Democrats Furious with Cuban-American Voters

As we go to press, polls are showing America’s largest swing state in a dead head between Romney and Obama. Florida has 29 electoral votes and the third largest “Hispanic” population in America. Normally this means a cakewalk for any Democrat.

But whoops! Turns out that about a third of these Florida Hispanics (Cuban-Americans) are actually Hispanic—as in Americans whose ancestors hail almost exclusively from Europe’s Iberian Peninsula known as “Hispania” by the Romans. So, as a broken clock is right twice a day, the term “Hispanic” as used by the mainstream media, can actually be correct about 1/1000 of the time (i.e. when it refers to Cuban-Americans).

A poll last week of voters in Florida’s Miami-Dade county by the Miami Herald found the following breakdown:

Obama     Romney    Undecided

White:       64%             30%             6%

Black:        95%               2%              3%

Hispanic: 33%            62%              5%

“Hey, wait a minute!” liberals wail. “But every poll on the planet shows Obama with at least 70% of the U.S. Hispanic vote. So what’s going on here?”

Americans of Cuban heritage as usual, that’s what’s going on. The Miami Herald poll broke it down further, noting that Cuban-Americans support Obama 19%, Romney 76% and 5% are undecided.

In brief: no ethnic group in the U.S. comes even close to matching Cuban-Americans in their level of disdain for President Barack Obama in particular and the Democratic Party in general.

Their nonconformity is such that these insufferable Cuban-Americans drove an exasperated pollster to stop polling in areas they are known to infest, including in south Florida. “Eduardo Gamarra, a registered Democrat of Bolivian descent,” reports the Miami Herald about a pollster from Florida International University last week, “actually had to scale back the number of Cuban-American respondents in the poll, a process known as ‘weighting,’….Gamarra stopped polling in South Florida all together when he concluded the three-day survey last week in order to reach other Hispanics.”

“The difference [with polling] in Florida,” reads the Miami Herald story, “are Cuban voters. Without them, the FIU poll shows, Obama would handily win likely Florida Hispanic voters 65-32 percent. Not only are Cubans reliable Republican voters — they’re about 70 percent of Miami-Dade’s registered Republicans.”

“You keep hearing about a liberalization of the vote with younger, second-generation Cubans,” wailed Democratic pollster Gamarra. “But the polls are not showing it. Young Cubans are starting to look more Republican than their parents.”

Which is saying a lot.

These insufferable political mavericks have often goaded the Democratic/media axis into enraged sputterings against them. “Truly disgusting,” was how Bryant Gumbel characterized the Cuban-Americans demonstrating against shanghaiing Elian Gonzalez back to Castro. Five years ago Georgetown professor Norman Birnbaum, an advisor to three Democratic presidential candidates and today a columnist for The Daily Beast, labeled “Miami-Cubans” a “truly reprehensible” group. In 2008, one of America’s most influential newspapers, the Washington Post, ran a cartoon celebrating Cuban-Americans’ expulsion from the U.S. en masse.

Study the cartoon and imagine the fire (literal, perhaps) if instead of fedoras (which are rarely worn by Cuban-Americans) the group depicted in the cartoon had worn kuffiyehs, burkhas and chadors. What if the boat’s passengers had been labeled “nappy-headed” and were headed for Africa? Imagine the rallies in Los Angeles, Phoenix and Chicago if they’d worn sombreros.

Such cartoons are indeed imaginable with other ethnic groups — but only with Uncle Sam cast as the villain, wearing a white hood, a swastika, or an Ann Coulter mask. In dispatching Cuban-American Republicans, Uncle Sam smiles benevolently while handing the boat’s ethnic occupants off to a Stalinist gulag. “Ha-ha!”

The head explodes imagining the mainstream media reaction against such depictions against any other ethnic group.

“Cuba Policy isn’t made in Washington,” once griped Bill Press in a CNN column. “It’s made in Miami by former Batista supporters who think they can reverse history.”

“Bush’s defense of the [Cuban] embargo serves a family voting bloc and little else,” griped Kathleen Parker in a column years ago.

“A small number of powerful exiles in South Florida cow our politicians into keeping the crazy Cuban policy,” once griped media baron Al Neuharth in USA Today.

All this takes talent, amigos. Around our domino tables we snicker derisively at those bumbling Trilateralists. Between sips of our mojitos we guffaw and slap our thighs at the incompetence of the Bilderbergers and Rothschilds. We Cuban-Americans are the Illuminati to beat all Illuminati, the slickest of the slick. We watch “Godfather II” and snort scornfully. That was a chump operation Mikey Corleone pulled on Nevada Senator Geary with that dead prostitute. We would have had him in our pocket for half the trouble.

