Mercedes-Benz: What Mass Murderers Drive

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The “austere idealist,” Che, hadn’t done too badly for himself in this real estate transaction, known in non-“revolutionary” societies as armed robbery.

Llano Montes wrote the above in exile. In February 1959 he didn’t go quite into such detail in his article which appeared in the Cuban magazine Carteles. He simply wrote that, “Comandante Che Guevara has fixed his residence in one of the most luxurious houses on Tarara beach.”

Two days after his article ran, while lunching at Havana’s El Carmelo restaurant, Llano Montes looked up from his plate to see three heavily armed soldiers instructing him to accompany them. Shortly the journalist found himself in Che Guevara’s La Cabana office, seated a few feet in front of the Stalinist hangman’s desk, which was piled with papers.

It took half an hour but Che finally made his grand entrance, “reeking horribly, as was his custom” recalls Llano Montes. “Without looking at me. He started grabbing papers on his desk and brusquely signing them with ‘Che.’ His assistant came in and Che spoke to him over his shoulder. ‘I’m signing these 50 executions so we can take care of this tonight.’

“Then he got up and walked out. Half an hour later he walks back in and starts signing more execution [“murder,” actually — “execution” implies some form of judicial process] warrants. Finished signing, he picks up a book and starts reading — never once looking at me. Another half hour goes by and he finally puts the book down. ‘So you’re Llano Montes,’ he finally sneers, ‘who says I appropriated a luxurious house.'”

“I simply wrote that you had moved into a luxurious house, which is the truth,” replied Llano Montes.

“We’re not going to allow all the press foolishness [freedom] that Batista allowed. I can have you executed this very night. How about that?!”

“You’ll need proof that I’ve broken some law,” responded Montes.

Montes continued to recount: “‘We don’t need proof. We manufacture the proof,’ Che said while stroking his long hair, a habit of his. One of his prosecutors, a man nicknamed ‘Puddle-of-blood’ then walked in and started talking. ‘Don’t let the stupid jabbering of those defense lawyers delay the executions!’ Che yelled at him. ‘Threaten them with execution. Accuse them of being accomplices of the Batistianos.’ Then Che jerked another handful of execution warrants from Mr. Puddle and started signing them.

“This type of thing went on from noon until 6:30 PM when Che finally turned to his aides and said. ’Get this man out of here. I don’t want him in my presence.'”

This was Che’s habitual manner of dealing with defenseless men. Against armed men on an equal footing his behavior was markedly different, particularly upon his capture in Bolivia. “Don’t shoot!” he whimpered. “I’m Che! I’m worth more to you alive than dead!”

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  • MałyFelek

    Its kind of funny that using everything,just everything to sell and make money was once accredited to Jews also by people of the same nation the Mercedes CEO belongs to (projection?).How ironic. No, really, that is just disgusting.BTW, who has the copyright for the Che photo?

  • oldtimer

    Didn't Mercedes Benz make the ovens killed used to kill the Jews in the Holocost?

    • wsk

      No, but Krups probably did.

  • ingvard

    Mister Fontova, thank you for the history lesson, so close yet with the dinosar media so far away.
    Like I have said "socialism / marxistsm is great, long as YOU are the one riding in the limo", since Hitler till the present we have seen most ditcators getting in and out of that black Merceies-Benz, the most motcho were the ones with the vertical headlights and their countrys flags on top the front fenders.

  • PhillipGaley

    Partly, upon felt sensibility of weakness and the lack of knowledge felt by every child, there exists a deep need in the soul of Man for a hero, a Savior, father, a Big Brother. I kind of think that, in his motorcycle tour through S. Am., Che became convinced of how easy it would be to simply make use of the possibilities for the coupling of education and aggressive use of social skills as a tool of aggrandizement by the unscrupulous—against people who were still in, or just coming out of the indigenous tribal lifestyle—in satisfaction of the common desire for creature comfort; and as any horrible parasite, just as fast as he could, he set about grabbing and getting life resources and insulating himself and his kind, from actual rule of law in which rights of Man might find preservation, . . .

    • PhillipGaley

      In my experience, to the "Che type", the "Twelve Tribes" 'religious' communities, also—identified by such as, "The Community at Island Pond", or "The Community at [fill-in-the-blank]"—bear striking resemblance in basic psychological underpinnings in a reactionary, "us-versus-them", the larger world of Mankind is bad and is out t'getcha, and in a restoration theology, putting forth that, they are the recreation of true teachings and life-style; and in administrative group broadcasting themselves by obvious appointment of circumstance, to be the power and the salvation, against imperialist overlords who beat up on poor people, poor nations, and so on, . . . except that, along with Che, Castro, Jim Jones, Stalin, Pol Pot, various appearances of Islam, and many others even today, were or are, torturing and murdering, . . .

  • Chuck

    Nice going Dr. Z – I bet you will get to talk about this PR for a very long time!! :-))

  • wsk

    Don't you like the irony of using a Communist/ Marxist caricature is being used to sell a capitalist product.
    Mercedes has issued the standard non-apology apology for using the photo.

  • Tanstaafl

    Montes continued to recount: “‘We don’t need proof. We manufacture the proof,’

    Who said "I don't need Congress. I can't wait."?

    Does Obama have an iconic image like Che? Maybe the Mercedes people can talk to his people……….

  • Ben

    Russian sayng: you will not deceive-not you will sell.Mercedes people colleagues try hard to ajust their texts to national Russian mentality: " Wolkswagen, das auto!!!

  • Ghostwriter

    I doubt you'll see this on "Top Gear."

  • Ivan

    Is there any one thinking right in Mercedez? Ernesto Guevara de la Serna, was a mass murder, a communist bastard. Stupid people in Charge of a 500 Fortune Company. Freaking bastards!!

  • Stan Lee

    Bad move on Mercedes' part! They must be losing market share to other "prestige brands." Germany has been extra-sensitive to mass murderers, but it seems that CEO Zetsche and Mercedes have dropped their sensitivity on the gamble that it won't matter anyway to the potential U.S. market. Their advertisers do market research before going with a big advertisement.
    We'll see how our market responds, that will be prove how principled Mercedes buyers in the USA are.

    • Oleg

      Now that you mention it I think that they are loosing market share, the last two generations of Mercedes cars have been overpriced junkpiles more or less, apparently their quality has slipped a lot in the past 20 years. It's hard to get excited over another generic looking plastic "jellybean" car just because it has a tri star badge and the Mercedes name on it where the only way you can tell an expensive model from a cheaper one is how high the model number is.

  • Oleg

    Wait a minute, Dieter Zetsche is still running Daimler Benz? This is the same dim bulb whose company took over Chrysler, which was still making money after Lee Iacoca retired, and ran it into the ground within five years eventually selling it at a loss to a hedge fund company. No wonder they thought using a dead communist, (a member of the Castro regime at that), in their advertising was a good idea.