The Palestinian Khmer Rouge

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Like the Khmer Rouge, the Palestinian Islamists destroyed cohexistence. Like the Khmer Rouge, the Palestinians are trying to build a utopia ethnically cleansed of Jews, where apostates and “traitors” are stoned to death, where the Islamic code is the only rule of law and human bombs are commemorated in public squares. As in Pol Pot’s days, scores of dissidents and opponents have been eliminated by all means in the Palestinian areas. Like the Palestinian terrorists, the Khmer Rouge started as a very small and mysterious group of peasant, French-educated revolutionaries. Like Pol Pot Kampuchea’s “reign of terror,” the Palestinian reign of terror is not trying to build a “Palestinian Authority,” but a State of Palestine from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River, made up of six million Palestinian people and on the ruins of the old Jewish regime.

Like the Khmer Rouge educated people to hate and butcher “feudals,” “liars,” “capitalists” and “traitors,” generations of Palestinian children, like the killers of Itamar, are taught to hate Israeli “monsters,” “sadists” and “devils.”

As the new transcript clearly shows, that night, in the hills of Samaria, the two Palestinians didn’t kill a human being, but three little Jewish demons.

If the Polpottists had the revolutionary mission of cleansing the country, the Itamar’s perpetrators see themselves as messengers of Allah sent to wipe out Jewish born and unborn babies.

Like with the Khmer Rouge yesterday, no rational argument can be used today against a Palestinian ideology maniacally dedicated to Jewish destruction, and that says so at every opportunity.

Like the Khmer Rouge did with the feudal Buddhist past, the authoritarian regime in the Palestinian areas wants to eradicate Jewish past and life everywhere, in Itamar as well as in Tel Aviv.

Evil exists. The innocent Camdodian children met it when the Khmer Rouge entered in Phnom Penh. The little Fogels met it when the terrorists entered in their community last year. But the Israelis are fighting it every day. For all of us.

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  • EWD

    About Pol Pot – it's true that it was a mostly ideological domestic affair, but as far as I know, he also had deep hatred of Vietnamese and murdered almost all the minority Vietnamese population of Cambodia. At some point the Khmer Rouge has made some incursions into Vietnamese territory attacking local villages, and this is one of the reasons for the ultimate Vietnamese intervention. Needless to say some European leftists were rather supportive of Pol Pot e.g. the Swedish Jan Myrdal

    • Noelle

      I'm an ethnic minority from Cambodia, I don't agree with Pol Pot however the attack on Vietnamese territory stemmed from a long and complicated history between Cambodia and Vietnam. Historical, the vicinity of Saigon and south was once the Khmer's ancestral homeland , and past rulers of Cambodia had always wanted it back. Another ethnic group victim to the Khmer Rouge were the Chams, they were the descendants of the ancient Champa Kingdom to the north of Saigon but migrated to Cambodia to escaped the incoming Vietnamese centuries ago.

  • hammar

    The devils are always with us…so Pray always the earth is not our homeland…but a testing ground for faith.

    • RonaldCarnine

      While I agree that the earth is "a testing ground for faith", as a pastor I think it is safe to say that the NT teaches that a husband is to love his wife (and children). Allowing someone to enter my home, rape my wife and murder my children isn't loving them. I believe in self defense when the gov't isn't available to protect us. As a retired police sgt. I trust that police officers will do all they can to protect me and mine. However, when they are not available, I must step forward and do that job. So, get good exterior doors (solid wood or metal), get an alarm, and after learning to shoot accurately get a gun to protect your family from a home invasion. I recommend a 12 gauge shotgun with 00 buckshot (18 1/2 inch barrel) as probably the best self defense weapon for your home. Husbands and fathers, it is your responsibility to protect your family. I don't recommend the use of force except for an attack on yourself, your wife and children. I know some will disagree with my recommendations, however as a cop I have seen what happens if a family home is invaded and no one is there to protect it. It's not pretty.

  • bkopicz

    Like the Khmer Rouge the the Palestinians have the support of the Left

  • Irwin Ruff

    Does anyone in the American government or on the left have any comprehension of these facts? There is NO possibility of any sort of peace with the Muslims, only defence against them. (The Americans don't even have any realization that the same applies to them. The choices are to defeat the Muslims or surrender to them. Pandering to their lies, such as "Islamophobia", is just another form of surrender.)
    The only way to respond to the culture of murder is to expel them from the land: "no Arabs, no terrorism". As a Jew, this is not the way I would prefer, but like this hundred-years-war, it has been forced on us. Hopefully someday the Muslims will come to their senses, but it will be a long time. Until then, I see no way except treating them as the dangerous wild animals that they are.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      I completely agree Irwin but think that if the Muslims came to their senses they would not be
      Muslims or Islamists, they would cease to exist and we wait for the day evil dies because evil
      never comes to it's senses…………………………….William

  • Ghostwriter

    People like Schlomotion would love people like the killers of the Fogel family. They hated Jews as much as he does.

    • Zionista

      I told shmo that my husband and I are contributing $ to Zionist causes for every Jew hating rant he posts – he's been kinda quiet since reading that!

  • WilliamJamesWard

    I do not think I can get over the Fogel family massacre, it goes against every atom of my being.
    The monsters who did this are the same who danced in the streets over the World Trade Center
    destruction and tossed candy into the air. Judgement must be passed on the faux Palestinians
    and it is on the way. The colossal idiocy of these people is exemplified by the fact that if
    nuclear weapons fall on Israel they die also and is that a fact they will understand and show
    joy over. The outside pupetmasters of Islam use them as rabid dogs, what a crime against
    humanity Islam is…………………………………………………William

  • StephenD

    Every time someone begins to spout off on the "cause" for the Palestinians I bring up the Fogel Family Massacre. IT is the final straw to my mind. I can't tell you why it took that long. Our tax dollars go to help teach their children that to die while killing a Jew is noble. They teach their children HATE. Their Charter calls for the destruction of Israel and with that the death of all Jews. Now the balance of the world expects Israel to "Make Peace" with these barbarians that only yearn for Israel's destruction. I am waiting for the world to cry out against Jordan to give up its land for a "Palestinian State" since 70% of the people calling themselves "Palestinian" are Jordanian. Instead all we hear is cries against Israel. ENOUGH! Israel should be done with placating to the desires of the world until the world pulls its collective head out of the sand.


    The "palestinian" cause is a FRAUD.

    If Israel were the problem then Muslims would be living in peace with their non-Muslim neighbors across the rest of the world.

    The Muslim rampages against Hindus in India prove that "palestine" isn't the problem.

    The near nuclear war between India and Pakistan, a dispute over ownership of land, Kashmir, demonstrates the fallacy of demonizing Israel

    The bombing of churches in Nigeria demonstrate that Islamofascism is the problem..

    Islamofascism and its useful idiots in the Socialist sphere of influence are the problem.