm not going to! You definitely mentioned that figure and you refuse to back it up or admit that you were not just wildly exagerrating but just blatantly lying.

            Here's the excerpt from your comment, just to refresh your memory:

            "You say that Merah was an "extremist," but such extremists have increased in number, to where they can be fairly described as one-third of British Muslims."

            And the Riots of last summer had nothing to do with religion. I hope that's not the spin that was put on it by the media abroad because there was no suggestion of that in the UK at all. It was an issue of social deprivation, not religious tension.

            I never denied that Muslims have killed Jews. Although you seem completely determined to ignore the fact that the reverse also happens. And while there may be Muslims that sympathise with extremism, as you said, the fact remains that this is a small minority, and nowhere near your ambitious statistic. Let's argue from facts, not feelings.

          • Sage on the Stage

            I don't care whether you agree with me or not; but apart from doing a survey, by an impartial surveyor, there's no way to quantify how many Britiish Muslims would be considered extremist. the one-third number is a guesstimate on my part. However, if in your self-righteousness, you weren't so intent on having the last word, you would have acknowledged that I am also saying that 2 out of 3 Muslims are NOT extremist.. And yes, the reverse does occasionally happen…but I haven't seen you cite any statistics that support your case. But you'll not convince me that the issue is one of "social deprivation" (I don't believe that for one second) rather than religion.

          • Ahmed

            1. If "there's no way to quantify" then you should stop throwing bogus figures around.

            2. Thanks for pointing out that when you said "one-third of British Muslims" (1 million people) are extremists, you were "also saying that 2 out of 3 Muslims are NOT extremist."

            The maths in fact hadn't escaped me but I didn't really think it was a particularly generous concession on your part. For example there are 6 of us in my family – by your generous (invented) figure, 3 of us would be prepared to commit or support murder in the name of religion.

            I make things personal because I wish everyone here would realise that Muslims are humans, people, and not these faceless monsters you so wish to hate and vilify. In that regard, you exactly resemble the terrorist when they dehumanise Westerners as sinners and infidels.

            As long as 'the enemy' is just a symbol and not real, then it makes it easy for extremists like al Qaida and like so many of the vehement haters posting on this site, to perpetuate their bullsh*t.

            PS. I repeat that the London Riots in the UK last year were an issue of social deprivation – if you watch the videos or even read a BBC report (I don't know what Fox News had to say on the matter, but I don't think I care to) you would realise they involved people from all colours and religions.

            Please get your facts right, Sage. I'm fine to debate with you sensibly but you keep saying things which aren't even valid or based on fact.

          • Drakken

            Nice try at telling the most gulable of infidels that islam is peace and the assaults and rape by your fellow coreligionist are nothing to worry about. So what your saying is? Who are you going to believe? Me? Or your lying infidel eyes? Your abomination of a false so called religion is incompatiable with the way we do things in the West.

  • cheese_burger

    If the Pig Islam is fed, it will continue to grow, in its insatiable appetites for unlimited power, perverted sexual lust, unearned wealth, and all the other vile privileges granted it, in its three Books of Filth, Koran, Sira and Hadith.

    The Pig Islam is totally unproductive. Muslims earn nothing. Instead, they take by force, even raping little, helpless six year old girls, following the example of their perverted master, Muhammad.

    An Islamic country exists wholly bu deceit and theft and murder. As the percentage of population of Muslims any country increases, leaving fewer and fewer non-Muslims, the country will become less and less able to support itself, because Muslims consider themselves to be superior entities, too good for any sort of work, except being the Overlords of the non-Muslims.

    When there are only Muslims left, there is no longer any internal productivity left, and the Islamic country must survive exclusively on theft and extortion.

    If the non-Muslim nations refuse to submit to Islamic extortion, and instead, resist any and all attempts to be exploited by The Mooze, up to and including outright war, jizya will end, and the Mooze will starve.

    Starve the Pig Islam, don't feed it, boycott it. Never make a deal with a Muslim, because Muslims never, ever, ever honor their part of the bargain. Ever.

    Actually, Muslims are doing much of the job for us. Their own actions,their violence and raving screed, and their utterly depraved belief system, and their individual actions are rapidly making them a class of pariahs.

    In a few more years, the shrinking few among the non-Muslims who still snivel and crawl before the Raping, Murdering Mooze, will dry up, fade away, and become a thing of the past, and Islam will be, rightly, universally hated.

    The Islamic Pig has made its bed, so now, it can sleep in it.

    If I saw a Muslim bleeding to death on the street, I would be inclined to wait and watch, until I was sure that it was dead.

    Why not?

    Who hasn't already figured out, that Muslims loathe and despise the Golden Rule, as much as they loathe and despise Jews, Christians, and all other non-Muslims?