We watch “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” and direct our boos and hisses at Jimmy Stewart. What a fuddy-duddy.

Cuban-Americans have managed to get Bill Buckley and Gore Vidal, Chris Dodd and Larry Craig, The Brookings Institution and the Cato Institute, the Wall Street Journal and The Nation, The U.S. Communist Party and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce — all on the same side of an issue. All of the above have come out publicly against the so-called Cuban embargo. All blame it on the “politically powerful” and “well-heeled” Cuban-American lobby.

Thank you kindly.

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  • Mary Sue

    *channels the old lady in the Moore ad*

    "If Barack Obama's minions manage to suppress the vote of Cuban Americans, we are going to burn this ——– down."

  • ReaganConservative

    That's because Cuban Americans, along with Russian and Eastern European immigrants, know the Truth about Socialist Marxism, and it's not the BS land of Bliss that the Liberal Democrats / Obamacrat are promulgating, prostituting, Proselytizing, and propagandizing in their indoctrination of America.

    That's why they are Republicans, and even Conservative Republicans, who believe in Individual Freedom, Liberty, Democracy, Free Market Capitalism, and Equal Justice- Not Racial Social Justice- ie; America. thus they are breaking through the minority barrier, aka the false delusionary narrative of Minorities belonging to the liberal Democratic Party, that liberals have built up over the decades in American society.

    • Reggie

      please, that is another lie. CubanAmerican want to destroy Cuba when Fidel be dead. I know a lot of Cuban that travel back and forward their land, they are outside USA, and they do not HATE their people. CubanAmerican are beater and mind, and only want to take the good of Cuba.

      • Omar

        You are wrong, Reggie. Cuban Americans want freedom and democracy for Cuba. For more than 50 years, the Castro family dictatorship has been spreading lies about almost everything. Are you aware that the daily food rations for Cubans living in Cuba are actually smaller than the daily food rations that the King of Spain mandated that Cuban slaves had in 1842, at a time when Cuba was a Spanish colony? For over 50 years, the Castro regime has never allowed a referendum on what kind of government the Cuban people want. Quit being an apologist for the Castro regime.

  • pierce

    In Cuba, was it better to grow up under Batista, or Castro? Now most Cubans I know would say Batista, what say you. From what I have seen or heard, a Cuban named Marco is good example of a person worth knowing, and oh the last name is Rubio, and I do believe his parents grew up in the days of Batista.

  • Lady_Dr.


  • RoguePatriot6

    So the Democommunists are upset because Cuban Americans aren't quite so quick to flirt with a system they were trying to get away from in the first place?

    You see, it's like this. They know the game, particularly the older Cuban Americans. They know how it works, they've heard all of the propaganda that the left is spewing to set the stage and the endstate of it.

  • Armando

    Viva Cuba Libre! Abajo el dictator Castro!

    • Reggie

      Que Viva Fidel, Cuba con Fidel

  • pierce

    Many years ago I went to school with a Cuban named Fernando Pruna. He ended up in one of Castro's prisons because he did not embrace Castro's brand of communism, and I can understand why. I often wonder what happened to Fernando, and I would not be surprised if he is living in Florida.

    Viva Cuba, viva Fernando.

    • Cyriaque

      He still is.And I have just written his amazing story!

    • Fernando Pruna

      PIerce, this is Fernando Pruna and I am indeed living in Miami, Florida. I spent 17 years as a political prisoner in Cuba. I found out about your post from French award wining writer Cyriaque Griffon, who just published my biography in France. The name of the book is HAVANA 505. It is a true story of my life.
      You can check more details by going to
      Best wishes, Fernando

  • Schlomotion

    Florida Cubans are as American as cocaine pie. I don't know why anybody questions their paramilitarism.

    • Armando

      I want to be kind, so I'll just say: you are very ignorant of history. You probably have a poster of Che over your bed you kiss everynight before going to sleep

      • Schlomotion

        Chi Coltrane, not Che Guevara.

    • jacob

      I dare bet they are more patriots for America than any of the Democraps, OBAMA included

      Look what was South Florida before they started coming and what is it now….

      But OBAMA claimed than Mad Dog "Minister" Louis Farrakhan and Castro's disciple, CHAVEZ,
      are Great Men,
      RIGHT ????

    • Ghostwriter

      Just went I think you can't say anything more stupid,you surprise me. My opinion of you as a complete idiot still stands,Schlobrain.

  • Think

    Cuban-Americans are wise to shrug off the negative racist comments made by those donkeys. They bray bray bray, but they sit stubbornly and accomplish nothing. It is appropriate that their mascot is the animal most like the people the donkey represents.
    We never forget, and we won't forget your strength in standing strong against the donkeys.

