Christiane Amanpour’s Lovefest with Castro’s Daughter

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But when Nelson Mandela addressed Congress in June 1990, after a tumultuous ticker tape parade in New York, every U.S. network carried his every word along with the frequent and thunderous Congressional ovations accompanying them.  The ovations from members of the Congressional Black Caucus, needless to add, were particularly thunderous.

But rather than hailing the black torture victim (Antunez) this same Congressional Black Caucus hails his torturer, and in a manner that can only be compared to Ann Margaret’s hailing of Conrad Birdie. If this also sounds hyperbolic, here are direct quotes from CBC members after their visit to Cuba in April 2009:

“He (Castro) looked directly into my eyes,” gasped Rep. Laura Richardson (D-CA), “and then he asked: how can we help President Obama? Fidel Castro really wants President Obama to succeed.”

“It was quite a moment to behold,” hyperventilated Rep. Barbara Lee. (D-CA) “Fidel Castro was very engaging and very energetic.”

“He’s one of the most amazing human beings I’ve ever met,” gushed Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO)

“Raul Castro was a very engaging, down-to-earth and kind man … someone who I would favor as a neighbor. It was almost like visiting an old friend,” (former Black Panther Bobby Rush (D-IL).

During last week’s Senate hearing, Antunez denounced the Obama administration’s granting of Mariela Castro a U.S. visa as an “insult to all suffering Cubans.” Even worse (better), Antúnez denounced Obama’s “policies of rapprochement with Cuba for strengthening the repressive apparatus and the impunity of the aggressors.” “Neither remittances,” he stressed, “nor travel, nor cultural exchanges will help the democratization of Cuba.”

Any questions why his testimony was blacked out?

According to a recent report from Antunez’s wife in Cuba, a squad of Castro’s police swarmed over her husband with billy clubs — after macing him. They beat him unconscious and dragged him off.

As we go to press, Antunez’s exact condition and whereabouts are unknown. (No word on the arrest from CNN, and we expect none.)

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  • luis segui

    Humberto Fontova !!?? Can't you find somebody more prejudiced? AntiCastro propaganda cant fly because the USA Embargo was meant to "..make the Cuban people scream in poverty!! 50 years of Terrorism American Style towards Cuba and then you go judge Cuba!Humberto Fontova AntiCuba Loser

    • Gary from Jersey

      "Make the Cuban people scream in poverty"? The Castros turned Cuba into the second poorest country in the western hemisphere, murdered uncounted thousands of people, made Cuba a distribution center for drug smugglers and made Cubans interchangeable and disposable. Check out the smuggled photos of Cuban hospitals; look at the long lines for basic goods; see how average Cubans are banned from posh resorts occupied by rich Europeans, and see the physical destruction of Havana and other once-beautiful cities while the elite live like royalty. You have no argument, Luis, just denial, hyperbole and a cult mentality.

      • luis segui

        Gary you are brainwashed by the media! THE EMBARGO would make any country poor like Cuba!! USA is the biggest arm dealer in the world and an exploiter of poor countries.Check this out


      luis, When your commandate got sick, he went to FRAWNCE for better treatment rather than risk his life in Cuba.

      And Cuba, being the typical Socialist dictatorship, passed the reins of control to Fidels brother Raul.

      There is NO FREEDOM in Socialist/commie Cuba. Just repression, beatings, executions.

      Cuba LIBRE!

      • luis segui

        2 million people are in jail in the USA ! And we trade with Russia and China!?? why do we Embargo Cuba. And then blame them for their poverty and actions. LOSER!! Hide your name like a coward!

        • Omar

          There is no embargo on Cuba! While there may be 2 million people in prison in the United States today, this is out of a population of over 310 million people in this country today. That's not even 1% of the American population! Meanwhile, in the 1960s, Cuba had about 500,000 political prisoners out of a then population of 6.4 million people. At that time, about 1 in 15 Cubans was a political prisoner. Cuba is so poor because of the Castro regime's totalitarian ambitions. If anything, the U.S. is too generous towards the regime in Havana.