    • George P

      I am not an Islamist, nor am I a Nazi, but I will give them both credit that they say what they did and did what they said (Hitler's Mien Kamph shows this).
      The Jew however, says one thing and then does another. The Nazi, Islamist, and the Zionist are all supremacist, but only one of these…the Zionist, lies about what he is up to.
      Only the Zionist is a wolf in sheep's clothing!
      The other two are simply wolves.

    • Simon

      I too believe that the "Golden Rule" is missing in today's world. It should be followed in all religions. The big problem is the exhortations to violence in "religious" scriptures.

  • Ahmed

    I presume you chose a Pig because Muslims, like Jews, are forbidden to eat pork.

    How smart you are.

  • MałyFelek

    This is horrible.Interestingly,regardless of the terror Jewish people are facing in f.e Malmoe we Poles have been smeared (as well as the Ukrainians) as vile anti-Semites.Even the leader of European Jewry,Cwajgbaum,declared this to be untrue-he cited the fact that,as a Jew,he can feel safe on the street.This does not go for France anymore.I have a suggestion thus-during the middle ages, Poland was a safe haven for Jews (Polin,or also called Paradisum Judeorum)-it could become one once again.All Jews who want to live as such in safety should come to Poland-We need new people,are very interested in Judaism, the existing temples/synagogues would extend a big welcome and we have virtually no Muslims or left-wing nuts.Plz dear Jews, come again,You are most welcome :-D!

  • RoguePatriot6

    "As to your earlier point, yes I would love to take on an Islamic extremist or terrorist, and argue with them as well. The thing is, as I said, they're not a very common breed, and they tend to keep themselves to themselves! It's not like there's some Al-Qaida forum where I can log on and say 'Hey guys, I don't like what you're doing!' But if there was and I did, then no I wouldn't be 'put on trial' "

    We don't personally know any Al Qaeda members either yet we are still allowed to voice our opinions that it's not welcomed or condoned. Well, so far, we are allowed to do so however our Commander in Chief, Barrack Hussein Obama and his right-hand woman Hillary Clinton are steadily trying to put a stop to that. Last year in Europe at an OIC conference, they were setting the stage for an U.N. mandated international law banning any speech construed as negative towards Islam. Basically, our President is trying to sell our constitutuional rights to free speech down the river.

    Oh yea, I would say they have a base of strong support here in the U.S.

    • Ahmed

      I love how you use his middle name, as if it were relevant. And also choose to call him Commander-in-Chief as if to suggest something ominous and dictatorial when you know as well as I do that this is a title that ALL US presidents have.

      As I've already conceded, I'm not in American and so perhaps you might be in a better position than me to speak on American politics. The inherent hostility I sense towards Obama and his government (not just from you but from many other US sources) seems to have a tinge of ethnic feeling about it. It's a shame when the world thought America had moved on from these unfortunate tensions.

      It seems any excuse to get rid of him, including claiming that he is a Muslim. The best part of that is that it's framed as an 'accusation,' as if being a Muslim were some sort of heinous crime.

      • RoguePatriot6

        "I love how you use his middle name, as if it were relevant. And also choose to call him Commander-in-Chief as if to suggest something ominous and dictatorial when you know as well as I do that this is a title that ALL US presidents have."
        First off, I used his middle name to express my dislike for him, simular to when a parent in this country uses their kid's full name when they are little upset with him/her. Second the title "Commander and Chief" was used sarcastically because the last thing that anyone would expect a "Commander and Chief" to do, is to sell the Constitutional rights of their fellow citizens to benefit those who are hostile to their country.

      • RoguePatriot6

        Third, the reason why you see in general "inherent hostility" towards our current President has little, if any at all, to do with his skin. It primarily has to do with his policies which are UNCONSTITUTIONAL. In our country, a few decades ago, that was a serious offense. In fact, they impeached a president because of it and a close ally of his went to prison. Yea, that's how serious it USED to be. But, thanks to liberal/progressivism and our education system which largely don't even teach our children the principals of this document anymore, it's become a joke.
        I also love your assumption that I or others that are opposed to him are "racists". It's amusing for a few reasons. One is because that's been Barrack's main defense for anyone who questions his policies, ethics, morals or decisions is the accusation of "RACISM'. Apparently it's caught on in other nations as well. Another reason why I find it amusing is because I happen to be black.

        • Ahmed

          I never said everyone opposed to Obama was racist. All I said was that a lot of the language a lot of people use against him smacks of something more sinister than than simple political opposition. You may indeed be black – good for you! I still disagree with you, however.