  • cynthiacurran

    Its the communisim,stupid.

  • amused

    Glad you said it Humberto , Cuba Policy is indeed made in Miami , and Republcans always come down here to kiss their arses . They even affected Sugar Prices and were given preference on the Sugar Cane fields in Fla . so they could pound the peasants back in cuba .The Army core of engineers diverted the damn Kissimee River to drain lands for mostly SUGAR CANE CROPS .
    You shoot yourself in the foot Humberto , because the Cuban Embargo policy is still in place due directly to the screaming Cubanos in South Florida . WHO but Cubans , merely have to jump off their boats after ILLEGALLY ENTERING the US , and simply because they have TOUCHED the beach , are granted entry and evntual guaranteed citizenship ? The jellyfish Carter stood helpless as Castro emptied his prisons in the Mariel Boat lift . Instead of getting the US Navy to round them up before landing and bringing them back right to HABANA HARBOR , Florida got a crime wave that lasted for several years , but that would piss of the electorate in Miami .

    • Mary Sue

      ….they risked their life to escape that wretched, urine soaked hell hole…

      "Objection. We'd prefer if you called it pee-pee soaked heck hole"

      "Cheerfully withdrawn!"

      Cubans are a special case, and the US government recognizes this fact, because they are escaping tyranny. Something you have no concept of except to accuse Republicans of it.

      The only one pounding the peasants in Cuba are the Castros and their commandants. Do you realize that Cuba has Universal Child Slave Labor?

    • Omar

      amused, there is no embargo on Cuba. There is only limited sanctions. The U.S. is one of Cuba's largest food suppliers.

  • amused

    As for the vote amongst Cubanos , no , no ones crying ,that vote is a given .And it's been that way for years . just remember , there are 17 million people in Fla . Cubans are " Hispanic " but a relatively small demographic amongst all Latinos in the state .
    No ones " fuming or furious " Humberto , Cubanos in S.Fla. are solid Republican , Everyone knows that .

  • amused

    One Question Humberto …..Is the Embargo still in Place ? Yet the majority of American think it should have been lifted years ago .

    • Mary Sue

      why are you crying about the Embargo? EVERYBODY ELSE trades with Cuba except USA. That includes Canada. Canada has idiots that claim it's the best health care anywhere over there in Cuba, and then turn around and say, "Oh and by the way, please donate some aspirin and tylenol for us to send to Cuba because of the "Blockade". (which somehow doesn't prevent them from shipping things to Cuba)

      • Omar

        Mary Sue, the U.S. does trade with Cuba. Washington is one of Havana's largest food suppliers. The so-called "embargo" myth is Castro regime propaganda.

        • Mary Sue

          well yeah, but I was replying on the basis of granting him the premise, to make him look ridiculous even if one was to grant it was a full embargo.

    • Omar

      There is no embargo on Cuba. It was lifted a long time ago.

  • jacob

    Rest assured this "majority" of Americans thinking the embargo should have been lifted years ago,
    are the same morons who elected OBAMA and will be reelecting him now,,,,,,

    • Omar

      There is no embargo on Cuba. The U.S. does trade with Cuba. Washington is one of Havana's largest food suppliers. The "embargo" myth is Castro regime propaganda.

      • Sunbeam

        Yeah, I agree with you absolutely.

  • NASH

    Cuban Americans vote Republican because they get different treatment
    from Republicans they get a green card after a few months in the usa
    if you take that right from them they would become Democrats overnight !!!

    • Dennis X

      And all that CIA money!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LindaRivera

    I LOVE Cuban-Americans! They are VERY patriotic and believe strongly in justice, freedom and human rights!

  • Spartan

    Will someone please make up their minds? Are you looking for "Hispanics" or Latino's or … If Hispanics are those "whose ancestors hail almost exclusively from Europe’s Iberian Peninsula known as “Hispania” by the Romans." then many of the Mexican's, Puerto Rican's, Cuban's, Columbian's (people coming from Central America, Caribbean, and South America) are Hispanics. Many may be of true indigenous origin. These are not Hispanics. They just need to understand their genealogy. When I am asked if I am Hispanic, I ask for a definition. If the pollster cannot give me the correct definition for Hispanic, I say no. Proud to be a Cuban-American of Hispanic origin. Stay ignorant my friends.

  • GeorgiaBoy

    Cubans are the benefactors (welfare recipients) of all sorts of benefits that aren't available to any other immigrants with the wet foot/ dry foot rule. Is that fair to all other immigrants?