      • wctaqiyya

        Yes, let's liberate Cuba and let's do it right away. It's enough already. If we wait for them to exploit their oil wealth, they will once again become a threat and an aggressive exporter of commie revolution. The time to act is now. Forget about those Muslims, they can go on killing each other. And they will anyway. Cuba is in our back yard.

    • Ghostwriter

      Why don't you learn the truth,luis,instead of making yourself look stupid. Cuba is a totalitarian country that imprisons anyone who disagrees with the Castro brothers. They've been condemned by reputable human rights organizations like Amnesty International. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid and learn the truth before you spout off more nonsense.

    • Omar

      Luis Segui, you are so wrong about Cuba in general. First of all, the Castro regime is a totalitarian dictatorship that oppresses the rights and liberties of the Cuban people. Second, there is no U.S. embargo on Cuba. There is only limited sanctions. The U.S. in fact does business with Cuba (the U.S. is one of Cuba's top food suppliers). The reason why those limited sanctions were imposed in the first place was because the Castro regime stole huge amounts of dollars in stock from U.S. owned business" . Fidel Castro said that he would never repay a penny for what he stole (the only promise he ever kept). As for "American Style Terrorism" towards Cuba, there was never any American supported terrorism directed at the Castro regime. The Bay of Pigs was abandoned by the JFK administration, and after the Cuban Missile Crisis, the U.S. became Cuba's de facto protector (The U.S. Coast Guard started arresting Cuban exile groups who were trying to carry out raids against the regime in Havana). On the other hand, the Castro regime has attempted to carry out acts of terrorism against the United States throughout the latter half of the 20th century. The 1962 Macy's Black Friday bomb attempt failure (which happened a month after the Missile Crisis) was one of many attempts of terrorism perpetrated by the Cuban government. In addition, the Castro regime has trained terrorists from all over the world to overthrow governments and replace them with Stalinist/Maoist client states that would have allied themselves and each other with the Castro regime. The regime also harbors many fugitives from American justice (Joanne Chesimard as an example). And Humberto Fontova is not a loser. He is a well respected and intelligent journalist who knows a lot about Cuba. Luis Segui, you are an anti-American Stalin/Mao loving communist who hates democracy and loves tyranny. Free Cuba now!

  • Anamah

    I dislike so much those traitors of this extraordinary country… so many people are secretly Communists lovers and resent American values, our history, the idea of freedom and respect to the individual and his right to equal justice and the pursuit of happiness..the simple fundamental stone of property rights, our Funding Fathers and our National Constitution. That kind of people doesn't know doesn't appreciate by ignorance and stupidity; they simply do not deserve to live here… they should go where criminal dictators dominate, where they like, and stop acting as double agents, so dishonored! betraying us, trying to inject their infection into our beautiful exceptional country.

    • luis segui

      Our values are killing people so you can shop at Walmart ANAMAH!
      Viet Nam, Iraq You are secretly a KILLER!!

      • wctaqiyya

        luis, the US is the worlds largest arms dealer and is involved in stupid wars in the ME. However, two wrongs don't make a right and Cuban communism is a wrong.

        • Omar

          Oh, and Saddam's invasion of Kuwait is correct? The U.S. is defending democracy while Russia is supporting the dictatorship in Syria.

  • richard sherman

    Read AGAINST ALL HOPE by AMANDO VALLADARES and you will see that every word Mr. Fontova writes is true.

    • Omar

      That is an excellent book that tells the truth about Castro's Cuba. The Valladares book should be required reading for everyone.

  • StephenD

    There need be only one question asked of any pro Castro person. When was the last time someone tried to float their family INTO Cuba instead of AWAY from Cuba? Remember, pre-Castro Cuba had a vibrant immigrant population because of the draw of its successful middle class…before Castro.

    • luis segui

      STEPHEN the embargo was meant to" …..make the Cuban people scream" with poverty! and you blame Cuba LOSER!!! You would blame an abused wife for her bruises!!!??