      • Sage on the Stage

        "…seems to have a tinge of ethnic feeling about it." Spare us your tired implications of raaaaaaacism.
        Read Mychal Massie's columns on why people are hostile to Obama.

        • Ahmed

          If it's anything near as enlightened or well-reasoned as this article, then I don't think I will bother. But as I responded above, I don't think everyone opposed to Obama is racist. Personally I have no strong feelings for or against him – I was just commenting on the tone of the rhetoric that a lot of his opposers seem to employ.

    • RoguePatriot6

      And just out of curiousity, let's say some Christians banded together and killed over 3,000 Muslims or Iranians and for the past few centuries before that happened expressed their hatred for the Middle East and their culture or society? Would Muslims or Iranians not express some bias against being a Christian, reegardless if they were "just a few" or not? Would they as you say "consider it a heinous crime" being a Christian?….Oh…wait a minute….in alot of Islamic countries, IT IS!!!

      • Ahmed

        I wish I had the self-control not to mention the Crusades, but your description is so exact that I have to point out that the hypothetical scenario you paint has, indeed happened before.

        But I accept we're talking about the here and now. Yes I'm sure they would, and yes I'm sure they do. And so? A lot of people seem to be taking 'two wrongs make a right' and somehow trying to turn it into a valid argument. I'm not sure what your point is here, other than killing thousands of people is wrong and breeds hatred. I already knew that.

        • RoguePatriot6

          "I wish I had the self-control not to mention the Crusades, but your description is so exact that I have to point out that the hypothetical scenario you paint has, indeed happened before. "

          You know, their was a thing called the, "Islamic Crusades" that took place before the Christian Crusades. I'm not justifying what Christians did during that time either however it did occur and thousands of Jews and Christians were slaughtered and driven from their lands and villages. And the first massacre I was talking about was 9-11 and the period of time before it happened with numerous attacks against the U.S. all of the hate rhetoric generated by Fundamentalists that they seem to have read and learned from earlier crusaders, such as Khalid Al Whalid. He was just one of many.

          • Ahmed

            Like I said, I agree with you that slaughtering and violence is wrong. And contrary to what you may be lead to believe by the media and Right Wing blogosphere, most Muslims would also agree with you. I'm not having a contest of who killed who and how many here! Personally I haven't killed anybody so I'm not apologising.

        • Drakken

          Thank God(not Allah) for the Crusades as they were a result of muslim expansionism, nice of you to throw it out there since you muslims are scared to death of the word Crusades. Otherwise Europe would be a backwater hell hole like most of the middle and far east.

  • Mensch Kaymelon

    "I hear those who say these infiltrators cannot be sent back, but this is an important mission …saying "No" is tantamount to shelving the declaration of independence, the end of the Zionist dream," said Yishai, who heads a religious party." Sounds like a many institutions are using dramatic emotional rhetoric to carry out evil designs.

  • Schlomotion

    This is great! The Apocalypse of Giulio. Bravissimo!

  • Raymond in DC

    "The Jewish population in the United Kingdom, threatened by Melanie Phillips’ “Londonistan,” will decline to 240,000 in 2020, 180,000 in 2050, and 140,000 in 2080."

    I seem to recall the UK's Jewish population 40 years ago to be close to 400,000. Much of the loss to date is due to emigration, assimilation, and low Jewish birth rates. But today's threats will certainly accelerate the decline.

    While it's easy to overstate the current situation for Jews in Europe by focusing on scattered incidents across the continent, I can confirm the security threat Jewish institutions seem to face based on a few trips over the last 14 years.

    Virtually every Jewish institution seems to require extra security. (The same can't be said for Muslim institutions.) In Prague and Rome I had to show my passport to enter the main synagogues. In Frankfurt and London I was questioned by security personnel before entering. The Jewish community center in Frankfurt is behind a tall iron gate, the street secured by police cars on both ends of the street. The one in Paris was even more hermetic, with a security guard behind glass. Even a Jewish eatery in Berlin had a cop standing outside.

    The threat to exposed, individual Jews, especially those identifiably Jewish, walking the streets can only be worse.

  • notme

    are there any deterrent forces in place in any of the European countries?

    • Drakken

      It really is a matter of neighbors helping each other and it will spread block by block because it will be neccessary to have strength of numbers. There are parties springing up around Europe and the other parties of the left are scared to death of them.

