Che Guevara Actor’s Hypocrisy over Pinochet Film

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Absolutely nothing regarding “human rights abuses,” much less “murder” or “torture” appeared regarding Castro.

In a Reuters article titled “Legacies Bind Castro, Pinochet in Their Twilight,” which ran everywhere from the Washington Post to MSNBC in December 2006, Anthony Boadle dispensed with the subtleties and tackled the double standard head on. “Dozens of Pinochet’s agents were convicted of assassination and torture,” he wrote “and Castro’s government has not hesitated to jail dissidents. But there are no credible reports of disappearances, extrajudicial killings and torture in Cuba since the early 1960s, according to human rights groups.”

Just what “human rights groups” Boadle consulted he didn’t say. But let’s hand it to him for boldly displaying his bias on his shirtsleeve. His concern over “extrajudicial killings” presents a thoroughly fascinating specimen of logic. Applying it to other historical settings we discover that the regimes responsible for the Great Terror and the Nuremberg Laws are preferable to the one responsible for the Kent State killings. The first two were perfectly “judicial,” after all. The third was not.

Indeed, Stalin’s massacres were usually preceded by “trials” featuring detailed “confessions” from the “criminals” with cameras and reporters on hand lest anyone doubt these proceeding’s scrupulously “judicial” nature. Among the westerners who lauded these trials’ propriety were Albert Einstein, Lillian Hellman and the New York Times’ Walter Duranty. We can only suspect that Anthony Boadle would have followed suit.

The very trademark of a totalitarian regime is that its mass-murders, mass-jailings and mass-larcenies are all perfectly “judicial,” because every judge is a regime apparatchik. Any judge who temporizes over the rubber-stamping of a Communist regime decree disappears, not just from his bench, but from the face of the earth. His former colleagues, or perhaps his successor, then sign the proper documentation making his disappearance properly “judicial.”

Executive producer of the movie, Robert Redford, (who always kicks off the Sundance Film Festival with a long dirge about the importance of artistic freedom) was forced to screen The Motorcycle Diaries for Che’s widow (who heads Cuba’s Che Guevara Studies Center) and Fidel Castro for their approval before release. We can only imagine the shrieks of outrage from Hollywood about  “censorship!” and “selling out!” had, say, Robert Ackerman required (and acquiesced in) Nancy Reagan’s approval to release HBO’s The Reagans that same year.

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  • richard sherman

    Another useful idiot along with everyone in Hollywood except Gloria Estefan and Andy Garcia…

    • cristina

      i would exclude gloria estefan since she has hosted lavish fundraisers at her home for the marxist obama. for me a cuban born american citizen- estefan is permanently on my sh_ t list!

      • richard sherman

        If she has done that she dishonored her father who fought against the Communists at the Bay of Pigs and Vietnam…for her to support someone who considers a card carrying Communist like Frank Marshall Davis his mentor is a disgrace. I stand corrected. Andy Garcia is now alone in Hollywood…

  • oldtimer

    He said it all in his first quoted statement: "…….His mythification…" he idolizes a myth of man. Against the first commandment of God. Only today the names are actors, musicians, etc….people "idolize" differently, but an idol is an idol.

  • Steve Chavez

    HOW ABOUT A "CARIBBEAN SPRING" to oust the World's longest serving dictator, FIDEL CASTRO?

    He never retired and still gives orders in between his changing of his COLOSTOMY BAG. Huh? Why do you think he wears such a baggie jacket and doesn't see very many visitors, unless it's the likes of Chavez and our Congressional Black Caucus? He stinks like CRAPOLA, LITERALLY!

    My former Governor, Bill Richardson, visited Castro and Cuba many times "on a trade mission" which I have yet to see any trade. Bill was quoted as saying one bad thing about Fidel: "He had bad dandruff."

    DOES OBAMA IDOLIZE CHE? OF COURSE HE DOES! If a poll was taken by members of Congress, many of them would idolize Che more than some of our Founding Fathers "who were slave owners" while dismissing A MURDERER!

  • κατεργάζομαι

    Che made Alice in Wonderland's Red Queen look like Oliver Wendell Holmes. His models were Lenin, Dzerzhinsky, and Stalin.

    Ernesto "Che" Guevara in his diaries….. "My nostrils dilate while savoring the acrid odor of gunpowder and blood. With the deaths of my enemies I prepare my being for the sacred fight and join the triumphant proletariat with a bestial howl!"

    Alas, the…. "acrid odor of gunpowder and blood" – very rarely reached Guevara's nostrils from actual combat.

    It always came from the close-range murder of bound, gagged, and blindfolded men and boys.

    See: "Che Guevara at the Bay of Pigs" – April 14, 2010 – by By Humberto Fontova

    • A. Keen Observer

      Yes, I read that executing teenage boys was one of his favorite activities! He always wanted to pull the trigger himself!

  • Ghostwriter

    In my opinion,both Pinochet and Castro were horrible dictators and both deserve condemnation. Sadly,we hear too little of those who call Castro what he is,a monstrous dictator who murdered millions. Pinochet deserved that title and so does Castro.

    • Omar

      The difference between the two is that Pinochet was an authoritarian leader, while Castro is a totalitarian tyrant. Also, Pinochet eventually authorized a referendum in which Chilean voters chose to vote him out of power, while the Castro regime never authorized a single referendum on whether to keep the regime or vote the regime out of power.

  • @psycin

    You guys should learn to say "NO" , sometimes, too. And not in anger either. The reason Cuba stays on as a communist dictatorship is because, without it, the raison d'etre of the "Pax Americana" would cease to exist. Trust me, baloney tastes the same no matter which side of that fence you're on. Say NO to state-sponsored baloney, you owe your brains that much at least.

  • Reco2

    oh please, Chilean parliament(their was no such thing under Batista) was dominated by two parties such as the Chilean National party: lead by an ex member of the national socialists of Chile(Nazi) Sergio Jarpa and the Chritian democrats which wrote such charming things as:

    “There is a cell of Jewish and Communist extraction which has come to lord it over Chile in the infamous alliance of the misnamed Popular Unity government. ”

    Castro meanwhile sent the former murderers of Batista to the wall(with the majority of Cubans supporting these executions).

    Chilean supreme court also declared Walter Raulff a “peaceful citizen”.

    The Jewish virtual library states: In 1972, Chilean President Salvador Allende, at the request of the Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal, asked the Chilean Supreme Court to extradite Rauff to Germany. This application was again denied.

    Do you nutters think a supreme court that OPENLY sympathized with Nazis would not trample over the constitution to remove a “Jewish communist” as its president?

    Those executed by Che were murderers and rapists.