      • wctaqiyya

        Actually, yes. Not speaking for Stephen, but people should be responsible for their decisions. If a women chooses an irrationally violent man to be her partner, getting beat up by him is partly her fault.

        When Cuba was transformed into an extension of the Soviet Union, the US imposed an embargo. That's what happens when you are enemies. As for the poverty in Cuba, if they had an economic system that functioned, they wouldn't be living in poverty. Communism doesn't work. Remember the Soviet Union?

        Which reminds me. Are you commenting from the Cuban propaganda office in Havana? No, because they don't have internet in Cuba. Moving there soon comrade?

        • luis segui

          blow it out your you know what!

          • wctaqiyya

            That's the spirit luis! I love the way you fight against type by making a reasoned argument instead of the usual commie tactic of name calling. Well done!

            Free Cuba now!

        • Omar

          There's no embargo on Cuba. The U.S. is one of Cuba's top food suppliers. How is that an embargo?

  • Marty

    amanpour is a typical unprofessional and biased "journalist," the only kind that is able to work at cnn without developing a severe case of nausea. She also believes the usual nonsense that islam is peaceful and that Israelis should be more accommodating to palestinians and commit collective suicide. One can only wonder what she thinks of the facts that cuba under the castros for more than a half century has never held a free election, that female physicians have to moonlight as prostitutes to have enough income to live on, and that raul castro has fantasized about destroying New York City with nuclear weapons. amanpour is at best delusional or, more likely, a dangerously complicit accomplice of evil and totalitarianism.

    • Gary from Jersey

      Amanpour has the pathology that infests the elitist left. She's in complete denial of realty and only spews that nonsense to bolster her fantasy world. A doctor/hooker could tell Amanpour to her face what life is like in Cuba and not only wouldn't the doctor be believed, she'd be denigrated as crazy for even thinking those thoughts.

      • luis segui

        Gary Have you heard of the EMBARGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You blame CUBA for what the USA does to countries that dont want to be puppets!!?hahahahah LOSER!! you must think VietNam was a just war and killing 500,000 Iraqis a just thing! WECAUSE THE POVERTY IN CUBA ahole!!!

        • wctaqiyya

          Thanks buddy. Your contribution may encourage the writing of more posts about Cuba. My beloved Cuba.

        • Omar

          There's no embargo on Cuba! Cuba was a puppet of the Soviet Union (which had many puppet states around the world) and now China! The U.S. is too generous towards the Castro regime! I bet you support Iraq's attempted annexation of Kuwait and the killings of the Kurds. I bet you also support the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan because you are an anti-American Stalinist/Maoist.

  • mrbean

    ahhh yess…. the Bagdad war whore…who never met a communist she didn't admire.

  • luis segui

    wctaqiyya coward! put your real name up! loser!!

    • wctaqiyya

      Does this mean you don't want to liberate those poor enslaved Cubans?

  • jewdog

    I learned everything I know about Cuba from Humberto Fontova. And Ricky Ricardo.
    I am very uncool, and proud of it.

    • wctaqiyya

      To the contrary, you are cool as a nice ocean breeze in Havana harbor. Sipping a fruity rum drink and romancing your woman. Cuba should really be freed. I kid you not.

  • Beatrix

    Amanpour will wind up like Helen Thomas. It may take longer because she's a little prettier.

    • wctaqiyya

      Surely you mean, a little less ugly?

  • Horace Yo

    Luis Segui is one of those zombies who had his real eyes and ears stolen out of his head by the demon of communism and had non functioning rotten ones stuck back in their place. He only spouts the communist party line. It would be a complete waste of time to address him or try to reason with him since he is a zombie. He sucks onto the backsides of dear leaders like Castro and Kim Jong Il the torturer of North Korea and only good things to say about them, and only vicious snarlings for anybody of good will. He wants to take names and have peoples families jailed up and down three generations, like Kim the commie. Off to hades Luis.



      • Omar

        No, Segui. You are brainwashed by the Castro regime!