  • john

    I am agnostic – I believe in a God without religious limitations (my family is catholic and I didn´t want to become one) because many catholic beliefs don´t make any sense for me. I come from Central Europe. My great-grandfather and my grandmother – they really look like Jewish. My great-grandfather was a mayor of a small village in southern Moravia and was hiding a Jewish family from nazis, nobody from his family knew about it – he did good his job because they survived and got to Israel after the war. When he took my grandmother to the monastery in 1940`s- the nun asked him – Herr Burgermeister sind sie katolisch? (Mr. Mayor are catholic?).

    maybe it`s a law of attraction but my life is surrounded by the jewish community. Our neighborhood – Condesa in Mexico City has a traditional jewish population – in our building there are many jewish neighbors and they are my suppliers. I think that what I like about them is that they are very smart, polite and educated. But I also know many muslims from Lebanon and they are really cool people. They give me my free expresso and they are great negotiators, the lebanese food from Polanco is my favorite. I think that in every ethnic or religious group there are cool and not so cool people. That applies for everyone. There are also good muslims in this world.
    This years are similar to 1930´s, when I was a small boy my great-grandfather was reading me stories from Sibyla – a roman prophet – some things of that book are happening now. Nostradamus was writing that the WW3 will come from Arabia. Last week I read a famous Edgar Cayce´s prophecy that the WW3 will start from the civil unrests in Egypt, Libya, Iran and Syria. He wasn`t mistaken – those civil unrests are happening.
    Maybe I am getting to not so many important points but what I want to suggest you is the following:
    Come to Mexico due to these reasons:
    1) Countries in Europe will become islamic sooner or later. The low natality has to do a lot with Chernobyl´s side effect and european culture. Muslims were not that affected by that that`s why they have lot of kids.
    2) Crisis in Eurozone – will get worse and worse. Yesterday I saw some charts of stock-exchange in Europe – mainly Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy but also France is very affected. This is a strong downtrend which will not revert soon.
    3) Don´t go to Israel because the Muslim brotherhood sooner or later will try to attack that country.
    4) There are wars in Europe in average every 30 years for the last 1000 years. (those are cold-blooded stats). Now we had more than 24 years of peace. How many are missing? I don´t know.
    5) Mexican government didn`t commit the mistake as European Union or US of bailouts, we have a very low debt now and very friendly conditions for investments. Surprisingly our stocks market is the least affected from all G-20 countries. Its index is only 10% from the record maximum levels, other countries are between 30-50% from that level, Greece – 90% less.
    6) Our country is beautiful, friendly and waiting for investment opportunities.
    7) If you see what`s happening in Europe don`t stay there forever because miracles don´t happen and you could risk your lives.

    • george p

      I've been to Mexico… it is full of disease, and corruption.

    • Mark

      Mexico is known for high crime rate, drug cartels and abject poverty. This is reported almost daily in Canadian newspapers and I also hear it from people that go on vacation there. So, how does it make it a good country to move to?

  • BobbyBiohazard

    The next genocide will be of the Coptic Christians in Egypt. Millions of innocent people surrounded by the Islamofascists.

  • Frak Adam

    There might be a local war in Europe Africa or Asia every 30 years but continent wide conflagaration followed by ethnic displacements has evaded Europe – and the World – since 1945 – excepting Indian Partition. In contrast World War II resulted from the economic collapse of the 30's stemming from the Wall St crash even as the €Uro crisis flows from the US bank crash of 2008.
    If the €uro implodes then do watch out – which includes European Moslems as much as Jews. Fortunately Israel or the US will take the Jews but I do not see who will take in European Moslems even if dumped on the beaches of North Africa.

    • George P.

      It is the Jews and the leftist that pushed for open borders. The silver lining in the cloud of Muslim immigrants is that they will rid us of the Jew. The plague of Europe and the USA.

  • GeorgeP.

    Jews…a value to society, since when? When Hitler threw out the Jew Bankers and other Jewish parasites the country went from starvation to a flourishing economy within two short years.
    When Lenin and his Jews took control of Russia, five years later more Russians and Ukrainians were starving than they were before he took control!

  • Moshe Pipik

    Any muslim that lifts his hand against a JEW should be gunned down as you would a rabid dog.
    You can't afford to give this type of Jew-hating muslim another chance to kill you, because this is what he has been instructed to do by his fanatical Jew-hating clerics who full well know that no self-respecting jew is going to convert to Islam voluntarily.
    I now believe the time has finally come for jews to exit europe and head for Israel.

  • @SamirSHalabi1

    Garbage like GeorgeP should be tried for enciting others to hate and kill Jews, he is the living re-incarnation of fanatical Jew-hating Nazi-monsters who roamed the earth from 1933-45. may his poisenous tongue be cut from his cancerous soul, because this man has no soul.

  • Samir Halabi

    Any Muslim found trying to harm a Jew, desecrate graves, bomb Synagogues should just be simply shot dead as you would a rabid dog, maybe this will send a message to the rest of those Jew-hating thuggish bigots, do this and this is what you can expect, fast track to hell.